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After returning back to the mansion, Rogue is rushed to the Med Bay post-haste, where she is kept under observation for the rest of the night and the next day. Remy is keeping a constant vigil by her side until Jean pulls him aside.

"Remy, you need to rest. This night was difficult on all of us. Rogue will still be here tonight, so you can come visit with her then. For now, I'm prescribing food and sleep for you, now go on. I'll make sure she's okay, you don't have to worry." She lays a reassuring hand on his shoulder.

He releases a reluctant sigh. "D'accord, but I will come back later. Jus' don' wanna leave her alone, y' know?"

"I know," Jean smiles. "But I don't want you wearing yourself out, as well. Now leave her be for awhile." She gently shoves him out the infirmary door and watches as he walks down the corridor, toward the elevator. Before she can turn her attention back to Rogue, however, Logan enters.

"How's the kid?" he gruffly questions.

"Her vital signs are improving, though she is still weak. She will probably be back in her own room in the next night or so."

"Well...good. Don't like ta see her hurt," he says as he reaches out and carefully fingers one of her newly acquired white streaks.

Jean grins. "Yes, she seems to have gained quite a following in her short time here. Kitty's already been down, along with John, Jubes and Tracy, Remy's hardly left her side, and now you."

Logan growls at that comment about Remy.

Jean rolls her eyes. "Logan, I believe he's being sincere this time, when he says he wants to stay."

"Red, I know a lot of guys like him. They're not trustworthy! He'll get what he wants out of the girls here and then he'll be on his merry way, you just watch."

"Logan, you could give him a bit more credit than that. If you've noticed, the only one he's really been around is Rogue. I know you've seen it, just as everyone else has. Give him a chance. After all, he was instrumental with helping us defeat Magneto and saving that girl in the bed. Maybe this place can help him to change, to discover just what is important in this life."

"A guy can't change overnight, Jean."

"No, not overnight, I agree, but given time and the...ah, right motivation, then yes, he can. I'm going to go get some coffee, then check on the professor. I'm going to tell you what I told Remy: Let Rogue rest and take care of yourself by going to get something to eat and getting some sleep."

"What about you?" Logan asks.

"I'm a doctor, I'm used to long nights without sleep."

"So am I. The sleep, I mean."

"I know what you meant, Logan." Jean tells him as she walks with him up to the kitchen. "So what is it that keeps you awake?"

Logan takes awhile before answering. Deciding that she's trustworthy, he opens up, albeit a little. "Nightmares of things that have happened that I can't remember, places, people. There are people here that seem familiar to me, but I just can't place 'em!" He heaves a frustrated breath. "I just can't figure it out, Jean."

"They'll come back to you. It's just going to take time, is all," Jean soothes.

After sitting in silence for several minutes, Logan speaks. "So how are things goin' with One Eye?"

"Not so good, I'm afraid," Jean replies morosely. "I'm beginning to wonder whether we can fix things between us, or whether it's too late." She looks away and Logan can see the sadness and bone-deep weariness etching her features.

"I'm sorry things ain't workin' out."

"Don't be. This has been lying under the surface for a long time now. I just should have realized sooner that...never mind, you don't want to listen to my marital troubles."

"I don't mind. If ya wanna talk, then go ahead."

"Thanks, Logan. I don't want to get into all of that right now, but it's nice to know that someone cares." Jean smiles and reaches out, placing her hand on Logan's. "Now," she briskly rubs her hands together and gets up from her chair, "I need to get back to the med-bay and check on Rogue and Professor."

"'Night, Jean. Think I might try ta turn in myself, since Rogue's okay an' all."

"You really care for her, don't you?" Jean questions.

"She has a way of growin' on ya."

"I know. If I could help her with controlling her ability, I gladly would. She's a really sweet girl."

"Yeah, I know." Logan passes her a small grin. "Stripes is a great kid."

Jean arches a brow. "Stripes?" she asks humorously.

"Yeah, Stripes," he smirks.

Jean chuckles softly as she leaves.

