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For the Love of a Human

Chapter One: Isabella Swan

Being a vampire does have its advantages: speed, agility, strength, no need for food, water, and little sleep. Because of this, many of our kind believe themselves superior; having every right to take a human life as if it was no different than killing an animal. However, there are a few, like myself, who believe that the strengths wegain are trivial compared to what we have lost and therefore try to live our existences as human as possible.

I'd moved back to Forks Washington a few years ago for the first time in over sixty years. I matriculate quite often. I spend much of my time at the hospital where I work as an Emergency Room doctor. It keeps my mind occupied, there is little for me to do at home, alone.

I was at the tail end of a double shift when they brought her in. Isabella Swan, the daughter of the Chief of Police, she been crushed between her truck and a van which had skidded on a patch of ice in the high school's parking lot. It was a close call, a few more minutes and I have no doubt she would have bleed to death.

After nearly five hours of surgery the seventeen year old girl, who was much stronger then I had imagined possible, pulled through and would soon be on the road to a near complete recovery; though I was sure it would be a long and often trying road.

Now it was my job to talk to her father, to give him the good news, as well the bad.

"Dr. Cullen." Charlie Swan jumped from his seat as soon as he saw me approach. I could not only see his very apparent fear, but smell it as well. "How is she? Is… is she going to be okay?"

"Yes Charlie," I gave a small, reassuring smile as I nodded, "She's going to be fine."

Running his hand through his hair he took a deep sigh of relief. "Thank God… I thought… from what they said when they bought her in…"

His words trailed off his eyes drifting over my head and off into the distance.

"Your daughter is strong, stronger than I ever expected, many with her injuries would have come out much worse for wear." Or more likely died.

"Yes, well she's a Swan, we're tough cookies."

I gave a small chuckle as I motioned to a nearby set of seats, there was still more he needed to know.

"Charlie, Isabella suffered internal as well as external injuries…her right side received most of the impact from the collision."

I watched as his brow furrowed, the worry and fear returned to his face.

"Her hand… many of the nerve endings were detached, she may find it weak and difficult to use." This was probably understating the situation; her hand in fact had almost been severed across her palm, I was lucky to have been able to save it at all. "Her hip was damaged as well, but it will heal fully in time. Her knee however… I believe after therapy she will be able to use it again, but like her hand, never at full strength."

He nodded somberly taking in a long deep breath. "But other than that, she'll be okay?"

"Yes. Other than that she will make a full recovery."

"When can I see her?"

"As soon as she wakes up from the anesthesia."

Nodding he pulled his cell phone from his pocket. "I promised I'd call Bella's mother when she was out of surgery."

"Of course." I said, standing, "I'll leave you to that."

I visited my new patient the following morning and was quite surprised to see her smiling and softly talking with Charlie and a woman, who judging by their similar appearance was Isabella's mother.

"Good morning." I put on a pleasant smile as I grabbed her file on the clip board which rested in a plastic container attached to the end of her bed.

"Oh, Dr. Cullen," Charlie smiled as he turned towards me, 'we didn't expect to see you so soon. The nurse said you weren't coming in until noon."

"Yes that was the plan, but I had some paperwork to catch up on so I came in early."

Chief Swan gave a snickered laugh. "Oh, I know how much of a bitch paperwork can be."

"Charlie, really." The woman spoke up. "Do you need to swear in front of our daughter?"

Bella gave a small laugh. "Really mum, I'm seventeen; I hear worse from the kids at school."

The woman just rolled her eyes while Charlie laughed. "It's true Renee, you should know that, you're a teacher."

"Until a few months ago I taught kindergartners, their idea of insulting someone is to say they have cooties."

We all had a good laugh at that one.

"So, Isabella, how are you feeling?" I asked pulling my stethoscope from my pocket, placing it around my neck.

"Okay, I guess, considering I was crushed by my friend's van."

"That boy is no longer you friend!" Charlie's eyebrows knitted together in anger. "If I have it my way, he'll be riding public transportation for the rest of his life."

"Dad, it wasn't Tyler's fault. If you're going to blame it on anyone, blame it on the stupid ice." She grumbled.

Charlie had opened his mouth to retort but with a quick glare from his ex-wife he snapped it shut.

"Okay, Isabella. I'm going to check your vitals, and change your bandages, okay."

She gave a small nod, as she reached over and took her mother's hand. She was putting on a brave front, but I could see in her dark chocolate brown eyes, that she was still nervous, scared over everything that happened. I checked her pulse, listened to her heart, and several other little things, she seems to be doing quite well, considering.

