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What was done for my "predicament" was that Godfredson hauled a metal basin out of somewhere and Robert filled it with snow then heated the entire thing up so that the snow melted into hot water. I stripped out of my feces encrusted military fatigue and hopped right in. I'd been taking baths in the same room as Robert and Godfredson since we bunked together back in the states during my training. As a vampire Kyle didn't have to sleep and so he spent the time that we weren't training me doing a "desk job" as he referred to it as. In any case anything that was to be seen had been seen before and I didn't feel self conscious about my body around them. Coming from a rape victim that showed how much I trusted my teammates.

Robert had a pan of water that he was gazing into, scrying for approaching enemies most likely, from where sat near me in the basin. Kyle and Godfredson were doing the heavy lifting and transporting the supply of Adamantium into the trucks. Depending on how much there was, Intelligence had never discerned just how much the Nazi's had, just that they had it, I was either going to be posing as a local woman that Kyle, who could influence any enemy forces we might encounter to believe the story we told them with his mental abilities, had picked up for entertainment at night. If there was enough Adamantium that a forth truck was needed I was to dress as a German soldier, like the other men, and drive just in front of Robert who would be altering my appearance enough to make me look like a sufficient Nazi at a quick glance. Personally I was hoping for the second scenario. I knew that I was attractive so it would be easier to pass me off as someone the guys had "picked up" but the thought of what might entail if the farce was actually real made my insides squirm.

As I bathed my mind drifted back to what Kyle had said before the mission had started. I didn't really have any personal reason to fight. But the reason I fought was so that I would survive to the next day. I guess that was my "purpose" for fighting: survival. I blushed a bit as I realized how selfish my reason sounded next to Robert's and Godfredson's. But Kyle's reason stumped me. Why did he feel that he needed to redeem himself for sins others had already forgiven him for?

Robert was looking at me with an amused eye. He probably knew what was on my mind. I had opened my mouth several times to start my question but couldn't bring myself to say anything. Finally, as the water started to cool and I climbed out to have Robert blast dry me I worked up the nerve.

"What happened to Kyle?" I asked as Robert heated the air around me, turning it into a tiny, warm whirlwind.

"You ask'n about what we were talk'n about back in the plane?" Robert asked, focusing on his task, "I'll give you an abbreviated long rendition of what I know."

"What?" I utterly confused by Robert's word choice, "Abbreviated long rendition? What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"It means I'll give you as much as I know without going into the intimate details of Kyle's life," Robert said, finishing drying me off and handing me a German soldier uniform. Looks like there was enough Adamantium for a fourth truck.

"Kyle has an older brother and a younger sister," Robert began, "His brother's name is James. His sister is Ann. A lovely thing she is too, but I digress. Way back in the day, year seventeen thirty-eight I believe, their father became severely ill and died. James took over the blacksmith's shop that the family own, employing Kyle who was more interested in that kind of work than James was. James enjoyed building things but was never happy as a blacksmith. Turned out he was about two hundred years ahead of his time. He's enjoying some of this fancy electrical stuff that's been developed lately."

"Any way, they were a happy family, besides having no parents. Their mother died in childbirth with a fourth child, who was sadly stillborn. But issues began to rise between Kyle and James. As stated before Kyle was jealous that James was getting all the attention from the local ladies. Also as the second born son he received none of the inheritance that their father left for them. I think James planned on giving Kyle the smithy as soon as he found something that he liked better, but until then James was the head of the family and owned the smithy and the family title. He was also the better military man, they were both in the local militia. James gave Kyle quite the thrashing when he found out that Kyle had lied about his age to join up."

Robert paused for a moment as I began binding my breasts so that I looked more masculine. "Both brothers loved each other deeply, but Kyle resented James for being older. He had everything while Kyle had little to nothing." He sighed and leaned his head back, "God I'm not doing a good job at telling this story. I just keep saying the same thing over and over again."

I pulled the uniform's shirt on, buttoning it up. Robert was making sense in my mind, but I kept silent and let him tell the story.

"James eventually got married to a girl around Ann's age, which settled Kyle down a bit now that James wasn't the eligible bachelor, but the old feelings of resentment for being the kid brother tagging along behind the older one never went away," Robert continued, "Kyle did it to himself really and he realizes this. He did everything that James did and James was usually the better of the two of them at whatever activity it was."

"Sounds like they were close," I said, lacing up the boots I had been given. I had to stuff them with padding so that my feet didn't slide around in them. No German soldier was going to have feet as small as my feet were so our superiors simply gave us the smallest pair they could get their hands on and we had to make do.

