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Chapter one:

Spock stared up at the ceiling of his quarters from his bed, thinking, his hands folded under his head. The captain had ordered him to take five days of rest, and not to report until the end of his "vacation". After the incident with Captain Pike, Spock had requested some sort of disciplinary action for his disobedience. Unsurprisingly, Captain Kirk had given him a curious look and declined, instead insisting that he take some time for himself, and on top of that, ordering company for him. It all seemed completely illogical to him. In one period of time alone, he had committed multiple acts of mutiny that by any other standard would have resulted in the death penalty. He had repeatedly gone against the orders of not only his current captain, but his past as well. And yet, here he was, awaiting pleasures with a woman, captain's orders.

He was not completely sure what to expect. He had no particular desire to mate, especially not by whim, but when he had tried to explain this to Kirk, the captain had laughed and cryptically told him to wait and see. What he wanted was for his captain to discipline him in some way, and then either allow him to continue with his work or to replace him with someone deemed more capable. It was what his actions warranted.

His thoughts were suddenly interrupted with the noise of the doors to his quarters opening. He sat up quickly, and then stood, arms to his side, and glanced at the one responsible for it. The woman blinked; a sign of confusion in human beings, glanced down at a small card in her hand, and looked back at Spock.

"Mr. Spock, I presume?" she asked.

"Correct," he replied, before adding, "Is there a problem?" He noted the woman's apparent unease and wondered if it were due to his race.

"No, not at all," the woman answered, stepping out of the shadow of the doorway to reveal herself as a young woman, maybe as old as twenty human years. Straight, shiny black hair fell to her elbows, the blackness interrupted by streaks of bubblegum pink. "I just had never seen such a formal greeting from a client before, so I was unsure if I had the right person."

Now it was Spock's turn to blink. When the woman stepped forward, her joints gave way to slightly mechanical noises. Of course, this insight was due to Vulcan hearing, and was subtle, probably unnoticeable to the human ear. The woman, taking note of his intense stare, hesitated, her head cocking slightly to the side as she studied him as well. Her eyes scanned his body then met his, her irises seeming completely black and particularly large.

"Forgive my rudeness, I was a bit curious and forgot to introduce myself," the woman finally said, her eyes not breaking contact, "My name is Aiko, Mr. Spock. I am the comfort-bot that Captain Kirk requested for you for the next five days." She stood straight, mimicking his pose, which Spock noted was a human characteristic where one mimics the mannerisms of another in order to make them feel safer.

"A comfort-bot?" he asked, a pointed eyebrow raised slightly, "I am as curious of you as you are of me, it seems."
"Quite all right, most clients have questions initially, but I can assure you that I am safe to you. I cannot harm you," she paused then added, "without your full consent and continuance of it, throughout the action. I am programmed to bring comfort and emotional support to those in need, in any way that they need. I do not usually mate with my clients though there are very rare exceptions to this rule, based their need. I comfort and help people to heal by any means necessary." She blinked again and smiled, looking convincingly real. Her skin even looked soft to the touch, though her hair had a shinier, synthetic look.

Spock nodded, one pointed eyebrow rising slightly. "Interesting," he replied, "May I ask what the Captain ordered you to do to me?"

Aiko stared at him for a moment, her large pupils scanning him once more, before letting out a slightly computerized chuckle. "Do to you, Mr. Spock? I was told to come to your aide as soon as possible and to do whatever brings you comfort. Captain Kirk's exact words were…" she cocked her head slightly and froze, her eyes lighting up. Kirk's voice, undoubtedly a stored sound clip, started up.

"He needs your help, Aiko." Kirk's voice sighed.
"Well, what do you mean, Captain Kirk?" Aiko's voice questioned.

"I don't know…whatever it takes to straighten him out. He's been acting weird lately, and now he's demanding that I punish him in some way. You might have to rough him up a bit to get it out of him, though. Can you do that?" Kirk's replied with a dry chuckle.

