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"This is so unfair!" wailed a creamy skinned blonde sporting a bright red bow. "After all these years, why was I the one you had to put in the line of danger?" she whined. The raven-haired hothead, literally, was in no mood to listen.

"Minako!" she scolded. "Can't you see we've got bigger matters at hand?" The blonde's bright blue eyes widened as she realized what they were doing.

"Oh, right," she muttered as she followed closely behind the cautious visage of her old friend. They settled in the shadow of a dark alley with their eyes trained on the visible strip of cement. Time seemed to slow as the clicking of heals on the ground passed without any disturbance. They held their breath in anticipation as a man dressed in a sleek black suit paused in their view. He skimmed the dark alley and resided in that spot too long for the girls' comfort. The raven-haired girl could feel her blonde companion gripping at the seams of her shirt in apprehension.

Please keep going, please keep going, please keep going, the lavender-eyed woman willed mentally. Her heart was pounding much too loud for the situation, her internal organs screaming at it to cease its activity. A great sigh of relief was released from both as the man disappeared from view. Each girl leant helplessly against the brick wall behind them trying to calm themselves from their heightened state. What were they going to do?

Earlier that day

"I TOLD YOU TO HAVE THIS ON MY DESK BY 8 AM SHARP!" bellowed the self-reformed Rei Hino, business partner of the currently highest-ranking company in all Japan. Had it not been for her explosive temper and constant ridicule of every minute mistake, she may have attained more friends than currently rendered. So far, her count for friends simmered to a measly 2.

"I-I-I'm sorry Ms. Hino, I'll get right to it!" The shriveling man managed to stutter.

"No," she retorted, her voice was dangerously quiet and anyone who knew Rei Hino the executive partner, knew that this was not good. "Don't worry about the report."

The man's expression of pure terror slowly reshaped into a look of relief. "R-really Ms. Hino?" He asked in disbelief.

"Yeah," she said with a wave. The man was now convinced, his hands rushing into a thankful gesture.

"Thank you so much Ms. Hino, you won't be-"

"You're fired," the dark haired vixen worded heartlessly. The man froze in his place, his face faltering in distraught. "Find me another replacement," the woman ordered to a frantic looking girl behind the front desk.

"Right away, Hino-san," she rattled. The infuriated woman paced to her scenic office and slammed the door shut behind her. Sometimes, she just couldn't believe how lazy people could be. She could remember clearly stating the deadline but somehow, people would always disappoint her. Rei shook her head in rage as she seated herself behind her desk. She always had to do everything herself around here.

The raven-haired girl suddenly tensed in her seat at she noticed something disturbing. A purple speck of ink somehow weaseled its way onto the perfectly carved mahogany table imported from Eristad Demuer's private collection in France. Calm down, Rei, just breathe and grab a napkin to wipe it off. She thought to herself. Trying desperately to ease her climbing heart rate, she grabbed a tissue from her drawer and slid it gently over the surface. She had to bite her tongue when the purple ink smeared, leaving an even larger streak across her flawless French-made merchandise. Easy now Rei, just finish it off. She carefully grabbed another tissue and headed for the offending mark. Her hand was steady as she lowered it and gingerly dabbed. The ink would not move. Her bottom lip quivered dangerously as her hand was now pounding into the grisly stain.

"RAMONA!" She shrieked unable to hold back any longer. "WHO THE HELL PUT THIS STAIN ON MY DESK?"


"Good morning class!" greeted a bright-eyed blonde with a neatly tied red bow in her hair.

"Good morning Aino-sensei," the children ranging from 9 to 10 years old replied in unison. The blonde smiled before seating herself.

"You all did your homework I hope," she stated. In response, the children each nodded in affirmation. "Good, because we have a pop quiz." The children groaned at this revelation, each dropping their heads in dread.

"Oh com'on now guys," their teacher encouraged. "It shouldn't be that sad if you did your homework." She passed out the exams and watched as their pencils hastily scratched at the paper. "Good luck."

