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I woke with the taste of cornflakes in my mouth and the feeling that I had overslept. Glancing at the clock I noticed it was 8:15. Still early. I rolled over and hugged the warm body next to me. "Edward, wake up, I had the strangest dream".

"You always have strange dreams, love," he said, his lip turning up into my favorite crooked smile.

Edward is truly a God in a heavenly body. He has the most beautiful green eyes that seem to sparkle, and this radiant smile that is all for me. His hair is a force of its own, sticking out everywhere in the most vibrant bronze color.

He's tall and lanky with broad shoulders. He is a sight to behold but he is more than the way he looks. Edward Cullen also has the voice of an angel and a heart to match. He's smart, sensible, and funny. He is my everything.

Famous actor, musician, and my husband. It still amazes me how blessed I am to have him in my life. Even on the worst of days he can make me feel better. And he also happens to have the most luscious lips, I thought to myself as I leaned forward to kiss him.

"Are you going to tell me about your dream?" he asked, drawing my attention from his lips back up to his eyes. "What dream?" I asked as I leaned toward him for another kiss. He chuckled and met me half way, pulling me toward him.

I have loved him since I first laid eyes on him. He came to me like an angel when I needed someone most and I easily allowed my thoughts to completely center around him from that day forward. We have both been through a difficult time but we came through together. We are survivors.

Edward had become famous just like he said, and I always knew, he would. I hadn't done so bad for myself either. I am a psychologist with my own private practice. I enjoy helping people. The way I saw it, both Edward and I helped people's minds. Edward helped them forget their problems and I held their hands when they were ready to work through them.

"It's almost time to get up, love," Edward whispered in my ear. "Almost," I said as I rolled him onto his back and straddled his waist, feeling his erection against my stomach. I continued kissing his jaw and down his neck.

Edward hissed when I took his cock in my hand and began rubbing it between my folds. "Mmmm, you are so wet Bella. Did you dream of me?," he crooned. His words caused me to stop. I could almost remember the dream. It was right there in the back in of my mind. It seemed somehow important but I couldn't grasp it.

As suddenly as the notion came, it was gone and all I could feel was his body under mine. "Need you now Bella, please," he panted. I didn't make him wait, impaling myself on him in one smooth practiced move.

Every time with Edward feels like the first time. There was no greater feeling in the world than him inside of me. I stayed still for a moment, gasping as I adjusted to his size. Everything about Edward's body was long and firm, and every inch of him was beautiful.

Slowly, I began to move on top of him. He met me thrust for thrust and his hands moved to my hips, gripping me tightly. I leaned forward, placing my hands on either side of his head so I could pepper his face with kisses.

"Oh baby, you feel so good," I moaned, raising back up on top of him. I wanted to feel him deeper, ride him harder. Edward was grunting continuously. "Ungh, yes. Fuck baby, I'm going to come. Come with me, please. Please, come Bella."

Edward lifted one hand to my breast, rolling my nipple between his finger and thumb. The other hand he snaked between our bodies, pinching my clit in the same way. It was too much. He knew just how to bring me to my peak.

My orgasm hit hard, rolling through my body, making my toes curl as I screamed his name. Edward cried out too, as his orgasm hit seconds after mine. I ground my hips into his, leaning down to kiss him once more before rolling to my side and cuddling with him as we both came down from our high.

"Good for you?" he asked, still breathing heavily.

"God, yes. Just like always."

As soon as I said the words, that nagging feeling in the back of my mind was there again. It felt as if there was something I should remember but try as might, I just couldn't.

I pushed it aside and turned over, swinging my legs over the side of the bed, knowing that anything I needed to remember would be written down in my planner. I was a very orderly person. I liked a routine and I always kept a schedule.

"Come shower with me," I told Edward.

"How about you shower with me and I make you come...again," he smirked.

I took in the sight of his naked form before me. His long graceful neck and that sexy hollow spot at the base of his throat. His broad shoulders and chiseled abs. The way his cock stood hard and erect against his stomach. His muscled thighs. Hell, even his feet were cute. Everything about him drew me in and I knew I'd never turn him down.

The lopsided grin on his face told me he knew the exact same thing.

Two orgasms, and half an hour later, I stood at the island in the center of our kitchen, in my black dress pants and white button down shirt, fixing myself a bowl of cornflakes when Alice came bouncing through the back door.

Alice is Edward's sister and my office manager slash best friend. She's also our next door neighbor and the wife of Edward's production company partner and best friend, Jasper Whitlock. Alice is the kind of person that comes into every situation like a whirlwind, completely taking over. I loved her for it.

"It's going to a good day Bella. I ordered fresh flowers to be delivered to the office this morning. We have the morning without appointments to catch up on paper work and we are having lunch together and then a new patient this afternoon. I scheduled extra time for you to get to know her. Then..."

"Alice, wo! Settle down. We are not even at work yet." I rolled my eyes at her.

