The chilly, bright Sunday sky seemed to mock Hatsune Miku as she sat on the bench by her favorite lake while (for the millionth time) crying her eyes out.

"There there now…don't cry." A soft, calming voice told her. This voice belonged to Megurine Luka, Miku's confidant ever since she went to live with him…with Kaito.

She clearly remembered the say he asked her to live with him. It was the day after her parent's deaths during the summer and she was about to go into a foster home since she was too young to be legally on her own when Kaito stepped in. He just crossed the age limit to legally be an adult and offered to take her in. At first, she was shocked. Kaito was just an upperclassman at her school who knew Miku and her family through business purposes. Whenever he came over, he was polite and kind and Miku even developed a small crush for him.

She didn't understand why he offered to take her in, but it seemed like a way better place to stay in than some random person's house. Besides, he even offered a job as a singer at a club he earned from his father so she wouldn't feel like a burden.

It seemed like an irresistible offer. But as the saying goes, there's more than what meets the eye. Accepting that offer was one of the worst decisions of her life. After she moved in, she and Kaito started to become "lovers". Mistake number two.

After a few days into her singing job, Kaito started showing his true colors and becoming possessive. Miku waved it off saying that it was just pressure from his dad from his dad and business, but she soon came to realize that it was just him. He didn't even let her contact any of her friends, or go out on her own. The only times where she was able to escape was on Sundays, when Kaito had to go out on business purposes. Whatever that was. She was just glad to get rid of him.

There were some days where she just wanted to relax and instead of singing, but Kaito wouldn't hear of it. He kept saying that she would be going against the contract (which she blindly signed) and he would throw her out because "she should be grateful" that he let her stay here. And then, on a day very much like today, she'd try to put her foot down and revolt, and then he'd get really angry. Whenever he got angry he'd always beat her, causing her heart- and sometimes bones-to break.

That's why she ended up here every Sunday to meet Luka. The older, pink haired girl would always make Miku feel a little bit better since she was the only on Miku could confide in; she didn't want to get her other friends involved. Gakupo…Sho…Meiko…Rin…Len…. If she told them, they'd probably do something stupid which Kaito would make sure he got revenge of. She definitely didn't want her friends to get hurt on account of her.

"Look on the bright side…" Luka murmured soothingly. "At least school starts tomorrow. You'll see your friends again. Everything will be okay…"

Miku hoped with all her heart that they would…

...but she was just holding on to a false hope.

"Miku, are you ready yet?" Kaito's voice echoed from downstairs to Miku's room.

"Yeah, wait a sec." she yelled back, taking one last look in the mirror. Her teal hair was neatly tied into two pigtails and her crisp white uniform shirt contrasted against her navy tie and plaid skirt. The only makeup on her face was a quick swipe of lip balm.

She rushed downstairs and saw the blue haired guy she grew to dislike so much. No doubt, Kaito looked attractive (he almost always did) with a couple of buttons undone on his shirt and with the navy tie casually lying around his slightly messy collar. He made the uniform look like some high end designer brand that belonged on the runway. But only Miku knew that the ugliest person lied beneath all those good looks.

"Shall we, madame?" Kaito smirked making a mock bow.

"Miku took her bag and didn't even look at him. "Whatever."

"Why so sad, sweetie?" Kaito whispered, looping his arms around Miku's waist and drawing his mouth close to her ear.

"It's nothing, I'm fine." said Miku in a forced laugh, shoving his arms away from her. If she showed her true feelings, Kaito would try to make her "feel better" and the last thing she wanted was to be around him more then she had to.

"Suit yourself." Kaito shrugged, opening the door and heading out to the car. Miku locked the door, taking in a deep breath of the chilly September air.

"There'll be a performance at four. Make sure you're ready by then." Kaito informed her, getting in the car.

"Four?!" Miku repeated incredulously. "But that's too early! It's right after school!"

"I know, but make it work. Kaito said, not looking at her. "There's a party reserved at that time and they requested especially for you."

Miku made a frustrated sound, rubbing her forehead. She hated it when Kaito randomly set up performances at inconvenient times. Just one more addition to her never ending list of reasons why she hated Kaito. She would've moved somewhere else, but she had no idea where to go. Also, if she did leave, she'd have no job, leaving her alone and penniless.

