"Please, Chiba-san, there's no need to cry." Quatre had been trying for a long while to get Mrs. Chiba to stop crying since he first expelled that he was there on official police business with questions regarding her old friends, three of which were unaccounted for and one that had temporarily shacked up with his own old friend.

With loud snivels, Usagi pulled a box of tissues from a large stack of the same PillowSoft brand boxes that numbered at least 15 and ripped it open. Unbeknownst to Quatre, that stack used to be twice as large but the blonde before him had barreled through the supply with excessive ease.

"Have they died?" She bellowed with a fit of heart-wrenching sobs. Despite the fact that Quatre had found her reaction to be quite delirious, he still couldn't keep himself from channeling some of her sorrow in his own soul.

"No," Quatre said in a hasty response, waving his hands to try and get her to calm down. Her feelings were so expressive that he found it extremely difficult to keep from crying himself. "I'm just here to ask some routine questions. It's nothing serious." He was lying through his teeth but he was desperate to ease her pain for both their sakes. The last thing he needed was to start bawling about the corruption in his own precinct and the recent confliction he had regarding his thoughts on a particular brunette.

"They have haven't they?" she cried, grabbing her cell phone amidst Quatre's frequent attempts to tell her they were alive. She scrolled through her list of contacts and dialed, pressing the phone firmly to her ear as her body convulsed with muffled sobs.

Quatre had wondered whether or not he should intervene, but upon feeling her slight decrease in pain he refrained and hoped desperately she was phoning her husband at work.

"Ms. Rei Hino's office. This is Ramona, how may I assist your call?"

Quatre immediately grew tense as he tried to reach for Usagi's phone, but she thwarted his attempt by turning away into a corner.

"Yes, I was wondering if I could speak to Rei please, it's urgent," she said, sounding hopeful. She hastily rubbed her reddened nose with a tissue, sniveling as she tried to compose herself.

"I'm sorry but Ms. Hino is currently unavailable."

"Unavailable?" Usagi repeated, her eyes welling up once again with tears as her hands shook.

"Ms. Chiba, please," Quatre pleaded, touching her shoulder lightly. "This is crazy, you should really calm down."

But she wasn't listening. She mumbled an apology to Ramona before hanging up and returning to her contact list to scroll up to Minako's number.

"She'll pick up. She always does," Usagi muttered to herself as she continued to ignore Quatre who was now frowning just to her side.

"Hey, this is Aino-sensei. Sorry I missed your call. Just leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Buh-bye!"

Usagi jabbed at the END CALL button of her phone and dialed on.

"You have reached the voicemail message box of: Makoto Kino. Please leave a detailed message after the beep. BEEEEEEEP."

Quatre could see the corners of Usagi's mouth depressing into an even greater frown and silently cringed at the pang of sadness that hit him in his chest. This girl was definitely an open book as far as her emotions went. He just hoped that when she got to Ami's number, the blunette would pick up.

"This is Ami Mizuno. Please leave your name, number and reason for your call after the tone and I'll be more than happy to get back to you. Have a nice day."

Then the dam broke. Before Quatre had even the slightest chance at bracing himself, he felt a sudden wave of uncontrolled anguish sweep over him like a brutal tidal wave and it rode him all the way to the ground where he had mindlessly found himself holding a bawling Usagi in his arms.

"They're dead!" She wailed, crying freely into Quatre's shoulder. He ached on the insides as he struggled to block off her extremely absorbable emotions, breathing heavily as he also tried not to break down with her. "It's all my fault! I should have been there!"

"Usagi-san," Quatre said through grit teeth, his mental fatigue brimming with heavy distraught from her deep torment. "If you would just listen for one second, I'm sure we could sort this out together."

"I've been so selfish! I should've called more! I should've told them all I loved them!"

Usagi's hysterical nature was beginning to be too much for Quatre as he felt himself start to agonize over the grueling battle he was facing with the Faction and the hardships of his job. With great mental determination, he shoved those feelings aside and grabbed Usagi by the shoulders. He grimaced to himself over what he was about to do, raising his hand reluctantly as if to strike her.

Thankfully he was saved from having to act when Usagi suddenly jolted from the ground and howled in physical pain, her hand clutched tightly over a red bite-mark on the back of her leg only it hadn't quite broken the skin.

"LUNA!" Usagi yelled in fury.

Puzzled, Quatre's eyes roamed around them to land on a black cat whose crescent-moon scar shimmered like gold upon her forehead as she sat on her hind legs. Quatre picked up an inexplicable sense of tired exasperation that differed greatly from Usagi's feelings of rage and had to shake his head to stop himself from wondering if that feeling was coming from the cat. He had too many unsolved mysteries on his plate already and he wasn't eager to take up another one.

