Chapter One

Queen Anne fears for her own safety along with her daughter's Princess Elizabeth because of her recent miscarriage and her husband's King Henry new found love for her own lady-in-waiting Mistress Jane Seymour. Knowing first hand that Henry will do anything to get the woman he desires and it does not matter who her hurts along the way like the drama concerning her own marriage to him along with Katherine of Aragon. With Henry's new found love with Jane, Anne turns to one person for help. This leads her to where she is today, in her outside chambers with her most trusted lady-in-waiting waiting for the French Ambassador to arrive.

Anne politely welcomes Ambassador Alexandre Laurent by saying " Thank you for taking this time to meet with me today."

Ambassador Laurent calmly says 'Your Majesty, what can I help you with today?"

Anne tells Ambassador Laurent "I fear for my own safety along with my daughter's because my husband's new found obsession with Mistress Jane Seymour. Could you please inform His Majesty King Francis of my current situation because I am in desperate need of his help and assistance."

Ambassador Laurent tells Anne "I have heard the rumors in court about the possibility of taking great measures in order for His Majesty King Henry to marry Mistress Jane Seymour even killing you, so I will mention your concerns and the rumors I heard to His Majesty King Francis as soon as possible I will send a message to him."

Anne calmly says "Please tell me as soon as their is any news come from His Majesty King Francis about the position I am currently in because I now believe it's a matter between life and death."

Days turn into weeks until March 31st came with news, so Ambassador Laurent call for a meeting with Queen Anne in her chambers with her most trusted lady-in-waiting present.

Ambassador Laurent comes into the room bowing and says "Your Majesty, I bring great news from His Majesty King Francis. His Majesty has offer the refugee and safety that France has to offer to both yourself and Princess Elizabeth."

Anne tells Ambassador Laurent "This is the best news that I have been given, since my husband's desiree to mary Mistress Jane Seymour. However, when will my daughter and I leave for France anyways."

Ambassador Laurent informs Anne that " We will leave three days from now on April 3rd , when I am actually scheduled to leave along with the fact that it's the day when His Majesty King Henry will be out for a hunt most of the day."

Anne asks "What can I bring along with Elizabeth and myself?"

Ambassador Laurent tells Anne "His Majesty King Francis informed me in his message that you will only have to bring enough clothes for the journey to France along with items to amuse yourself and Princess Elizabeth until we reach France. However, His Majesty has offered to purchase both yourself and Princess Elizabeth new clothes along with anything that you might need. You can also bring your most prize and treasured items as well if you are able to send one of your trusted lady-in-waiting to bring them to me, so it can be pack with my items."

Anne says "That will work I will someone with my most treasured items the night before we are set to leave; however, how are we going to leave without being notice since both myself and Elizabeth always have lady-in-waiting around us all of the time."

Ambassador Laurent calmly states "This is why only the most trusted lady-in-waiting from both of your households will be involve expect that your immediate family will not be involve. The plan will be that both yourself and Princess Elizabeth will be the only ones to say goodbye to myself and then follow by a walk in the gardens."

Anne asks "Will people not notice that we are not taking a walk in the gardens?"

Ambassador Laurent says "This is where your lady-in-waitings comes in for the biggest obstacle that we face because the people that actually know what is occurring will simply state that you are in your rooms with Princess Elizabeth for some mother-daughter bonding time and does not want to be disturb. This will give us enough time, so we will almost be out of England before His Majesty King Henry finds out what has occurred."

Anne asks "When will my husband and my family find out that Elizabeth and myself are no longer in England but in France?"

Ambassador Laurent politely says "His Majesty King Francis will send the new ambassador of France with the message that both of you are under his protection and out of His Majesty King Henry's reach."

Anne asks Ambassador Laurent "Why is King Francis doing this because I know that my husband and him don't have a good relationship?"

Ambassador Laurent truthfully answers her question by saying "That is part of the reason why he is actually helping you; however, I believe that he is also doing this because you were raised in the French court. The main reason why he is doing this is because he is greatly concern about yours and Princess Elizabeth safety in England."

With that Ambassador Laurent departs from Queen Anne's room, leaving her with her lady-in-waiting.