Downstairs, a figure is hunched in the shadows. He notices Jean's return to the med-bay and watches as she checks the girl's vitals before going into the adjoining room housing the older man. He steps up to Rogue's door and gazes in, watching her sleep. So many thoughts swirl through his mind at the sight of her, along with a myriad of emotions. He just can't fathom that the beautiful girl in there is a part of him. She stirs in her sleep and Victor moves away, quickly deciding not to reveal his true identity to her, not yet. ~The girl's been through enough, for now~, Victor thinks to himself with a pang of regret for not trying to stop Magneto sooner. He goes outside and runs into none other than Logan, enjoying a cigar. ~Great way to work off some aggression,~ Victor grins ferally and charges, just as Logan turns around. He braces himself as Victor plows into him.

"Why're ya attackin' me?" Logan growls.

"I told ya I would come fer ya. Don't care if ya remember right or not. Point is, I do an' yer hide is mine!" Victor snarls.

"Well then, if it's a fight ya want, then ya asked fer it!" Logan stands, extending his claws. The two men lunge at each other, unaware of the man on his balcony, finishing his cigarette. Remy charges the filter and tosses it in the air, where it detonates with a small 'pop', shakes his head disgustedly at the display below and heads inside. Logan and Victor slash mercilessly at each other and land several good hits, their fight drawing attention from nearly everyone else in the mansion. Scott comes rushing out with John, Bobby and Storm.

"Okay people, we need to get them apart before they kill each other!" Scott declares as he runs toward Logan with John. Storm and Bobby barely manage to restrain Victor, who is struggling to free himself.

"Let. Me. Go! He said he wanted a fight, so I'm givin' him one," Logan tells Scott, who is unmoved.

"No Logan. This is not the place for whatever disagreement the two of you have. Do you have any idea what kind of example you are setting for the other students?"

"Tell that ta him," Logan indicates Victor with a jerk of his head.

"That applies to both of you," Storm intones. "If you must battle this out, then use the Danger Room to do so. Not out here."

"Whatever," Logan shrugs off their grip and stalks back inside.

"What, can't finish a little fight, Logan? Have ya gone soft?" Sabretooth taunts.

"I'll show ya who's gone soft in the Danger Room, hairball!" Logan snarls.

"You're on, runt!" Sabretooth moves to follow Logan down.

"You know, I really want to watch this," John moves in the same direction the two men are heading.

Scott reaches out and grabs John by the shoulder. "I don't think so, John. You have classes in the morning."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," John mutters. "Always something to keep me from the fun stuff," he complains as he shuffles back to his shared room with Bobby.

Several hours pass before two feral mutants exit the Danger Room, completely spent.

"This...ain't...over," Sabretooth grits out between breaths.

"No...way,...bub," Logan replies, just as breathless. He slowly takes the stairs back up as Victor gets onto the elevator, both heading to their respective rooms on opposing sides of the hall.

The next morning, Scott enters the Danger Room with the students, who gasp in awe and disbelief as Scott stares open-mouthed, horrified at the state of the room.

"Aw man, I knew I should've snuck out and come here after lights-out," John whispers to Jubilee, who elbows him and motions for him to be quiet.

Scott gazes around and at the odd looks he's getting from the others he says, "Looks like there won't be any sessions until we get repairs done." No sooner than he finishes that comment, the students cheer and make a rapid exit.

"So what do we do, now that we've been sprung from the torture session?" John asks Jubes as he slings an arm around her shoulders.

"We could see if Rogue's awake and go visit for awhile," she suggests.

"Yeah, but let's change first. We can meet in the hallway in...fifteen minutes?"

"Great! Bet I can beat you," she nudges him and runs to the elevator.

"Oh, now you're on!" John calls out as he heads in the same direction, only to have the doors close on him. "You shall not defeat me, my crafty minx," he murmurs in an evil mastermind voice as he sprints up the stairs.

Several minutes later, they meet up and go down to the med-bay, where Kitty and Bobby are already visiting with a wide-awake Rogue.

"So ya didn' say all those things an' tell me ta leave?" they hear Rogue ask Bobby.

