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"Edward, dinner time!"

My son, who was currently on our large, netted trampoline in the backyard, did a quick flip before saying, "Coming."

He loved that thing and would spend hours on it at a time some days. He said it helped him clear out the commotion going on in his mind. My son has a very unique gift; he can read minds, everyone except my wife's that is. As amazing as such a gift would seem it can become a bit overwhelming for him at times and sometimes he simply needs a bit of peace and quiet.

As Edward zoomed past me and into the house at lightening speed I followed behind at a more human pace.

When Edward was seven we were once again blessed with a baby. Elizabeth May who aside from her sky blue eyes is the spitting image of her mother. She was born at the stroke of midnight on Christmas Day. She was by far the best Christmas present either of us has ever received. As of yet we have not noticed a gift in her but she seems perfectly okay with that.

Heading inside I see my wife and children already sitting at the table, waiting patiently for me. I may not actually be able to join in eating with them but we always sit down together for dinner, it's a family rule.

"Mommy, can you please pass the carrots." Elizabeth asked politely.

"Of course sweetie," Bella grabbed the bowl and handed it to our daughter. We had carrots at every meal; they were Elizabeth's favorite food. Edward on the other hand preferred double cheese pizza, which, much to his dismay is not allowed at every meal.

"Mom, Auntie Alice and Uncle Jasper are still coming to visit this weekend, right?"

"As far as I know." Bella said giving her son a small smile.

Edward loved hanging out with Alice but a physic and a mind reader can cause some serious mischief. We always enjoyed their visits however; we both still had some deeply rooted issues with Jasper.

As my family ate their dinner light conversation erupted as it usually did. Edward talked about his last camping trip with Boy Scouts. We had agreed to let him join but insisted he act as human as possible, which to this point he has been able to do just fine. Most everyone saw him for the handsome, smart, amazing kid that he is. Every once in a while someone who is more in touch with their intuition and can sense something dangerous about him and will simply try and avoid him, but for the most part that wasn't common.

Elizabeth talked about her new friend Jessie who loved to watch Blue Clues as much as she did and how she had decided that her favorite animal was now a Bearded Dragon after seeing one on TV. She was also trying to convince us to purchase one but of course that wasn't going to happen. Animals instinctively knew we were their predators and so unfortunately getting a pet wasn't an option. Bella suggest we try a fish and see how it works out, though as of yet we have not done so.

We lived in the same home Edward was born in though we would have to move on soon. You can only pretend to be in your late 20's early 30's for so long. Bella continued to age for another five years after having Edward before finally seeming to stop which worked out well as it made her closer to my biological age.

We are planning our next big move to Burlington, VT it's overcast 206 days of the year so a good fit for our family. Charlie and Esme are planning to come as well. They had actually considered leaving a few years ago, most likely to Alaska, however they couldn't bring themselves to leave their grandchildren. Plus Charlie was all Bella had left as far as close family ties, she has mostly lost contact with her mom. She gets a card at Christmas and Renee sends gifts on the children's birthdays but that's about it.

Charlie and Esme are doing amazingly well. Esme had even started substitute teaching and enjoying it immensely! Charlie was enjoying his retirement and found a group of local guys he plays poker with every Friday night. He also started a neighborhood watch program, which keeps him pretty busy.

I haven't officially gone back to work at this point but I plan to after our next move, though I'm considering something beside the medical field at least for a while. Bella suggested I do as Esme and go into teaching. It wasn't a bad idea, but I would only consider teaching at the high school or college level. I've done a lot of volunteer work mostly at the local retirement center but for the most part I've been happy simply being with my wife and kids.

Bella on the other hand has started writing book reviews. True to her work she finished high school and collage getting her degree in English Literature. Charlie is beyond proud of his daughter and tells her so almost every day.


I looked up at my son and smile, "Yes, son."

"After this dinner can we go hunting, I've been seriously craving some Mountain Lion?"

"You don't mind do you Bella?" I asked making sure she has nothing else planned.

"Not at all, you two go. Beth and I were planning a pretty serious tea and crumpets party with Mr. Snuggles and Stripes after dinner anyway." Mr. Snuggles is a stuffed polar bear Charlie had given to Elizabeth on her second birthday and Stripes was a Zebra puppet that Edward had won at a carnival and had given to his sister.

"It really is best if you two are out of the way. Don't you think Bethie?"

"Yes I do! No boys allowed!"

"Maybe we should call Grandma Esme, I bet she'd like to join us." Bella suggested.

"Okay, and tell her to bring some cupcakes. She always has cupcakes!"

Bella laughed but promised our daughter to do just that.