Apart from the damage done to her right hand and leg, she had also received several other large gashes, one down her cheek, which reached from just below her ear extending all the way to her chin, another on her side, just above the spot where her ribs were broken, and another over her breast. Aside from her hand, the one on her breast was the deepest and would leave the most obvious scar. She was of course reluctant to let me see such a private part of her body, I offered to let a nurse do it, but in the end she waved off the offer saying, "you saved my life, I trust you."

When I went to check on her later that evening, I found her awake, reading Jane Eyre, which she was holding firmly in her left hand. "That's one of my favorites." I admitted.

She looked from the book, her brow rose as her eyes met mine. "Oh, yeah, it's okay I suppose. Kind of depressing though."


"Yeah, well it just seems so…dark and brooding."

I couldn't help but laugh at her comment as I sat in the chair beside her bed. "Oh I don't know about that. It may be a little ominous at moments but overall it has a deep seeded message of morality and love."

She shrugged placing the book on her lap. "I don't see that, but hey I haven't finished the book yet."

I chuckled as I began to look over the notes the last doctor on duty had left.

"Dr. Cullen."

"Yes", I answered my eyes attempting to make out my colleagues handwriting.

"Will I have scars? I mean, they'll be pretty noticeable, won't they?"

With a sigh I looked back to the girl, her sad eyes focused on her bandaged hand; the fingers of her left hand gently tracing the stitches across her cheek. It had been a question I have received often by patients, no one wants a permanent reminder of such a traumatic and often life altering event.

"Unfortunately, yes," I stated honestly. "I can give you creams designed to minimize the scarring, but they will, unfortunately always be noticeable."

She gave a shaky sigh, her eyes moving to mine. "It's alright." She gave a small forced smile. "It's not like they would be my first. I'm rather clumsy by nature."

"I'm sure they won't be too obvious, and if you wear your hair down no one will probably even notice the one down your cheek."

"That's actually a pretty good idea, thanks."

"You're welcome. Now, let's change those bandages, shall we."

It was two days before I saw Isabella Swan again. I was off rotation for the weekend, which I spent hunting and working on my 1961 Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato. I had gotten into rebuilding old cars about forty years ago. Normally when I was finished restoring them I would sell or donate them to charities. This one however, I planned to keep.

Although I tried to keep my mind as occupied as much as possible I often found it wondering to one of my newest patients. Why I could not get Isabella Swan out of my mind I had no idea. I had, in fact, had a dream about her, and I never dream, not even when I was human.

I was standing in a flowery meadow, enclosed by the beauty of the surrounding forest. I couldn't recall ever having been to that particular meadow before, but it didn't matter because suddenly I realized I was thirsty, very thirsty. My eyes began to scan for prey. I could hear a heartbeat and then there was a rustling of a tree. I knew it wasn't an animal, I knew her smell, I would know it anywhere. And then, slowly she came out the clearing, she was wearing a loose fitting summer dress that flowed behind her in the breeze. Her hair hung softly around her shoulders, little gold clips holding back stands from her eyes. She looked beautiful. She no longer resembled a young and innocent seventeen year old girl however, but a woman. An extremely beautiful and very desirable woman, and I found myself completely unable to resist her.

"Carlisle," She said smiling. "I've been waiting for you."

Her long hair whipped in the wind, her scent radiating through the air, it was intoxicating, and incredibly tempting.

"I've missed you." She purred; stepping so close my body trembled with desire, desire for her blood and for her body.

Then she kissed me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. It did not take me long to reciprocate. She moaned in pleasure as my cold lips and tongue ravished her mouth. She pulled away from me just long enough to take a breath, I then moved my mouth to her neck kissing, sucking, and just as I reached the nape she whispered, "I'm ready".

With a simple nod I opened my mouth and bit down. A second later I woke up.

The dream haunted me. I had never bit another human, to quench my thirst or otherwise, why would I start now, and with Miss Swan? It was obvious from the dream I had no desire to kill her, it was as if I wanted to make her mine; to make her mine in every way possible.

***She was sitting on her bed, chatting with two girls who looked about her age. I was guessing they were schoolmates. I was standing just inside the door, a good ten feet from her bed, a closed curtain blocking me from their view but with my senses I could hear their conversation easily, as well as seem them through a crack in the plastic draping.