"No, I promise that wasn't me. From what we got from Storm and Scott, it was Mystique posing as me to get you to leave," Bobby explains.

"Oh, I guess that was part of the plan, an' I fell for it." Rogue looks down and worries the edge of her blanket.

"It's understandable why you would." Kitty reaches out and lays a hand on Rogue's covered arm. "They told us that she's really good at what she does, and she was playing off of your already raw emotions from the night before. It could've happened to any one of us. At least they found you before it was too late and you were killed," Kitty shudders.

"Yeah," Rogue replies softly. "So are y'all sayin' that ya want me ta stay? I mean, I understand-"

"Don't you even think of leaving again, chica!" Jubes cuts her off.

"Yeah, this place needs more pretty girls," John adds, then looks away with mock guilt as Jubes glares at him, making the rest laugh.

"So will you stay? I need my new bestie here with me," Kitty asks. "Besides, from what I hear, Remy's wanting to stay and I know he would be really upset if you left again," Kitty winks.

"Oh, don' ya start with me about Remy. We still have ta talk about all that happened." Rogue crosses her arms stubbornly.

"Oh, come on. I think he more than made up for his role with Magneto when he came to save you," Kitty argues.

"Maybe, but I'm not agreein' ta anythin' until we've talked, an' that's all I'm gonna say about it."

"Looks like you'll get your chance. Mr. Tall, Dark and Oh So Sexy is just getting off the elevator," Jubilee informs them with a wicked grin directed at Rogue, who rolls her eyes at the girl as Kitty giggles. John shouts, "Hey!" to which Jubes winks at him.

"Announce it to the world, Jubes," Rogue mutters sarcastically.

"You know you're hot for him," the Asian girl teases.

"I-you...why would I be-," Rogue sputters as her face takes on a rosy hue.

"Don't even try to deny it, Rogue. Remember, this is me here. I've seen how you react around him." Kitty gives her a look, daring her to defy her.

Rogue throws the blanket over her head and groans "Y'all are worse than a bunch of gossipin' ol' biddies!"

"No, we just know that Remy really likes you, and we know you have it just as bad for him. We're just trying to help the two of you along, is all," Kitty tells her.

"Kitty, if Remy wants ta go out with me, I'm pretty sure he would ask me himself," Rogue reasons.

Just as the object of their discussion reaches the door, Logan comes up behind him. "What do ya think yer doin', Gumbo? I thought I told ya ta stay away from her."

"Don' believe dat's y'r decision t' make," Remy answers coolly, while studying his nails.

Logan snarls and slams Remy against the wall with the claws of one hand extended and dangerously close to his throat, alerting everyone in Rogue's room. John and Bobby are the first ones out.

"Whoa...dude!" John exclaims as Bobby asks the obvious.

"Why do you have Remy against the wall, Logan? What did he do?"

"This is between us, Icicle," Logan responds as the girls come out, Rogue between them.

"Logan, what are ya doin'? Let him go!" Rogue cries out.

"You should be in bed, Stripes," Logan says slightly reproachfully.

"Not til ya let him go. I need ta talk ta him, anyway."

"I don't think that's a good idea, Rogue," Logan refutes.

"Logan, don' be makin' my decisions for me. I'm a big girl an' I'm more than capable of decidin' what's good for me or not."

"He's no good fer ya! Don't ya see that?"

"'Ey, I don' have t' justify myself t' y'! I will talk t' or even date Rogue, if dat's what she wants." Remy reaches up and grabs Logan's arm, releasing a charge. "I would suggest y' let moi go, or I let y'r arm go boom. Y'r choice," he glares at Logan.

"What is going on out here? You're making enough commotion to wake the dead!" Jean comes stalking out and takes in the sight before her. She immediately analyzes the situation, noticing Rogue's panic and the two men facing-off with each other. "Remy, take in that charge, now and Logan, release him and let him talk to her!" When neither one responds, she moves closer to them. "That was not a suggestion, guys. You are distressing my patient and if you don't knock it off with your macho display, I will put you both in here myself! Am I understood?" Her stance is enough to give both men pause.

