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Pairing: (Christopher x Jalil)

Jalil's P.O.V.

It's a horrible thing to think. Even I, the, what did you say? oh yeah, the "Emotionally stunted bastard who's always hogging the the blankets" know it's not something you say to someone you hope to have a long-term relationship with. Or at least sleep with anytime soon.

You see, I don't know why I love you

April has forcibly dragged me to enough cheap chick flicks to know that it's not a good thing to say. You would be offended that an inkling of the thought ever crossed my mind. Granted, I've never thought much about what might offend you or not, since you don't extend the same courtesy to me, but this is different.

I turn over the thought again and again in my head.

I don't like things without reasons. That much is clear. But I have to know...

Ha. So even here, I had compulsions. Just of a different nature.

I ask you one night. Nothing special about that night, except for the fact that I had nothing to do and you didn't either. Oh, and we were being chased by rabid kittens. Or something. WTE.

I gather my courage. I was just a little scared of saying the words. The words that would end us, this, before it truly began.

Hell, the Kittens had nothing on this.

"Why do I love you? I don't know why I love you."

There. I've said it. You get up and walk to me.

I close my eyes and wait for you to tell me to go to hell. Throw a punch or something. Anything, figure I deserve it. That definitely wasn't the kind of thing that you told someone you were sleeping with.

You kiss me on the forehead instead.

For once, It doesn't bother me that you have to bend a little to do that.

I open my eyes again.

Meeting your blue gaze without flinching.

You smile, and my heart just does this flip-flop thing that I hate.

"I love you too, you bastard"

Christopher's P.O.V.

Sometimes, the bastard was really good at the heartstrings thing.

...Damn him, he had no business being good at that!

I'm minding my own business, and then you're there, coming up to me and going all, why do I love you? I don't know why I love you.

Seriously, where do you get this stuff?

It must be all those chic flicks you've been watching with April. I can't say I like watching them, but if this was the result...

...maybe I could watch some of them with you, if you really wanted to go.

But, seriously, none of that "Do I REALLY love you?" or "SAY YOU LOVE ME BEFORE I SAY IT BACK!" crap?

Just plain "I love you"?

No doubts?

No regrets?

You just need an Excuse so you could say you loved me for a reason? Damn, I sound like a song...

"I love you too, you bastard"

...holy shit, was that out loud?

A/N: So this is my favorite pairing from Everworld. Christopher/Jalil fits. Yeah, and if Chris really WAS gay, then they'd be, like, the most politically correct group EVAR.