Alright, I wanted this chapter to be longer but I can't think of anything else to write after the end of the chapter. In any case we discover how small a world we live in in this chapter.

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Ok, so dancing wasn't quite as hard as I thought it would be. Rosalie showed me a couple "basic" dances like the waltz and then plopped me down on a couch for me to tell her my story. If vampires could cry she definitely would have as I told her about the loss of my virginity. Hearing about my war stories perked her up a bit and learning that Kyle seemed to be a car fanatic made her grin. Apparently she was the one who did all the work on the cars in the garage.

"So you are here on 'vacation'?" she asked me as I wrapped up my story.

"Yeah, down time while watching two unknown groups of non-humans," I said dryly.

Rosalie laughed. Jesus Christ, her laugh was as beautiful as she was, but it didn't affect me the same as when Edward laughed.

"My family isn't the conventional type of vampires," Rosalie smiled, "We drink the blood of animals. I personally have never tasted the blood of a human. Jasper was turned during the Civil War for the purpose of being part of an army of Newborn vampires. He only started drinking animal blood after he met Alice (I took note of her brief pause after mentioning Alice). Edward was the first of us to be turned by Carlisle, he spent some time in New York preying on humans with evil thoughts before he came back. Couldn't handle the fact that he had taken the lives of people. Esme is like Carlisle and is just too loving to drink the blood of another person."

She sighed briefly before continuing, "Emmett met a woman whose blood 'sang to him'. He had drunk her completely dry before he realized what he was doing. He hasn't forgiven himself even after fifty years."

"What about Alice?" I probed after another pause.

"Alice," Rosalie began slowly, "Alice is someone who I worry for greatly. She hasn't tasted human blood, as far as she can remember, but her first memories are waking up in an empty closet of a warehouse in the middle of nowhere. She has psychic visions of possible futures and saw herself and Jasper in our family. But she has no memory of her life as a human. She also is different from the rest of us."

"What do you mean?" I asked, Rosalie was being a major help to me, I knew the basics about the Cullen family now and was almost being welcomed in. That thought scared me a bit. The only family I have known since my parents over ninety years ago was Kyle, Robert, and Godfredson. What was it like to be part of a real family? My memory of my parents was becoming fuzzy, like a home video that had been watched too many times.

"Alice doesn't sparkle when in the sunlight," Rosalie said, "Carlisle thinks she's another type of vampire but why…"

"She's a Dark One!" I blurted. Apparently Charlie hadn't gotten close enough to find that out. More importantly I'd been observing the Cullen's for two weeks and hadn't noticed. Robert would be disappointed were he still around.

Rosalie looked stunned. "There's more than one type of vampire?" she asked haltingly.

I nodded, "Dark Ones are more like the vampires from Hollywood movies, only without all the weaknesses. They just aren't nearly indestructible like your kind. They can be blown and ripped apart much more easily. Your kind is simply extremely flammable because of your venom."

"But do they have special abilities?" Rosalie questioned, scooting closer to me, "Alice has felt out of place despite her visions of her being accepted by us because she is different. Her ability to see possible futures has helped…"

"Kyle, my superior who's out in the garage, can change the way he appears. It's subtle, like his eye or hair color, but it's enough that people who know him won't recognize him," I told her.

"What about my memories?" a new voice asked from the archway that led to a hallway connecting the rooms on the first floor.

I turned to see Alice Cullen standing there with the rest of the Cullens. She seemed shorter up close than she did from across the cafeteria. She was still as sticklike as I imagined she'd be. It wasn't until Alice showed up that I noticed that both Rosalie and Alice wore very expensive clothes. And I don't mean crap like Hollister or other shit that other teenagers wore that was made to look like it was worn down or even ratty, I mean they wore clothing like you might find in a store like Express or Gucci. Alice's jacket probably cost as much as all the clothing (minus my biker boots) combined. Course I was the type of girl to shop cheap: forty dollars on a pair of jeans from Target was typical for me.

"It isn't unusual for memories to fade with time," I told them, "I'm one hundred forty-two years old and my earliest memories are becoming fuzzy."

The oldest looking male shook his head, "It's different for vampires," he said, "While the pain of changing can erase memories entirely it is unheard of for the human life of a vampire to be erased entirely."

