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The door signaled suddenly, drawing Spock and Aiko's attentions away from their game of chess. They both moved to stand, but Aiko was faster than the injured half-Vulcan and answered the door as he shakily straightened.

"Hello, Captain Kirk," Aiko greeted, as the door opened, "I am sorry that we were asleep when you came by earlier."

"Sleep is important, Aiko," Kirk replied as he entered the room. He smiled warmly at Spock, who glanced away.

"Captain," Spock greeted; his posture stiff.

"Mr. Spock," Kirk sighed, his tone gentle. He paused a moment, noticing Spock's awkwardness, and quietly cursed himself for leaving the whip neatly folded next to the letter and vitamins that he and McCoy had left the night before.

Spock attempted to back up, and nearly stumbled into Aiko, who seemed to be cluelessly standing in the way of his escape route. She gave a bottish smile and made no attempt to move.

"Did I interrupt a game of chess?" Kirk asked suddenly, changing the subject.

"We were at a stale mate, I believe," Spock answered, relaxing slightly.

"That doesn't happen very often with you," Kirk commented, glancing at Aiko, "I take it you two are getting along?"

Both of the hybrids blushed suddenly in response to this. "Yes, Captain Kirk," Aiko finally answered, "Thank you." Spock nodded slightly.

Kirk shifted, and stepped backwards into a chair. He had not noticed the half-bot pull up a chair.

"Please, join us, Captain Kirk," Aiko offered.

"Oh, I was just checking in on Spock," Kirk responded, but noticed Spock's slightly saddened look and Aiko's intense gaze. "But I could stay a bit, I suppose," he continued as he took a seat.

Spock slowly lowered himself into his heavily-padded chair, courtesy of Aiko and numerous cushions, concentrating hard not to wince in front of Kirk. Aiko stood, ready to aid him, but kept her distance for the sake of his pride, and sat quickly once Spock had as well. Kirk watched this display with interest.

Aiko smiled over at Kirk. "It has been many years since we last met, Captain Kirk. How have you been?" she asked.

"Mostly good, Aiko," he smiled back, "You look…exactly the same."

"I am a bot, Captain Kirk, I do not change in appearance with age," she answered, and smiled softly, "You have grown up."

"When did you two meet, if I might ask?" Spock asked, looking curious.

"It was back during my first real exploration mission. I was an ensign, sent with a crew to meet with the planet's ambassador to discuss progress. But when we got there, it was a war zone," Kirk described, "The people were being enslaved by invading Klingons. It was terrible. They were a pacifist humanoid species with no weapons or military. We really didn't know what was happening when we got there." Kirk paused for a long moment before continuing, "My unit split up to survey the situation, but…I got lost."

"You…became lost, Captain?" Spock asked, and Aiko cocked her head.

"It was my first mission, Spock," Kirk explained, "I was seventeen. No one was prepared for what we found. I got turned around and was trying to find others in my unit, and almost walked right into a circle of Klingons. I would have been captured on the spot if Aiko hadn't grabbed me."

Spock glanced from Kirk to Aiko curiously; comfort-bots were not meant for war zones.

"I was on an assignment, when the Klingons invaded. I had just arrived and was in the process of locating my clients when…" she trailed off, searching for a description.

"When all hell broke loose," Kirk offered and half-bot nodded.

"Why did you stay?" questioned Spock, "It seems illogical for you to be there, unarmed."

Aiko frowned slightly, but forced her expression neutral, before locking eyes with her lover. "They had the children I was sent to care for and protect," she said quietly, "I was fulfilling my programming." Her skin flushed slightly purple and she looked away nervously.

Kirk sighed, causing Spock and Aiko to look at him oddly.

"Oh, would you both stop giving me that look and chill out?" he suddenly asked. They were both silent in response to his outburst, though Spock shifted slightly in physical discomfort. Kirk sighed again and turned to his first officer.

"Spock…" he started, and paused as the half-Vulcan raised a perplexed eyebrow highly, "Look, Spock. You're half human. I know that. You know that. Everybody knows that. You don't have to be so stoic."

"It is in my nature, Captain," Spock calmly defended.

"It truly is in his nature, Captain Kirk," Aiko supported, "But I find your acceptance of his human side to be agreeable."

"And you," Kirk turned to Aiko, "Cut the bot act, I know what you are, and I have known from the beginning. Why do you think I requested you for Spock?"

Aiko's black eyes widened in bewilderment, and Kirk continued, "Most bots are not self aware, and do nothing that hasn't been directly programmed into them. A bot would not have pulled me back from the Klingons. A bot wouldn't have been spying on the Klingons in the first place."

The half-bot closed her eyes and was quiet for a moment, and then shrugged. "Okay, you got me," she said, "I am a biomechanical bot in body, but I have a human consciousness." She opened her eyes to see Spock's surprised and subtly empathetic expression.

