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Disclaimiar: I don't own the Teen Titans you nitwits.A girl came on it was pure black behind her. She had black hair that went all the way down to her knees, and she had natural red and blue highlights in her hair. She smirked and said into the camera looking down, "My name is Phoenix Xandra Crystal Xander. My mother is a hero and my dad is a villain. My friends call me X sometimes. Ring a bell? My mother is one of Jump City's heroes, the Teen Titans. My dad is a master thief but doesn't have any powers. I am 15 years old, and in high school. Mostly I am taking after my dad, stealing but still being a good guy. My mother doesn't like seeing me steal but I'm not good at fighting villains, and stealing is more fun for me. When I was little my dad helped me get ready for danger without my mother knowing, he would take me somewhere and start shooting at me, don't worry I had a bullet proof vest underneath but I would dodge all the bullets. He was impressed by how I would dodge and was really surprised when I disappeared and reappeared behind him and knocked him down, grabbed the gun and pointed it at his head with my finger on the trigger. Every year without my mother knowing, he would give me some weapons that I would add to my suit. Finally last year my mom got suspicious and followed us. Over the years my dad had built a course for me so he could watch my performance. When my mom saw the guns come out she was about to use her powers to protect me but my dad grabbed her hand for her to stop and she had glared at him but watched as I jumped out of the way, took out my own gun that I built myself and shot it. No I am not a murderer but if someone gets in my way, I will hurt them, not kill but hurt them. Then for the one that was trying to hit me in my back I actually used my powers. I shot a red black energy bolt at it and it was destroyed. I fought the rest of them. My mom was very mad that my dad did that but she let it go after about 5 months."

Phoenix pulled out a gun and started doing trick with it. She then continued, "I think you know too much Titans. Just a warning, stay out of my way, I really hope that you are smart enough to figure out who my parents are, if you didn't then you are stupid. My mother and father are married secretively by the way. Until next time, see you."

She then shot a bullet at the camera and the Titans on the other end were shocked, even the mother of the child because she didn't know her daughter would do any of this.

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