Again she settled into her seat and turned her attention to a stack of papers, which had yet to be graded. She rolled up her sleeves in preparation but was interrupted by an obtrusive knock at the door. With a sigh she answered to find the school secretary.

"Hi Mitsumi-san," she muttered. "How can I help you?"


Rei fidgeted uncomfortably in her seat, the stares she received from the ladies in the office were near unbearable. Why did people always have to be so rude and stare? She grimaced at their inconsideration. Clicking in the halls caught her attention. She glanced over her shoulder to see the familiar strands of shiny blonde bouncing through in tow of the school secretary. She exhaled deeply readying herself for the unexpected reunion. As the door opened, Rei stood up nervously awaiting Mina's gaze.

"What's this about Mitsumi-" her voice trailed off. "Rei," she mumbled in surprise. Rei shifted awkwardly extending her hand in greeting. Minako just looked at her in disbelief and passed her hand to grab the alienated fire breather in a generous hug. Rei stiffened, her senses going completely haywire from the seemingly simple gesture.

"How've you been?" Minako asked in excitement her eyes dancing with joy.

Rei stumbled for words as she shook her head. She had not expected Minako to be so kind. Sure they were friends when they were younger but somehow she had imagined that their relationship might have changed since then.

"I've been good," she finally expelled. "How about you? I heard somewhere that you had kids." Minako smiled.

"Yeah, I've got 26," she joked; Rei's arched eyebrow quickly dissolving as she realized the blonde was referring to her class.

"That's great," Rei droned trying hard to understand why someone would devastate themselves so much with the responsibility of caring for kids. Her mind seemed to trail off at the thought, the presence of Minako soon being forgotten.

"Rei?" The woman was snapped out of her reverie.

"Uhm, Minako," she started, her focus now reallocated to the purpose of her visit. "I was only able to get in contact with you." She said looking to her old comrade in expectance. "There's something I wanted to talk to you about."

The blonde's eyes flashed with concern. "What's wrong?" she quickly dropped to a whisper subconsciously turning her back to the office ladies to ensure they couldn't hear what they were saying. "Were you attacked?"

Rei bit her bottom lip nervously. "No, I just, I just had a situation."

"What kind of situation?" Minako asked.

"Well," Rei paused in search for the words that would adequately express her inquisition. "Have you had any weird things happen to you lately?" Minako quirked an eyebrow.

"What do you mean?"

Rei groaned. "I mean have you had anything strange happen?" Rei's eyes tried to emphasize "strange" which Minako still didn't catch.

"Well Rei," she laughed. "I can't say that anything has." Rei rolled her eyes. She had forgotten how literal you had to be for her old friends to understand.

"No, I mean your powers." Minako froze.

"What?" She questioned, her eyes looking crossly at the once priestess. "I'm sorry Rei but I don't know what you're talking about."

Rei rubbed her head in frustration before attempting another approach. "Look, I was at work this morning and something happened." Minako was fully attentive.

"Uh-huh," she murmured.

"Alright," Rei continued. "I noticed a stain on my desk and got really upset."


A petite redhead woman bustled into the Hino office in terror. "Ms. Hino," she stammered. "I-I don't know how this could have happened."


"U-uh yes ma'am it is," she stuttered.

"THEN HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?" Rei cried out, her face turning bright red.

"Uh perhaps you spilt something by accident-"

"What?!" Rei yelled. "Are you saying that I did this?" She was not happy.

"N-no I just thought-"

"Thought what?" Rei's voice was dripping with venom. If Ramona hadn't known any better, she would have said that the business tycoon had literal flames in her eyes. The redhead was so dumbstruck that her eyes raced incessantly looking for words to atone for her statement. Her eyes widened as the view of a flickering light upon the boss' most prized desk.

"WELL?" Rei was impatient. Silence and the incapability of others to take responsibility for shirking their duties was unacceptable. "SPEAK RAMONA!" she demanded.


