Hello, hello, Betawriter here, for my second zatch bell story. I'm not sure if anyone already did this idea, but hey…I don't know what to say after that.

Well in this story, it will be an anthology series of Fights between The original characters of Zatch Bell, my OC's, and any OC's that anyone sends in. The fights will be chosen at random, but not the outcome. The outcome will be chosen like deadliest warrior, I study the spells, personality, ect. of the mamodo and see who has the advantage.

You may send in any amount of OC's, and even the place where the mamodo's fight. Be warned, you character might fight aganst the original characters, my character, or someone else's characters. My OC's will NEVER always win, but neither will yours, and neither will the original cast.

Anyone who has sent in an OC, I please ask you send them in separately for this story, or PM me that I could use them for one too. It'll just make things a lot easier.

Send in a character soon. Ta-ta for now! Bye!