"Nurse Rose said he's twenty-nine, but I think he looks at least five years younger." I heard Isabella say. "And his eyes, they're the most beautiful gold, I don't think I've even seen anything like them before."

The shorter of the two friends gave a small giggle before saying: 'sounds like you have a crush, Bella."

The other girl quickly joined in the giggling, while Isabella blushed, fiercely.

"I-I do not." She said weakly, but by the looks on her friend's faces, they didn't believe her in the slightest.

"Then why is your face redder then a tomato?"

"Shut up Jessica." She mumbled.

Deciding I was done with my ease dropping I moved through the curtain and cleared my throat to allow my presence known and then made my way towards them.

"Good afternoon, Isabella. How are you feeling today?"

"Um, fine." She bit her bottom lip, her blush rushing down her neck.

I heard the two girls give a small laugh, before one of them spoke up. "So, Bella are you going to introduce us."

"Oh, um, sure. Dr. Cullen these are my friends Jessica and Angela."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, young ladies."

"Oh believe me, the pleasures all ours." Angela said once again dissolving into giggles.

"I do hate to interrupt your visit but I'm afraid I need to change Miss. Swan's bandages."

"Oh, of course. We should be leaving anyway." Jessica said, as she and her friend rose from their seats. "We'll come by tomorrow for your school work, Bella." The girl eyed a blue back pack that was resting on the foot of the bed.

"Oh, yeah… fun… homework."

The girls gave another laugh before giving a final good bye and leaving the room. I pulled the curtain back around her bed to ensure privacy, pulling the gauze and other material from my pocket I placed them on the small table bedside her bed.

"We'll start with your hand, okay?"

She gave a silent nod as she carefully lifted it from her lap. I gently began to unwind the old gauze; her hand was still very tender. I could tell she was trying her hardest not to flinch at the pain, as it was she had her eyes shut tight, and she took long deep breaths. I was used to seeing people in pain, but for some reason, with her, it truly, deeply bothered me.

"There's still pain, even with the medication?" I asked.

Her eyes slowly opened, a single tear escaping to her cheek. "The pain killers seem to wear off a few hours before I'm due for another."

I simply nodded as I continued to unwind the bandage. Throwing the old bandages in the trash bin, as tenderly as possible I applied the antibacterial cream.

"I can't move my fingers."

Her words were random but not surprising.

"Several of your nerves and tendons were completely severed. I do believe, with rehabilitation you will regain some use, but…"

"But I should work on becoming left handed."

"I am sorry, Isabella."

"Don't apologize." She said wiping her tear away. "You're the reason I'm alive at all."

"I was just doing my job."

She didn't respond to my comment, but instead asked another question. "What about my leg? Is it as bad as my hand?" She looked down to her right leg, specifically her knee which was in brace, resting on a pile of pillows.

"Your leg I am more optimistic about. You suffered no nerve damage; just badly crushed bones, you may, however end up with a permanent limp."

She gave a snorted laugh. "A limp, well I suppose that's livable."

"Yes." I gave a small chuckle as well. "I suppose it is."

The last bandage I changed was the one on her breast. It of course hadn't been the first time I had done this, but this time, for whatever reason, she gave a slight gasp at my touch, and once again, her cheeks colored. Perhaps she truly did have a crush on me. It wouldn't be the first time a woman has found me attractive after all. My voice, my smell, everything draws them to me. I've also had the complete opposite effect where people all but run from the room screaming.

"Okay, Isabella, you're all set, at least for twenty-four hours."

"Thanks, you know, you can call me Bella, everyone does."

"Isabella is a beautiful name, you shouldn't shorten it." Those probably weren't the most appropriate words to say at the moment, but they seemed to slip from my lips; and once they did I had no way of taking them back, even if I had wanted to.

She refrained from flushing this time, though her eyes lit up, making them sparkle like brown stars. "You… you really think that."

Yes, I did think that. It suited her quite well in fact.

"God's promise." The words left my mouth in a near whisper.

"Excuse me?"

My eyes move back to her, and I smiled. "Your name, it means God's promise."

"Oh. I didn't know that." She was genuinely surprised.

"Well, I must be going; I have to get back to the ER." I made a quick excuse; my ER rotation didn't actually start for another half an hour, but I desperately needed to get away from the young, innocent human.

"Oh; alright."

Rising from the bed I pulled back the curtain, but turned to her a final time before leaving. "I'm going to increase your pain meds just a bit, I hate to see you in pain… Isabella."