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Aiko watched Spock disappear stiffly into his bathing area and fought the urge to follow him to help him bathe. His injuries would make bathing painful, though she realized that in his mind, it was just part of his punishment. The realization only made her want to hold him even more. She sighed as she removed her own uniform and dropped it into the laundry chute. She closed her eyes and froze, as her body began its self-clean procedure. Lavender-scented soap oozed slightly from her pores all over her body, followed by a rinse of water. Her body unfroze as she reached for a towel in her backpack and proceeded to dry herself off before putting on a fresh uniform.

She then removed the sheets and bedspread from Spock's mattress and tossed them into the laundry chute as well, along with her towel. Aiko found clean bedding in a nearby drawer and remade the bed perfectly, fluffing the pillow. She nodded at the completion of the task before she sat on the edge of the bed and held her head in concentration.

"Defragmentation, activate," she said out loud before freezing, her eyes wide and glowing white.

Meanwhile, Spock painfully attempted to bathe himself with deeply cut palms. Each scrubbing movement sent powerful waves throughout his hands and arms, causing him to hiss in agony. The human part of him wished that he had allowed for Aiko to help him to bathe, and even the Vulcan side seemed to think that it would have been the logical choice. Still, something other than his mere breed forced him to continue his bathing routine as quickly as possible. Once dried, Spock allowed himself only a moment to catch his breath and calm himself, before stepping into his night outfit; a set of blue pajamas. He returned to the main room of his quarters to find Aiko sitting on the foot of his bed, her eyes glowing brightly though her face was blank, and her body stiff. Spock assumed this to be maintenance mode.

"Fascinating," the half-Vulcan remarked, raising his pointed eyebrows.

At that moment, Aiko's body unfroze; her eyes once again black and shining with huge pupils.

"Spock?" she asked with a bright, clueless-looking smile.

"Yes, Aiko?" replied Spock, looking perplexed.

Aiko blinked several times as her eye twitched, the smile dropping. "Oh…maintenance…I recall now. I apologize; I am fully functional once more," the bot answered suddenly, "I…I recall everything clearly at this moment. Spock, please lie back down on the bed. I will attend to your wounds, and then I will explain everything."

The half-Vulcan twitched his eyebrows in response and nodded, before lying down obediently, his body twitching slightly. Aiko sighed, knowing that the Vulcan side was back in charge, at least for the time being. She followed, pulling an extensive first aid kit from her backpack.

"Aiko, what is the point of inflicting punishment if said punishment is then helped to heal?" questioned Spock.

Aiko paused and blinked. "I…do not have an answer for that, Spock. I will be sure to ask for it to be included in my next programming update. Your hands and posterior are injured and need medical care."

"No," is all Spock said.

Aiko sighed in a near-human frustration and for a moment, Spock was amusedly reminded of McCoy. He half expected a "Dammit, Spock!" out of her, but her response was once again calm.

"Please at least allow me to cleanse your wounds with antiseptic and bandage them so that you do not contract infection or get more blood on your clothing and sleeping space," she requested. She sighed, and then added, "The antiseptic, of anything, will make it hurt worse for the time being."

Spock thought for a moment, and then nodded. "That seems logical," he replied, stretching his hands out in front of him. He had no desire to end up having to go to sickbay for infected whip-marks. He did not care to explain that one to Dr. McCoy or Nurse Chapel.
His pajama bottoms were suddenly pulled down and gauze, wet with stinging antiseptic brushed over the cuts on his backside, hips, and thighs. Spock winced at the terrible burning and gripped his pillow with his cut hands. Aiko frowned and stroked his mid-back soothingly as the antiseptic dried.

"I would put pain relieving healing ointment on them if you would allow me to," she offered.

"No," replied Spock quickly, "But thank you."

Aiko nodded as she applied bandages to the open wounds and replaced his pajama bottoms, to his relief. She moved herself to the top of the bed and took Spock's left hand, stroking it gently before dabbing his cuts with antiseptic. Spock cringed and pressed his face against his pillow, hiding his pained expression, as Aiko doused his other hand. She cupped them both in her own hands as the antiseptic dried, and then worked quickly to bandage both hands.

