Fever Chapter 10

Jake and Ryan looked at each other, the former now propped up on the couch. "We should really get your injury cleaned." Ryan looked at the wound and grimaced when he realized Jake might need a tetanus shot.

Jake looked at the wound, grimaced and promptly made himself lie down on leather couch. Ryan went out of the room in order to search for his cell when he was called back by Jake's question. "You don't happen to know if there's a hospital nearby." Ryan looked up into the face of his handsome classmate and started; now noticing how glazed Jake's eyes were.

"There's no need, one of my aunt's friends is a doctor, and he does house calls." Noticing Jake's amused face he frowned and said "My dad calls him whenever I get into fights and doesn't want my mom to get the hospital bill." Jake fidgeted under Ryan's glare and asked a question that had been on his mind for a while. "I know you live in this huge house and all, but where's your dad? Don't you have any maids or housekeepers?"

Ryan ignored him as he reached into his pocket, found his cell phone, and punched in the number he had memorized a long time ago. "Hello, may I speak to Dr. Jesse Laurie? This is an urgent matter. Tell him that Ryan needs him at the usual. Yes I'll hold."

At this, Jake looked up, never having seen his rival so polite. After several minutes the blonde resumed talking. "Hello Dr. Laurie, it's been a while since we last spoke. Do you think you can come over to my place? I have a friend that requires medical help. It's nothing serious, although I think you might need to bring materials for a dog wound. I'll appreciate if you can get here in between 30 minutes to an hour. All right then, bye."

Ryan leaned down and looked at Jake's ankle not noticing the blush that now covered the other's face. "Jesse told me to try to clean your wound with some soapy water. He'll be here in about thirty minutes. Now let's unwrap these rags, they look soaked." He looked up to see Jakes red face, inwardly smirking to himself.

Pretending to be concerned, he put his forehead against Jake's. They now were looking into each other's eyes, blue and brown. Jake looked away and pouted, while Ryan stated "Your fever feels like it's increased. We need to put you in a bath!" He easily picked the younger off the couch and headed toward the stairs.

Jake struggled throughout the ordeal and froze as both of their lips brushed. Hesitantly, Ryan leaned down and planted a firm kiss on Jake's now amused ones. They brunette smiled against the blonde's lips and hesitantly nipped at the tongue that was now brushing up against his.

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