"Certainly, Captain Kirk. I will do my best to help him with whatever he needs," Aiko's voice assured.
"Thanks, Aiko," Kirk's voice concluded.

Aiko's left eye twitched once, and she unfroze, taking a straight stance with a gentle smile once more.
"Does that satisfy your doubts, Mr. Spock?" Aiko asked.

"Well, it is a much superior set of circumstances than I previously imagined," he said simply, raising his eyebrows for a moment.

"I am glad," Aiko replied, "So what would you like? It is the Captain's direct orders that I "straighten you out", as slang-speaking humans say. Need I "rough you up"?"

Spock studied her for a moment. She certainly acted enough like a bot when he was watching, but subtle details about her seemed off. Her skin was too convincing. It even had pores. And she seemed a bit too curious to be a simple machine. But, he realized, whatever she was, it did not matter. The Captain had made an order, and though he found it illogical, he had to do his best to complete it.

Aiko scanned him once more, taking in his calm, though slightly bewildered expression and his cupids bow lips. She glanced at his pointed ears and eyebrows curiously then straightened subtly once more, deadening her gaze.
"This is completely illogical," Spock finally said out loud, "I disobeyed numerous direct orders, and I requested that the Captain discipline me for my actions against him. Instead, he sent you."

Aiko blinked and cocked her head slightly, "Comfort comes in many forms, Mr. Spock. I can give you discipline, if that is truly what you desire. Captain Kirk requested me for a reason. Unlike many comfort-bots, giving pain does not go against my programming, as long as said pain also brings comfort."

Spock was quiet for a moment, his hand moving to his chin as he thought.

"It is really no different than Captain Kirk choosing a specific punishment for you, Mr. Spock. I was sent to give you what you needed, whatever that may be," Aiko added, "Captain Kirk is a perfect captain, and very professional, but most humans would feel uncomfortable causing pain to another, particularly one that they consider to be a dear friend. So I have been sent instead."

A particularly serious look spread across Spock's face and he nodded. "I suppose that is logical, given human behavior."
"Is that what you would like, Mr. Spock? For me to punish you?" the bot asked, her synthetic eyelashes fluttering.
"Yes," the half-Vulcan replied, continuing to stand straight.

The bot folded her arms fluidly and tilted her head downwards, seeming to think for a minute before warning, "My methods of discipline for you will not be what Star Fleet would sentence you to, Mr. Spock. I have no rank over you. My methods are physical and-"

"I am certain that if the captain specifically chose you, that he believes your methods to be appropriate," he interrupted.

"Captain Kirk does not know personally of my methods," continued Aiko. She watched his subtle facial expressions for signs of nervousness, before adding, "But, he has extensively researched all of my assignments. All identities of clients are kept anonymous of course, but specifics about my performance and methods are always collected at the end of each assignment."

The half-Vulcan nodded, taking a moment to think again, but about what, the bot could not discern. She had never had such a seemingly stable client before. Most that she dealt with were frantic or very otherwise upset by the time that she arrived to comfort them. Reading Mr. Spock seemed nearly impossible. The bot scanned him again and cocked her head slightly, her black eyes calmly intent.

"Is there something wrong, Miss Aiko?" he asked, raising his eyebrows slightly. He noted that her behavior seemed very odd for a bot at times.

"No, Mr. Spock," answered Aiko quickly, straightening, "Forgive me. I find you to be a very interesting client already."
"You are interesting as well, Miss Aiko," he replied.

Aiko froze for a moment, and though subtle on her face, Spock noted to himself that she must have also been programmed to display human-like blushing.

"Shall we get on with it?" he asked.

Aiko blinked and stepped forward fluidly, removing the small backpack that she had been wearing. "Yes, Mr. Spock. Please take position lying face down on your preferred area of rest. I will take care of all the rest."

