'Pirates of the Caribbean' belongs to Disney.


In response to the Black Pearl Sail prompt 'Cloud', here's a PotC take on one of the most famous cloud-related scenes in pop culture.


Post-AWE friends Elizabeth, Jack and Will are relaxing on a grassy hilltop. Liz speaks first.

"Aren't the clouds beautiful? I could lie here for hours, just watching them drift by. If you use your imagination, you can see lots of things up there. What do you think you see, Jack?"

"Those scattered ones on the right remind me of a pod of beluga whales, an' one horned narwhal, frolicking amongst ice floes. An' that curled cloud just above 'em resembles Cape Cod, with Nantucket shifted a fair ways northeast. An' see that disconnected cluster to the left? Looks like the sails on a brig that's weathered a bad storm- the spinnaker's flapping loose, the forward topgallant's missing altogether."

"Very good! And what do you see in the clouds, Will?"

"Well... I was going to say a puffy wig and a blowfish, but I changed my mind."


My gratitude to the late Charles Monroe Schulz, upon whose dialogue this story is based. You're gone but not forgotten, sir.