"You're desk caught on fire?" Minako asked in pure disbelief. "That's it?"

Rei glowered. Why did she come here again? Oh yeah, it was because she thought that someone from her past could relate to the story and explain to her how her desk burst into flames in the middle of her office. She was the fire wielder after all, so wasn't that enough for Minako to be able to piece everything together?

"Minako," Rei grimaced, but the blonde was not convinced.

"I'll tell you what Rei," Minako started. "I think you're too stressed from your job and you need a break. Maybe after I get out of school, we can go do something to ease some of that tension."

Again Rei started to massage her temples. "Maybe you're right." She agreed, now too tired to argue.

"Good!" Minako cheered. "So I'll meet you at 3 PM sharp and we'll go out to eat or something and catch up!" Disappointment-ridden, Rei bobbed her head and dismissed herself from the office. The blonde bounced happily back to her classroom whilst the morbid millionaire paced off the school grounds. Perhaps the blonde was right. Maybe she was over thinking this whole situation. Besides, fires did happen and they didn't always have unnatural causes behind them. She yawned in a long outreach. Minako was right she just let the stress get to her. Hopefully by the end of the day, she would be able to return to work with her head screwed on straight.


Minako practically leapt through the hallways when the conclusion bells rang throughout the school. Though she thoroughly enjoyed the company of her students and the school faculty, she was more than excited to be able to reconnect with an old friend. She walked outside temporarily blinded by the sunlight. She put a hand up to block it and was shocked to see her friend's face inside a sparkling red sports car. Hmm, she never expected Rei to be the sports car type but time did have a way of changing some people. She waved at her before proceeding to the passenger seat.

"Hey Rei."

"Hey," her friend mumbled before driving off. The ride was filled with the rants of Minako Aino, painfully reminding Rei of the chipper talkative teenager she was and continued to be. Her brain pounded inside her head in disdain at every syllable that escaped the blonde's lips.

"Just great," Rei groaned to herself, the comment going unnoticed by her blue-eyed passenger.

"Let's eat here," Minako voiced pointing at a small café hardly bustling with customers.

"Alright," Rei concurred trying to hurry this play date along so she could return home to her modernized condo suite in upstate Tokyo. She parked the car on the edge of the street and dragged herself out behind the blooming schoolteacher. Was it just Rei or did Minako seem to be glowing? She shook the thought from her head as she met the erroneous stench of grease and hamburger meat. "Ugh," she groaned, her nose scrunching in distraught.

"Smells good huh," remarked Minako as she found an empty booth near the window. Rei seated herself reluctantly across from her trying hard to ignore the awful smell. Her diet of fresh fruit and vegetables and carefully prepared meat on occasion had spoiled her beyond recognition. How was it that when she was in high school she was able to consume hamburgers and fries loaded with excessive fat and salt? She shuddered at the question.

"Hey there ladies," said a young brunette as she placed two menus on the table. "My name is Sarima and I will be your server tonight. Do we know what we're ordering yet?"

Minako looked to Rei who was staring mindlessly at the window and shrugged. "Yeah can we get a couple of waters? And I would like a cheeseburger with no onions and a strawberry milkshake on the side."

"Okay," the girl said as she scribbled into her notepad. She then looked to the raven-haired girl who had yet to even acknowledge her presence.

"She'll have the same thing," Minako spoke quietly. Sarima nodded and proceeded to the kitchen. Minako sighed completely oblivious of the reason Rei had seemed so out of it. She had thought for sure that this night would be filled with laughs and reminiscing but so far it was pretty lifeless. The young miko that she had once spent most of her time with sharing a duty was nowhere to be seen. In her place, sat the uptight business tycoon that Minako had yet to be introduced to. She frowned. Hopefully, Rei didn't think badly of her but somehow she knew the priestess did.

"Here you are." Sarima's voice cut heavily into the awkward air fumigating Rei and Minako's booth. She carefully placed their food in front of them and wished them good tithes before she again departed. Minako daintily picked at her food and sighed.