Spock's eyebrows twitched in curiosity, but he did what he was told obediently, on his bed, his arms folded under his chest. The bot searched through her backpack for a moment before retrieving a metal-studded leather paddle and a short whip. She held them both out in front of her and looked intently at one, and then the other, before setting the whip back in the top of her backpack. She stepped towards the bed and set down the paddle before quickly pulling the trousers and undergarments of her client to his mid-calves. The half-Vulcan blinked in surprise, though his face was hidden against his pillow.

"Your punishment is to begin, Mr. Spock. I will add anything specific that you wish, and I will stop anytime you say to. Is this clear?" the bot asked, gripping the paddle.

"Yes, Miss Aiko," answered Spock, lifting his head slightly to avoid being muffled.

Spock heard Aiko emit something of a quiet sigh, which he noted was also strange for a bot, then felt a surge of pain to his backside as the paddle contacted with it. The sensation continued as Aiko beat him rapidly, her blows surprisingly powerful for her small stature. Spock gritted his teeth and concentrated, forcing himself to remain silent and still against the pain. Still, he noted in part of his mind that this was an obscured version of Earthly corporal punishment once used against criminals and in usually milder forms, children. It was certainly not what he had expected, but if the captain had ordered it…

Spock twitched slightly as he felt the free hand of the bot rest almost tenderly against his mid-back, before pressing down, holding him down as she continued to beat his backside and the backs of his thighs; leaving deep bruises and heavy welts where ever the paddle fell. Still, he made no sound, and Aiko noted that every muscle of his body was tense. She knew that Vulcans were stoic, but had never before seen how one would react to such a punishment. He was obviously using a lot of concentration to take such abuse with complete silence, and will to stay put. She pulled back her arm especially far and slapped the paddle against the delicate skin of his under-curve repeatedly; bruises rising until blood nearly escaped his skin. Aiko found it interesting that instead of the redness of alike-damaged human flesh, the backside of a Vulcan turned dark green when paddled.

Spock squeezed his eyes closed against the repeated assault to his posterior and gripped the sides of his arms with his hands, squeezing; every muscle tensed as he repressed any instinct to cry out in agony. Suddenly, the beating halted, the pain coming in waves across his battered backside.

"Mr. Spock is this hurting you at all?" asked Aiko curiously. She had stopped, for once unsure of her actions. Most clients who desired punishment would be screaming and sobbing from the pain, and would have to have been tied or held down tightly for her to get this far.

"Yes, quite a lot," answered Spock neutrally, his muscles staying tense under Aiko's hand. She paused, unsure what to do with him, then set down the paddle and sat next to him on the bed. To Spock's surprise, Aiko wrapped her arm over him, rubbing his side in a gentle circular motion; thinking. Spock tensed more, instinctively.

"Does…not compute," the bot said quietly, "Captain Kirk wanted for me to make you release your emotions. This has never failed before…"

"I am a Vulcan," Spock explained, shifting in discomfort.

"But you are half human according to Captain Kirk," replied Aiko, "He instructed me to comfort your human side because you repress it so. The human part of you aches, but I do not know how to reach it."

Spock paused. He was a bit surprised and maybe even a bit insulted that Captain Kirk had told her such a thing, but knew that it was logical.

"The captain ordered you to bring emotion out of me?" Spock asked.

"Yes," Aiko answered, "He is concerned that your unreleased emotions, particularly the negative ones, are affecting your work, Mr. Spock, as well as your health."

Spock sighed softly. No doubt that Dr. McCoy had also been involved. He felt his cheeks burn slightly green as he wondered just how much detail about his "treatment" had been discussed between two men, without his prior knowledge.
"Please, Mr. Spock…tell me what bothers you. I could beat you until tears are forced out of you as an involuntary physical response, but that will help with nothing," Aiko said, continuing to stroke his back and side.

"If that is the punishment that the Captain believes I deserve, then I agree. Please continue,"
Spock replied, bracing himself once more.

"You misunderstand Mr. Spock," Aiko sighed, "Captain Kirk wished for me to bring out your emotions so that you may be healed. He stated that I may have to ask you to transfer your mind's thoughts with mine in some way. It did not fully compute."