"She is a comfort-bot, Captain-" Spock started, but was cut off by Aiko.

"I have lived for over sixty years. Occasionally someone figures it out. It's not the end of the world, darling, but I appreciate the backup," she continued, then met Spock's gaze and added, "But it is a true rarity when I openly volunteer this fact to another."

"It shouldn't have to be like this," Kirk said suddenly, "Being a half…being a hybrid, or a mixture of species shouldn't be something to be ashamed of."

"No, it shouldn't be," Aiko agreed, her eyes still locked. Spock kept his gaze as well, and Kirk really wished that one of them would blink.

"Did you find the children?" Spock asked suddenly, refocusing the conversation to a less emotionally provoking point.

Aiko nodded, and Kirk spread his hands, his eyes looking far-away; his typical story-telling stance. "This one," he continued, with a quick point to the half-bot, "Had been following around the Klingons, spying on them, and saw where they were taking people. There were a lot of Klingons guarding the entrance though, so she had been trying to think of something when I came marching by. We wandered around and found some of my unit. One of the guys had found what he figured was the ventilation system of the big, underground building that they had the hostages in, but everyone in our unit was male and we were all too big to fit…" he trailed off, and gestured at Aiko, "But she was small enough and there was no stopping her or talking her out of it, so we armed her with a phaser and sent her in. She went in and reported details of the situation back to us, and we relayed it to Starfleet, while they sent backup."

Aiko blushed. "You try to give me the credit, Captain Kirk, but I would have not survived it without your support," she clarified, and then looked over at Spock, before sighing softly. "The truth is I was scared. It was a tight fit and I thought I was trapped at one point. I had never been in combat before; I'm not meant for it. I would freeze up in fear, but Captain Kirk talked me out of it each time through the communicator and got me to think straight again. It's because of his human empathy and compassion that all those people were saved."

Kirk shook his head and chuckled at her reaction. "When Starfleet got there, the Klingons realized that they were far outnumbered and took off. By the time that my unit left, Starfleet was in the process of setting up a defense system for the civilizations there."

Spock nodded; it made sense now, as to why the captain had been sensitive about Spock's heritage.

"I owe my life and the safety of my clients to Captain Kirk," Aiko stated, "So, when he contacted me all these years later with a request to help a good friend of his, I arrived as soon as I could be transported. It was perfect timing; I had just finished a long assignment."

Spock nodded again quietly, and Aiko sensed that he might want to be alone with Kirk. She stood and refrained from giving a blank, bot-like smile.

"I believe we would all enjoy some tea," Aiko suggested, "I will go make some."

"Thank you, Aiko," Spock responded, and Kirk echoed the same as she exited.

Spock shifted stiffly, and looked away when he noticed Kirk's stare of concern once more. Kirk placed a hand on Spock's shoulder, but raised it, feeling his first officer's muscles twitch painfully.

"Spock, I sent her for a reason," Kirk said gently, "As long as whatever you are doing is helping you, you should keep doing it."

Spock looked at him and nodded seriously. "Thank you, Jim."

Kirk smiled. "I'm glad you two hit it off."

"She is…interesting," Spock stated with a neutral expression, and Kirk chuckled, knowing that, that was probably the most he was going to get from the half-Vulcan.

"I'm also glad that it's helping…" the captain added, his look saddening, "But I am sorry that it hurts." He reached to tenderly stroke Spock's cheekbone.

Spock felt his face burn, and looked away, feeling awkward, though he appreciated Kirk's kindness and lightly held his hand. Less than a moment later, Aiko returned with the tea, smiling pleasantly as she poured. Spock inwardly sighed in relief, and Kirk watched in horror as Aiko dropped and stirred a piece of gum into her tea. Spock also blinked and raised an eyebrow.

"My body's essential nutrients are in this gum," she offered as an explanation, "My main programmer made candy for a living before he got involved with comfort bots. He incorporated what he knew."

"Fascinating," Spock remarked.

Kirk opened his mouth to respond as well, but a voice suddenly erupted from his belt.


"Yes, Chekov, what is it?" Kirk answered into his communicator.

"We were wondering if you needed others sent down to help," the young man's voice answered, "You were gone awhile. We were worried, sir."

"Oh, right, yes," Kirk chuckled into the communicator assuringly, "Everything's fine down here. I'm coming right up."

"Aye-aye, Captain!"

Kirk turned off his communicator and stood, grinning sheepishly. "I might have told them that I was inspecting some of the ventilation systems."

Aiko allowed an amused smile. "It was nice seeing you again, Captain Kirk," she said.

"Yes, you as well, Aiko," Kirk beamed, then nodded towards his first officer, "Spock." Without hesitation, he exited, heading quickly for the bridge.

Spock was quiet, and stared into his tea for a long moment, before Aiko's voice caught his attention.

