(A/N: Hey! This is just a very short drabble—100 words exactly—about… well, I'll let you figure that out. It's pretty obvious I think, but if you can't figure it out, feel free to message me, I just don't want to spoil it. Also, this is my first Bleach fanfic, so please be nice ;) I absolutely adore Bleach, so I wanted to write a fic for it. This contains no spoilers, and it is slightly alternate universe… it's also kind of sad. That's all. Enjoy!)

****Next in Line****

Yachiru didn't know how much longer she could keep it together. She bit down on her lip, attempting to keep the tears welling up in her eyes from spilling over. She hung her head toward the ground and closed her eyes, the tears falling and hitting the ground scornfully. She bit her lip harder, until the all-too-familiar taste of blood graced her tongue—another endeavor to stop the tears. She opened her eyes and looked up.

"I accept."

Yamamoto nodded. "Very well. You are the new captain of squad eleven."

She bowed. Another single tear fell for her fallen friend.