"The still are," Robert said, he had returned to scrying in the pan of water, "James Moor is actually one of our superiors. Ann is a part of our government's research teams. You'd be amazed at what they come up with in some of those labs. You're familiar with the light spectrum? One of those characters suggested that we might be able to heat up food using a microwave." He started laughing at what he was saying, "There's a lot of bullshit out there but that's definitely something you'd have to roll your pant legs up a bit for."

He pulled out a case of cigars, lighting one for himself and taking a long drag breathed out the cloud of tobacco smoke. He glanced at me. "Care for a stogie? Believe me these are pretty expensive cigars. If I'm going to make myself sick by smoking I figure I might as well do it with style."

"Smoking doesn't make people sick," I said, deciding to accept the offer, I held the fat cigar in my mouth as he lit it using his thumb and forefinger to produce a small flame that he extinguished quickly upon lighting my cigar.

"Actually it does," Robert said, puffing on his cigar, "People that smoke eventually start to smoke more and more, which makes them cough and splutter, doesn't make them breathe right, slows them down, and many of them die long before many of their friends do. Not entirely sure why this is," he inhaled deeply and breathed out the smoke in a long stream, "But it's a nice way to go out if you ask me. Someone like you probably wouldn't be as affected as normal people are."

I breathed the cigar smoke out of my nose, which made all the sensory glands in there stand at attention. Wow. I had to agree, even if this would kill me if I were a normal human being this would be a hell ov'a way to die. Then I remembered him saying that people had difficulty breathing if they smoked a great deal. Maybe this wasn't such a good thing after all. I took another drag off my cigar.

"Back on subject," Robert laughed to himself, "In seventeen forty-one, the village the Moor's lived in was attacked by a vampire. He was in the "Dark One's" category, there's another category that is referred to as the "Cold One's" but that's another story. There were a couple of "Cold One's" here on guard duty actually you probably noticed that some of the vampire's were a bit different from Kyle. The vampire wiped out the entire village, except for the Moor's."

"So, James' wife was killed in front of him and Ann, who was a dear friend of James' wife. They were told that they could be with her again if they let themselves be turned into vampires. Desperate to be with her they let themselves be bitten and the transformation happened."

I blinked, almost not believing what Robert was telling me. I had finished dressing as a Nazi so we could leave as soon as Kyle and Godfredson were done loading the trucks. "They became vampires so they could be reunited with their dead friend," I restated, pointing my cigar at Robert.

"Yup!" Robert nodded, "Vampire lied to them up front. He just wanted more servants to control. Doesn't work that way though, after a vampire has aged a few undead years, sometimes even months, they aren't dependant on the vampire who turned them and can leave if they so choose to do so. It was a rather nasty shock for them when they woke back up and found out they had been tricked in any case. It was worse for Kyle through. Kyle had been away from the village and heard the screams as he was returning. The vampire discovered that there was a third Moor and sought him out. Kyle was seduced by the power that vampirism offered. He thought that he could finally outdo James at something this way."

I had heard about the German Psychologist Alfred Adler not long ago and with the library back at the base available to me had actually read some of his writings. Kyle sounded like the typical ambitious middle child trailing after the oldest child who was confident. And so far was not something that Kyle should feel that he was a terrible person over yet.

"Kyle woke up in a room next to his brother and sister and immediately realized what a foolish thing he'd done," Robert chewed on the end of his cigar lightly, "The vampire made things worse for him by taking Ann out of the room ever night and violently raping her. Keep in mind that Ann was a sixteen year old girl and though that was of marriageable age back than it was still quite young. Both James and Kyle adored Ann, though Kyle was actually Ann's favorite. Both brothers went ballistic when they found out about what was happening to Ann. To make a long story short, there was a great deal of bloody violence that night resulting in the death of the vampire who had turned them and most of his servants by James' hand while Kyle fled with Ann, comforting her."

"Out of everything I've just told you," he said as he stood up, putting the German Army helmet on, "What you need to remember is that Kyle believes that his reasons for becoming a vampire were incredibly selfish. Because Ann was so dear to him and what happened to her, he still hasn't forgiven himself for him moment of weakness. Even though both Ann and James hold him blameless for what happened. He's ashamed of himself and has been for over two hundred years. He puts up a good face for someone who likes to wallow in self loathing if you ask me."