*But at least I'll be free….* a tiny, hopeful voice would always ring in her head, but it was always clouded by a major reality check: she'd probably be living on the streets if it weren't for Kaito.

Finally, the car pulled over in the parking lot of the school. It was funny; everything about the school remained the same yet her life was completely different than it was before summer. She sighed, a small amount of excitement pounding in her heart. She was finally gonna see her friends again!

Suddenly, Kaito hand prevented her from moving any further. "Where are you going?" he asked.

"I'm going to check my classes." Miku muttered biting back a burst of rage. She wanted school time to be Kaito-free. She wanted school to be somewhere where she could relax, and being around him always made her tense.

"Oh, okay." He let go. "Well, then. See you at lunch."

Miku snorted. *As if* she thought but waved goodbye anyway.

Miku started walking through the familiar corridors and hallways of the school. It was great to see friendly faces of classmates, but her heart really ached to see her group of friends. She went up to a poster in the hallway when a blond torpedo attacked her.

"Mikuuu-chaaaan!" a bubbly, female voice yelled, attracting curious eyes. Miku was swung around in circles several times before she could finally meet the two blue eyes of one of her closest friends.

"Rin!" Miku grinned, hugging the blondie back. Suddenly, Rin pushed away while making an angry face.

"We're mad at you, ya know."

"Why?" Miku frowned.

"We haven't seen you all summer!" Rin exclaimed. "We tried to call you, but no one picked up! We even went to your house, but no one was there! No message, no contact….we thought something happened."

"Oh, it was nothing." Miku waved off, trying to change the subject. "I just moved. Tell me, how were you?"

Unfortunately for Miku, Rin wasn't the type to give easily. "Where did you—" she started, but was interrupted.

"Miku!" someone wrapped their arms around Miku, though they weren't at all possessive like Kaito was. "I've missed you!" a girl said.

Miku turned around to see a wide eyed brunette with spunk in her warm eyes.

Miku hugged her back. "I missed you too, Meiko."

Meiko was accompanied by three guys who also belonged in Miku's group: Gakupo, a tall guy who had long purple lock that girls would kill for; Sho, a hazel eyed green haired guy who had glasses and was the smart one out of the group; and last, but definitely not the least, Len.

He was Rin's twin and they both shared many characteristics like hair color and height, but there were things that set Len apart. Len's clear forest green eyes and ability to make Miku laugh, no matter what the situation, are just some of the few reasons why he held a special place in Miku's heart. Plus, she knew him for years so she came to grow the habit to turn to Len whenever she needed someone…before Kaito, that is.

"We looked all over for you! Where were you?!" Len asked angrily, getting close to Miku's face. When he realized that he was just centimeters from the surprised girl's face, he pulled back, feeling a little embarrassed.

"Len was getting so worried when we couldn't find you." Gakupo said teasingly. "He almost—"

"Shhh!" Len reached to clasp a mouth over Gakupo's loud mouth, but Gakupo just pushed his blond head away with his hand while continuing.

"You know what he almost did, Miku?" Gakupo went on eagerly.

"Shut up!" Len repeated, glaring at Gakupo.

"Why? She should know…" the tall guy teased.

"But, seriously. " Sho cut into their argument. "Where did you go?"

Miku suddenly felt under pressure. Should she tell the truth, or should she lie?

"Um…it's kinda hard to explain…." Miku flustered.

"Well, all that matters is that you're here!" Meiko cut in. "You'd better not be leaving us again!"

"Yeah, and make that a promise!" Rin added, sticking her pinky out like they did since they were little kids.

"Promise." Mike agreed, wrapping her pinky along with Rin's. Miku smiled, feeling great for the first time in months. Suddenly, the bell rang.

"Miku, you're in the same homeroom as me." Rin informed Miku.

"Great!" Miku grinned. "Is anyone else with us?"

"I am." Sho said with a smile.

"Alrightie, then!" Rin announced loudly, "We'll see you guys later!"