Usagi was seen standing on the tips of her toes with her back to a mirror trying to get a glimpse of what Luna had done to her.

"What was that for?"

Quatre tried his hardest not to look at the cat since the human-like facial expressions it was making kept piquing his inquisitive side. Luna released a cat-like hiss, something that Quatre was grateful for as he half-expected words instead. If it actually spoke, then he didn't know what he'd do. Probably check into a mental institution. Then again, Duo did mention something about fireballs and lightning bolts…

Once the strain of Usagi's sorrowful emotions had subsided, Quatre hastily picked himself up from the floor to relay the facts (well some of them) to Usagi so she wouldn't fall back into a tearful blonde ball.

"Your friends are alive!" He exclaimed, saying it loud enough to make sure she could hear him clearly.

"What?" She turned to face him with the most stunning expression of surprise in her eyes that he was almost lost for words. The small image of the cat shaking her head in disapproval to his side is what shook him from being completely spellbound, as he again grappled with his mental self not to get too curious about the black feline.

"Completely alive," he said. "In fact, your friend, Dr. Mizuno, has recently hired one of my best friends as a bodyguard. I assure you there's no way she'll be dying on his watch."

Usagi had to take a seat as his words sank in and she clutched the box of tissues to her as a precaution before her next question.

"Why would Ami-chan need a bodyguard?" She asked. The cat purred, as if agreeing to the question and again Quatre felt extremely interested in Luna though he pushed past it once more to focus on his primary mission to solve the Siren case, as it was now named.

"She was attacked," he said. "But she's fine!" he quickly added when he noticed Usagi's lips quiver.

"What about Rei, Minako and Makoto? Were they attacked too?" Usagi asked, her eyes watering slightly, unnerving Quatre as he tried to choose his words wisely.

"Not as far as I know," Quatre said, deciding quickly to leave out the bit about them being hunted by another one of his best friends, Duo. Come to think of it, he had to get in contact with him and fill him in about what he found with Wufei. That being that the real Sirens weren't in fact the girls he had originally been tracking, but the girls that had brutally assaulted Dr. Mizuno. Minako, Makoto and Rei's affiliation with the entire situation was lost on him, but it didn't deter him much from trying to figure it out.

"Then why didn't they answer my call?" Usagi asked, her voice cracking slightly as she looked to be teetering again on whether or not she should be calm or insanely worried.

Quatre winced slightly as he tried to formulate a suitable response. He was certain if he told her it was because they were on the run that they didn't answer, she would break down once more, or worse, she might get angry with him. He really didn't want to find out which it would be so he disclosed a completely false story to keep her tame.

"They've all been put under a witness protection program and have assumed new lives for their own safety. I'm here out of courtesy to inform you so that you don't panic, since you were listed as a close contact to all three."

Usagi blinked and huffed to herself. "Oh," she said. "Why didn't you say so sooner?"

There was a boisterously loud meow that came from the black cat that Quatre had almost forgotten about. The sound was suspiciously close to sounding like a sigh of disbelief, which only worsened Quatre's inner debacle on whether it was really just a cat or a human stuck in a cat body.

"Would you excuse for one moment please?" Usagi had said out of the blue, eyeing Luna with a frown. "I just gotta give my little kitten some food so she can stop being cranky."

She stood up from her seat and cocked her head to the side to signal Luna to follow her.

"It'll just be a minute," Usagi said in false sweetness as she shuffled down the hallway with Luna lazily trailing after her. Quatre watched with a raised brow as they disappeared into a room and shut the door behind them.

"Just let it go," he said to himself with a deep exhale. He ran a hand through his slightly unkempt hair and accidentally caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror upon the wall. The shadow of a beard had started to form on his chin and he rubbed it with mixed feelings.

His facial hair was darker in shade than his blonde locks and he contemplated whether or not he should let the stubble grow more or shave it as soon as he had time. With all the chaos that had transpired around him he hadn't even noticed the growth, but seeing it now was surprisingly not that bad looking. He just might keep it.

"What do you mean you think he's lying? Better yet, why would he lie in the first place?"

Quatre's ears perked at the sound of Usagi's agitated voice. Immediately he imagined her standing in the bedroom looking pointedly at her black cat as though she expected her to respond verbally, but he shook that image away and reasoned with himself that she was probably on her phone. To sate his conscience, he listened in to see if he could hear another voice and was relieved to find that he couldn't.

"You can't blame me for that," Usagi claimed indignantly. "I'm pregnant, what did you expect?"

