Author's note: This story may be drawing to a close but if your still looking for another actiony story, I'm in the making another fanfic after this. This one takes place in the sly cooper game. Go to my profile to see the details about it. Anyway if you're still reading this here is the story.

"Hammer them again, and again, and again!" The Fleet master boomed through the COM as the battle in space raged on. The black empty space lit up with a deadly light show. The fleets both had only half their original fleets left while the cornerian home fleet had only lost 2 ships the entire battle. That probably had to do with the fact they were small and fast targets. It was hard trying to hit what's the standard for an over sized gunship with a primary weapon without giving the enemy fleet and opening.

Fighters were still dancing across ships, but many had fallen to enemy fighters, point defenses, and ship-to-ship crossfire. The Ar-wings had proved astoundingly efficient in hunting bombers and evading point defenses. What they faltered in firepower, they made up for with good maneuvering. The Star fox team especially proved their worth for gunning down over 70 enemy fighters total. They along with the other cornerians however, voiced their surprise about the fighters' resilience a lot through the COM, much to the annoyance of the other pilots. After spending several weeks near the race, they new the cornerians were rather talkative, even in the heat of battle they couldn't figure out when to stop talking. Ironically it made the sangheli and human pilots fight harder just so they could turn off their COM link and clean their ears after the fighting was over.

"Fleet master the bombs are complete!" An engineer from the lower levels of the ship informed. R'tas let out a sigh of relief at the news.

"Very good. Are the others ready?" He asked knowing this could very well decide the course of the battle.

"Yes sir. We await your order." At that moment one of the cornerian captains interrupted.

"What? You guys have ANOTHER secret weapon? Weren't those jet pack guys your first surprise?" Asked the irritable canine captain. R'tas suppressed a chuckle as he responded.

"The humans after 20 years of weapons developing and reflecting on their previous war developed many different weapons and strategies to employ both on the ground, and in space. This is how would they phrase it, "the tip of the iceberg". R'tas explained before returning his attention to the sangheli he was initially talking to. "You are clear to depart. Show these heretics the price of treason!"

"With pleasure fleet master!" Came the hardy response before his COM was turned off. A small compartment of the assault carrier opened. 3 figures in neon blue armor flew out, each carrying strange items that resembled purple sea cucumbers. Upon closer inspection it reveled the figures were sangheli rangers. They were carrying New covenant bombs used to destroy dreadnaughts and stations. They had powerful shields built in to make sure stray plasma, bullets, and lasers that struck the bombs wouldn't detonate them prematurely. The rangers used their anti-gravity packs to maneuver through the heated battlefield, using cloaking to hide from the more persistent fighters. When they got half way through, they each went to different ships.

The first target was an enemy assault carrier. A pulse laser shot made a large enough hull brief to get the bomb underneath the ships skin. He entered the hull breach, which entered a hallway inside and out were various floating bodies. He took the time to kill the grunts with one of his plasma rifles since with the methane tank on, the lack of oxygen didn't kill them, plus if a weapon floated close enough to them they could hinder his progress. The sangheli when he was satisfied the bomb would cause sufficient damage from its position armed it and flew off.

The Second target was a destroyer. The ship had suffered plenty damage, but no hull breaches that the ranger could squeeze through. He did however spot a lifeboat that had taken damage and seemed to be releasing air. The ranger jammed a plasma grenade into the crack and put some distance between him and lifeboat, but not for fear of the blast but for fear someone would slam into him when the air released. When it exploded the lifeboat was dislodged and air came rushing out. There were several screams as various people were sucked out and suffocated. He gunned down the grunts as they would've shot at him had they acquired a weapon. The ranger flew through the hallway and opened a door. Air rushed out as well as 2 humans who began suffocating. He flew the bomb in and primed it. The sangheli activated his anti-gravity pack and returned to the ship.

The Third ship was the other destroyer, this one of UNSC make. The plexiglass, under the nose of the ship, was the only thing protecting the bridge. The veteran ranger was curious as to how the humans were so adept in war tactics yet the only protection their bridge had was flimsy glass. Was it so they could get a good view of the battlefield? He pushed the thought aside as he flew in front of the glass. He relished in the shocked looks of the crew and the captain when he flew in front of the glass carrying a bomb that was larger than him. The sangheli attached a plasma grenade to the glass while the crew on the bridge attempted to escape from being sucked out. When the glass broke they all went to grab various objects. Most were sucked out and what few managed to keep their grip began gasping and choking for air. The ranger once all the air left the room entered the bridge and primed the bomb. He then flew back to the shadow of intent, with a sense of accomplishment.

"Fleet Master, the bombs are in place."

"Good. Get at a safe distance."

10 minutes after the order was given, 3 bombs went off inside 3 ships. All of them either being too damaged to function or simply ripped in half.

On the surface of Katina

Loyalist tanks had surrounded all of the insurrectionist tanks, from the front, and the lylatition tanks from the back. The fact that the now free Ar-wings, hornets, and banshees had begun strafing them wasn't helping matters either. It wouldn't be long before the tanks were completely annihilated.

The infantry weren't fairing much better. 200 lylatition troops were firing into the backs of the tied up insurrectionist infantry. Not only that but, snipers were picking off infantry, and dragon troopers were still hovering over the massive close combat. Any insurrectionist that so much as put 3 feet between their enemies was doused in fire. Many of them were beginning to break and run for it, only to be put down by the human and Kig-Yar snipers in the elevated areas. The lylatitions only shot at the ones that came directly for them since they couldn't bring themselves to shoot at fleeing enemies. This didn't bother the loyalist too much as they already knew the lylatitions were rather mentally fragile when it came to war.

