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This is set in series 1 episode 5, and has a few spoilers but nothing huge, especially for those who have watched series 3. Anyway, quite a lot of the beginning is taken as transcript from the episode and you'll know when it isn't. So, without much further ado…

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Warning: prehistoric creatures, latin, parseltongue, hints of slash (this fic will be slash (male/male) in future chapters)

= harry speaking parseltongue


"No trampled or broken vegetation, no track marks and no sign of any anomaly, but there is one hell of a magnetic field, so it's gotta be here somewhere." Stephen walked over to Nick, checking the compass, before handing it over to the professor, "unless there's a pylon causing interference."

"Can't see anything," Abby spoke up from Cutter's other side.

"Be quiet a minute and let me think here." The Professor snapped, before walking a bit further, Abby and Stephen sharing an exasperated look behind his back. Looking at the compass, Nick stopped and turned around.

"Quiet!" Abby and Stephen stared back, shocked.

"We didn't say anything." Abby said, confused.

"No, I mean it's too quiet. Listen. There's no bird song." The others did as asked.

"Not a peep." Abby said, looking around.

"They're scared off." Stephen frowned.

"What would scare the birds away?" Cutter looked back at the compass, before looking up. "You were wrong, it's not a pylon. There is an anomaly."

"Where?" asked Stephen.

"We're standing right underneath it." All three looked up, spotting the shining broken light of an anomaly and gasped.

"It's an aerial predator." Stephen stated, looking around in the vast sky above.

"Wow." Abby was in awe, but looked around anyway.

"Yeah, that's one way off putting it. Now, how the hell do we cordon off the sky?" Nick muttered. Stephen looks around in the sky and spots a large shadow moving towards them.

"Cutter." Stephen warned, but the professor wasn't listening.

"I mean, this thing could be anywhere by now." He continued. Stephen and Abby watched as the creature came closer.

"I wouldn't be so sure about that." Stephen and Abby both turned around, tackling Cutter to the floor as the creature swooped overhead, screeching as they stumble back to their feet.

"So, not so hard to find, then." Stephen said, starting to follow the creature as it moved over the trees.

Connor drives up to the front and stops by the guards, quickly bringing his id out as he leans on the window. The guard bends down to take a closer look.

"Access all areas, I think you'll find." Connor states cheekily. The guard stands back and Connor drops his id. "Thank you."

As Connor drives off, the guard watches him go, spotting a large green lizard in the rear window.

Connor parks the car and gets out, looking around as he wonders about what could have possibly come through the anomaly this time. Taking his jacket off, he folds it before tossing it back in the car, and looking straight ahead, jumping back in surprise as he spots Rex, Abby's large prehistoric lizard sitting on the roof.

"Oh, my God! Oh, sorry, sorry. I didn't mean to shout." Connor quickly looked around for anyone, Rex following his movements. "I was just… I was a bit shocked, that's all, that you're here. I mean, it's lovely that you're here and everything." Connor looked around again, holding his hands up in front of him. "It's probably best if you stay in the car, mate. Yeah? Okay. There's a good lizard." Connor circles around the car slowly, not making any sudden movements but still trying to get close enough to catch Rex, who is keeping his eyes on Connor at all times.

"Nice and still. Nice and still, Rex." Connor makes a shallow lunge, but Rex rushes to the other side of the roof. "Do you want to play? You want to play! Of course you do." Connor looks around quickly, before clasping his hands together. "Rex, please, mate. My life's not gonna be worth living if we get caught. Just get back in the car, yeah?" As Connor circles the car again, Rex leaps off and flies into a nearby field. "Rex? Rex!" Connor looks around once more before chasing after him.

Nick watches the creature through his binoculars, amazed at the prehistoric flyer.

"What is it?" Abby asked curiously.

"Pterodactyloid pterosaur." Cutter states, bringing the binoculars down, "it's probably a pteranodon."

"Is it what killed the golfer?" She wondered.

"I'd say it's definitely in the frame." Stephen answered.

"Well, pteranodon was supposed to have mainly eaten small reptiles and fish." The professor explained, looking through the binoculars, not wanting to take his eyes off the creature for long.

"Probably just snacking until humans came along." Stephen quipped.

"Why's it circling?" Abby shielded her eyes as she watched the pteranodon.

"Looking for a roost?" The hunter suggested.