"Alright, but one wrong move, Gumbo, an' yer mine," Logan growls.

Remy smirks and takes in the charge, "Pleasure doin' buisiness wit' y', Badger." He walks over to Rogue, places an arm around her shoulders and guides her back into her room. Logan growls and makes a move to go after Remy, but Jean stops him with a hand to his chest.

"Let it go, Logan, I mean it!" she gives him a look that means business, then notices where her hand is. Flushing, she quickly removes it, but not before he catches a faint scent of pheromones coming from her. He gazes at her with an upraised brow and a knowing smirk, then hears tittering from behind them. Logan scowls and glares at the offending group of teens.

Jean looks at the rest of the small gathering. "I believe you have class in a few minutes," she informs them primly as she looks up from consulting her watch.

"Aw man, busted," John murmurs.

Bobby glances over at Kitty, who clearly doesn't want to leave. She stands in front of Rogue's door, wishing that she were a fly on the wall, able to hear the conversation going on inside. He chuckles and cautiously places a hand at the small of her back, gently guiding her away from the door. "Come on, Kitty. You can pump Rogue for details later. We're gonna be late if we don't go now, and you know how Mr. Summers is about tardiness."

"Yeah...I suppose...," Kitty says softly, but she keeps darting glances at the closed door.

Logan leans against the wall. "Logan, can't you leave them alone for a few minutes?" Jean asks with a cocked brow.

"Why should I? I'm not listenin', just stayin' here, in case she needs me," he crosses his arms.

"Just remember, if she chooses to be friends or even go out with him, let her make her own choice," Jean cautions.

"Yeah, yeah, I know. Don't mean I have ta like it, though,"

Jean shakes her head and enters Professor's room, sending Rogue a telepathic message; ~Warn Remy to watch what he says to you. The walls have ears, literally.~

~Okay Jean, thanks for the heads-up~ Rogue returns. "Ya best watch your mouth around me, Swamp Rat. We aren't as alone as ya think," she whispers to him.

"I'd rather have y' watch it for me, better yet-" he murmurs, only to be cut off.

"Don'tcha even finish that thought, Cajun," Rogue glares at him, but he can feel a miniscule amount of amusement coming from her.

"We have dat conversation later, oui?" he queries as he gives her a flirtatious smirk.

"Much," she agrees with a sassy grin.

"D'accord, so what was it y' wanted t' talk t' me about, chere?"

"Remy, I know ya told me on the train about how you were tryin' ta get me away from Magneto an' why ya joined him an' all that, but I wasn' really listenin' at the time." he nods as she gives him a sheepish glance. "Magneto admitted that ya didn' have much choice in joinin' him, but I wanna hear it in your words."

"Alrigh', after de events on T'ree Mile Island, which is anot'er story for a later time, I wen' back t' N'Awlins t' go back int' de famille business."

"Which was...?" Rogue prompts him.

"T'ievin'. I was in de T'ieves Guild. Y' see, N'Awlins is comprised o' many different guilds, or 'secret organizations', I guess is anot'er way o' puttin' it. Anyway, de two most influential guilds are de T'ieves an' de Assassins. Mon pere, Jean Luc LeBeau, adopted me off de streets when I was just a garcon tryin' t' pick his pocket. Guess he saw promise in me, cuz he took me in an' trained me. I quickly rose in de ranks, surpassing mon older frere, Henri, his own son.

Now, dere's always been trouble b'tween de guilds, accusations flyin' every which way, an' it finally came down t' talk about an all-out guild war. Mon pere, de head o' de T'ieves and de head o' de Assassins got toget'er t' discuss ways o' preventin' dis from happenin', comin' up wit' what dey t'ought was a good solution. Dey t'ought dat by de prince o' de T'ieves, who is none ot'er dan moi," he gives Rogue a cheeky grin and a mock bow, "marryin' de Assassins' heir apparent, Bella Donna Boudreaux, dey would be able to maintain a peace treaty by bindin' de deux guilds toget'er. Dis was w'en I was jus' 17. I didn' mind a bit, cuz I was in love wit' her. We'd known each ot'er since we were kids.