"Mind-melding," Spock replied, a very slight tinge of nervousness in his voice, "Miss Aiko…did he specifically ask for this to be done?"

The bot in reply twitched, freezing once more as her eyes lit up.

"He knows how to meld minds, Aiko. You may need him to do this if other methods don't work. And don't be too surprised if they don't. I don't know, Aiko. I just know that you may be his last hope. Vulcans alone are prone to problems due to their emotional numbness. I can't imagine what it does to a half-human," Kirk's voice replied.

"Mind meld, Captain Kirk?" came Aiko's voice, "Does not compute."

"Ask him about it. He'll know what I mean," Kirk answered, "Please, Aiko."

Aiko twitched once more, and straightened. Spock did not move.

"Do you know what he meant by that, Mr. Spock?" Aiko asked quietly, her small hand placed on his lower back.

"Yes," the half-Vulcan finally responded, "Apparently I misjudged Captain Kirk. He does, indeed, intend to give me the punishment that I asked for after all. He wishes for me to share my deepest emotions with you by connecting our minds. Once I open my mind to you, I cannot…suppress."

"Will this melding of minds hurt you, Mr. Spock?" Aiko asked, her voice filled with concern, which, Spock noted, was also rather human of her.

"More than I can describe in words," he replied with a soft sigh. He winced softly as he felt his pants and underwear pulled back into place over his pained backside.

"I am sorry, Mr. Spock," the bot apologized, a gentle hand rubbing along his shoulders in order to sooth him, "Is there anything I can do to lessen the pain of this for you?"

Spock paused to think for a moment before responding, "Do what comes naturally to you, Miss Aiko. If the human side of me is to be released, it will need it." He rolled painfully to his side and looked up at Aiko. "I will touch your hand, and then you will begin to see images of my mind…my memories, and you will know my emotions."

The bot nodded, her dark eyes serious, and gripped Spock's hand with care when he reached for hers. He closed his eyes, his face neutral, and for a moment, Aiko worried that it would not work with a bot. Right as she was about to mention this, she was hit with a sudden vision. A young, seemingly Vulcan child walked home from school, trying his hardest to ignore the taunts of the other Vulcan children around him.

"Half-breed!" shouted one, throwing a small rock at him and missing.

"Yeah, his mom's a human. Let's see if we can make him cry!" another added, throwing well-aimed textbook at the back of the young Vulcan's head, knowing him to the ground. The child did not respond, and instead picked himself up shakily, his face bloodied from the fall. He continued to walk with dignity as the others cruelly continued to tease.
The vision faded into another of a pretty female human, holding the Vulcan child and rocking him. The Vulcan's face was calm, his eyes closed, though the human woman sobbed into the top of his head.

"The human in you cries, Spock, though the Vulcan in you won't let it out. I will cry for you, my little one," the lady's voice echoed.

Several images of the Vulcan child's life passed swiftly through the bots mind, as if flipping through pages of a book. Throughout it, the same bullies were present, plus new ones as the years went on, and discrimination from countless teachers. Also, the kind human mother was there to comfort, though a distant but well-meaning Vulcan father stood in the background, though Aiko could not make out his blurry details.

Another scene flashed, and a young adult Spock stood in Star Fleet uniform, looking proud. "I do not approve of your choices," echoed the voice of the older Vulcan. Spock turned and walked away; again unable to display his hurt. He was forced to turn forever from the father that he could never talk to.

"Ambassador Sarek?" Aiko said out loud, causing Spock's hand to twitch in hers though he could not answer her.
Again, years flew by like old movie film, and Spock stood in front of a sudden explosion. "Captain Pike!" he shouted, running towards the wreckage. Digging without regard for his own safety, Spock found the arm of his friend and captain, and pulled the badly burnt and critically injured human man from the wreckage. "No…Captain…" Spock gasped, holding the near-lifeless body.