Quatre nodded his head as if he had just achieved great enlightenment. The pregnancy definitely helped to explain her extreme reaction to his opening line that he was there to discuss her friends.

"You're being too paranoid! He said the girls were fine!"

A soft chuckle escaped Quatre as Usagi's voice continued to carry through the hallway to his ears. She was a sweet girl but extremely clueless sometimes. He was willing to bet she didn't think he could hear her and as he sat there he contemplated whether or not he should let it be known that she rang in loud and clear the entire time or just pretend otherwise.

"Oh geez, Luna, you're unbelievable."

Quatre stiffened uncomfortably and rubbed the back of his neck in apprehension. The cat probably did something funny while Chiba-san was on the phone, he thought to himself. Or maybe she's talking to a friend on the phone who also happens to be named Luna. Or perhaps Luna is more than just a cat and this entire thing is in supernatural territory. He grumpily discarded the latter thought and of the three possible explanations, he chose to believe the first.

"Don't think I forgot about that bite either, missy! I'll get you back for that just you wait!"

Oh no, she was definitely talking to the cat but Quatre still refused to believe Usagi's words were related to the argument she probably had with another human on her phone just prior to her mention of Luna's name. He rationalized that she had hung up then turned her attention to Luna and would be on her way out in no time.

Right on cue, he heard the doorknob turn and Usagi emerged with a newfound smile while holding Luna in her arms.

Quatre smiled back at them, eyeing Luna briefly before returning his full gaze to Usagi.

"She's all better now," Usagi said with a somewhat dubious smile as she took a seat and started playing with Luna's arms as if she were a doll.

"Yes, I'm all better now that I've got some food in me. Now I can be a good girl and give my wonderful owner a break and maybe a nice massage," Usagi said, imitating a voice that sounded like a butchered attempt at being British. She waved Luna's forepaws in the air and Quatre had to withhold a laugh when Luna's claws suddenly sprung out and stabbed at Usagi's fingers.

"Ouch!" Usagi squealed as she tossed Luna from her lap, the cat making a humorous meow of surprise as she flew through the air to land on her feet at the tip of Quatre's shiny black dress shoes. Usagi started grumbling incoherently as Luna primped her fur and trotted off with her nose in the air.

"Are you alright, Chiba-san?" Quatre asked politely.

"Yeah," Usagi replied with a scowl, her eyes boring down on the cat that had left the room. "I'm just thinking about giving Luna away to a shelter!" She said loudly. "I'm sure they'll love her there."

It was clear by then that any and all information was forfeit from being received and Quatre had done nothing but waste his time there. Slightly deflated and immensely exhausted, he chose to escape as soon as he could.

"It would appear that my work here is done. I should get going now," he said, flinching when he spotted Luna peeking in from around the corner.

"Oh, absolutely," Usagi said, standing up. All signs of tears were nonexistent in her eyes and Quatre offhandedly noted that she looked much better with a smile. "Thank you for stopping by and telling me about my friends."

"It was my pleasure."

He had nearly made it out the door before hearing Usagi hurriedly ask him for his contact information. He hesitated before handing her his business card but was stalled from exiting when she raised a hand for him to wait. Obediently, he did, as she scurried around the room in search of something.

"Perhaps I could assist you in finding whatever it is you are looking for…" Quatre offered impatiently. His brow was furrowed as his patience started to wear thin.

"I'm just looking for my cell phone," she said. "I know I left it out here."

Quatre's cheeks paled as he was instantly reminded of her conversation she had in the back room where she assumed he couldn't hear. She couldn't have been arguing with the cat. He just wouldn't believe it.

"Well why would you need that?" He asked, trying hard not to let himself venture down unwanted thinking paths as he searched beneath the hutch she was previously seated by.

"To call you so you have my number," she answered as she searched under the sofa of her living room.

"How about you call me with your home phone?" He suggested, feeling his heart ease as his mind reasoned she'd probably had a home phone in that back room.

"Mamoru and I don't have a landline," Usagi answered, unknowingly giving Quatre a minor heart attack where he looked to her then to the cat that had been watching him carefully the entire time. The dire need to sleep hit him straight on at that single moment, his empathic ability suddenly picking up on the feeling of excitement and the disjointed feeling of grave distrust. He resolved for the sake of his sanity that lack of sleep was positively doing a number on his mental psyche and that he needed to get out of there ASAP.

"Here it is!" Usagi exclaimed, raising her cell phone in the air as she searched the room for Chief Winner.

Shock crossed her features when realizing he was nowhere to be found. The sound of Luna's voice drew her from her confusion as her eyes were redirected to the front door that was ajar. She walked into the doorway in time to catch Quatre before he entered his car.