"Did your conversation with Captain Kirk go well?" she asked.

"Yes," Spock answered, then caught her expectant gaze, and added, "He instructed us to continue what we are doing." He shifted sorely, and the half-bot scanned him thoughtfully.

"Your body is injured in many places," she mused, drifting over to him, "But I could paddle you again." She smoothed his hair affectionately.

"I think I would like that, Aiko," the half-Vulcan answered.

He leaned mildly into her touch. She softly kissed the top of his head, and helped him to the bed, flopping him face down over a pillow. He blushed deeply, and pushed his pajama pants down to his knees. She turned, retrieving the paddle, and smiled sadly at his willingness to endure pain.

"Good darling," she condoled, wrapping her arm around him. She paused, feeling his back quiver slightly under her.

"The human part of me seems to be asserting itself," Spock stated quietly, looking away.

"That is a good thing," Aiko assured, "And it is what Captain Kirk wants, too." She rubbed his side in a slow, circular motion, feeling his heartbeat quicken as she stroked the cool metal and synthetic leather of the paddle across his bruised backside.

"Try not to block your human emotions during this, Spock," she instructed, and he nodded in compliance and waited.

Spock heard the swish of the paddle and tensed as it cracked across his already sore backside. He concentrated hard, and fought the urge to cry out in pain as the paddle harshly struck his abused under-curve.

"Stop suppressing," she ordered, slapping the paddle down repeatedly onto the same strip of his posterior.

He clenched his teeth, writhing involuntarily as the pace and force of the paddle's slaps increased. Aiko sighed, causing his ears to perk.

"So disobedient," she scolded as she cracked the paddle across the backs of his thighs, particularly hard, "You know this will help if you let it, but you continue to block your emotions, against orders."

Panting in pain, Spock felt hot tears sting his closed eyes and allowed himself a quiet whimper before silent tears rolled down his emerald cheeks. He felt sudden waves of fear and shame and looked up, suspecting that Aiko had, or was about to activate his memories. The half-bot however, continued her steady strikes, leaving wide, welted stripes over the previous bruises. Quivering, Spock realized that he was dealing with his emotions about the situation in which had caused everything; his disobedience to Kirk and Pike. Sobbing quietly, he leaned further forward in submission.

"Good," she soothed, though she continued to beat him, slamming the studded paddle into his hips, "Remember why you are being punished, and let the pain run through you."

Spock pulled his arms under him as he curled forward, concentrating on the pain to block out the Vulcan. He hissed as the metal studs slapped again heavy welts, nearly drawing blood. Aiko sighed again and set the paddle aside, not wanting to bleed him again. Spock shifted at the pause, but gasped softly and let out a yelp of surprise as the half-bot slapped her bare hand down across upturned backside, spanking him hard and repeatedly. With a moan of pain, the half-Human panted as he wept into his hands, blushing deeply at his position.

"Now you are accessing your own memories, Spock," Aiko explained quietly, gentleness returning to her voice. Spock nodded weakly as he squirmed and cried out quietly into the mattress; he was surprised how much her hand hurt. Pinning him to her lap, Aiko continued to spank him, mercilessly, making sure that every inch of his posterior was bright green, before she suddenly stopped.

Spock lay still as Aiko leaned down to hold him, but shook his head. "Please don't stop," he rasped, tired from sobbing.

"Darling, I cannot beat you anymore," Aiko sighed, holding him a bit more tightly, "You are bruised and hurt all over." She lightly brushed the back of his thigh, causing him to twitch and suck in his breath quickly.

"I was close," Spock breathed, "to not blocking my emotions. Please."

Aiko bit her lip and looked concerned, but thoughtful. "There is one other thing I could do to you now, though it is a kind of punishment that only someone you are sexually intimate with can inflict."

Spock was quiet for a moment. "Yes?" he finally asked.

"It involves penetration," Aiko explained, blushing deeply as she patted his backside softly for emphasis, causing him to jump slightly.

"I would like to try it," Spock stated after a minute.

Aiko leaned down to hold him carefully for a moment. "Have you done this regularly with Captain Kirk?" she asked.

Spock blinked. "No," he answered quickly, flushing a deep green tint.

"Spock, I understand how you feel for him. I care for you as well. I find this situation completely agreeable," she assured gently.

"The Captain is often with women," Spock admitted quietly, and Aiko's expression saddened.

"I am sorry, Spock," she said, holding him closer.

Spock slowly and shakily wrapped his arms back around her, embracing her gently. She leaned down and kissed him, lightly.

"I will use lubrication as this may be your first time," she offered, and Spock began to shake his head, but she continued, "It will sting possibly even more this way, and is safer." She fished a small bottle out of her supplies, and handed it to Spock. "It primarily contains the oil of an Earth-root called ginger. It will hurt plenty."