James had said something about this once. He also said that vampires remember every aspect of their lives, human and vampiric, with perfect clarity. So why Alice would have absolutely no memories made her an anomaly.

"Carlisle I presume," I said to the vampire who had just spoken, "I know everyone in the coven by appearance except you and Esme."

Carlisle nodded and Esme took the place on the other side of the couch from Rosalie next to me. A short silence as she pulled me into a motherly embrace followed. I expected that everyone in the coven knew my relative story by now. Sighing at such loving contact I couldn't help but lean into the embrace.

The others took seats around the room during this time. I was used to, for the most part, the sheer speed of vampires and was prepared for them to have moved.

"We have learned of your mission through Alice's visions," Carlisle began without preamble, skillfully changing the subject, "but we aren't entirely sure what you are."

"I'm called a Meta-human by my employers," I sighed, "All that means is that I have abilities that 'normal' humans do not possess. I in particular have heightened senses, more physical strength than a woman my size, and I have a healing ability that has slowed my aging to a halt."

"So how strong are you?" Emmett asked me, looking somewhat excited as he leaned forward.

"Not nearly as strong as you, love," Rosalie answered quickly, "I don't think she can lift the monster you call a jeep."

"I'd be impressed and surprised if she could," Kyle's voice came from the hallway. Everyone looked over to where he stood. I couldn't say I was surprised when I saw that he was completely covered in engine grease and holding a large wrench. His jacket was gone as was his shirt leaving him in just his wife-beater.

"Just what have you been doing in that garage?" I asked.

"Making a motorcycle from scratch," was the reply.

"Do you have any idea how much the parts you used cost?" Rosalie said, glaring at Kyle. All Kyle did was pull his wallet out of his pocket, leaf through several quite possibly large bills and proceed to hand them to Rosalie.

"Um, what parts did you use?" Rosalie asked, looking incredulously at the money in her hand.

"That also includes the use of your tools," Kyle said, juggling the wrench between his hands. He surveyed the room quickly, taking in the Cullen's. "You'll forgive me if I don't sit down," he stated rather than asked.

"Not at all," Esme responded with a small smile.

"Bella said you might know more about why I can't remember my human life," Alice said, sounding almost desperate. Apparently the lack of memories was causing her considerable distress.

I wasn't surprised.

Kyle looked over at Alice and surprised everyone with a groan.

"The world has a fucked up sense of humor," he muttered, "Yes, I can tell you why you have no memories of your human life Mary."

"Mary?" Jasper queried.

"I'll explain," Kyle sighed, "It was around the start of the first world war when our research department picked up on a rumor about a twelve year old girl with prophetic visions in a town called Biloxi, Mississippi. Being the best field agent at the time I was sent to investigate the rumors."

Kyle sighed and ran his left hand through his hair, "When I arrived I not only confirmed that the rumors were true but that the girl had been committed to an asylum nearly three years ago. I managed to find what was left of the girl in the asylum. She was incredibly thin and had a haunted look to her. I was able to discern that she had been treated with electroshock therapy which had turned much of her brain to jelly."

Alice was looking at Kyle with unblinking eyes and Jasper had wrapped an arm around her.

"Since she was still alive and able to perform basic motor functions I had two options: kill her or make her a vampire," Kyle continued, not looking at anyone, "It was then that I discovered that another vampire had discovered her. He, however, was a hunter, a vampire who finds pleasure in the hunt and killing of humans. He had targeted the girl. Acting on impulse I injected the girl with some of my blood and hid her away. The other vampire was furious and after a short confrontation he fled. I followed but he managed to outrun me and after a day I turned back to pick up the girl. Thing is, she was already gone."

"Someone had discovered her body?" I asked. Kyle was better than that but in his haste to save the girl before the other vampire got to her he may not have had enough time to hide her body well enough.

"I had thought that too," Kyle nodded, "But after some eavesdropping on the rest of the staff I was astonished to find that nobody knew where she was. I could only conclude that in her weakened state she became a vampire faster than normal and had wondered off. I spent several days trying to find a trail, but alas there was none. The girl, Mary Alice Brandon, had simply vanished."

Silence followed Kyle's story. Looking at Alice I could tell that if she were able she would be crying.