Spock's body quivered with effort to stay silent and still and Aiko contemplated with her urge once more, but decided not to fight them. She carefully picked up the injured half-Vulcan's hands and planted a tender kiss on each bandaged palm. Spock looked up at her, obviously surprised, but Aiko smiled and snuggled closer to him. He paused a moment before allowing himself to relax back against her. She was a comfort-bot after all and it was captain's orders. He noticed that the bot tightened her hold on him slightly, causing him to look up at her in confusion. She looked down at him and bit her eternally-shimmery lip. Spock raised his eyebrow in questioning.

"You have a lot of questions. I…hope that this will answer them all," Aiko explained as she carefully guided one of Spock's hands to the back of her head and held it there as she began to access her memories, "Most of these memories are recorded from my vision. Some were implanted during programming to fill in missing sequences of events, for my benefit and the benefit of the programmers."

"Interesting," Spock remarked.

"Oh yes, very," Aiko agreed with a floaty-looking smile as her memories began to kick in.

Spock watched her face as the present began to fade out. The last thing that he saw was her eyes; the black pupils had taken over her eyes completely. The world around him whited out completely for a moment, before he was suddenly surrounded by pink clouds. A bright sky in five shades of hideous pink popped up in front of him, filled with glittering stars. He raised an eyebrow, very confused indeed. He heard Aiko's slightly computerized sigh.

"I apologize, Spock," he head her voice say. It seemed to be coming from all around him. "This was put in my programming for the rare times that I would choose to show somebody this information. The atmosphere of this mode was made to seem comforting, but it is an experimental design. Do you find it comforting, Spock?" Spock could have sworn that he had heard the bot snicker.

"If I were a teenage human female, I would find this to be most comforting," Spock replied.

"I shall tell my programmers of your opinion the next time that I am updated," replied Aiko with bot-like cheeriness in her tone.

A square in the sky in front of Spock flickered and turned on, revealing itself to be a large screen.

"Memory processing," came Aiko's voice. There was a pause before she continued, "Accessing memory files."

The screen glowed as images quickly appeared. Spock watched, unable to look away. It appeared that he was looking directly at Aiko's saved background.

There was an image of what appeared to be a human male, sitting in a primitive-looking wheelchair. He wore a white lab coat and looked carefully at vials of different liquids and typed notes into some kind of machine. He was obviously some kind of scientist. The man looked to be in late forties, and wore large glasses, but he had a kind look to his expression.

Spock watched the screen and noticed that Aiko had gone silent as images flashed by. "Aiko?"

"I am functional, Spock," Aiko's voice answered after a pause, "Forgive me. The man who you see is the man who created me."

Spock nodded, understanding, and continued to watch images of the scientist as he looked at something under a microscope and tinkered with computer parts. He also seemed to read an abnormal amount of books and data files; obsessive almost. As he watched, Aiko explained the images.

"He was a very successful scientist of human anatomy and behavior… culture…everything about the species. He had fame and wealth, but no love in his life, and love was the only thing out of all of it that he really wanted, ever. He studied human bodily and brain functions extensively, and using a mix of a preserved female…human, frozen moments before death, and machine, created …" Aiko trailed off, as the images spoke for themselves.

There flashed a scene of a female silhouette floating in glass, fluid-filled tube, tubes and cords hooked to every part of her body. Long, black and pink hair trailed behind her naked body in the tube, and occasionally her eyes fluttered, as if she were trying to awaken. The man would wheel himself close to the tube and touch is gently each time he saw her stir, looking hopeful.
Spock nodded to himself. It made sense now. All of her subtle giveaways, her non-machine traits; Aiko was part human, part computer; the kind that Kirk and McCoy always joked about him being. He continued to watch the screen.

The man would occasionally tinker with the tubes in the holding tank, filling them with different materials. He would also put endless disks into a connected computer, occasionally typing some kind of data.

"I was programmed with extensive medical knowledge, as well as a defense and rescue system, in case anything ever happened to him…and I was programmed not to be as affected by inflicting pain. He was in chronic pain because of his disease, and did not want me to panic if he cried out in pain when I moved him…" Aiko's voice explained notably quietly, "He made my senses far superior to humans and my skin…he could not move much, Spock…"

The half-Vulcan raised his eyebrows.