Right before de weddin' Stryker found out about moi somehow an' I was captured an' sent t' T'ree Mile Island, which was definitely no picnic, let me tell y'. Okay, so I managed t' escape from dat hellhole an' came back, t'inkin' dat Belle was still de girl I loved an' I was set t' marry her, until she came t' see me a day later. Rogue, de femme dat stood before moi dat day was cold, calculatin'-not'in' like de fille I left. De more I got t' know her, de less I liked dis new Belle. She demanded dat de weddin' proceed, no arguments, no more setbacks.

Anyway, de day o' de weddin' comes an' I'm tryin' t' t'ink o' somet'in' t get out o' dis fou arrangement wit'out bringin' war on our heads. Little did I know dat Julien, her frere, would get moi out o' bein' tied t' her forever. We never could stand de sight o' each ot'er, me an' Julien, an' he didn' like it any more dan I did. De idiotte challenged moi t' a duel dat mornin', jus' as de priest gets t' de part o' "if anyone objects t' dis union...", so o' course, I had t' accept de challenge. It would've shamed de famille if I didn' do so. It's supposed t' be dat after so much, y' quit. Only problem was, he didn'. He wanted a fight t' de deat', only I didn' know dat. Julien tackled me t' de ground w'en I wasn' completely payin' attention, an' nearly killed me. I released a charge int' de knife, only I didn' realize how strong it was. Jus' as he realized w'at was happenin', it was t' late; de charge detonated, killin' him instantly.

Pere an' Henri fought for moi de bes' dat dey could, but de Assassins were out for revenge, especially Belle. Eventually, it got t' where de whole famille was in danger, de longer I stayed. De famille an' I decided dat it would be best if I left, so dat's w'at I did. Was in Vegas w'en ol' Mags caught up t' moi. I didn' wanna join him, chere, but he gave me no choice in de matter. It was eit'er dat, or he would send a false tip t' de Assassins dat I was comin' back, enragin' dem enough t' go after ma famille. I couldn' let dat happen."

"Of course ya couldn', sugah," Rogue agrees, reaching out and touching his arm.

Remy looks at her hand and gently places his hand over hers with a small smile. "So, against my better judgment, I joined de Brot'erhood. Mainly, he just had me go in an' steal t'ings, info, stuff like dat, den all dis mutant registration bs started. Next t'ing I know, he's buildin' dat monstrosity y' were powerin'. It's like all de persecution an' hatred finally made him snap, y' know?" he gazes at her for a moment as she nods.

"He came t' Sabes an' me, wantin' us t' find dis mutant dat he'd found somehow."

"It was me, wasn' it?" she asks sorrowfully.

Remy closes his eyes briefly at the pain he hears in her voice. "Ouias, it was, but I promise y' dat he didn' tell us why or what he was usin' dat machine for. I didn' put deux et deux toget'er until he gave us a live demonstration not t' long ago, wit' Senator Kelly as his guinea pig an' him bein' de one t' power de machine."

"So...what happened to the senator?" she questions hesitantly, fearing the answer.

"Mags turned him into a mutant," Remy replies quietly as Rogue gasps in horror.

"I know he told me that he was gonna turn people inta mutants; I didn' know he already did. Do ya know what happened after...that?"

Remy doesn't want to have to tell her, but he knows that she will continue to press until he does. She deserves to know, anyway. "Well chere, it would seem dat somehow, he escaped Mags an' came here for help, only...," he hesitates and bows his head.

Rogue turns her entire body to face him and takes his hands in hers. "Only what, Remy? Please tell me," she entreats softly, stroking his knuckles with her gloved fingers.

"Rogue,...he-he didn' survive," he replies just barely above a whisper. "Stormy was wit' him, so he didn' die alone."

"Oh my...I mean, I didn' like the guy or anythin', but ta have that happen ta him...," she trails off as Remy places an arm around her and holds her as close as he dares, since he feels her anxiety suddenly spike. "Don' worry, chere, y'r fine, an' I agree wit' y'. No one deserves dat. It's one t'ing t' be born wit' it, like we were, but t' force it ont' people...dat's jus' wrong."

