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Jake Tyler walked home from Jean Roqua's gym, tired after a full day's worth of punching and kicking a sand filled bag. Jake brushed his sweaty hair away from his face, his brown hair sticking up. "I wonder if Max is going to be filming again tomorrow.." Jake smiled at the thought of his pudgy friend shouting and encouraging people to fight.

As Jake pondered in his thoughts, the once clear blue skies turned a dark gray, heavy thunder clouds tearing up the sky. Big, dark raindrops fell down to the earth, quickly covering Jake's slim frame with freezing wetness. Jake shivered, his once sweaty gray long sleeve now clinging to his body. Jake hurried home, not bothering to check if Max was waiting for him. One hour later, the rain had not stopped and Jake was chilled to the bone. His teeth were chattering as he pounded fiercely on his apartment's door. Charlie answered and said "You look like your cold."

Jake just looked at him and frowned. "thanks, Caption Obvious."

Jake pushed the little tennis star to the side and walked slowly to his room. "aren't you going to eat?" Charlie asked his big brother as he watched his normally tan face become a bit pale.

"Nah," Jake yawned as he pushed open the door to his room, "I'm not hungry." That is a total lie. He thought as he collapsed tiredly onto his rough blue sheets. I'm starving! Knowing that his mother had had a rough day, he decided not to ask for food. He slipped his shoes off and slept, not bothering to take off his wet clothes. He fell into a fretful sleep, one that included him and Ryan kissing. What the hell?

The next morning, when Jake looked at himself in the mirror, his face was red. He didn't know whether it was from his dream that had his rival or if he was sick. Probably both. Jake stood up and immediately felt dizzy, he abruptly sat down on the corner of his bed and groaned, cradling his head in his hands.

"Jake, you better get ready for school!" Jake groaned as he remembered it was a Friday and classes started at eight and not at the usual nine. He looked at his digital clock and cursed. It was seven fifteen and his bus got around the corner of his house around seven twenty five. Jake stood up, ignoring the dizziness, and grabbed random clothes from his cabinet, refusing to acknowledge that he took a shower in less than five minutes, had a fever, was coughing slightly, and had nothing for breakfast.

By the time the bus came, Jake was shivering in his black American Eagle sweater and sighed in relief once he saw the bus coming. He straightened himself out from the pole he was leaning on and slowly walked up the cheese's bus mini stairs. There he muttered his name to the bus driver and focused his gaze to the floor, head pounding too much to care where he was going.

A couple of seconds later he tripped over someone's size ten NIKE Air Griffey Max GD II. Jake found himself with his butt on the floor staring at the amused face of Ryan McCarthy. "Well, looks like being first on the bus has its advantages. (In my story, Ryan takes the bus, and the bus's drivers stops goes like this, -Ryan, Jake, Baja, Max, other people).

Jake just stared at Ryan, his pounding head causing him to hold his head in his hands. "What?" Ryan grinned and sarcastically asked, "Did Jakey hit his head?" his blue eyes making his question look sincere.

God, he is so beautiful….. Jake blushed, not realizing that he was still on the floor and that he had random lovey-dovey thoughts about his rival. "I'm fine." He answered curtly and managed to not sway all the way to his back seat, not realizing that Ryan was still watching him.


As soon as I saw the dark brunette around the corner, my heart jumped. He was seriously the most beautiful young man I had ever seen. He was wearing a black American Eagle sweater, the one that I had been wanting to get. The hood was up, blocking his soft dark brown hair from the sun's rays. He was wearing a white shirt that looked well worn, but somehow managed to hug the young man's curves. On his lower half there was a pair of faded Levi's that hugged Jake's body and a pair of black and white Converse. To Ryan's standards, Jake would have been a ten out of ten for it not had been the pale face and rosy cheeks that contrasted to Jake's normally tan face.

Maybe, I'll make him feel better. Ryan thought as he followed through his plans. He tripped Jake and managed to see his surprised expression, much to Ryan's delight. HIS delight stopped short though. Jake was breathing heavily and his normally bright brown eyes were glassy, his cheeks more red than they had been before. "What?" He grinned though he felt like he should be cradling Jake's head. "Did Jakey hit his head?" Ryan watched as Jake turned a bit pinker than he already was and his rival replied, "I'm fine."

Ryan, not believing him, continued to watch Jake as his eyes started to wander to a lower area. Nice ass. He immediately looked up when he heard Jake cough and sighed miserably, his face somehow flushed and pale, and his brown eyes lowered so that his long eyelashes formed a mini shadow over his cheeks. Ryan felt his pants becoming a bit tight and looked away, not wanting to get the attention Mini Ryan wanted.

He'll probably get better by the time we get to school. Ryan's thoughts lingered away as they reached Baja's neighborhood, his face lighting up as he watched his bestie come through the bus's doors.

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