"So Rei," Minako started. "Got any boyfriends?"


"Oh," Minako replied. "Pets?"


"New friends?"


"Just flying solo then huh?" She asked with a slight grin.

"I guess," replied Rei, her vision still trained out the window. Minako gulped uncomfortably, a sense of frustration washing over her as her attempts at conversation kept being shot down.

"Well, that's cool," she mumbled. "I guess I could say I'm doing the same thing. You know, it's really hard to find good friends now a days and it's even harder to find a cool boyfriend…" she trailed off as the sense of unimportance overwhelmed her. Minako was deeply depressed at the lack of interest Rei was showing and finally decided to cut her free from her apparent misery.

"Hey Rei." Still the said girl did not avert her eyes. "I'm not feeling too well, do you think we could maybe cut this short?" The lavender-eyed beauty finally turned to respond.

"Sure," she buzzed immediately. Minako forced a smile on as a sharp pain stabbed at the pit of her chest.

"Cool," she muttered before asking Sarima for some carryout plates. The two old friends trailed out of the café walking in silence to the red sports vehicle.

"It was nice seeing you again," Minako was still attempting to get more words from the fire wielder but it was no use. The businesswoman was cold and unreachable. It seemed like forever until they made it to the parking lot, Rei's critical gaze searching for her car.

"Didn't we park here?" she asked and Minako too was forced to scan the lot for the red obtrusion.

"I think so." Rei panicked as she ravaged the parking lot whilst Minako meandered carelessly for a clue. A loud revving pulled them from their search, a streak of red and black zooming across the road in front of them.

"My car!" Rei yelled in frustration throwing her hands up in the air. Minako bit on the bottom of her lip nervously as she witnessed her childhood friend kicking the air and throwing out obscenities. She thought peoples' temper got better with age not vice versa; she shrugged.

"Hey Rei," Minako called out to her. The woman momentarily stopped her cries of irritation and looked to her.

"What?" she scathed. Minako rolled her eyes in annoyance.

"There's a police station just down the street, let's go report your stolen car and then maybe they can give us a ride home." The fiery temper of the executive partner permeated the streets as she walked alongside the brooding schoolteacher. What a horrible get together. The two walked in, Rei still fuming, and spoke with the first officer they encountered.

"How can I help you, ladies?" the officer asked.

"My friend got her car stolen, we would like to file a report," Minako informed. The man behind the desk nodded in affirmation and directed them to a table wherein they filled out the proper paperwork and signed it.

"We'll be on the lookout for your vehicle, ma'am and if we come up with anything we'll be sure to call you."

"Thank you sir," Minako replied courteously and nudged Rei and to do the same. An inaudible thank you was mumbled eliciting a groan of disappointment from the blonde. "Geez Rei, the least you can do is be grateful."

"Grateful for what?" She retorted, her night growing more and more menacing. She should have never called Minako. She knew that if she was ever in contact with anyone from that age then trouble would be sure to follow. Minako was tired of Rei's pessimistic attitude and picked herself up from her seat. To her dismay, Rei followed suit.

"Oh, great," she mumbled to herself. The high stress of the multimillionaire was starting to rub off on Minako as she felt her body tense and uncomfortable on the way back outside. A small bench remained empty and inviting to Minako so she took the liberty of occupying it. Rei had seated herself next to her without a clue as to what to do next. How was she supposed to get home? There were no taxis around here and she had no one to call to give her a ride home. She huffed and crossed her arms as she contemplated her options.

"Hey there ladies, looking hot tonight!" Rei's fuse was lit. Minako's eyes widened as soon as she saw the raven—haired girl jump from her seat.

"What did you say?" Rei seethed through grit teeth. The two men that had strewn the offending phrase were laughing now.

"Com'on babe, you're looking good, you should take it as a compliment!" Rei's chest was heaving, Minako frantic to try and sooth her temper.