"He…wanted not only pleasure, but to give pleasure and love as well. I can be stimulated reproductively through any place on my skin with minimal physical assertion…." she continued. Spock continued to look upwards with his raised pointed eyebrows, and Aiko could not tell if he was shocked, amused, or offended.

"I apologize if you wished not to know that," she added quietly.

"Interesting," is all the half-Vulcan said in reply.

"Yes…very…" the bot sighed once more.

The man in the wheelchair continued to update Aiko and build on her, making her perfect in every way. The memory files showed many nights where the man would fall asleep, his face pressed against her glass. Other times, he would fall asleep with his head on the computer monitor, his glasses pressed in odd directions. Around the room, there were odd posters from an older time in Japanese culture where the people were obsessed with large-eyed female cartoon characters with strange-colored hair. Apparently this scientist had also been a fan.
One day, the man rolled over to the tank quickly, ignoring the pain of doing so, and beamed up at Aiko's body in excitement. He wrote something quickly in his journal and watched, displaying signs of human joy.

The bot meanwhile stirred slightly in her tube, her long hair waving around her naked, nearly completed body. The man smiled contently, the flinched, his eyes suddenly growing wide. His right hand flew to his left arm which appeared to go stiff and numb and the man made a choking noise. With a crash, he fell out of his wheelchair on the ground, helpless to get up. The bot stirred slightly in her tube, not yet conscious and complete, unaware of the world outside of her liquid-filled holding tank. The man reached out towards the tank with a quivering hand, but with one last heaving breath, collapsed, never to stir again.

Spock was silent for a long moment. He had noted several minute prior that Aiko had discontinued her narration of the memory files, and he now understood why. "My condolences," he said solemnly.

"Thank you," the bot replied, and he detected a slight shake in her voice.

The screen changed rapidly to Aiko's emergence from her tube. At the assigned time, the tube drained itself of water and the bot gasped her first breath of air in loudly and choked, coughing out fluid as she huddled on the bottom of the tube. The glass in front unlocked and swung open and the bot peeked out cautiously, shivering from the chill of nakedness.

The images changed to be from the view of Aiko, as she stepped out of the tube, onto the concrete floor. She then caught the sight of her deceased creator on the floor and marched over to him, obviously not understanding.

"Hello! I a at your service, Dr. Edward Geralds," she announced with a bow and a cheery smile. She stood for a moment, watching the body as confusion set it.

"Dr. Edward Geralds?" she asked as she knelt down to touch him, but cringed back instinctively when she felt his ice-cold skin on her fingertips, "Doctor…?"

The bot gingerly flipped the body over to reveal that the man previously inhabiting said body had departed maybe as much as a day before. Aiko's vision froze on the sight of the body in horror. She quickly grabbed the body and began resuscitation to no effect. She tried resuscitation repeatedly for about an hour's time, or so the memory files indicated. In between tries, she placed her hands on the chest of the body and issued a sudden shock of electricity; attempting to restart the heart to no avail.

Finally the realization set in and Aiko clutched the body as her vision blurred heavily with tears, her body trembling. "N-no…does not compute…" she mumbled, holding the body to her, "Must be…some error…error…error…" she closed her eyes for a moment and reopened them, revealing completely blank, cobalt-blue eye screens, the images shown from third person once more. There were no pupils, no whites, no irises, just blue screens. "Error…Error! Error! Error! Error!" the bot repeated; her blank eyes wide as smoke began to erupt from the back of her head. It had been too much for her programming to take in without add-ons, and her circuits had fried, leaving her unable to do anything but lie with a corpse and announce error mode.

"I had been programmed to meet his needs, to service him, to care for him, to love…" Aiko's voice explained quietly, "I was made to fulfill every need and desire of my creator…but by the time I was complete, Dr. Edward Geralds was deceased. I had been programmed only for him. All of my actions required his actions and so when he ceased to exist…"

"You were…" Spock trailed off, looking deep in thought.

"I was his fantasy, brought to life," Aiko finished.

They fell silent once more as the images continued. Several days were shown to go by where the bot clung to her creator's corpse, announcing error mode. Then, a familiar voice began to narrate the images; it was Sarek. Spock blinked, surprised for a moment.

