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Emerald green eyes gazed across the white sand of the shore, a peaceful shine to them that had not been familiar for many years. Wars were long past, two and a half cycles of the earth having passed since that fateful end. But one cycle and half had he spent in exile, self imposed, venturing out only in search of sustenance, both for body and soul in the form of food and friends. Since the war's end, his mind had, for the first time, had the chance to pursue something of his own liking. And in the years passed he had discovered an enamor for various types of tropical ocean life. It was a childish glee he found it in, but pure was the intent and interest, so there could be no harm in keeping it.

At long last, having tired of being told to go outside, he opted for a vacation. He chose to pursue his hobby whilst abroad, and visit the ocean life he had grown to know so well with his own flesh and blood. Throughout his preparations the necessary items for his travel came into his possession; an international portkey to Australia, and a specific lack of worry towards the sparse death eaters that still lurked about. After all, why would they follow him to Australia?

Reaching to a pile of equipment next to him, he pulled out his wetsuit. A rush of green magic rushed past the bridge of his nose, crackling angrily. Swiftly rolling out of another attempted hit, he scowled to himself. Perhaps he had been wrong to think that they wouldn't follow him. A faint, annoying voice in the back of his head, alongside the vision of Mad-Eye Moody, chirped, "Constant vigilance!". Apparently, even on vacation he couldn't find a break.

Whipping out his wand from his pocket with practiced speed, he began to parry with spells of his own, all the while sprinting down the beach towards the water. It was the only direction left open, and as he came to the lapping waves, he turned to face the black cloaked, yet unmasked Death Eaters. A very familiar head of blond hair stuck out, and he smirked to himself.

"It's been quite a while, Malfoy," he said, trying to keep the satirical edge out of his voice. "It seems like you still have the same dead-end job as you did before."

"I would say I was happy to see you, but I fear that would be a stout-hearted lie," Malfoy said in grim reply before lifting his wand.

An onslaught of spells erupted from the tip of Malfoy's wand, and Harry ducked down in an attempt to dodge before returning fire.

"Did you think that these years separating us would dull my will to kill you, Potter?" Lucius snarled, summoning a spell that Harry failed to recognize, a strange purple glow at the tip of the older man's wand. Deflecting with a spell of his own in just enough time, he was blinded when the two forces colliding, light exploding from the impact.

When the light died away, Lucius had been knocked well off his feet, a wound on his chest freely bleeding from the offshoot of the spell collision. And in the place where the young Potter once stood was a small clownfish, black and green striped from face to tail with a spare few, yet noticeably white scales above his eyes. Numerous small scars littered his body, and one of his small fins was tattered rather severely.

Gaping like the fish out of water that he was, the poor creature flopped down towards the ocean, struggling and thrashing in an attempt to get to water. Reaching down to the damp sand with just enough time to be rinsed away by a wave, he took his first lung-full of water. Shaken and disheveled from being rolled out by the waves, he clumsily made his way into calmer water, trying to right himself from the trauma he had just endured.

Once he had returned to being semi-lucid, he spoke uncertainly to himself. "What in the bloody hell happened?" Realizing that his voice was still indeed his voice and not the bubbling glub he had expected his eyes widened a bit. "Well," he said to himself, rather annoyed with his predicament, "just call me Harry Potter, the boy who lived to be a fish."

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