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Kady's Story - Prologue


Everything from Vampire Academy and Frostbite has happened. The story changes right after the Strigoi battle in Shadow Kiss. Just like in Shadow Kiss, Dimitri and Rose had sex…okay, that sounds crude. Let me alter that: Dimitri and Rose made love…and continuing with the story…and straight after there was the Strigoi attack. The rescue mission also took place and Dimitri didn't turn Strigoi. Also, Dimitri never told Rose about his idea on how they could be together. They didn't have the talk about Dimitri changing charges so he could be closer to Rose. Instead…Dimitri left. He finally decided to take Tasha's offer leaving Rose immediately after the rescue mission. He never even said goodbye. All that was left was a note addressed 'To Rose' and finished off with 'Dimitri'.

Rose was heartbroken. She hardly spoke to anyone. Lissa, Christian and Eddie were confused, but never pushed her to talk. Adrian was the only person that Rose could be honest and open with because he had known about Rose and Dimitri's relationship. Adrian was a great friend to Rose. He comforted her when she was upset and listened to her when she needed to talk. There was nothing romantic about their relationship, although Rose knew that Adrian was in love with her. Adrian, being the great friend that he was, knew that that was what Rose needed at the time. Adrian and Rose grew closer, again just as friends. In fact, Rose now considered Adrian Ivashkov one of her best friends.

And then the bomb was dropped…

One month after the Strigoi attack, or more importantly, the night Dimitri and Rose slept together - made love - Rose found out she was pregnant. She was shocked to say the least. She didn't know what to think. She was a dhampir. Dimitri was a dhampir. How could this happen? She voiced all her concerns to Dr Olendski and Adrian, who had accompanied her at the clinic. It was only Adrian who knew who the father was. All Dr Olendski knew was that Rose had only slept with a dhampir, not a moroi. Dr Olendski thought it a miracle. Rose and Adrian knew better. Rose still couldn't believe she was pregnant - not as in she was still shocked she was pregnant - but as in: she refused to believe she was pregnant. She was going through denial. However, all the symptoms were there. She'd go through the typical morning sickness, not to mention she hadn't got her period in well over a month. Yes, Rose and Adrian knew better. The miracle pregnancy was a result of her being shadow-kissed. It was the only sound explanation, especially considering not many people knew about spirit and much less about being shadow-kissed. Rose would constantly experience new effects from being shadow-kissed. Such as the fact that Rose could see ghosts/spirits. Or when Strigoi were near Rose seemed to have a built in radar i.e. the nausea. So why couldn't a dhampir impregnate her? Finally, after having a long discussion, which was really an Adrian talking at a stunned Rose, Rose had to suck it in. She was having a baby. She, Rosemary Hathaway, was having Dimitri Belikov's child.

Not only did Rose have to adapt to the idea and stone cold fact that she was pregnant, she worried beyond that. How was she going to tell everyone she was pregnant? Could she tell everyone that she had slept with her mentor? The answer was no. As much as Adrian disapproved with Rose's choice, Rose decided to tell everyone that she had slept with a moroi who wanted nothing to do with her and the baby. She announced that she would be raising this baby alone. Janine, her mother, had also been there. She was pissed off! At first. Slowly everyone got used to the idea that Rose was having a baby, as was Rose. In fact everyone warmed to the idea that she was having a baby. Meanwhile, Rose turned ecstatic at the idea of having a baby. Who knew? As Rose grew larger through the months, she'd stare at her big belly, caress it and talk in whispers to her child. All the while, looking forward to her future and raising her baby. It hurt Rose so much looking her best friend, Lissa, in the eye and having to lie to her and not being able to have a truly honest relationship on her part. But Rose decided this was the best thing to do. No one could know the truth except Adrian.

Wow, she thought to herself. She, Rosemary Hathaway, was having Dimitri Belikov's child.

This story takes place three years after Rose had Dimitri's child. Rose had a beautiful baby girl, who she named Kaitlin Marie Hathaway. Everyone loved her, their little princess. To Rose, she was her little angel sent from heaven. Her daughter was her world. You're all probably wondering, did Rose decide to give up guarding and everything she trained her whole life for to become a parent? And the answer is no. In fact, the answer is a hell no. No way was Rose going to stop protecting her best friend, Lissa. Rose promised herself for who knows how long that she would protect Lissa Dragomir with her life, and now her little angel too. She never had a second thought about releasing Lissa as her charge. All Rose knew was that she'd work twice as hard to protect Lissa and be a mother at the same time. She had always been bitter towards her own mother, the infamous Janine Hathaway, although that bitterness was slowly dissolving. She promised herself she'd never do what her mother did to Kaitlin. She detested that Janine never visited her, never called. It was almost as if she hadn't existed in her mother's life. That was until now. After Rose's fifth month of pregnancy Janine took her place as Lissa's guardian. After Kaitlin grew into a one year old beauty, Rose went back as Lissa's guardian and Janine remained, being Lissa's second guardian.

They all lived at the court in posh penthouse type apartments, in their very own wing. Lissa and Christian lived opposite Rose and Kaitlin. Janine Hathaway lived next door to her daughter and granddaughter. Adrian lived on the other side of the building in the Ivashkov wing. Rose fell into a familiar routine. She'd take up her guarding duties in the morning up until the afternoon, while her little angel would go to the court nursery or one of her close friends - who were really her wider family - would baby sit. She'd finish duty bang on time at six in the afternoon and spend time with her daughter. They'd have dinner together at Lissa and Christian's, along with Adrian, and then she'd tuck her beautiful daughter in bed, go to sleep, and let the day begin again at seven in the morning. Little did she know, her oh-so familiar routine of two years was soon to be banished with the arrival of - dun, dun, duuuunnnnn - the father of her child, Dimitri Belikov.