Godfredson gave a whistle signaling that we were moving out. Robert disposed of our cigars, I definitely needed to get my hands on some of those things, and we headed out to where the trucks were laden with Adamantium. Sure enough there were four of them, filled to capacity as well. Kyle and Godfredson had even placed containers of the alloy in the cab of the vehicles because there wasn't room for them in the back. For being such a rare alloy the Germans sure had a shit ton of it.

I focused my thoughts on keeping up with the Godfredson who was in the truck in front of me as we pulled out of the warehouse. As we drove into the distance a large explosion lit up the night sky. Robert hadn't been able to resist blowing up the entire compound apparently. Either that or I had missed the part of the debriefing where he had been given orders to destroy the evidence of our attack.

As we headed to the extraction zone, some fifty miles south east of the warehouse, I realized how good of friends I had become with these three men. Of these men two were definitely going to die. Robert had told me jokingly that he'd consider it a miracle if he made it passed the mid 1990's considering his destructive lifestyle, he would never tell me what his lifestyle was so I wouldn't know how true that prediction might be, but Robert seemed like a reliable enough guy to believe when he told us that he'd probably die upon his seventieth birthday. Robert was twenty five at the moment.

Godfredson would live to be very old, he had told us about his great grandfather who had lived to be two hundred and seventy years old once. He was still in his mid eighties so he had a good ways to go before he had to worry about dying naturally. But even with that I was likely to have to deal with him dying on me. Kyle was the only person I could count on not dying on me.

I sighed, turning left onto the new road to follow Godfredson as we continued our little convoy. As an immortal being I had a limited number of choices for a romantic partner. At the ripe age of seventy-nine I wasn't a virgin, the Meta-human I replaced in the governments attack forces had made sure of that, but was still inexperienced in the realm of romantic engagements. Though I doubted Kyle and I would ever become that sort of couple. He didn't strike me as the kind of guy I'd like to get hitched to.

Time lapse….

.September 13, 1976….

I sat on a log looking over a lake at the sun setting behind the pine forests of Minnesota. I was somewhere in the Boundary Waters near the American border to Canada. I took a drag from my cigar. Robert had got me hooked thirty-one years ago and I went out of my way to buy the best cigars I could get. That wasn't much of a problem, the government paid me enough in a year to get me by for a decade. I spent most of my money that I did spend on cigars, whiskey wasn't terrible every once in a while, and motorcycles. Harley Davidson had been making some incredible machines lately. I was actually out here on an evening cruise, living out in this area of the country.

Robert had never gotten married and I don't think he ever really cared to. He was old enough now, as a regular human, that he was unfit for typical active combat. He was in charge of whipping new recruits into shape nowadays. Godfredson had fallen off the attack force roster and had become a munitions expert. The Atomic Bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki had awed him, the explosion did anyway he was always saddened that such a beautiful sight had to be tainted by the loss of life, and he spent many of his days sitting at a desk fiddling with black powder and bullet fragments.

I had just come back from active duty in Vietnam where I was monitoring the movements of various Meta-human guerrilla factions. Several of them I had to deal with personally. Kyle had been shifted more and more into a desk job as the years went by, which I think drove him crazy. What drove him the farthest down the path of insanity was that the mission we went on during WWII to acquire the large amount of Adamantium had been virtually meaningless for the past thirty years. As it turned out the Third Reich hadn't figured out how to liquefy the alloy so it couldn't be molded into any useful item until that came about. Our highly successful mission had been pushed to the side the instant we reached home and the fact that four soldiers had attacked a warehouse guarded by nearly fifty supernatural and human guards and successfully returned went completely unnoticed.

I smiled, smelling Kyle approach me from behind. He was as silent as ever despite sitting behind a desk all day now. I wouldn't have noticed him had I not been reminiscing and his smell been on my mind.

"I heard about 'Nam," he said without preamble. I made a non-committal noise and continued puffing my cigar.

"I know I had nothing to do with it…but I'd like to apologize for that general's actions in that village," he said, "If you hadn't been there to bitch him out we probably would have had a huge mess on our hands trying to explain why American troops had destroyed an entire village of non combatant individuals. His Court Marshall is still pending."

"That makes the stinging of the firing squads bullets oh so less painful," I said sarcastically, "You're not like Robert who would just find me for the hell of it and start talking so what do you want?"

"My superiors have found a way to melt the Adamantium," Kyle said, sitting down on the log next to me leaning forward with his elbows on his knees, he was wearing surprisingly casual clothing, just a pair of dark jeans and white shirt with a black leather jacket. He would have looked like a member of one of these greaser gangs that hung out back in the fifties if it hadn't been for his beard and lack of grease in his hair. "They have a procedure that they would like to do. My brother, sister and I have been fighting it with all our worth but they demand that it happen."