Years flashed by from there on, and Aiko witnessed years of friendship between Spock and Captain Kirk. Though Spock missed the captain that he had served with for over a decade, he was loyal to the core to Kirk, and Kirk reciprocated the same back. They were Captain and First Officer, but also friends, sometimes like brothers, and sometimes almost seeming to be lovers, but nonetheless close. Then came the image of the severely deformed Captain Pike, and the image of a stunningly beautiful blonde lady with wild blue eyes. Captain Pike, suddenly restored to his formerly strong and handsome form, hugged the beautiful woman to him and they kissed, tears of joy streaming down both of their faces.

The aliens who had made the illusions possible smiled pleasantly and nodded at one another, pleased with themselves. Spock looked on from onboard the Enterprise and smiled softly for his friend, though the guilt of acting against Captain Kirk and initially, Captain Pike, prevented him from feeling any pride in his actions.

Both Aiko and Spock twitched as reality snapped back to them. Aiko now laid next to Spock, holding him closely to her, and he had returned her embrace. But, coming back, Spock tensed and Aiko herself tilted back a moment. Clearly at some point, the human instinct in Spock had reached out for her comfort, and she had done what came to her naturally.
"You poor man…" she said quietly into his pointed ear, before pulling him closer to her in a full embrace. Shakily, Spock twitched and tensed as if fighting something in him. Then, as sudden as the tremors had come, they stopped, and he held her back, his body trembling slightly.

Aiko held him carefully and looked down at his still-blank face, though she noted that his eyes had changed. There was a hint of vulnerability in the depths of them, since the human side had been given a fighting chance at last.

"Captain Kirk does not wish to bully tears out of you for amusement, Mr. Spock," the bot said quietly after awhile, "His intent is not cruel like those children where to you. He has asked me to do this for the good of you; not so that he can laugh at you. Humans have the ability to weep because it is emotionally soothing to them when they are hurting. There is a certain release of hormones that cannot be otherwise replicated, but is essential to humans. You are half human, and so you also have a need for the release of those hormones, though you deny it and if affects your health and well-being."

"I understand, Miss Aiko," answered Spock, his eyes glancing away, "It is difficult for me. The Vulcan side does not normally permit emotion. But these are the Captain's direct orders, and I will follow them."

"I will help you," Aiko promised, her hand running soothingly along his shoulders and back as she had seen his mother do in the images. Hesitating a moment, Spock nuzzled against her shoulder awkwardly.

"Life has been so cruel to you, Mr. Spock," the bot continued with sadness in her tone, "Are you sure that more punishment is what you need from me?"

"Yes," the half-Vulcan replied without hesitation.

"I will punish you, then," responded Aiko with a gentle squeeze. After knowing his mind, Aiko understood what she had to do. Most who desired punishment responded to gentleness; Spock responded to orders. "I will hurt you until you feel you have reached your limit, and then I will take the punishment slightly further," the bot continued, "I will then comfort you as I see fit, and will care for you as you heal. I will continue these methods for today and the next four days. You will be able to return to your duties at the end of your vacation, though you may still be sore. Your assignment now is to cry as many times as you possibly can in these next four days, to heal the human in you. You will have to fight the Vulcan instincts, hard. Do you understand, Mr. Spock?"

"Just 'Spock', please," he answered, fighting his Vulcan side, "And yes, I do understand, Miss Aiko."

"Just 'Aiko' please, Spock," replied the bot with a warm smile. Her expression then turned serious, "Spock, what part of your body is most sensitive to pain?"

Spock paused for a moment, and Aiko felt his heart pound against her side, and realized that anatomy-wise, Spock was more like a Vulcan than a human. No wonder he felt the need to suppress his human side. Brutally teased for being a half-breed, he logically tried to pass for the side that he most resembled in order to avoid further cruelty. Aiko frowned sadly at this realization and had a sudden urge to kiss him, though she fought it.

"My hands," he replied quietly, "Particularly my palms; also, my lips and my ears."