"Ambassador Sarek recorded this part into my memory files, so that I would understand that I had not really been kidnapped…you will see what I mean by that soon," Aiko's voice explained as Sarek's continued,
"I had scheduled to meet with Dr. Edward Geralds, a galaxy-renowned human life and behavior specialist, and a longtime friend. As my men and I approached, we could sense that something was wrong. When there was no answer to our knocks at his door, we proceeded to break into and enter the home of Dr. Edward Geralds. I had known for a long time that he was not in good health. We knew what we would find before we saw it. However, we discovered an addition to our imaginings," the deep voice explained neutrally. His voice then stopped as the images took over for the explanation.

The team of Vulcans marched into the room, led by a relatively young Sarek. Spock blinked in surprise once more at the images. His father and he, at similar ages looked almost identical.

"Now you see why I experienced a slight moment of confusion when I first saw you, Spock," Aiko's voice explained quietly, "For a moment, I worried that I had marched myself into the room of an old friend, disturbing his privacy."

Spock nodded silently, pursing his lips. "That is a rather logical reaction given the information behind it," he said after a pause. He could not see Aiko's face, but got the distinct feeling that she had smiled. He looked up to see that the Vulcans on the screen had made an attempt to pry the bot from the body of her creator, without much success. Several strong Vulcan men pulled at her, finally releasing her grip just enough to pull her from the body.

In reaction, Aiko began to announce error mode loudly as she fought and struggled against the Vulcans, knocking two of them over. The third, a technician, grasped at her desperately but she caught him, their arms and legs intertwined so that neither could move easily. Sarek, meanwhile, had calmly walked across the room and skimmed the data and writings of the late Dr. Geralds, and had made a rather fascinating discovery of what exactly Aiko was composed of. He looked up in time to see the bot and one of his men in a physical stalemate of sorts, neither harming the other, but neither able to move forward, and the other two men scrambling to their feet to grip the bot. "ERROR! ERROR! ERROR!" she announced.

Sarek walked up behind the bot and the stuck Vulcan, shooing the other two out of the way, and quickly grasped the area between the bot's shoulder and neck, causing her to fall limply to the floor, silent. The Vulcan who she had been struggling against straightened. "Thank you, sir," he said to Sarek, "But how did you know that it would work?"

Sarek tossed his cloak over the naked bot and scooped her up with care. "It was the only logical solution," he said simply with a nod to his men. The medic of the team made his way quickly to the corpse and began to scan it, inspecting the cause of death.
"What will we do with her, sir?" one of the other men asked. Meanwhile, the third man had curiously looked through a closet to find outfits for a female the size of the bot, much to the relief of all of them. He chose the most modest of the outfits and hung them over his arm to bring along.

"This…being…" Sarek replied, raising a pointed eyebrow at the unconscious bot in his arms, "Was the stated "magnum opus" of Dr. Edward Gerald's, according to his notes. She is…part machine, part human. She was meant to fulfill human desires for comfort and companionship as well as to offer medical assistance to him in his poor state of health. I knew Dr. Geralds personally…he would not have wanted for his creation to be left in this state. We will do our best to help her."

The men nodded, and Sarek pulled out a communication device and reported the finding of Dr. Edward Geralds' body, and the medic reported that death had been caused by a sudden unexpected heart attack with no ill-doing involved. They then copied the data that they had come from, which had by irony been lying open along with other studies of the human mind.

"It should prove to be quite interesting when this being reawakens," Sarek commented to the medic, who nodded in agreement as they re-boarded their travel ship.

Aiko was placed temporarily in the ship's electronic storage unit for safe keeping. Meanwhile, the Vulcans pondered what to do with her. A series of images flashed by, showing Sarek and a team of Vulcans as they looked through records and seemed to discuss possible options.
"She is equip with defense and rescue techniques, Ambassador. Perhaps she could aid in planetary defense?" a Vulcan who by his uniform was clearly a scientist suggested.

"Perhaps…" replied Sarek as he continued to read through hand written notes of the late Dr. Geralds.

"Or possibly the medical field," the medic added, looking up from a data file, "She does have extensive medical knowledge."

"That too is a possibility," Sarek agreed as he turned the pages rapidly.

