Kat cuddled up closer to Coop as he lay on the couch watching cartoons, it had been close to three days since Kat had confessed her feelings to Coop. The kid seemed as happy with the revelation as she did, especially since as she found out from one of their conversations, Coop wasn't too fond of her native mating rituals.

"(This is a beautiful romantic show)." Kat meowed softly in her own language, causing Coop to chuckle. Kat looked up at him and frowned.

"(What, I think it's wonderful how that coyote and roodrunner date like they are, don't you)?" Kat asked, looking at the television where the coyote had just tried to flatten the roadrunner with a boulder. Kat sighed at the romantic gesture.

"Well it's funny because on earth this is a comedy show, see." Coop said as he pointed to the coyote, doing his famous gag of being crushed with a boulder while holding a small torn umbrella. Causing Coop to chuckle, and Kat to give him a scornful look.

"(Are you insulting my mating rituals)?" Kat asked with a playful look in her eyes, Coop laughed as he started stroking her back, causing her to purr with delight.

"No, of course not. Just ecause you nearly killed me with a few of them is no reason to hate them. I mean, it sure made things exciting in our house." Coop said, reflecting on life before Kat's revelation. Suddenly a lightbulb flashed over his head and he grinned.

"Hey Kat, do you still have that chainsaw?" Coop asked, Kat smiled and nodded her head earning her a smile from Coop.

"Can you go get it, and maybe plan some kind of..." Copp satrted to say, but before he couldn't finish his sentence Kat dashed upstairs. Coop smiled at his girlfriend's eagerness to torment him like she had been doing for weeks on end. Only this time when she tried to kill him, he could smile because he knew she was doing it with love.

"The kat who loved me." Coop said to himself as he waited for his darling to run down and case him with a chainsaw. Putting his arms behind his back he smiled.