"What gets me is that if y'all hadn' found me an' stopped him, I woulda been partly responsible for what woulda happened ta them," she gazes up at him with tears in her eyes.

"Non, Rogue. Y' were bein' used, jus' as everyone who works for him or has de misfortune o' bein' kidnapped by him, is. Believe me, as soon as it came t' me jus' what he was gonna do t' y', I started plannin'. Didn' wanna see y' end up in his hands. My only regret is dat it took longer dan I t'ought t' find a safe place for ma famille, cuz I jus' knew dat Magsy would make good on his word as soon as he found out I was tryin' t' rescue y', ot'erwise, I woulda been able t' get y' away sooner," he says regretfully as he lays his forehead on top of her head.

"Remy, ya have nothin' ta apologize for. I-I like that you were thinkin' of your family's safety. It says more for ya than ya think," Rogue replies shyly, secretly (or so she thinks) enjoying the feel of Remy's fingers stroking her hair. "Did ya ever get ya family ta safety?"

"Merci, Rogue. Dat means a lot, comin' from y'," he moves slightly and presses a kiss to her hair, making her blush. "An' oui, I did. De Prof's a good guy. He's lettin' dem use one o' de safe-houses til t'ings calm down enough for dem t' go back home."

"Remy, you're not afraid of bein' close ta me, are ya?" she questions in amazement, as it becomes clear to her that he's sitting closely to and holding her.

"Never been afraid o' a belle femme, mon river rat, ain' gonna start now," he teases with a cheeky grin.

"Don' call me that!" Rogue pushes him away as he chuckles.

"Why not? Y' call me y'r swamp rat, so y'r mon river rat. It makes plenty o' sense t' me, non?"

"It would," she mutters, crossing her arms across her chest. "An' I called ya a swamp rat, not my swamp rat, there's a difference," Rogue points out.

"Y' can call me y'r swamp rat anytime, Roguey," he says flirtatiously. "Only for y', mon fleur."

Rogue rolls her eyes, "Do ya ever give up, Cajun?"

"Never on y', cherie," he replies, completely serious as he locks his gaze with hers.

She stares in shocked silence, unable to tear her eyes away.

"I know w'at it's like t' not be able t' touch. W'en my ability t' charge t'ings first came on, everyt'ing I touched, exploded. It took awhile an' a lot o' work, but I eventually got control, an' I believe y' can t'. Dat's why I'm not scared o' y'. I know how y' feel, chere, I've been dere."

"I know Professor said that he wanted ta help me, but Kitty an' the others told me he's in a coma. Now I may never get help for this," Rogue finally tears her gaze away and looks down at her lap sadly.

"Non chere, don' be so quick t' give up before y' even start. I don' know w'at will happen wit' de professeur, but if y' want help wit' tryin' t' get control, I'll be more dan happy t' teach y' what I know."

Rogue looks up to see if there's any hint of teasing in his eyes and finds none. "Why're ya willin' ta do this for me?" she asks softly.

"Cause I don' wanna see y' live y'r life isolated an' alone. Y'r a woman wit' a great passion for life, who wants t' love an' be loved. I've felt dose t'ings from y' chere, an' so much more."

"Ya sure there's no selfish motivation there, Remy?" she questions half-teasingly.

"D' accord, y' caught me. Dere may be un petite, but I really do like y', Rogue an' I wanna help y' in any way I can. In fact...I was t'inkin' dat maybe y' an' I could...go out sometime."

"What...ya wanna...," she can't even finish her thought she is so astonished.

"Date y'? Ouias."

"Why me, when you can have any other girl here?"

"Cuz Remy don' wan' dem, he wants y'."

"I-I don' know what ta say..." she gazes at him wide-eyed.

"How 'bout 'Yes Remy, I would love t' go out wit' y'. Y' can pick me up Friday night at 7.'?" he suggests with his smirk back in place.

"I-okay, I'll go with ya, but ya better be on your best behavior," Rogue warns.

"Oui, only de best for ma chere," Remy stands and bows with a flourish, making her giggle as Jean enters the room, exuding happiness.