"What is it?" I asked, confused as to why he was telling me about this.

"Ann found a way to bond the metal to various objects," Kyle continued, not looking at me, "One of the more successful bondings was to human bones."

I took a drag from my cigar and stared at him. What importance did this have for him to seek me out? So some scientists had found a way to attach a metal alloy to someone's bones. Why tell me?

"Let me guess," I glared at him, "The process has enough complication to it that they want to have someone with good chance of surviving the operation to try it first to see if it works on a live human and seeing that I recently survived a point blank firing squad in Vietnam I'm a likely candidate?"

Kyle reached into his pocket and pulled out a one hundred dollar bill and handed it to me. "We have a winner," he said, smiling slightly. I had to giggle at this. It was the first time I had ever heard him say a real joke. Sure he wasn't an all doom and gloom kind of guy but he rarely cracked a joke. Made Robert look like he was a mirror image of what he was even more.

Mortal. Funny. The only problem was that they were both incredible fighters. That wasn't a real problem but if you wanted to call Kyle and Robert opposing sides to a coin there needed to be a few more differences before there could be similarities.

I drew a long draught on my cigar. I didn't smoke much around people. A young "teenage" girl smoking a twenty dollar cigar (I told you they were the best) riding around on a Harley wasn't exactly something that you saw every day. I had to keep up some semblance of a normal life to get by in the world.

"Why do our superiors want to do this?" I asked, glancing at him. He hadn't aged a day since I met him in 1943 thirty-three years ago. I'd aged like Robert had predicted I'd age and I looked like I was somewhere between seventeen and eighteen right now. Robert had gray hair now and, while still in incredible shape for a human, was nowhere near the fighter he'd once been. It was sad to see him age but it was an aspect of life and we all had to live with it. Kyle had seen many more friends die than I had. I didn't envy him one bit.

"I think it's because they also have a theoretical cloning procedure that they want to test," Kyle growled, "Robert actually got angry with them when he found out." He laughed, "We've known Robert for a long time, me especially, and I've never seen him get mad once. Let's just say that the committee backed off their ulterior agenda as they were showered with hot coffee pots."

I chuckled. That was Robert alright. "What kind of ulterior motive would this be that you're talking about?" I asked.

"I think they're scared of what some of the Meta-human agents are capable of," Kyle said, "They want to have one that they have absolute control over should one of you "go rouge". It's just a bunch of paranoid old men trying to grasp some semblance of control over something that they have no real authority over. Besides, if someone went rouge it's not like they'd get passed the other hundred and fifty of us in the government."

One week later found me lying naked, with a few strips of cloth to preserve my "modesty", on a steel table. Kyle's sister Ann was sitting next to me in a white coat going over the last minute check list before the Adamantium was fused to my bone structure. She looked like she was around sixteen, as Robert had told me, and was smaller than my five foot four inch body. Everything about her screamed "innocent little girl" but for those who knew her we knew better. I'd recently found out that Ann could fight a group of fifty men three times her size and walk away from the fight without as much as a wrinkle in her outfit. She preferred research to fighting though.

"Once again I would like to remind you that this will be an incredibly painful procedure," she scoffed, "and because of your healing abilities your body will simply metabolize any sedative we give you too quickly for us to give you one. You will feel every moment of agony."

I thought back to the pain I'd lived through after my rape, clawing at my crotch for days, the inexorable feeling of helplessness, training with Godfredson, and then the firing squad in Vietnam. "Can't be much worse than what I've already lived through," I said.

"You have no idea," Ann said looking into my eyes, "The reason why you won't be incinerated by the molten Adamantium is because there's an organic chemical in it that is keeping it from solidifying at the temperature cool enough to enter your body. Once inside your body, the chemical will be metabolized by your healing factor and the metal will harden, encasing your bones with an indestructible material. In a nutshell, you will be, pound for pound, the most expensive weapon in the United States Military."

Considering I weighed around one hundred fifteen pounds and would be adding an estimated sixty, Adamantium was pretty dense stuff, I was quite sure of this fact. The door opened and several more doctors walked into the room.

"How long did you say this was going to take?" I asked opening my mouth for the mouth guard they were giving me.

"Approximately one hour," Ann said, strapping me down to the table.

I swallowed as I saw them pick up the injection devices, which looked like paint spraying devices only with long, thick needles and an indestructible metal in liquid form in the tubes attached to them. It was going to be a long sixty minutes…

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