After that, it turned out to be a great day for Miku. She felt everything was the way it was before summer, making her forget her troubles for a moment. To add to her delight, she had several classes with her friends: Languages with Gakupo and Meiko, History with Sho, Math with Rin and Meiko, Bio with Rin, Drawing with Gakupo, and (unfortunately) only one class with Len.

That class was the last one of the day, P.E., and Miku was getting really late to it. She had to stop a while after class and help the teacher pick up scattered papers that flew around the class when one classmate opened the window.

"Yeah, goodbye, ma'am!" Miku said hastily, dashing through the empty hallways to get her P.E uniform from her locker and then down to the Field.

She was nervous. Coach was a strict teacher when he had to be and disliked late students and who didn't come properly prepared to class. Right now, Miku was both of those things. She rushed to girl's locker room and tugged on the huge metal doors, but they were locked. She sighed and thought, *Might as well show up, then….*

She approached the Field, scanning the groups of students playing basketball for Len. She caught him talking to some other students, most likely a game plan. Miku waved at him and Len caught her eye. The blond broke into a wide smile.

"Miku! Where—" Len shouted, but stopped when he saw the stern Coach approach Miku.

"Hatsune! Where have you been?! It's been 25 minutes into class now!"

"Sir, I—" Miku started, but she knew it wasn't going to help the situation.

"And you're not even dressed!" Coach went on. "You might as well ditch this class at the rate you're going!"

"But I—"

"No explanations! How do you expect to pass my class if you show up like this every day?! This is a complete disgrace!"

"If you'd just—" Miku tried again through gritted teeth. She was cut off again, though this time it was someone else.

Len spoke up for Miku saying, "Sir, if you don't let her explain herself then how will you-?"

As per his habit, Coach cut Len off too. "Oh, so you're sticking up for her now, are you, Kagamine number 1?

"Yeah, because if you don't—"

"So now you're talking back to me?! Fine, then! Punishment for both of you!" Coach dragged Miku and Len to large looming wall nearby that was half painted.

"You will finish painting this wall, no matter how long it takes! I might even forgive you both for your behavior. Now, hurry up!" Coach thrust paintbrushes and gallons of light blue paint in both Miku and Len's hand.

"Stupid bastard." They both muttered when Coach was out of earshot. Len sighed and started painting the wall coarsely.

"I'm sorry!" Miku blurted, feeling guilty.

Len raised an eyebrow. "Why?"

"For getting you into trouble. Sorry!" Miku repeated, bowing.

"You don't have to be!" Len picked her back up by her shoulders, feeling embarrassed. "Besides, you know how much I wanted to talk that guy down, right? He gets on my nerves!"

Miku smiled, feeling relieved. "You never will ya, Shortie?" she teased, using the nickname she chose for him ever since they were little.

"Shortie? Well then, sea witch…" Len countered, using the name for her that she hated so much. He called her that ever since they came back from a day at the beach and Miku's long teal hair became all frizzy and dirty because of sea water and wind. "Just to let you know, I grew three centimeters this summer so technically, I'm not sure short anymore." He bragged and it was true; he was about Miku's height now.

"What did you do over the summer? Take steroids?" Miku joked, starting to paint too.

"Hey!" Len exclaimed angrily while Miku laughed. His expression softened as he saw her laugh. It was great to be with her after so long.

All summer long, Len had been waiting for and expecting for her to show up sometime but despaired when he couldn't catch a glimpse of her at all. He would visit her previous, now vacant house everyday in hopes of seeing her, but was disappointed every time. He would go around town on his bike every Saturday to look for her, but he never found her.

It was as if she disappeared.

As Gakupo almost said, he was about to set up a search party, inform the police stations…anything to see her again safe and sound. The only thing that stopped him from doing so was when Sho talked some sense into and told him to calm down. Sho told him to probably wait until school starts and check if Miku would show up or not.

He was so worried about because, well, he loved her! This was just a short moment of attraction; this love for her grew after years and years of close friendship, happiness as well as sadness.

He planned to confess to her as soon as possible since he was pretty confident that Miku would reciprocate his feelings.

"Oh, Len…you have some paint here." Miku mentioned, pointing to the side of his cheek. Len wiped the side of his left cheek.

