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Fever Chapter Nine

Jake opened his eyes when he felt his body being moved from the cramped space that was the cab's back seat. He moved his head and was immediately flooded with Ryan's scent. Jake sighed and pushed his hands out of the makeshift confines that had been made between their pressing bodies. He heard Ryan thanking the driver, and then felt the fresh air that meant he was outside. He instinctively reached out, the effect of being cooped up inside a slightly smelly cab taking a toll on him.

Ryan noticed and lowered him to the ground, not noticing Jake's flinch when the wet grass soaked the seat of his sweats. Ryan thanked the driver and was about to leave when the driver asked "Are you guys going out?" Ryan stared at the man until the man chuckled at his bewildered expression. "It's cuz I never seen no guy take care of another guy so gentle like that. Not unless they were dating." Ryan stared at the young driver and muttered a quit thanks while he lifted the shorter of the two up from the ground.

He immediately noticed the wet clothes Jake now sported and hurried across the lawn, towing a now limp Jake in his arms. Shit. When did Jake get like this? He wasn't this sick while we were at school… He managed to open the door without bumping Jake's head and silently thanked whichever god had produced the miracle that consisted of his father being at work. He jogged the distance it took to get to his doorstep, and gently lowered Jake to the ground, propping him up against the wall. He quickly took out his keys and slid them into the keyhole, all the while keeping an eye on the still figure on the ground.

Ryan kneeled down and slid a hand around Jake's waist, gently pulling him up and pushing the door open with his foot. Thank God today is the housekeeper's day off… he thought, noticing that no one had cleaned the dishes on the table. He looked down when he heard a weak "Hey" and smile. "Hey you."

Jake slowly pulled out of the daze he was in when he noticed that the color of the walls were different. He felt like someone holding his waist and noticed that the arm that was helping him belonged to no one other than Ryan McCarthy. He smirked and said the only coherent thing he could say. "Hey."

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