Who Knew Painting Could Lead To So Much

Disclaimer: I am no way affiliated with NBC, THIRDWATCH and its creators or characters. This is purely for entertainment for all the bosco and faith shippers out there.

Chapter One

It was the end of a very long shift, actually a very long week. Faith and I were walking into the lockeroom with Sully and Ty right behind us. We all walked in and just sat down and took a breath.

"What you doing the weekend guys" asked Ty

"Not too much, I think Tatiana and I are just going to take it easy" sully answered "Faith?"

"Ah nothing, Fred's got the kids this weekend so I'm free to do what I want" she answered while sneaking a look at bosco. He quickly looked away but not before smiling at her.

"Bosco got a hot date all lined up? " Ty asked

"Nope, not this weekend I'm painting my place, it's just to dull need something to brighten it up "he said as he was closing he locker.

"Faith, you need a lift tonight?"

"Ya boz, that would be great".

"See you guys in three days" bosco said as he follows Faith out of the lockeroom.

"Ya bye" they replied but the door to the lockeroom was already swinging shut.

"What about you Ty?" Sully asked

"Nothing, I was going to ask bosco if he wanted to hit a bar or something Saturday night but it seems like he already has plans," " Oh well maybe I'll call him anyway tomorrow and see if he wants to go" sully nodding his head as he was walking out the door.

"Bye Ty, have a good weekend"

"You to Sully" Ty shut his locker and walked out of the precient to a cool refreshing night, hoping that the next three days were going to have nice weather.

Bosco and Faith had just reached his car and he opened the passenger side door for her to get in

"Thanks boz"

"No problem "he said while getting in his side. "You still coming to my place tonight, or am I dropping you off at yours?"

Faith kind of looked shocked, he knows when the kids are gone that I always stay at his place, I just don't like being by myself. The place just seems too lonely when there not there.

"Of course I'm staying with you", "unless you don't want me to?"She asked thinking that maybe he's getting sick of her staying there a couple nights a week.

"No that's not it, I just thought that you might be getting sick of me after this week," "with the two doubles that we pulled and the stretch that we did I thought you might want a night to yourself" he replied.

"No boz I'm all yours for the next three days" she said with a smile on her lips

"Really, because I could take that in so many ways Faith "boz replied with a smile to match hers

They pulled into the parking lot of his building and parked the car. While walking up to his door Faith felt his hand on the small of her back. It was light, but it was nice. She loved when he did little things like that if only it would mean something she sighed.

Walking into the apartment and placing there coats on the coat rack bosco went into the kitchen and grabbed two beers and sat on the coach while turing the tv on.

"What do you want to watch faith?"

:" I don't know what's on "faith replied as she grabbed her beer from him and sat on the coach beside him.

"Good horror movie, about to start in 5 minutes"

"Boz, remember what happened last time we watched a horror movie I ended up on top of you scared under the blankets and couldn't sleep the rest of the night " Faith said remembering just how it felt to be in his arm and have him to cuddle with when the scary parts came.

"Ya I remember, but faith this one isn't as bad and I'll protect you don't worry" Boz laughed and tried to push the memory of how she felt cuddled up to him that night. Nah forget it never gonna happens so stop thinking about it man.

An hour into the movie and faith was on top of him with the blanket pulled up to her forehead and was peaking out of the holes to watch it.

"Boz you said this one wasn't as bad!" faith moaned

"It isn't your just a scaredycat, either that or you like to cuddle up to me "he said with a smile on his face

"Oh ya boz that's it your just too dam irresistible" faith chuckled

Twenty minutes later the movie was done and faith sat up "I am so not getting any sleep tonight" "thanks again bosco" she said as she smacked him across the chest.

He was laughing as he said " no problem, tell you what there's a chick flick starting now ,why don't you lay back down here with me and we'll watch that so the boogieman don't get ya " "Ok" please say yes he thought, I just want to hold you a little bit longer.

"Ok" she said, smiling thinking that she would get to lay in his arms longer.

"Get up for a minute then would ya" as faith got up he stood up and took the cushions off the coach and pulled out the bed from underneath. Setting the cushions and the pillows back he laid back down and patted the spot next to him.

"We might as well get comfortable "let's see how she goes for this he thought

Faith looked down at the bed and then looked at bosco and thought what the hell might not get the chance again.
"ya we might as well" she replied while laying down next to him and snuggling closer to him placing her head in the crook of his arm and her hand on his chest.

The movie started and bosco thought to himself I could get used to this. Twenty minutes later Faith was sound asleep, bosco smiled, pulled her closer while covering them more with the blanket. He settled back down and shut his eyes thinking that it can't get any better then this.