"Com'on Rei," she said. "They're a bunch of losers, don't listen to them." It was not enough. The laughing of the two men seemed to echo in the ears of the now enraged woman. To think that these men actually thought that their catcalls and whistles should flatter her was infuriating. Why, she wanted no less than to plaster their sorry carcasses onto the pavement. Minako looked around in defeat as she saw that the raven-haired girl was not hearing her. She glanced at the police station and had to do a double take.

A horde of people started flooding out of the building and she watched inquisitively as small clouds of smoke seeped outside the cracked windows.

"Why don't you come closer and say that to my face!" the raven-haired woman screamed.

"Rei," Minako shuddered.


"Rei," Minako nudged.


"Or what?" The question irked her beyond repair. Her heart rate skyrocketed as the color in her knuckles disappeared. A dark churning inside her chest started pulsing until BAM!

"REI!" Minako yelled gripping the said woman by the shoulders and turning her around. The police station was engulfed in flames, the raven-haired girl suddenly displaying the most humane expression Minako had yet to witness.

"You set the police station on fire!" Minako accidentally voice out loud. She immediately regretted the outburst as a group of officers redirected their attention to the two of them. The blonde's heart dropped as she grabbed Rei and started sprinting down the street.

"What're you doing?" Rei asked, before Minako could answer, she looked to see a team of policemen in hot pursuit. Her cheeks paled, "Oh." She muttered before engaging her full attention in the race to get away. They turned the corner desperately looking for a hideout. Minako halted to a stop when she felt Rei post herself in a stationary position.

"Rei, what's wrong?" she asked.

"I couldn't have done that," she replied. "Why are we running, I didn't do anything!" Minako looked frantically at the girl and to the officers in pursuit.

"Alright, alright," said Minako. "Try to start a fire."


"Start a fire! If you can't do it, then we stop running. If you do-"

"I can't," Rei interrupted.

"Well then, prove it."

Rei concentrated hard on the asphalt trying to a call a flame to start. She shook her head in irritation as she settled her mind on the production of a flame. What was she thinking? There was no way she started that fire, it was way too big!

"REI!" Minako pleaded.

"See I told you, no fire!" Minako grunted.

"TRY AGAIN!" Her voice was too demanding for Rei's liking.

"I told you I don't start fires!"

"Rei, you told me this morning that you set fire to your desk and now you're saying that you didn't?" Rei nodded in response. "Then what'd you come here for?" Minako argued her mind distracted from the police sirens that were growing closer.

"I don't know," Rei gave up. Minako growled, the oscillating lights of policemen bouncing off the walls.

"Rei let's go!" she demanded finally. Rei didn't budge. "REI!"

"I didn't do anything!"


"STOP YELLING!" A nearby car exploded instantaneously, Rei's pupils shriveling in despair. "Holy crap," she muttered. "I did set the police station on fire."

"Glad you agree now," Minako hastily grabbed her and resumed their run.

They settled in the shadow of dark alley with their eyes trained on the visible strip of cement. Time seemed to slow as the clicking of heals on the ground passed without any disturbance. They held their breath in anticipation as a man dressed in a sleek black suit paused in their view. He skimmed the dark alley and resided in that spot too long for the girls' comfort. The raven-haired girl could feel her blonde companion gripping at the seams of her shirt in apprehension.

Please keep going, please keep going, please keep going, the lavender-eyed woman willed mentally. Her heart was pounding much too loud for the situation, her internal organs screaming at it to cease its activity. A great sigh of relief was released from both as the man disappeared from view. Each girl leant helplessly against the brick wall behind them trying to calm themselves from their heightened state. What were they going to do?

"Rei," the blonde spoke. The said woman looked to her friend, noticing the deep concern she had in her deep blue pools. "We're in some deep $#!"

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I feel as though I may have put too much yelling in here. Also, I kind of got lazy half way through the story which adds to my doubt of writing more for this. But if I do continue, I know for sure Makoto is coming in next ;)