Forever the Hunter Series

Book I, Eternal Hunter Born

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Summery: A special child is found. A unusual destiny is set on course. A myth is born. (Challenge Response)

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Chapter One

Bakari made his way through the city to the docks of the Nile Delta where the foreign slaves were being sold. He had been sent down by the High Priestess to procure a new servant for the Temple. He hated this part of the docks. The stench of the slave pens turned his stomach and the empty expressions of those being sold tore at his heart. He did not like slavery, but the High Priestess had told him that the Goddess had sent her a vision, telling her that the Chosen Warrior would be found with these unfortunate souls. When he asked for a more detailed description of whom he was searching for, she had simply said that he would know.

He walked through the rows of chained people waiting for their turn on the dais, peering at each of them intently before moving on, hoping to find the one he was looking for quickly. He had just turned towards the next row when his scalp began to tingle. Turning back, he looked them over again, trying to find the one that had set off his mystical senses. Finally, he saw the girl, mostly hidden from view by the group waiting for their turn at the line. She was chained between two thick wooden posts at the hands, feet and neck, facing away from the gathered people. Her back was criss-crossed with bloody welts from a recent whipping. Huddled at her feet were two small children so dirty that Bakari couldn't tell their gender.

Pushing his way through the cluster of people and stepping over the length of chain, Bakari approached the bound girl to get a closer look, only to stop when the girl stiffened and two sets of eyes focused on him with wary intensity. He stayed where he was, looking the girl over and saw something he never expected. She was very young, maybe only 13 or 14 seasons old, with dirty, thick blond hair cut short like a young man. He could also see clearly defined muscles shifting beneath her sunburned skin.

"I'm sorry, your Eminence," Bakari's attention was drawn to a nearby man, Roman by the looks of his attire. "This slave is not for sale at this time. She is currently being disciplined for attacking potential buyers."

"I am here for the High Priestess of Bast." Bakari stated, thinking quickly. "She has requested that I purchase this specific slave, and I will not leave without her."

The Roman looked nervous. It was bad for business to dismiss the wishes of the Temples. They were the best customers, purchased slaves of all races, ages and sexes, and always payed top prices. If he started denying the leaders of the Temples, he would quickly find himself out of business. He studied the man before him for a moment before clearing his throat. If he wanted her so badly, maybe he could get rid of them all in one fell swoop. "She refused to be parted from those two. The buyer she attacked purchased the younger ones and attempted to separate them."

Bakari looked over the two children. They had moved closer to the bound girl, hugging her hips tightly as they watched the two men. He had wondered why the High Priestess had given him so much money for a single slave. Finally, the priest turned back to the slave owner. "Have them all cleaned and the girl's back attended to. I will return in a candlemark, and if they are healthy and able to work, then I will take all three."

When he returned, he was truly surprised at what he saw. The girl was beautiful despite her mannish stance and visible muscles. The two children, identical twins, a girl and a boy, were also beautiful children. He shuddered to think who would have purchased them, knowing well the unusual 'needs' of some of the noblemen. Tearing his gaze away from them, he turned to the Roman and nodded. "I will take them. Please prepare the necessary papers."

"Excellent!" The slave owner clapped his hands together before snapping his fingers. An aide appeared out of nowhere to hand him several parchments. He could not believe his good fortune. He had thought he would be forced to sell the group at a loss since she was so unruly, and had cursed the pirates that had sold them to him frequently over the last weeks. "I took the liberty of preparing everything while they were being cleaned. All we need now is your signature and your payment."

They completed their business and the slave owner handed over the chain that bound the slaves together. Without speaking to them, he lead them out of the slave pens, through the city and to the Temple of his Goddess. He took them to one of the antechambers and left them with an admonishment to remain there as he went off in search of the High Priestess.

"What will we do now, Terrwyn?" Her brother asked in their native language.

"I do not know, Ris." Terrwyn answered. "But I promised Mother that I would keep you safe, and I will."

"There is no need." Terrwyn's head jerked up at the sudden presence of the woman in the room. She had not heard anyone enter, or even approach the room. "I am Beset, High Priestess of this Temple. You are safe here."

Terrwyn quickly shifted until she was standing in from of her sister and brother, baring her teeth in an almost feral snarl. She did not know this woman, therefore she did not trust this woman. It did not matter that she spoke their language. The woman was tall with dark skin and long dark hair. She was the most beautiful woman Terrwyn had ever seen other than the woman that she had called mother, but that didn't mean that she was could be trusted. The last time someone in her tribe trusted a stranger, they were savagely attacked and killed or put in cages. She would not make that same mistake.

"Bakari, why are they still in the shackles?" Beset asked the young Priest as he entered the room, switching to her own language.

Bakari lowered his eyes. "I was informed that the girl is dangerous, High Priestess. When I found her, she was being disciplined for attacking buyers."

"Would you not do the same if someone tried to take you from your family?" The High Priestess asked him. "Remove their shackles."

She turned her attention back to the girl as Bakari approached cautiously to do as he was commanded. "Within these walls, you are free and you are safe. None will harm you or the ones that you protect. The young ones will work in the Temple. They will be protected, well fed and educated as are our ways. You, however, must start on the path to your Destiny."