A/N: This was a dream I had a few days ago; just speaking. No, it's not the planned one I talked about on my profile. I did add some, and some is verbatim. Hope you like it! Verbatim starts at the "…a pair of deep..." and ends at "…again and again…" Well, except for the green eyes. My subconscious thinks they're blue.

It was just about my turn to tilt, and I was going back to the tent to say goodbye to my friends. I was against the Stump, which was a good as a death sentence on Traitor's Hill. When I opened the tent flap, a pair of deep green eyes met mine. Well, I'm going to die anyway; it won't matter if he kills me now, I thought. Then I tilted my head upward, and kissed him. I was about to walk away when Neal grabbed my shoulder, turned me around, and returned the favor. He kissed me again and again, until we were—no, we weren't! Okay, maybe we were. Almost.

Yes, we were. After a little while, Neal broke away and said, "It's almost time for you to tilt against the Stump. Don't let him kill you. I love you too much to let you go so quickly."

With one last swift kiss, he shooed me off to the tilting yards, as dazed as could be. Was I dreaming?_

A/N: Sorry if you don't like it. My subconscious is weird, and it also thinks that Cleon and Dom don't exist, hence the title. It's around the time when Kel was a squire competing in tilting matches.