"Well, it's spoilt for choice. Certainly looking for something." Nick mused.

As Rex ran through a wooded area, straight onto the golf course, Connor wasn't far behind.

"Rex! Rex! You know, I swear, when I catch you, you're gonna be the first animal to become extinct twice. Come here. I'm serious."

The others see Connor running around from the other end of the golf course.

"Is that Connor?" Stephen moved forward for a better look.

"What?" Cutter asked, startled.

"Connor," he repeated.

Connor moved closer to the lizard and hunched over, staring Rex in the eyes.

"Got to be honest with you. You're making my life quite difficult right now, Rex." He said.

"What's he doing?" Abby stared at her temporary roommate.

"More importantly, what's our friend up there doing?" Nick lifted the binoculars in time to see the pteranodon start to dive.

"He's not looking for a roost." Stephen started, horror filling him, "he's looking for lunch."

"Connor! Connor! Connor! Come here quickly!" They all started shouting at the top of their lungs, trying to get Connor to notice the danger he was in.

"Great. Hear that? That means game over. Eh?" Rex started chirping and moved back slightly. "You think I'm chasing after you one more step, you're sadly mistaken, sunshine."

"Ryan! Will you come over here quickly?" called Cutter, Claudia and the special forces team on the other side of the thin tree line came rushing over.

Rex started chirping frantically, and Conner frowned seeing that the lizard was staring past him.

"What?" Connor turned around, and saw the pteranodon swooping straight towards them.

"Get into the trees!" Abby screamed.

"Run, you idiot!" shouted Stephen.

"Rex, run!" Connor stated, starting to run as fast as he could in the opposite direction to the creature, Rex running at full speed beside him.

"Run, Connor." Abby clenched her fists.

"Cover it!" Ryan shouted, readying his gun on the pteranodon.

"Oh, no." Claudia gasped as she came up behind them.

"Rex! Come on, mate!" called Connor, checking to see that Rex was keeping up with him.

"Shoot it." Claudia ordered.

"No. Wait a minute." Cutter interjected. "There's something about this that doesn't add up. I'm just not entirely sure what it is yet." He was getting frustrated as he tried to explain.

"Do it." She ordered again.

"No. We should only kill these creatures when there's absolutely no other choice!" Nick was adamant.

"Choice? What other choice? In a matter of seconds, Connor's going to be ripped to shreds." She insisted.

"We can't take that chance" Stephen said quietly.

"Follow your orders, Captain." Claudia turned to Ryan.

"Yes, ma'am." Ryan readied his weapon, but as he fired Nick lunged at him, knocking his aim off completely.

As he was getting ready to fire once more, another screech startled them, as it came from behind instead of the location of the creature. As one, the group turned, another pteranodon swept over them, larger and faster than the one before. It screeched again and they could see it heading straight for the other creature. Nick brought his binoculars up once more, but the new pteranodon was too fast for him to get a good look.

As they watched, they could see the smaller pteranodon react to the others presence, breaking off from chasing Connor and landing a way off on the golf green. Connor, not hearing the wings behind him anymore, slowed to a stop and he watched the larger pteranodon also land from over his shoulder. Being closer than the others, Connor saw when a shape moved off of the back of the larger creature and was the first to realise that it was a human.

The other group was gaping in disbelief as they watched what was happening. Cutter, still using the binoculars, could see in much better detail and was relating it to the others.

"A boy, maybe a girl, with really long black hair, just got off of the back of the larger pteranodon. They're now stroking the beaks of both the pteranodons. They've spotted Connor." Nick lowered the binoculars again and started walking towards the new arrivals although Ryan got in front of him.

Connor stared as one of the most beautiful people he had ever seen reached up to stroke the beaks of the creatures, which had closed their eyes in bliss due to the petting. He jumped a little as his gaze met with bright slitted emerald eyes, beneath a long black fringe.

"Um, hi there…" Connor started, but the figure's attention was dragged away towards to the group of people now approaching.

As Ryan and his team approached with their guns raised, the larger pteranodon spread its wings and screeched loudly, snapping its beak at them threateningly. Cutter raced forward, forcing Ryan and his group to lower their guns and back away slightly, before moving forward with his hands raised.

"Hello, my name is Nick Cutter. We mean you no harm." The black haired head tilted to the side, before looking over their shoulder, reaching a hand up and with a hissing sound, calmed the bristling pteranodon. Green eyes narrowed as he focused on Nick, before starting to speak with a sibilance that made them shudder.