"Alright Remy, you need to leave so Rogue can get some rest. She will be released tonight, since she seems to be doing so well. If she's agreeable to it, you can meet her here and walk with her to her room, and I know what you're going to ask. The answer's no, you can't stay with her," Jean answers with a grin as Rogue blushes profusely.

"Remy! You are not stayin' with me an' if ya don' quit it, I won' go out with ya!" she shouts as Jean shoots him a congratulatory thumbs up at Rogue's announcement.

"Aw, c'mon, Roguey. I told y' I'd behave. I'll be not'in' less dan a complete gentleman," he passes her a sly grin.

"Uh-huh, riiight sugah. We'll see about that," Rogue smirks as Jean laughs.

"I could listen to the two of you banter all day, but I thought you might like to hear my news in person, since I have already informed the others."

"What news y' got for us, Jean?" Remy asks, catching onto her elated mood.

"Professor's waking up."

"Really? Oh Jean, that's great! When can we see him?" Rogue questions.

"Well, if you get some rest now, I will let you see him before you are discharged tonight," Jean bargains.

"Ya got a deal! Get out, Swampy. I need ta rest," Rogue commands as Jean chuckles and Remy gives her a look of mock outrage.

"Well now, I see how I rate," he retorts, then grins and kisses her head. "I'll be back later t' take y' t' y'r room, chere," he winks and turns to leave.

Just as he gets to the door, Rogue calls out, "Thanks for the warnin', Remy!"

He looks back at her with a cocked brow and points a finger at her,"Behave, Roguey."

"Why should I?" she asks smartly.

"Y' don' wan' me t' answer dat right now, cherie." He gives her a wicked grin and leaves.

Jean smiles and checks Rogue's vitals. "Your heart rate is up and your pulse is racing. Wonder why that could be?" she teases.

"Don'tcha start with me," Rogue answers irritably, rearranging the covers around her and laying down.

Jean grins knowingly and goes back into Professor's room. A couple of days later, he is released and sees to the matter of Remy wanting to stay. He sides with the Cajun man, much to Logan's chagrin. To everyone's surprise and horror (for a few), Victor has also decided to stay on, for however long that may be.


"Ooh, I am so excited for both of us!" Kitty exclaims as she and Rogue get dressed in the dresses they bought earlier in the week. "Wow, Remy's gonna flip when he sees you in that hot dress," she gives Rogue an approving look as the other girl puts the finishing touches on her make-up.

"Just so long as he keeps his hands ta himself," Rogue replies matter-of-factly.

Kitty giggles, "This is Remy we're talking about here. In the time that you've known him, has he ever done that? Besides, is that what you really want?" she asks with a smirk that Remy would be proud of.

Rogue remembers that since he's been here, he's always tried to touch her in some way; touches to her hair, her arms, the way he would kiss her head or her temples. Her face warms under Kitty's scrutiny.

"I thought so," Kitty says smugly, returning to her own ministrations.

Jubilee enters their room in jeans and a yellow t-shirt, with her hair pulled back. "Whoa, those two aren't gonna know what hit 'em when they see the two of you," she compliments as she sits on Kitty's bed.

"Thanks, sugah," Rogue answers with a grin. "I though ya had a date with John tonight."

"Oh, I do. We're going go-karting and I plan on royally beating him," Jubes rubs her hands together with a gleeful expression.

"That's it, girl! Win one for womankind!" Tracy cheers as she comes in with her curling iron, Rogue's having been left back in Mississippi.

"Girl, you are a lifesaver!" Rogue gives her a look of relief as Tracy plugs it in.

"Want me to curl it for you? You look pretty nervous there," Tracy observes.

"Would ya please? I...this is the first time I've gone out since...in a while," Rogue finishes, not wanting to put a damper on her night by recalling that horrible day.

"Sure. How about soft curls, is that okay?"

"Sounds good ta me."

Just as Tracy is finishing her hair, Bobby knocks on the door with John standing behind him.

