Chapter 6

Bosco and Faith arrived at his building and walked up to his apartment holding hands. Bosco unlocked the door and let Faith walk in first. As she's standing there taking off her shoes Bosco shuts the door and walks up behind her. He starts kissing her neck and wraps an arm around her waist to pull her closer. She feels his cock grow hard against her back and she can't help but rub against it.

"Aww Faith, I want you so bad "he says in between kisses

"Bosco, Prove it" Faith says as she turns around to face him with a smirk

Bosco grins back and pulls faith to him hungrily he starts kissing her hard and fast. He places a hand in between her thighs and allows a finger to drift up towards her core. He backs her against the door of his apartment and inserts a finger.

"Now Faith, do I always make you this wet?"

"You have no idea boz"

Bosco pulled back and stood up straight and looked into faith's eyes

"Your absolutely sure right?" he asked


"Because this will change everything Faith, there's no going back" he said very serious

"Bos, make love to me, show me what it's sup post to be like"

Bosco needed no other words. She had him at "make love to me". He took her hand and pulled her towards the bedroom. When he entered the bedroom he stated kissing her again and started to undo the zipper on her dress. As the dress slipped to the floor bosco stood back and just admired her.

"You're beautiful "

"Come here Bos" Faith pulled him closer and started to undress him. First came the suit jacket and shirt, which she undid slowly, while kissing him. Next came his pants and as soon as she undid the button and zipper his cock popped out and tented his boxers.

Bosco was very turned on at this point and took back control. He pushed her back and cradled her as they fell onto the bed. He started to kiss her and his hands started to explore her body. He grabbed her breasts through her silk bra and squeezed. He reached behind her and undid the clasp of her bra and pulled it off. He took a nipple in his mouth and suckled. His tongue ran over the hard nipple and he felt faith shiver beneath him. Faith started to moan and squirm. He released her nipple and kissed his way down her body. He came to her little black thong and pulled it off. He spread her legs and kissed his way up her thighs until he came to her center. First came one finger as he stroked her, and then came two. She was moaning and when he put his tongue to her clit she screamed. He continued to tease her clit with his tongue and stroke her with his fingers. He put her legs up on his shoulders and held her to his mouth and sucked. His tongue was darting in and out and then he would flick her clit with it. He felt her start to shake so he sucked harder until she let out this loud scream and she released. He sucked her until there was nothing else and put her legs back on the bed and made his way back up to her head. He kissed her on the mouth and said

"That was so sexy, to hear you scream like that "

Once Faith had caught her breath and stopped shaking for a few min she turned the tables on him. She pulled him down and flipped over. She straddled his waist and said

"Now it's my turn to have a little fun" and she made he way down to his cock.

She pulled down his boxers and his kicks them off the bed.

"Wow, that's all I have to say "Faith says as she looks up him.

She wraps her hand around his cock and starts to stroke it. She feels him harden even more in her hand. She takes the tip of him in her mouth and starts to tease it with her tongue. Running circles around his tip and licking the bits of pre cum that came out. She then took his whole length in her mouth. She felt Bosco's hand come and rest on the top of her head and guide her down. She alternated between sucking, licking and nipping at his cock. His moans were coming more frequent and she felt his body stiffen. She sucked harder right on the tip and heard his scream first and then her mouth filled with warm cum. She milked him until there was no more cum to come out at that time. Her mouth was full. She took him out of her mouth looked up at bosco and swallowed.

"Faith, that was beyond sexy" bosco said as he pulled back up to him. "Now come here so I can show you how the rest is done"

"You can still go some more? I thought that you would be spent after that?" faith asked

"I'm just getting started "bosco smiled and pulled her down to him.

He rolled them once more so he was back on top and in control. He kissed her hard and deep. He could still taste himself on her lips when he kissed her, which turned him on even more. He positioned himself at her entrance and slowly slid in. He took it slow so that she could adjust to his size.

"God baby, you're so tight" he said as he finished sliding in. He sat there, not moving letting here body adjust before he slowly started to move. Just the tightness of her pussy alone was doing him in. He wanted to just pound into her, but knew that he wanted more then just a fast fuck for their fist time. So he concentrated on slow deep movements. Faith starts to moan with every thrust, the deeper he goes the louder she becomes. Finally Bosco can't take it anymore and starts to drive into her harder and faster. He feels her start to tighten around him and knows that she's on the brink so he reaches between them and flicks her click with his finger. Two flicks and she lets go screaming his name. The tightness of her orgasm is enough to send him over the edge for the second time that night, and he fills her again. He pumps till there is nothing left. He pulls out and lays back down on the bed and pulls her closer to him.

"Wow" Faith says after she catches her breath.

"Ya, I agree"

"Sex has never felt like that before, I've never gone twice like that. It was always fast hard and done. Some times I was lucky if I even got off" Faith said as she snuggled closer. Bosco reached down and lifted her chin so she was looking right into his eyes.

"That's because what we just did Faith, was make love. There is a difference between the two." He said as he kissed her lips.

"I love you bosco"

"I love you to, Faith "

She laid next to him with his arms wrapped around her and smiled. She felt happy for the first time that she could remember. There was nothing else that mattered right now in this moment but the two of them. They had a lot of things to work out but as long as he loved her she knew that everything would be okay.

She reached over and rubbed her hand against his cock and she watched as it hardened in her hand. She was shocked considering he had just gone two times in the last hour. Bosco opened his eyes and watched her with a smile on his face. If she was ready to go again so was he, he thought. With the arm that was wrapped around her he pulled her up and over so that she was straddling him. She positioned his cock and slide down on to it. She looked down at bosco and asked

"Are you sure you can go again? It won't be too much?"

"Faith I've been able to go eight rounds in one night!" he noticed the shocked look on her face

"Now mind you there wasn't much sleep involved that night"

She looked down at him and started to move up and down and heard him moan

"We still have tomorrow off, who needs sleep. Lets see if we can shoot for 9 " she started to ride him faster and watched as he played with her boobs and started to pinch her nipples. He pulled her down towards him and started to suck on one of her nipples while pinching the other. Faith arched and flung her head back as she felt herself start to tighten around him. She rode him harder and moaned louder. Bosco watched her tits bounce hard while she rode him and watched her face as he played with her nipples. He was going to come hard and fast at this pace. Faith felt him stiffen and hit a certain spot and she exploded all over him, which was enough to send him over the edge again. She felt his warm seed shoot up into her wet pussy and mix with her juices. She rode him for a couple more min and then slid off but stayed on top of him. She felt his arms wrap around her waist and hold her there.

"3 down six more to go" Faith said as she looked at him and smiled.

Authors note: Thanks to everyone that read and reviewed this story. I had a lot of fun writing this story. But this story is done, hopefully I will write other stories. It was a fun experience.