After centuries alone and having almost given up hope of ever finding my mate, not only was I given Bella but also my two beautiful children and an amazing extended family. It is far more then I could have ever hoped for and I thank God everyday for the blessings he has granted me.


After taking a show I slipped on my nightshirt and panties and sat in front of my vanity as I brushed through my damp hair. Since having Edward I continue to develop more vampire traits and have matured in a way that was quite unexpected. To start my boobs grew large and fuller. I've heard women complain about their breasts shrinking and sagging after breast-feeding, mine however seemed to do the opposite. My skin became flawless, any remaining scars completely disappeared, well all but one.

Putting down my brush I reached up and brushed my fingers against the silvery mark at the base of my neck. The first time Carlisle and I made love after Edward was born he marked me and in the same place I had bitten him on his own neck.

As I stood from the vanity and made my way to the bed, my husband walked into our room, closing the door softly behind him. While Carlisle didn't need to sleep he would lay with me, tucked in his strong arms and sometimes even fall asleep himself.

"Did you know our son has a crush on a girl at school." He asked as he began to unbutton his shirt.

"I suspected, but I never pushed it with him. That little girl in his class with the red hair, right."

My husband chuckled as he pushed his shirt off his shoulders and tossed it in the hamper "Her name is Sarah and apparently she is wicked smart and has a black belt in Karate. Not to mention she loves video games almost as much as our son."

It was a cute thought my son having a crush, he was at the age where that started, still it worried me because I knew that in a few years his feelings for the opposite sex would far outreach silly crushes and in there lay the problem. If he chose to mate with a human he would eventually have to change her. It would be a big decision for him when the time came.

"I got an email from Angela today," I said decided to change the subject to something that wasn't going to cause me worry.

"Really? What did she have to say?" He asked slipping out of his slacks and into a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt.

"She and Ben finally set a date. This June. She said that invitations would soon follow and that she expected a RSVP soon after."

My handsome husband gave me a soft smile though I could see the pity in his eyes. Yes we would go to the wedding but pretty soon, most likely after our next move, seeing any old friends would be impossible.

"Anything else?" He asked slipping into bed beside me. Angela always made sure to keep me in the loop with Forks juicy gossip.

"Yes, as a matter of fact. Jessica found out a few days after her divorce from Mike was final that she is three months pregnant with child number four. And here's the kicker, she doesn't even know if it's his."

Carlisle just shook his head at my former classmates drama.

"On a positive note," I continued, "Tyler was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys."

"Wow, good for him."

"Exactly! I'm just surprised I heard it from Angela and not Tyler himself. I actually haven't gotten a call or email from him in a few months."

Tyler never really got over the guilt of almost accidently ending my life, and has been in contact with me since I left Forks always making sure I was ok. He never was able to bring himself to drive again, though he said he prefers his bike and that there's nothing wrong with public transportation. I suppose he's right about this.

"On, one more thing." I added in, " She mentioned she heard a little something about Jacob."

I haven't heard a single word from Jacob Black since I left Forks and I was perfectly fine with that, still I wondered about him from time to time.

"What about him."

"He apparently he opened up a body shop with Seth just on the border between Forks and LaPush. Which is great for him, though I wonder where he got the money for that."

As far as I knew he was working as a handy man/mechanic/bodywork guy through word of mouth and all of it an under the table sort of thing. I didn't think he would have made a lot of money that way, certainly not enough to open up his own shop.

"Good or him I suppose." Carlisle said with a shrug as he reached to grab a book from his bedside table. A book I quickly pulled from his hand and tossed on the floor.

"Isabella, that book is 150 years old, you shouldn't just toss it on the floor like that."

I just laughed, grabbing his shirt in my fists and pulling him in for a searing kiss. "You're a lot older then that book and I toss you around all the time." I teased once again kissing him.

Carlisle groaned as he moved his hands to my waist. His left hand slid down to the hem up my shirt and with the three fingers he had left on that hand pulled it up and over my head.

Whenever people meet him for the first time the question always comes up as to how he lost his fingers. He tells the same story he told Phil and Renee all those years ago. I have suggested he come up with something a little more exciting, perhaps that they were bitten off by a tiger as he fought off with his bear hands while protecting a child who had wondered off from his village in Africa.

He just laughs and says that no one would believe him.

As a seventeen-year-old girl from Arizona, I never could have imagined that spending a little time with my dad would have changed my life forever and in the best possible way. I honestly couldn't imagine my life any different.

"I love you," he breathes in my ear then sending peppered kisses down my neck."

"I love you too, Carlisle, now and for all eternity."

The End