"Ambassador," commented a Vulcan man who held a variety of technical tools, "I have heard recently of an organization full of androids who act much as this model was supposed to in purpose. They are known as 'Comfort-b-'" Their conversation, however, was interrupted by a sudden crash. The Vulcans stood at alert and on Sarek's command, headed straight for the storage unit.

The team cautiously opened the door to the storage unit and looked remotely startled by what they saw. The bot had not only awakened but in her attempt to get to the nearest wall, had knocked over several heavy holding containers for various equipment. She had since made her way to the wall of the unit and appeared to be clawing the wall with the tips of her fingers. "ERROR! ERROR! ERROR!" she announced, her eyes blank, cobalt blue and glowing.

Sarek paused for a moment to think, before quickly moving towards the bot, followed by his team. "You ar 0, or Aiko as your creator, Dr. Edward Geralds called you," Sarek explained as he approached, "We know about you. I was a lifelong friend of Dr. Geralds. You are in no danger here."

"ERROR!" Aiko replied as she continued to claw the wall.

"Ambassador, what is she doing?" asked the scientist as he stepped closed to the malfunctioning bot as well.

"It would appear, Dr. Skon, that she is attempting to return to the body of Dr. Geralds," explained Sarek with a slightly solemn look, "Her loyalty for her creator is in the deepest part of her programming." Sarek reached out to touch the shoulders of the bot, who clawed feverishly at the side of the ship. "She is attempting currently to dig her way out of the side of the ship. It is illogical, but she is in error mode." He withdrew slightly as he caught sight of her fingers, and their near lack of fingertips as the bot continued to grind away at the metal interior of the ship. Sarek, noting the damage, reached out quickly and tried to pull the bot back.

"ERROR! ERROR! ERROR!" she announced louder than ever, but Sarek held on tightly and to the surprise of his team, pulled her into an awkward embrace.

"ERROR! Error! Error…err…" Aiko repeated as her body slumped, once again unconscious. Though her eyelids were closed peacefully, the blue screens glowed eerily through them. Sarek caught the limp body and picked her up once more, looking uncomfortable. "She needs help immediately," he said with a serious look towards each member of his team. The others nodded in reply.

"How did you know what to do, Ambassador?" asked the medic with a curious look towards the bot.

"I read her programming notes that an embrace is the single fastest and most efficient way to calm this model," Sarek explained as he made his way back out of the storage unit, "And so it is with humans, of whom she is part as well. She will not stay in the storage unit again."

"I will make sure she is placed in proper quarters," Dr. Skon assured with a nod, "After we fix her programming, and her hands." He and the technician nodded at one another, and the technician observed one of the hands closely as the broken and dangling fingers short-circuited.

Nothing more needed to be said; it was clear that the two men knew what to do. Aiko was quickly moved to the surgical ward of the ship where the medic and technician worked seemingly for hours to reattach each finger. The technician then opened her programming unit, located in her lower back, and began to work quickly. Sarek entered the room quietly and watched with interest. Suddenly, the technician shook his head and a subtle look of confusion crossed his face.

"What is it, Balor?" asked Sarek with a raised eyebrow as he glanced from bot to technician.

"Ambassador…" explained Balor, "There are some things deeply embedded in her programming, including her dedication to the last Dr. Geralds. My concern is that if this is not repaired in some way that she will immediately go back into error mode upon awakening. Sir…you know a good deal about the inner workings of computers as well-"

Sarek nodded once, cutting the technician off, and stepped in towards the bot, taking the tools in his own hands. "You are correct, Balor," he said calmly as he began to work, "It would be illogical to bring her back if she were unable to have free will. No living being should be forcibly made to serve another."

"Sir?" asked Dr. Skon, as he ran a scan of the bot's brain functions.

"Dr. Edward Geralds was a longtime friend of mine," Sarek continued gravely, "But his ethics lacked in some matters."

None of the Vulcans said anything for awhile, and Sarek continued to work on the programming, erasing old information and updating it with new. Finally, he stepped back and took a deep breath, Balor right behind him.

"I believe I have solved the technical problem," Sarek announced as he straightened, "And now, I shall fill her in with details of this event, so that when she wakes, she will know that there is no logical reason to attempt escape." Balor nodded and grabbed a set of files, feeding each one into her data port.