The bot squeezed the half-Vulcan man tightly to her and continued to massage his shoulders as she thought, though this seemed to have little effect on his state. His nervousness was apparent now to her extra sensory. She could hear it in his pulse and smell it on his skin, and she closed her eyes as she felt her massive black pupils nearly fill her eyes.
Aiko stood up suddenly and motioned for Spock, who sat up, wincing slightly as he stood. Aiko started to smile softly but stopped when she noticed Spock's quizzical look at her eyes. She looked away quickly and to her relief, he inquired no further for the moment.

"Spock, you are to kneel on the floor, facing your sleeping area. Please then stretch your arms outwards onto the mattress and place your hands together, palms up," the bot instructed.

Spock silently obeyed the orders, only hesitating a moment as he turned his sensitive palms upwards. In that position, his forehead was pressed to the edge of the mattress and he could not look up to receive hints on Aiko's next move. The bot, meanwhile, picked up the whip that she had left at the top of her backpack and sat on the edge on the bed.
"I will ask one more time; are you certain that more punishment is what you want, Spock?" she asked, her free hand resting on his right shoulder, causing him to jump very subtly.

"Yes," he replied again, without hesitation.

The bot nodded, and her hand shifted to the back of his neck where she pressed firmly as the raised the short whip high and brought it down on Spock's upturned palms. A shudder of pain surged through his body and he fought the urge to cry out, or rather, he fought the urge to not cry out, but the Vulcan in him was used to being in charge. Aiko cringed for him as she whipped the palms of his hands several times, green welts rising. Had Spock seen her expression, he would have noted that cringing is not a very bot-like behavior. He would have noted that empathetic cringing was a rather human-like behavior. But he could not note anything at the moment, because his human side was busy telling the side of him that did the vast majority of the noting to shut up. It was a difficult task and Spock's body shook with effort.
Watching his internal struggles, Aiko frowned. Memories were like bits of data in the brain, she thought, and she was able to access and relive her own, as well as cause other bots to relive theirs. Comfort-bots often times used this method to make each other relive and remember happy bits of recorded memory data. Pausing for a moment, Aiko moved her hand from the back of Spock's neck to the back of his head as her eyes began to glow.

Spock gasped as he felt a tingling sensation on the back of his head and flexed his throbbing hands. Suddenly, the internal fight in his head was paused and he was small again, cornered by his tormentors. The vision was ended quickly and Aiko sucked in a breath quietly, before bringing the whip down, hard, on the tips of Spock's delicate fingers, causing a small splattering of green blood as the leather broke the skin. Spock shuddered out loud and looked up at Aiko, feeling a stinging sensation in his eyes before his vision blurred slightly. The mix of the pain, as well as the mental pain brought to the surface was too much for the Vulcan side to handle. It was illogical; completely and totally illogical. The entire situation was illogical. The Vulcan side was stumped, but the human side understood, for once.
Aiko smiled softly down at Spock, though her eyes seemed humanly sad to him.
"You are doing well, darling," she said gently, before realizing her term of affection.

To her relief, the half-Vulcan did not seem to notice or mind, and pressed his head once more to the edge of the bed, shuddering repeatedly, and choking back pain. The bot placed her hand to his head once more, and images of his past whirred through his head at incredible speed, making him feel pain, physical, mental, emotional, from different situations in his life at once. He cried out in agony as his mind and palms were torn open, and shuddered once more before waves of quiet sobs traveled through him at last. Aiko frowned, feeling her own eyes burn slightly and her pupils expand as she continued to whip the helpless half-Human's hands, fighting her own urges to hold him.

Spock pressed his forehead and closed his eyes against the edge of the bed, sobbing openly as he felt blood ooze from his hands. At the same time in his mind, his father told him how much he disapproved. Still, he kept his bloodied hands in place, needing more. Instead, the whipping halted; waves of agony and relief firing across his palms. The bot then wrapped an arm around his back, pinning him in place, and pulled down his pants and underwear once more. Spock struggled slightly, (a healthy human instinct, Aiko noted), and whimpered softly into the edge of the mattress as Aiko whipped his already injured backside and thighs, mercilessly. His screams and sobs were muffled a lot by the edge of the mattress as he felt warm blood trickle down the backs of his thighs, and he understood, then, why Aiko had chosen this particular position for him, and was grateful.