The vehicle skirmish in the back of the base however wasn't going well. The insurrectionists were over powering their loyalist counterparts with numbers and since the main fighting was going on in front of the firebase they couldn't receive support. That was until loud booming came from the opposite side of the base. The scarab was walking around the base, picking off insurrectionist vehicles with its AA. 10 of the enemy light vehicles came charging toward the war machine, with hopes of destroying its legs. The scarab however simply stomped, and shot everything that was too close to it. Any that abandoned their vehicles to try and board it were cut down by the squad of sangheli that guarded it.

Flagship Fury of the oppressed

The Arbiter and Sesa were locked in a brutal swordfight. The 2 fighters slashed and parried blows with their swords, trying to find a weakness in the other. Suddenly Sesa dropped to one knee and swung horizontally at the Arbiter's knees. The sangheli jumped over the swing and tried to swing down on the heretic commander, only for him to drive his shoulder into the Arbiters chest, using the anti-gravity pack for an added burst. The Arbiter landed on his back but quickly jumped up to block downward swing from his once floating opponent. They both quickly pushed off and continued to slash at each other. Every time the 2 swords banged a sound between ripping paper and a plasma weapon firing echoed. This continued until a lucky swing nicked the heretic commanders leg and he used his anti-gravity pack to perch himself on a high up target used for snipers. Then he wiped out a plasma rifle and fired on the Arbiter making him go for cover and take out his carbine. The Arbiter than popped out and fired 3 quick shots at Sesa, making him flinch and growl in anger before redrawing his sword. He used his anti-gravity pack to again attack the arbiter from above. The Arbiter drew his sword and side stepped the downward swing, and back handed the elite, making him stumble backwards. The Arbiter seeing his opponent dazed took full advantage of the situation and charged forward.

Nijon and Ki'thrathi were facing a one of the red armored hunters, but something was different about this one, it moved faster than average hunters usually could. Every time Nijon made a barrage of swings on the hunter, it would block them all with his shield then shove him back, if Ki'thrathi attempted to get behind him. The Kig-Yar decided to take a different approach by showering the hunter in plasma pistol shots. The hunter didn't even show signs of acknowledging the plasma bolts. He just turned to and charged him. Nijon, who was standing next to the jackal, moved to the side and waited for the attack. Suddenly the hunter dipped toward the sangheli, dropping its shoulder to redirect its charge. Nijon was caught in the attack and thrown back, while Ki'thrathi shot into the hunters back with his plasma pistol. It grunted in pain before turning to fire at him with a charged fuel rod blast. Ki'thrathi rolled left to dodge the blast. Nijon once he landed recovered and charged the hunter while he was distracted with the jackal. The mgalekgolo's spikes twitched before bringing the shield overhead to crush the sangheli. The hunter grunted in pain before stumbling forward. The ex-commando was briefly confused before the hunter fell over, reveling Ki'thrathi hefting an overheated beam rifle.

Muraka was pushing against the red armored hunter, trying to overpower it. The blue hunter realizing he couldn't beat its counter part in brawn tried to outsmart it. He charged his fuel rod while still pushing against the enemy. At the last second he pushed off and fired into the red hunter, blasting it several feet back. While the hunter was still stumbling backward, Muraka charged knocking the hunter on to its back. The red hunter in turn fired in beam making Muraka get into a defensive position to keep from being knocked back. When the red hunter got off the ground (leaving 6 holes in the steel floor, thanks to the spikes) he swung down on the loyalist hive, which was blocked by its own shield. The red hunter slammed down with its full rod arm in order to get more leverage, making the blue hunter strain more to hold off the 2 arms with its 1. Muraka then noticed, because the hunter had both its arms raised it left the stomach wide open. Muraka jammed his own fuel rod into the Lekgolo worms in the stomach area, making the red hunter moan in pain. Muraka chuckled as he charged the fuel rod in the heretic hunters stomach. When it fired a green beam shot out the red hunters back, going across until there was only air between the torso and the legs, making the enemy hunter fall apart.

Master chief was having an easy time dodging the hunter's attacks, without the use of Spartan time. The hunter he was against swung downward, making a large indention into the floor as he master chief side stepped. The chief rifle butted the hunter in the head making it take a step back. The Spartan seemed to have déjà vu at fighting a single red armored hunter on an insurrectionist ship. The hunter growled before swinging vertically. The chief dipped under it before upper cutting the creature, making its head snap back and the plate of armor on its head to go flying off.. The chief quickly slipped behind the hunter before unloading a half a clip into its back. The hunter fell over dead. Just then he heard an explosion to his right. He turned to see a dead hunter had its blood and worms splattered all over the ground, along with dozens of spikes scattered over the area where its back should be. Craig had his right foot rested on its head like a hunter would a dead deer.

"AAH!" Everyone's heads whipped around to see Sesa refumee fall on one knee, gripping an energy sword wound on his chest. Standing in front of him was the Arbiter with his energy sword at his side. He was just standing there staring at the heretic fleet master.

"Fool! You do not know what you are getting involved in! Forces beyond your comprehension are at work! You will all be crushed under our feet!" Sesa boomed. The Arbiter huffed in amusment.

"Funny. You sound just like the prophet truth. Did you not rebel against him for similar beliefs he had? Now you lead the life of a traitor again, this time in support of the divine powers. I had to end you for your heresy before and I will end you now. Without their head, the body of the insurrectionist will wither and die." At this the heretic commander laughed deeply as if he heard a funny joke.

"You think I'm the leader of the insurrectionist? Hahaha! You fool! Are leader resides far away from lylat or any known system in the loyalist's combined territory." The Arbiter was disappointed and angered at hearing this but kept a cool head.

"Then I we will find and destroy him as well. We will win this war. It is only a matter of time." The Arbiter said as raised his sword. Sesa refumee looked up at the sword then looked down to the ground waiting for the strike.