"This is…quite fascinating," Dr. Skon suddenly remarked as he held up a scan of the bot's brain, "It appears that though her left hemisphere is completely mechanical…" he trailed off and shook his head in disbelief.

Balor and Sarek paused and stared intently at the medic who quickly continued, noticing their stares, "The right hemisphere of her brain is entirely human."

"An android capable of human emotion…" Sarek concluded with a blink, "Fascinating."

"Quite," continued Dr. Skon as he pulled up several documents, "It also appears that she has extra sensory. Stronger senses of hearing, sight, smell, taste, and touch-"

They were interrupted by a soft moan coming from Aiko. Sarek quickly closed her finished programming port and the team rolled her over carefully. She bot stared up at then, her mouth slightly open with pain. Though her eyes were finally out of error mode, their black pupils were wide with sensation, and tears fell out the outer corners of them into her shiny hair, and a whimper built in her throat.

"The surgery…the extra sensory…" Sarek said as he studied the bot curiously, "Dr. Skon, keep her heavily drugged, as heavily as you can without damage to her."

The doctor nodded and quickly administered a dose of heavy pain killers, and Aiko's look glazed quickly.

"Uni 0, are you functional?" Sarek asked, subtle concern crossing his sharp features.

"Aiko…" the bot replied dreamily.

"Of course," Sarek nodded, "The symbols A, one, K, and zero, when arranged in that pattern imitate the human name "Aiko", Japanese in origin, meaning "love". But how would a bot know that without special programming?"

"She is also part human, Ambassador," Balor added, "Every humanoid species wishes to be called a name or title. Once you programmed her with free choice, you instilled her with that."

Sarek nodded. "Aiko," he continued, staring intently at the drugged bot, "Are you functional?"

The bot twitched slightly and smiled cheerily. "Hello! I am Aiko, at your service," she announced.

"No Aiko," Sarek corrected, "You serve no one here."

The bot blinked her large eyes in confusion, before closing them, her body limp once more. Sarek nodded to Dr. Skon, "Keep her that way until she is fully healed."

The images flashed by, showing many days where the bot laid in her quarters, sleeping or heavily drugged. Multiple times when she was awake, Sarek would come into her quarters and update her with extensive memory files on a large variety of subjects. Aiko seemed to look forward to this, and became more alert as she healed. Soon, she was shown walking quickly in a very bot-like manner around the ship, greeting perplexed Vulcans with a cheery smile, and often times attempting to help them in their duties, which usually ended up Sarek or Balor leading her away with lures of information files, leaving the Vulcan "victim" rather confused and mildly disturbed.

The images flashed to a scene where Sarek and Balor were talking quietly in Aiko's quarters as she sat in maintenance mode in the background, her eyes glowing.

"I am unsure as where to place her," Sarek confided in the technician, "She will not fit into Vulcan society."

"No," agreed Balor, "But perhaps she will find belonging in that Comfort-Bot company."

"Ah, perhaps," agreed Sarek, "You had mentioned that once before. It seems a shame though that she can hold so much information but still only wishes to serve others."

The technician shrugged in reply before adding, "It is in her core being, Ambassador. It would take more than excellent re-programming to change that."

Aiko suddenly straightened and stood as her maintenance completed. "Hello! I am Aiko, at your service," she announced with an unnervingly bright smile. A moment passed, and she then blinked and looked around. "I apologize," she added with a beguilingly innocent look, "I am now fully functional."

Sarek studied the bot for a moment before nodding. "Yes, Balor, I think that the company you mentioned might do rather well for her. And maybe they could fix that bit of freeze-up she has when she first comes out of maintenance mode as well."

Smiling pleasantly, Aiko began to make her way to the exit of the room in hopes of "helping" some Vulcans in need, but was caught by Balor, who held up a new information file to the bot's visual joy. Sarek watched curiously. The bot let out a quiet purr as she accessed the new information, and Balor stepped back and nodded.