The whip hit the tops of Spock's hips, leaving shallow slices, as he felt waves of fear and shame as a child in his mind. At the same time, he felt the frustration and utter helplessness of being unable to help his damaged former captain at the scene of the disaster. His muscles gave way at last and his body went limp, quivering uncontrollably as he wept into the mattress. Breathing a quiet sigh of relief, Aiko set the bloodied whip aside, and carefully helped Spock back onto the bed, sliding his underwear and pants back on. He writhed in pain as she did this, but did not protest. Instead he instinctively curled his body slightly, shaking.

"No more punishment for now," the bot assured as she pulled Spock close, resting her chin on the top of his head. In response, he clung to her and wept into her chest. His Vulcan half was by now, thoroughly confused, though his Human half felt an unexplainable release. Aiko squeezed him gently and began to rub his muscles, noting that the act seemed to still have a calming effect on him. Spock calmed slightly at Aiko's gentle massage but shook, his eyes still shut.
"Fear," Aiko's mind processed, "A very human response." She realized that Spock probably did not understand what had just happened to his mind and memories.

"It is something that bots can do to one another. I have never tried it on a non-bot before, but there was no danger involved in trying," Aiko explained into one pointed ear, nuzzling against him soothingly, "I just accessed and reactivated your memories. You are safe now."

Spock looked up at her finally, his eyes swollen and tired. The bot smiled gently down at him and cupped his face in her palm tenderly. "You did very well, Spock," she added.

"Thank you, Aiko," Spock answered quietly, diverting his eyes as his face turned slightly more green as fresh tears rolled down his cheeks. Aiko in response tilted her head endearingly to Spock and cuddled him warmly, planting a soft kiss on the top of his head, unable to help herself. Spock froze in confusion, maybe a bit of surprise as well, but embraced her back, possibly surprising himself as well.

"It disappoints me that Ambassador Sarek does not approve of you," Aiko said quietly after a pause, "In all of your memories, I have seen only an honorable person. A gentle person, except in combat; humane even then. Does not compute. He should be proud of you." She sighed.

Spock was silent, but his grip on Aiko tightened slightly and Aiko got the feeling that he appreciated her words, but also sensed a lot of confusion in him.

"Spock, do you have any clothing here except for uniforms?" the bot asked suddenly.

"Yes, I have sleeping clothes as well," Spock replied.

"Perfect," Aiko continued, "I think it would be comforting to you to bathe and change into more comfortable clothing. I will then tend to your needs. Do you need help with bathing?" The bot looked with concern at his damaged hands, but the half-Vulcan blushed deep green at the suggestion.

"I am quite capable, Aiko," he assured.

Aiko nodded and stroked Spock's back a few more times, thinking, before pulling him back and looking at him, her deep pupils meeting his. "While you are bathing, I will cleanse as well and change the clothing of this bed, and…I will prepare." Her eyes glanced at the emerald-stained sheets and she cringed slightly and stood up.

"Prepare, Aiko?" asked Spock, raising an eyebrow and he stood slowly, wincing in pain.

"I believe I owe you some explanation on a lot of things," explained the bot, her pink-tinged eyelids fluttering closed for a moment before opening once more, "Like why I recognized your father. Forgive me, Spock, I must first defragment my memory files. It will only take a moment."

Spock nodded. "I understand," he said to her. When she looked up, she saw familiar sincerity of his words reflected in his eyes. Of course he understood.

"Thank you," Aiko replied with a soft smile.

Spock nodded once more and turned, heading for his quarter shower, concentrating hard to prevent from limping. He sincerely hoped that his clothing would go straight to the washer from the laundry chute without anybody noticing the unmistakable green Vulcan blood that stained them.