Kat smiled as she walked up the stairs with the red heart-shaped box full of fish shaped chocolates. She had ordered them from her home planet and waited eagerly beside the family's mailbox for it to arrive. Valentine's day was coming up soon, the day when, in her culture, it was customary to show affection in a less dangerous way. She smiled again as she thought of her home planet. Due to the love that was shown and the technology the Kat's possesed it was natural for the city's to resemble swiss cheese. With all the fighting going on between friends and lovers there wasn't much room for war.

Kat continued her grin as she reached her cat bed inside Millie's room, once she was in safe distance she quietly placed the box under her soft mattress. Smiling she walked out of the room to search for her love. Today she planned to scare him by accelerating the growth of his new pet fish to a monstrous size.

Phoebe happily skipped towards the house that the love of her life lived in. She was sure Coop was inside due to the sound of him screaming, she smiled as she saw the silhouette in the window of Coop running away from what appeared to be a giant goldfish. Quietly she walked towards the screen door in the backyard and peered inside, she smiled at the results.

Coop ran away from the fish with superhuman speed, his clothes were ripped and torn and phoebe giggled as she saw his chest through the ripped shirt. The many times Kat had tortured him had an impact on his physical appearance, though he was young he had a very fit, almost muscular body, perhaps that was one of the reaons she liked him.

Smiling she moved her gaze to the stairs where she saw the pink hairless feline watching Coop's plight. The creature snickered as Coop ran away from the beast, yet Phoebe could tell the animal cared for Coop. One day she decided to pay Coop a surprise visit while he was sick. When she walked into the boy's room she saw that he asleep due to his fever, but she also saw Kat beside his bed looking up at him with a strange look in her eyes. It seemed contradictory to the creatures behaviour, but it appeared that she was concerned for Coop's well-being. Which was ironic considering that she endangered his life on a daily basis.

Still smiling she continued to watch her crush run, jump, and do a variety of extraordinary activities before finally vanquishing the fish monster.