The images flashed once more, and the team was shown to un-board the ship, onto the planet of Vulcan. Aiko looks around with wide eyes as she walked between Sarek and Balor. They led her to a small group of men and women who were dressed in pastel-colored uniforms. They smiled pleasantly, and all attempted the Vulcan hand salute, most failing terribly. Sarek and Balor saluted back, and Aiko looked at her own hand and tried to force her fingers into the same position, looking fascinated.

A man in a lilac suit stepped forwards and looked Aiko over, as did a woman in a mint green tunic. The man smiled at Sarek, who looked slightly unnerved by the gesture. "We can most certainly find a place for this one," the man assured, "We will update her and fix her to our standards. Her mobility will be much superior, and will allow for the human part to have more control."

"This should be a very interesting experience," the woman added with a pleasant smile at Aiko.

"Hello! I am Aiko, at your service," the bot beamed in reply.

"Oh yes, she will do nicely," a heavyset man in a sky blue suit chuckled.

Sarek nodded and Balor straightened. "You are welcome to use our technical facilities to update her if you wish," the ambassador offered.

"Sounds like a plan," the man in the lilac suit replied, "We shall start right away, if that is all right."

Sarek nodded, and the images flashed, showing the humans in the Vulcan technical facilities, working feverishly as sparks flew everywhere. Sarek, Balor, and Dr. Skon all occasionally poked their heads in to observe, but none of the humans seemed to notice; too enthralled in their work.

Aiko was later revealed as she sat up with a bright smile and looked at her shiny new fingertips, lacking scars and the nails permanently painted pink to match her hair. She looked around dreamily before straightening. "I apologize," she announced, "I am now fully functional."

"Well Ted, at least you got her to stop introducing herself every time she wakes up," the man in the lilac suit chuckled to the portly sky-blue clad man who beamed. "She should be much more functional, now, and her human part should be content," he replied.

"She is different than our other models," the lady added, removing her visor, "We have to keep in mind that this is a sentient being."

"Yes," the man in the lilac suit agreed, and they nodded.

Aiko meanwhile had hopped off of the table on her wobbly new leg structure, and began perfecting her new, fluid way of walking. She twirled and nearly fell over, caught quickly by Ted. "Easy there," he soothed as he stood her back up.

"Well, shall we show her to the Ambassador and his team?" asked the man in the lilac suit.

"I think they would both like that," agreed the lady in the mint green tunic.

The team then was shown along with Sarek, Balor, and Dr. Skon, as well as several other Vulcan men and women. Aiko stepped forward and the Vulcans stared. She was still very small, though her facial expressions had been toned, and her legs and waist were slightly longer, human-like curves filled in, instead of bot-like sharpness. She smiled, her eyelids painted a shimmery pink, and she wore a white Comfort-Bot uniform.

The Vulcans nodded in approval and commended the humans on their work, as Aiko smiled up at all of them. The then saluted one another, and Sarek awkwardly ruffled Aiko's hair. "Live long and prosper," he stated with a subtle smile.

The humans then led Aiko away to a ship, and Aiko walked in, then turned as the entrance closed with a look of confusion? "Ambassador Sarek?" she asked, "Mr. Balor?"

"No Aiko, they have to stay on their planet. You are going to be a Comfort-Bot, and Ambassador Sarek and Mr. Balor are involved in their planet's government," Ted explained gently.

Aiko stared at the entrance as her eyes stung and tears rolled down her shimmery-painted cheeks. She touched them and looked confused by them. Several other bots that happened to be in the area glanced at Aiko, and looked disturbed by her reactions. Aiko dried her eyes quickly when she noticed the others and smiled brightly, "Hello!" she greeted. The other bots in response edged away and left the room. Aiko frowned.

"They don't understand," Ted explained as he put a friendly arm around the small bot, "They are fully computerized. Full bots cannot cry."

"I did not mean to scare them, Mr. Ted," Aiko said quietly.

"Oh, don't worry too much, Aiko, they'll come around," the robust man assured with a smile.

Scenes flashed by, showing interactions between the bots. Often times, when Aiko walked into the room, the other bots would exit quickly, leaving Aiko to sit by herself.

Spock had been quiet for a long time, and Aiko had as well. He frowned slightly, watching the other bots' rejection of their half-human colleague, though he said nothing, and Aiko was silent as well for awhile. "Their actions were not of unkindness," her voice finally assured in a quiet tone, "They did not understand and showed reactions that seemed fearful. Some feared that I contained a virus that would make them 'malfunction' as I did."