"I approve," Spock said, as he shifted himself back over the hump of pillows, wriggling out of his clothes. He turned his head to the side and looked up at her, blushing and looked oddly vulnerable. She smiled and smoothed his shiny hair, leaning down to kiss his head before she retrieved a long, thick strap-on from her supplies. Spock caught glimpse of it and hid his face in his arms as he felt his ears burn. Aiko knelt behind him and pinned him down. She proceeded to punish him with the toy until he could no longer hold himself up.

Panting, Spock lay still in the same position, unable to move from exhaustion. Aiko quickly cleaned her strap-on and her hands, and helped him to roll onto his side, where he curled up against her, shivering. Looking around, she caught the edge of a blanket and pulled it around the naked and chilled half-Vulcan, holding him close to her as he shakily wept into her chest. Any pleasure had subsided, and he suddenly felt weakened and sore.

"You were very good and obedient, Spock," she soothed as she rocked him slowly, rubbing his shoulders through the blanket, "You activated your own memories and released emotion without it having to be pulled from your mind. That is difficult. You should be proud of yourself."

He looked up at her, and momentarily attempted to blink back more tears before clinging to her, overcome with emotion. She embraced him gently, not applying much pressure to his wounded back, and pressed her chin to his head in a protective pose. He hid his face in her chest, crying quietly, his muscles twitching as his breathing slowed. She curled around him and soothingly cupped her hands over his ears, feeling him calm. Her cool hands stroked his burning face, drying his tears, and he pressed into her touch, appreciatively. Aiko brushed her thumbs over Spock's ears as she kissed him tenderly on his full lips. His fingers wove into her striped hair and traced along her back, causing her to let out a quiet, electronic churl, her eyes dilating in sensation. He tiredly reached to pleasure her, but she smiled and caught his hands, pulling them up to kiss each fingertip delicately. He gasped and leaned into her touch.

"You are exhausted, Spock," Aiko observed, "You should rest for now."

She placed him back against the pillows and tucked him under the blanket, and he did not protest. However, he clung to her, pulling her under the blanket with him. Smiling, she clung back and smoothed his hair, her cheek pressed to his. She concentrated, causing her internal fans to spin faster as she purposely produced more heat to warm her lover, who occasionally twitched and squirmed in her arms, his insides still burning. He closed his dark eyes quickly to avoid more tears, but the bot had been programmed to detect subtle emotions and cupped his face carefully in her hands, stroking his sensitive skin. She was determined to give him comfort, but knew that he needed more than the physical. Thinking for a moment, Aiko mulled over bits of information about Spock that were gathered during the time in which she activated his memories, and had an idea. She searched her library files and opened the data for Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland". Her eyes glowing as she entered information mode, Aiko started to read the file aloud,

"Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank, and of having nothing to do: once or twice she had peeped into the book her sister was reading, but it had no pictures or conversations in it, `and what is the use of a book,' thought Alice `without pictures or conversation?'"

Spock blinked and glanced up at Aiko, who smiled down at him, slightly eerie with her eyes in mode. He realized then, that she must have witnessed more scenes from his childhood than he had realized, including earlier ones of his mother reading the works of Lewis Carroll to him as a child. He felt himself blush, and snuggled against her, appreciatively. He concentrated only on the words and imagery of the story, and felt his thoughts finally relax. It was rare that he felt openly vulnerable, or perhaps this was the first time. Either way, he did not want it to end quite yet. Aiko cradled Spock's face against her chest, keeping one hand along his jaw line and the other tenderly circulating his shoulders. She continued to read until Spock could no longer keep his eyes open. Aiko smiled down at him endearingly as she exited the file, returning to normal mode. He stirred, and sleepily muttered a phrase of gratitude.

"You are quite welcome, Spock," Aiko responded as she tucked the covers around him, "I had not read it before."

"What did you think?" Spock asked, surprised that any Earthling was not familiar with Alice in Wonderland.

"It is a good story," she answered thoughtfully, "Some of the characters are extremely silly, but I like Alice. She is a lost girl in a world that is often nonsensical, but she keeps her wits about her despite it all."

"Indeed she does," Spock echoed, and gently nudged Aiko.

"Oh, you," she stammered after a quick pause, "You will make me blush again."

"Wouldn't want that," he smiled back, looking particularly human as he dozed.

"Certainly not," Aiko agreed, straightening as she wrapped her arms protectively around her lover.

"Goodnight, Aiko," Spock mumbled, drifting into sleep, "See you in Wonderland."

"Hm?" she questioned, but no reply came except for a quiet snore, and Aiko chuckled, processing his statement. "Maybe so, my love," she said softly as she pulled him close, allowing her own eyelids to drop, "See you there…"

Author's note: I am now writing the next chapter, and so far, it is turning out to be a bunch of mush. So, for anyone who was a little horrified by the roughness of this chapter, the next one is for you.