Here is an AU Sailor Moon/Gundam Wing Story. When I say AU, the boys are not using their gundams and the girls are not senshi. However, it will be mentioned.

Side Note: For some reason, I have never written a good story. I mean let's face it, I may not be good at all. But the way I look at it is that I love doing it. It takes my mind off things and I visit a place of imagination. It's possible for this to become multiple chapters. Not sure of as yet.

Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon. Also I do not own Gundam Wing. I simply own the plot to the story.

Summary: After years of protecting the citizens of earth, the two groups of heroes attend the local university in Japan. What happens when everyday affairs causes them to met one another? More so, what will one of the girls do when her fiancee finds out she fell in love with another?


The music that came from the television was beginning to give the sleeping brunette a migraine. She propped herself up on her elbow and gave the blond an evil glare. The blond was oblivious to the stare, as she used her hairbrush, singing along with the television. Kino Makoto got really annoyed, when Aino Minako began to belt out to the chorus. Makoto grabbed one of her pillows and targeted it towards Minako's head. A moment later. she heard a squeal, as the blond fell down. Makoto laid back down, as she covered her ears with her hands.

"Turn that NOISE down, Aino Minako, or I'll kill you," Makoto exclaimed, as she closed her eyes. Minako huffed a bit, as she stood up, went over to the television, and lowered the volume. She turned her gaze to the clock.

''s only 20 after 8am. Why is she grumpy?' Minako sat down on Makoto's bed and patted her back. "Mako-chan, it's after 8 and you're still in bed. Get up! Orientation is in 40 minutes." Makoto opened her emerald hues, as she gazed into Minako's big blue eyes. Makoto sighed, as she sat up. She gave up any chance of falling back asleep. Minako was already wearing an orange t-shirt and black jeans. Her blond hair was up in place, held by an orange bow.

She went to the door and opened it. "I'll be back in about a half hour to get you." With that said, she went out the door and shut it.

Makoto grabbed a towel on her way to the bathroom and shut the door. She rolled her eyes, as she removed her white t-shirt that she slept in. She allowed to fall to the fllor around her feet. She stared into her nude reflection in the mirror. She bit her bottom lip, as she turned to the shower.

25 minutes later, Makoto was standing in front of a mirror, brushing her long brown hair, which was still slightly damp from her shower. She wore blue jeans and a green shirt that clung to her amazing chest. She finally picked up a hair tie from the dresser and put her hair up.

The door flung open and Minako came in and smiled at Makoto. "You're dressed. Well, let's go. The others are waiting for us."

Makoto nodded, as she grabbed her wallet, her keys, and her cell. She placed the wallet in her back pocket, as placed her cell in her front pocket. As soon as the girls left the room and closed the door, Makoto locked it. She put her keys in her front pocket and hurried down the steps with Minako.

"Minna, over here," waved an excited Tsukino Usagi. Makoto and Minako smiled at their princess. Usagi was Sailor Moon and their princess. Her blue eyes were shining with excitement and her meatball styled hair seemed to matched her mood. It seemed bouncy. Standing there with Usagi, was their priestess miko, raven haired Hino Rei and the quiet and shy bluette Mizuno Ami. The two met up with their friends.

"Let's go eat," Rei suggested, as she gave us all a pointed stare, before turning her attention towards the cafeteria. The moment we set foot, Usagi's eyes widen and she squealed.

"Food! Food! Yummy Food!"

Rei gave her an annoyed glare and Usagi winced, as she uttered a small, "Gomen, Rei-Chan." The others simply shook their heads, as they proceeded to the lunch line. Makoto was the first to notice the group of 5 men huddled in a corner talking. One man caught her eye and he was exceedingly handsome. That strong jawline, those prussian blue orbs, those pulsing muscles, and the well toned abs were visible from his tight blue shirt. His gaze turned and fell on Makoto's gaze. She looked away, blushing with embarrassment.

Across the room, Heero Yuy was in deep discussion with his friends Duo Maxwell, Triton Bloom, Quatre Winner, and Wufei Chang. He felt someone staring at him. That's when he turned and stared straight into the eyes of the most beautiful woman he had even seen. He watched her look away shyly and blush. He hid a resist to smile, as he turned back to his friends. Duo had a knowingly smile, along with Quatre. The only two who remained expressionless with Triton and Wufei. Though he knew Triton was smiling in his mind and the Wufei was probably annoyed.

"You know, Heero," Duo began. "I haven't seen a girl stare at you like that since Relena..." Duo's voice trailed off and then winced at the mention of Heero's ex-fiancee. Heero looked at him with a spark of anger, which quickly vanished as he thought about the brunette.

"There is something about her," Heero began in a soft whisper."I can't...quite put my finger on it." His voice was still in a low monotone. 'I have to know her. She's is truly...interesting.

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