Spock nodded. "People fear what they do not understand."

"Precisely," Aiko's voice replied.

The images flashed by once again and showed brief depictions of Aiko's assignments. It had become clear early on to the humans that ran the Comfort-Bot company that Aiko, having free will, had chosen not to sleep with clients on whim. Because of this, she was often assigned to care for children, the elderly, and the sick and injured. Though as time went by Aiko learned to deaden her outer emotions, she was always shown as having a slightly sad look at the end of each assignment, especially when she had formed a bond with the client.

"You are lonely," Spock remarked suddenly.

Aiko was quiet for a moment, caught off guard by his words.

"I apologize," he added, "I did not mean it as an insult."

"No," assured Aiko's voice with a slight shake, "I was just surprised. I…have not shown my memories this extensively to another before, but Captain Kirk requested…"

Spock blinked, and then nodded, looking thoughtful. "It would seem," he responded, "That the Captain had plans to aid both of us."
"It would seem so," agreed the bot with a sigh.

"What an illogical being…" the half-Vulcan continued, "But benevolent."

"Very," Aiko replied. She was quiet for a long moment as images flashed by, showing her holding and rocking distressed children, calming them almost immediately, and her touch seemed to have the same effect on the panicked elderly and unwell. Then images of departure were shown. Orphaned children were taken by relatives and the elderly and unwell either got better or passed on, sometimes in the arms of the bot. "I never wanted to say goodbye to any of them," she admitted quietly.

As years went by in the images, Aiko gained respect from the other bots, and slowly, they bots began to tolerate and even seek out her presence, though she never seemed as close to them as they were to one another. However, she seemed to enjoy the company of the humans that ran the company, and other humanoid beings. The images suddenly stopped, and the world around Spock became a teenage human's fantasy again. He raised an eyebrow and mentally swore that he had heard Aiko emit a sigh, and distinctly mumble something about "Ted" as the bright rose-colored world faded.

Spock opened his eyes suddenly, back in his quarters, to meet Aiko's intense black stare. She quickly looked away, trying to act as if she had only glanced at him.

"Fascinating," Spock commented, "You are half human."

"Yes," Aiko replied, seeming unsure of what she should focus her eyes on.

"And half computer," he continued.

"Yes," she responded again, glancing at him, to see that he was staring intently at her as well. She then tensed slightly, noticing for the first time since coming back to reality that they were still in one another's embrace. She blushed visibly and started to pull away, but felt Spock's injured hands gently squeeze her shoulders. He looked interested, but also exhausted. She smiled softly and squeezed him closer again, resting her cheek against his head. "You are tired, Spock. Rest. More than a day passed in the time that we viewed my memory files, and you will need it for when we wake," she ordered.

"That would be a logical solution," agreed Spock as he closed his eyes. Both half-bot and half-Vulcan seemed at unease, but neither made a move to break their embrace as the room's lights faded. Spock noted that though they had, by physical hours, been away for over a day, that none of his biological functions had resumed. Memory transfer in bots seemed very curious indeed. "When I was young," he added a moment later, causing Aiko's eyes to open in the dark, glowing down at him, "My father told to me a story about a computerized female who was so filled with dedication that she attempted to dig her way out of the side of his ship with her bare hands until she broke them. As a child, I cringed, and he looked disappointed at my empathy. But he assured that he and his team helped her in the end."

Aiko's glowing orbs blinked in the darkness, and she was silent for a moment, though her embrace tightened slightly. "He said that she was one of the more curious forms of life he had encountered," he continued, "He explained her basic functioning. It was a fascinating story."

Aiko blinked once more as she felt her face heat, and was thankful for the darkness. "It is a small Universe, as humans would say," she answered quietly after a pause, then added, "If you would like, you may examine my data port when we…" she trailed off, noticing how relaxed Spock's body had become. His breathing had also become rhythmic. She nodded to herself, and pulled the sheet and bedspread over and around him, tucking him in. The half-bot smiled in the dark, and then closed her eyes as she quietly announced "protection mode" and then began to access information files as the half-Vulcan slept peacefully in her arms.