"I am…" Pausing, they blinked thoughtfully, "Harry. I apologise. It has been a long time since I had need for English, or a name." He looked past Nick at the special forces team. "Why are you pointing weapons at us?" He asked his tone darker than before.

"Well, Harry, that's because one of your… friends was attacking us before you arrived." Nick explained.

"You consider small lizards to be part of your group?" Harry asked, confused.

"Lizards?" Stephen asked, coming up behind Cutter slowly, and Harry pointed over to Connor, or more accurately at the floor behind his legs where Rex was cowering.

"Rex?!" Abby said, before storming over to Connor and hitting him hard on the arm. "You let Rex escape?"

"What is that doing here?" Claudia snapped, "You kept it?"

"Well, now I know why you're house was so hot." Stephen stated, getting a sheepish look from Abby. Cutter sighed.

"We'll deal with that later." He turned back to Harry. "Sorry, from where we were we could not see the lizard, we just assumed…"

"And why would you just assume something like that?" Harry snarled, backing up slightly towards the pteranodons that were watching everything carefully.

"Someone was attacked and killed earlier today, by whatever came through the anomaly, and one of your friends was near the anomaly when we arrived. It even attacked us." Nick explained. Harry crossed his arms over his chest.

"Is that what you mean by… anomaly?" He looked as if he was tasting the word, and Harry pointed again, but this time at light show in the sky. Nick nodded, and watched as Harry turned towards the smaller pteranodon. Did you see this attack? All they could hear was hissing, but to their amazement the pteranodon shook its head. Do you know of anything else that came through the 'shineway' This time, the pteranodon nodded, and let out a series of screeches. A few held their hands to their ears, but they could see that Harry was listening and even understanding the screeches.

Harry turned back to face them, after stroking the pteranodon's beak, with a hand placed on a dagger at his belt that none of them had seemed to notice before.

"You have a great problem." He said hurriedly, "a swarm came through the anomaly, so whatever you do; don't spill even a tiny drop of blood."

"A swarm of what?" "Why no blood?" Cutter and Stephen asked simultaneously. Harry looked between them.

"I know not what they are called by you, but they can smell blood over a great distance and will attack wherever the smell comes from quickly and viciously. How can I compare them to what you know?" Harry's brow furrowed. "They look similar to large bats, and they attack like sharks, but in a large swarm."

"Connor," Nick called. "Get your laptop, and have a search for what these creatures are. Show Harry the possibilities."

"I'll get right on it!" Connor took one last look at Harry before dashing back the way he had come and back towards his car, leaving Rex unprotected. The two pteranodons stared at the small lizard, but a sharp hissed word from Harry stopped them from doing anything more.

Abby quickly tried to pick Rex up but he kept running away. Harry sighed, moving away from the pteranodons, who shifted to watch him instead, and crouched down near the ground. Hissing softly, he reached a hand out towards the frightened lizard, who glanced around before rushing towards Harry and leaping into his arms. Harry stroked his head, and Rex started a noise similar to a purr, and causing Harry to smile for the first time since he had appeared. Stephen was struck by the beauty of the smile and was intrigued by Harry even further. Harry gently offered Abby the now calm lizard and she huffed before taking him into her own arms and backing away.

"What do you wish to do with the swarm creatures?" Harry turned back to Cutter, as he seemed to be the one in charge.

"Hopefully, send them back through the anomaly. If that is not possible then I am afraid we would have to destroy them, we cannot have them attacking people." The professor explained. Harry looked thoughtful for a moment.

"I, no we, can help you return them through the anomaly." Harry straightened up, gesturing towards the pteranodons.

"How?" It was Stephen who asked, everyone else seemed too shocked. On Harry's face was a wide grin full of teeth.

"Do you have any meat?"


AN: Some of you are probably wondering about my use of parseltongue. Well, I once read a fic where Harry talked to a lizard using parseltongue, but it had a different accent/dialect, kind of like the difference between an American from Texas and one from New York, or a Brit from London and one from Newcastle. I see dinosaurs and other prehistoric cold blooded creatures as like the roots of parseltongue as well as the evolutionary roots of reptiles today. I know pteranodons are the evolutionary ancestors of birds, but at the moment they are cold blooded reptiles.