"Hey Jubes, you ready?" John asks, then takes in the vision of a dressed-up Rogue and Kitty. "Holy- who are these stunning beauties? Well, the one I would definitely believe to be Rogue, but I've never seen Kitty look this good before," John answers with a teasing grin as Kitty punches him in the arm.

"Ow! I was just joking. Don't hurt the driving arm!" John complains.

"Way to compliment a girl, jerk," Kitty tosses a saucy grin at him as she grabs her crutches.

"Don't listen to him, Kitty, you look amazing," Bobby replies softly, unable to tear his eyes from her.

"Thanks," Kitty murmurs shyly and blushes.

"Blue is a good color for you," he compliments, admiring the blue-swirled dress.

"Wish I could've worn the shoes," Kitty shoots a small glare at her wrapped ankle.

"You can wear them another time, Kit. They aren' goin' anywhere," Rogue teases.

"Come on, John. Let's leave the lovebirds alone," Jubes jokes as she takes him by the arm and leads him out.

Bobby turns to Rogue, "You look great, Rogue," he smiles.

"Thank ya, Bobby. Have a good time," she replies happily to both of them.

"We will," Bobby answers and helps Kitty with her jacket, staying close-by as she picks up her crutches.

Tracy runs her fingers through Rogue's hair, "Voila, you're done," she says with a flourish.

"Thank ya so much, sugah. This looks great!"

As Rogue admires her reflection, Tracy answers the tap at the door. She opens it with a cheeky grin.

"Whatever you're selling, we don't want any," she states.

"Good t'in' I'm not sellin' anyt'in' den," Remy responds humorously. He walks in and stops at the sight of Rogue. "Y' look tres belle, cherie. Love de dress."

"What, this ol' thing?" she questions jestingly of the sleeveless Chinese style red silk dress she's in as Remy grabs her coat and helps her into it. "Thanks, Rems," she grins and in a bold move, reaches up and quickly pecks his cheek.

"Now, now, chere," he drawls, "y' keep doin' dat an' y'll make me t'ink dat y' like moi," he grins coyly as he offers her his arm.

"Can' have that now, can we Swamp Rat?" she rejoins, "Might give ya a big ego an' all, ya know?" she says with sass, winks, and takes the proffered arm.

He throws his head back and laughs as they walk out the door.

Two Days Later

Logan descends the stairs, putting on his jacket. Storm meets him at the bottom. "Going somewhere?" she queries.

"I'm leavin', 'Ro," he informs her.

"Without telling Rogue?" she looks at him with an upraised brow.

At the mention of her name, Rogue leaves the air hockey game that was in progress with Remy, Kitty and Bobby, and walks toward Logan. "Without tellin' me what?" she gazes at Logan curiously.

"I need ta go, Kid," Logan tells her.

"Okay, go where, when are ya comin' back?" she asks, thinking it's just a short trip.

"I don't know. I've got answers I need ta find." He's reminded of the one small clue that Professor did manage to find.

"Oh...Can' ya stay here? Professor said he'd help ya," Rogue pleads with her eyes.

"Try ta understand...Marie, I've gotta do this on my own. Prof's already done what he can fer me," he reaches out and touches a strand of her hair.

"Will ya come back?" she asks with tears forming in her eyes.

"Tell ya what," Logan begins, removing his dog tags. "why don'tcha hold these fer me?" he suggests, handing them to her.

"I'll miss ya, Logan," Rogue throws her arms around him.

He regards her for a second, then awkwardly places his arms around her. "See ya, Rogue," he steps back after a couple of seconds, then leaves. Going outside, he grins wickedly as he notices Scott's motorcycle parked by the wall. Taking out the keys he had 'borrowed' earlier, when Scott was running a training sim, he climbs on and roars off, heading for the open road.

Remy comes out onto the entrance, feeling Rogue's sorrow and minor confusion and notes Logan riding off.

"Do ya think he'll be back, Remy?" Rogue questions, leaning against him.

Seeing what she's holding, he slips an arm around her, "Wit'out a doubt, chere. Don' know when, but I've got a feelin' he will one o' dese days," he answers as he guides her back inside.

End Story 1

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