"No, it's the other side." Miku said. Len wiped his right cheek, but missed the stain again.

Miku sighed. "You're hopeless, you know?" she leaned over and wiped the stain away from him. Miku smiled and went back to the boring task of painting the wall. The wall was about half done by then.

Len tenderly touched the spot that Miku wiped the stain away from and a warm feeling enveloped him. Without Miku looking, he dabbed a small dot of paint on his face.

"Is there still more?" he asked slyly.

"Yeah, here." Miku gestured on her own face.

"Can you clean it?"

"Yeah, sure." Miku swiped the stain off. To bother her more, Len repeated the same process, but this time Miku saw him at his tricks.

"Is there still some left?"

"Yup, you want me to wipe it off?"


Instead of cleaning the stain, Miku spread the stain all over his face and created a moustache on him, making him looks like a complete fool.

Miku struggled not to laugh. At that moment, Coach stepped in to check progress.

"Looks good. Be done with it by the bell." Coach said approvingly. He saw Len's face and raised an eyebrow before leaving while laughing.

"What's with that guy?!" Len asked, annoyed. Miku used every ounce of self restraint to keep herself from bursting into laughter.

"Dunno. Let's just finish painting this wall." Miku said, starting on the final strokes to complete the wall. By the time the bell rang, they finished and Coach gave them approval to leave. Len left to change out of his P.E uniform while Miku was cleaning paint off her with a tissue.

"Mikuuu!" Len shouted storming towards her. He was in his uniform but the paint was still on his face, making him look like a clown.

"What the heck is this?!" he pointed to his face.

"Paint." Miku replied simply, cracking up.

"It's not funny!" Len said, trying to look angry, but his lips were curving up anyway.

"It is!" Miku insisted, laughing even harder. "Sorry." Miku said finally, handing him a clean tissue. Len cleaned the paint off and they both started walking to the front of the school, where their group always met up after classes ended.

"It's been so long since I've pulled something off like that!" Miku said, satisfied.

"Yeah, took you the whole summer actually." Len frowned.

Miku's face fell a little and said, "I know…like I said, it's a long story."

"It must be….but it was so weird without you, ya know?" Len confessed. "It wasn't right…"

"Yeah, same here." Miku admitted. A slight blush appeared in her cheeks as she added, "I really missed you."

Len smiled, moving closer to her so their shoulders brushed together."I missed you too. A lot."

And then it became one of those moments they both craved. A silent moment where they both spoke their heart's wished through shy glances. A sweet, tender moment where they both treasured in their hearts.

It was at this moment that Len shoes to confess his feelings to her. "Miku, I wanna say something."

Miku smiled sweetly, making Len feel like she knew what he was going to say, and she just wanted him to say it. He practiced all summer for this moment, so without hesitation, he spoke.

"Miku, I lo—"


That other voice cut into their special moment like a knife. Miku tensed as she saw the person who she wanted to avoid as much as possible, especially at this moment. Kaito walked over to Miku, not taking notice of Len or the many people around them.

Len might've been prepared to confess his feelings in front of Miku but he wasn't prepared for what happened next.

In front of everyone, Kaito pulled Miku into a possessive kiss, stunning her. At first Len assumed that Kaito was drunk or high or something, and all he wanted to do was rip Kaito to shreds. All thoughts escaped from his mind when he heard Kaito talk.

"I haven't seen you all day, darling, where were you? And who's this?" Kaito addressed Len, who looked completely shocked.

"Len." Miku muttered, not looking at the guy in the eye. She was too ashamed to look at anyone in the eye, especially Len. She felt tears forming in her eyes as she thought about what Len might be thinking right now. If only she could explain!

"Thanks for taking care of my girl, but I'm gonna have to take her from now." Kaito laughed. He was dragging Miku away when she mumbled one final word.


Len didn't look up at her as he whispered, "Just leave."

A feeling of pain, guilt and sadness stabbed Miku as she walked away with someone who she shouldn't be with. Whispers from gossipers and others swirled around her and Kaito and she caught the words 'slut', 'whore' and 'couldn't believe'.

Miku would just have to ignore these comments, forget about Len, try to keep her head high and plaster on a fake mask of happiness.

But for how long?

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