"I'm sorry," Alice sighed heavily. "Good morning Bella," she smiled, starting again.

"Good morning Alice," I returned her smile.

Edward came down the stairs three at a time. He kissed Alice's forehead, poured coffee in a cup as well grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge. He scooped up his keys and Ray-bans, and slipped his feet into the oldest pair of black Nike's in the world. Seriously, they should be in a museum...or condemned.

He was muttering the entire time about being late before he finally turned to me. "I have to go babe, I'm running late."

"So I heard. You have the photo shoot this morning for Rolling Stone right?"

"I do," he smiled as he stalked closer to me.

"EDWARD!" Alice screamed. "You are not wearing that out of the house, let alone to a photo shoot," Alice said, using her most stern voice.

Besides his relic shoes, my husband was wearing a white t-shirt with the neckline stretched out, a flannel shirt that was completely threadbare and holey jeans. He never even glanced toward Alice as he replied, "It's clean", while he shrugged his shoulders.

He wrapped his arms around my waist and nuzzled my neck, giving me goosebumps. I giggled as I whispered in his ear. "You're perfect."

"I'll see you tonight?" he asked.

"Of course. Just like always," I told him, our eyes locked as each of us leaned slowly in for a kiss.

With Edward out the door and his tires squealing down the driveway, I slipped my feet into my favorite black leather Mary Jane heels and put the lid on my coffee cup. "Are you ready to go Alice?"

Alice was still furious about Edward's clothes and she complained about it the entire way to the office.

"The clothes he wears is a reflection on us all Bella. What if someone finds out I saw him in those clothes this morning and I did not rip them off and burn them?"

I just giggled at her as I imagined ripping off Edward's clothes for a much better purpose than what Alice was thinking of.

"Bella, are you listening to me? I would not let a homeless person dress like that but I stood right there in that kitchen and let my own brother walk right out the door," she fumed as we arrived at the door to our office.

Alice continued to go on and on about Edward's lack of fashion sense, as we entered the room. I headed straight for my office, shutting the door, effectively blocking Alice out. I knew I would never get anything done if I wasn't left on my own to do them. Alice was too much fun to have around and nearly impossible to ignore when she was in the same room.

I immersed myself quickly in making and filing notes and signing insurance forms all morning. Before I knew it, the clock said 11: 30 and I was finally finished. I exited my office and saw Alice arranging a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers in a vase.

"Hey Alice, want to go to lunch early? I'm all caught up and I want to stop at the library for a new book."

"Sure Bella, I'm all ready, just let me grab my purse."

Alice and I ate lunch at Dojo's. I had the chicken cutlet with Japanese BBQ sauce, home fries and a side of green salad. It was my favorite restaurant and I always ate the same thing.

After we left the restaurant, Alice pulled me into a boutique for shoe shopping, although what I really wanted to do was go to the library. In fact, I felt like the library is where I should be. But I shrugged off the feeling and followed Alice back to the office, somehow carrying all the bags, even though I didn't buy anything.

Edward called to let me know that the photo shoot had went well and that he and Jasper were on their way to the recording studio. He told me that they had ordered pizza for lunch to be delivered there. Edward and I laughed together when he told me that Jasper had been moaning all day about how Edward's clothes were going to cause him marriage problems.

Back at the office, Rosalie and Emmett were already there for their pre-marriage couples counseling. They were my favorite clients. They argued constantly. Rosalie bordered on spousal abuse but it all seemed to work for them and I honestly believed they would make it.

The same as during all our other sessions, the couple went back and forth between calling each other horrible names and making out wildly on my brown leather sofa. They were intense people, exhausting in fact. I could feel the tension in my neck and shoulders as I showed them out.

Then the afternoon took a strange turn. My new patient did not show up. I couldn't even call to check on her because Alice couldn't find her file. It was such an un-Alice thing to do. She swore the janitor must have taken it, but that seemed unlikely.

The situation bothered me tremendously all through the evening as Edward and I lay in bed reading together.

In the five years Alice had worked for me, she never lost a patient file before. But regardless, why had no one called to explain the cancellation? Why could I not remember her name or reading over her chart or making notes the way I did before seeing any new patient?

I felt that I had somehow failed and I couldn't shake the depression that descended upon me. I said a prayer after turning out the lights that this patient did not fall through the cracks because of my mistakes.

I woke up during the night crying hysterically. The clock on my shabby bedside table read 4:17. I had dreamed of Edward Cullen, that much I remembered, but it seemed so much more important than that. It felt like I had lost him which was impossible because I had never had him. I was just the poor broken, friendless, spinster librarian. A freak.

I had this haunting feeling that I had failed, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't remember why. I couldn't remember a single thing about the dream except that Edward was in it. And that if only briefly, even if only in a dream, I had been happy. I mourned the loss of that feeling.

I felt the depression settling over me like a cloud. There would be no reprieve of numbness today. No, today was going to be a very bad day indeed.

Just like always.