Pearl didn't have enough time to react as she hadn't expected Evil Wyatt to be summoned. Before she could even think of her next move, Evil Wyatt waved his hand and sent Pearl flying and crashing into the table at which Phoebe had gotten the knife from.

She was knocked out cold. "Pearl!" Phoebe called out; Paige reached out her hand called for the lamp, "Lamp!" the lamp which was downstairs disappeared in blue light and reappeared right in front of Wyatt, before it even have a chance to hit him

Wyatt flicked his hand and re directed it to Phoebe, the lamp crashed into phoebe leaving her unconscious.

"Why thank you Aunt Paige, you saved me the trouble of finding things to kill you with" Wyatt laughed. He focused and cupped his hand, instantly Paige felt an invisible choke hold on her, she gasped and choked but couldn't breathe.

Piper who had seen all this happen, didn't know what to do, she too hadn't expected the evil Wyatt to appear.

She knew she couldn't let him kill his sisters and newly found niece, but she couldn't kill her son.

She focused her blasting energy unto Wyatt's arm, she can't kill him but she can surely hurt him enough to make him stop whatever his doing to Paige.

She released a little blast energy through one hand and Wyatt's arm began to bleed. "Urrghh" Wyatt cried out in pain and anger. Immediately Paige felt a release on her neck and started to breathe again.

Piper ran and helped Paige get on her feet "Are you ok?" she asked; "Apart from being nearly killed by nephew, never better" Paige answered. Wyatt looked at his wound, he turned back to the two sisters and summoning all his energy, he created a force field around them.

"That should keep you in for a while" he grinned. He turned and walk towards the book of shadows. "Paige, try to orb out" Piper commanded. Paige nodded her head and closed her eyes but nothing happened.

"No use, the force field is keeping me in" she said. Wyatt reached the book.

He took it and looked back at Piper and Paige. "It's time for the Charmed Ones to retire; this book belongs to me now" Wyatt teased.

"Wyatt, please don't do this" Piper pleaded. "You know this isn't right, I know you do Wyatt."

Wyatt looked at his mother, for a moment Paige actually thought Piper had gotten through to him. She found out otherwise when Wyatt chuckled.

"You obviously don't know me mother" he said coldly.

"You see, there is no magical being that can challenge my authority, my powers. Except for you three and I can't have that so I plan of getting that fixed.

Wyatt laughed.

"I'll get back to you after I have consulted the book"

Paige and Piper stared at him in shock and terror. With that said, Wyatt shimmered away with the book of shadows.