"Oh well I'll just call," Usagi said after him. "Make sure you save my number to your speed dial!"

The chief waved haphazardly in response and plopped into his car before speeding from the Chiba's driveway.

"Well that was weird," Usagi said before closing her door with a shrug.

"He's hiding something," Luna said to her.

"What? Another talking cat?" Usagi joked, to which Luna was not amused.

The cat intended to say more but refrained when spotting Usagi in her familiar rummage through the kitchen for a snack. When food was on her mind, there was absolutely no getting to her.

With a disgruntled sigh Luna settled upon the cat-bed Usagi had purchased for her and scanned her recent memory for the image of Quatre and his deceptively naïve appearance. When she locked eyes with him she could've sworn he knew she wasn't normal. That recognition in and of itself wasn't normal and for the moment she pondered if Quatre himself was actually completely human or an enemy coming to exact a plan of world domination.

After all, he had the name and location of each the inner senshi and that was just too much of a coincidence to not be planned. She knew without a doubt that Usagi hadn't pieced that together. With a side-glance she saw the blonde delightedly chipping away at Mamoru's secret stash of chocolate and she lightly groaned.

Hormonal Usagi was going to be a pain to deal with during these troubled times where the senshi were being targeted for reasons she had yet discover. She didn't even want to think what hormonal Sailor Moon would do! With a decisive nod she decided it would be best to wait for Mamoru to get home before planning what they should do in light of these new findings.

Rei, Makoto and Minako were the honored guests of the Phantom's impromptu ball. He treated them with lavish gowns, keeping to the ancient Roman theme, as they stood draped in fine fabrics and actual gold laurels. Despite the knowledge that they were in the presence of wanted criminals, the most wanted being the phantom, they couldn't deny the awe they felt when observing the Faction's grand hall.

The floor was a polished Macassar Ebony wood, something that both Rei and Makoto marveled. Minako was gawking at the gold drapery and the hypnotic movements of the acrobats that were gracefully spinning across the sky with a single arm gripping the elegant gold fabric. They all knew the large number of guests should mortify them, but the extravagant dressings of the ballroom had successfully stifled their self-righteous opinions.

"Enjoying yourselves?"

The deep voice melted their better judgment like chocolate as all three women turned in a haze to face the Faction's Phantom.

Rei was the first to come to her senses, a pensive scowl crossing her beautiful face as she eyed him carefully.

He matched her fiery gaze with one of interest, his smoldering blue eyes glistening like crystals almost making her forget he was a disturbed man in a mask. Just the image of him brought her crashing back to her younger years where she had helplessly fantasized about Tuxedo Mask before later realizing she had never stood a chance with him.

"It's nice," she said dismissively, casting her eyes elsewhere to the unimposing pyramid of champagne glasses by the bar.

He chuckled in amusement at her unimpressed demeanor and nodded.

"Well if there is anything else I can do to make this more enjoyable, I am always open to suggestion."

"Better h'orderves would help." Makoto grumbled as she turned a dry square-cut of smoked salmon on cucumber in her hands before placing it back onto a nearby platter. Minako nudged her inconspicuously, making Makoto grunt slightly. "I mean, they are edible I guess." It was the best compliment she could muster and lying was simply not her strong suit.

"Jupiter here happens to be a refined chef so she's very critical of food," Minako explained to be sure that the Phantom wouldn't be offended.

"Ah, Jupiter," the Phantom said, grabbing the brunette's hand and placing a delicate kiss upon her knuckles.

She blushed furiously, trying hard to hide her astonishment as she took back her hand. He was incredibly handsome even with the mask. For some reason before arriving she had envisioned him to be short and unappealing. Now though, she wished he had been. Had she not spent the past few years building her confidence she was certain she would've submitted to his charm and done anything he asked of her if he would just keep looking at her with the fascination that he now held.

"If ever you feel the need to educate my chefs, please do not hesitate."

Makoto's reserves were wearing thin as her knees began to shake with uncertainty. "Yeah, you know, I think I'll take you up on that offer right now," she said, feeling nervous and slightly ashamed that she might possibly succumb to his charm. "Which way?"

He directed her kindly, smiling handsomely and bowing at her departure. She almost ran through the crowd to escape, Minako watching with slight amusement mixed with immense trepidation. When she turned away from the back of her fleeting friend she almost jumped when seeing the Phantom's eyes were now deeply examining her. She forced a captivating smile to her lips, her eyes automatically glistening with lovely enchantment to match.

"You must be Venus," he said, earning Rei's skeptical gaze as she briefly wondered how he had figured it out. But when she looked to her friend standing there with her healthy head of golden hair that fell down past her supple breasts and just above her well-shaped hips she realized that it was easy to tell who she was. "If not I'd have to urgently implore you to reconsider."

