Alright then. This is obviously not an update, but I am going to let people know. This story is going to be completely re-written. I am leaving the chapters that are up there. I am much to lazy to delete them lol. Besides, I believe it may show that I've changed a bit in my writing. The story will stay the same, Makoto/Heero. However, it'll have a twist to it. I did "FINISH" it, so if you wanna "REREAD" that chapter, you may. The new version of the story is going to exceed that point. But I must ask: Do you all want alternate ending with the re-write or have the same sort of ending. I am at a loss here. I am on a writing kick as of late, which is kind of weird, considering I've been on and off this site for 9 years now. All things considered, have a Happy & Safe Halloween!

Makoto A Yakushi