Minako laughed charmingly, batting her lashes as she beamed brightly.

"You're too kind," she said. "Fortunately you won't have to beg although I wouldn't have made you. I'm not cruel that way."

"Oh but you are cruel in other ways I assume."

Minako laughed coyly. "Naturally," she replied with a wink, putting a hand on Rei's shoulder. "Tell me, could you guess the name of my friend here?"

The Phantom looked to be enjoying the game as he playfully rubbed his chin in thought. Rei and Minako knew he had the answer, but he prolonged for the sake of entertainment in which Rei grew agitated.

"It's Mars," Rei stated flatly, causing Minako to spit out the champagne she was sipping back into the glass. Her blue eyes shot Rei a look, which Rei dismissed. Minako went to say something to salvage the situation but was stopped a curt ahem.

She blinked before settling her gaze upon a familiar chestnut braid that had trailed upward to the head of a masked Zorro, whose cobalt blue eyes twinkled in the light.

"Good evening Phantom. I don't mean to interrupt but I was hoping to get a dance with the lovely lady if she would have me."

Minako wasn't too surprised when the Phantom consented since she had the burning inclination that he had taken a liking to Rei. Though she was hesitant to leave she knew staying there would have bothered him so she left, placing her hand in Zorro's and gasping when he had brusquely dragged her away.

Rei silently wished she had seized the opportunity and taken Zorro's hand herself to avoid the Phantom, but that chance had come and gone.

She stood at the base of the grand staircase with her hands lazily holding onto an empty flute. She contemplated placing it on a tray of one the servers but refrained for the sake of keeping her hands busy.

"You seem upset."

"I'm not much of a party person," Rei replied, keeping her eyes away from the Phantom.

"There are more private places we could occupy if you'd prefer."

Her grip tightened over her glass and she quickly responded saying, "I'd prefer to stay in the sight of my friends."

"You're a close bunch, aren't you?"

"The closest," Rei stated shortly. In her periphery she noticed Minako jump in alarm, her eyes widening as though she had made a sudden realization about her dance partner. Unbridled curiosity swept Rei's senses as she tried to tune in to what was discovered. She saw Minako mouth what she deciphered to be "It's you!" and suddenly she wondered how they knew each other. She would ask the fire but it had been silent for some time.

"That's good," she heard the Phantom say. "We here at the faction promote strong friendships and loyalty to our peers. We're a family here."

Rei's shoulders knotted up stiffly, feeling perturbed by his choice of wording.

"What do you know about family?" She asked before she had the time to restrain herself. Her searing gaze rushed to him to see his lips curl into a devious smile. Immediately she wished she hadn't asked.

He stepped closer, his head hovering over the nape of her neck as though he were a vampire preparing to sink his teeth in. His breath caressed her skin eerily, leaving an unpleasant sting across its surface as whispered into her ear. "Unlike your estranged father, Rei, we don't abandon our children during hardships. We stay and endure with them like your grandfather did."

Rei's ire was unhinged, the impulse to attack being warded by some unknown force that she couldn't pinpoint. Her chest heaved dangerously as the heat of her body increased. She didn't have to look to know that the Phantom was smiling, that devious smirk was practically visible from across the room.

The reality of the situation came rushing back to her in one overwhelming swoop. They would address her as Mars but everyone knew her actual name. Which led her to assume that they all knew everything about her. Not only that, but they had that same information on both Minako and Makoto.

Unlike the majority of the guests here whose true identities were concealed and shielded by alter egos, she, Minako and Makoto were incredibly vulnerable. If they refused any request from the Phantom then their personal ties would undoubtedly be used against them.

A gloved hand trailed gently across the curve of her neck, tracing down to her shoulder until dropping down to touch her arm. Rei was rigid, her teeth grit as she scathingly tolerated him. He knew from her lack of sharp responses that she had realized the power he had and he relished in the idea that now she was his whether she liked it or not. Having her without her genuine approval was so gratifying that he doubted he would ever have another cold day in his life. Not with this live fire-breather in his midst.

"Enjoy your evening Mars," he said teasingly before stepping away to dance with the orange-haired siren with a numberless supply of knives.

Rei released the breath that she had been holding and shakily pried her hands from the glass that melted and reshaped itself with the imprints of her slender fingers. Her head throbbed painfully and she gripped the stair rails to keep herself steady.

She found herself thinking back to when she and Minako were hiding behind a dumpster in a dark alley. That final phrase Minako uttered before they took off into the night echoed in her head with blistering vigor.

"We're in some deep shit."

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