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Determined hazel eyes locked onto the walls of Camelot. The boy before them could not be more than 18 years of age. He was slightly muscular having worked on a farm in a decent sized town. His hair was shoulder length and a mess of dark blond locks. His face became set as he entered the city and began to head for the castle.

Merlin was sitting on the steps up to the throne reading a book. Arthur was sitting in his chair, the King's chair. His sword nearby him, but he was not paying much attention to it. Merlin had already enchanted the blade so he could only draw it. That had been an interesting conversation.

Merlin was humming lightly completely not focused on the world when Lancelot came into the room. He was a Knight now. The first Arthur had, and the Queen's Champion, the Queen being Genevieve who was currently sitting in the throne next to Arthur.

Arthur looked up thinking the message to be for him, but Lancelot went over to Merlin. "Excuse me Merlin…" He said a bit nervously. "There is a young boy who is demanding an audience with you… He claims to be able to do magic."

Merlin had been paying attention since his name was mentioned. He rolled his eyes lightly; everyone wanted to fight the Golden Dragon now didn't they? He sighed standing up and closing his book in one flowing motion. "Where is he then?" He asked wanting to get this over with.

"I'll go get him…" Lancelot then left to bring the boy in. When Lancelot returned the boy spotted Merlin and stood in front of him quickly.

"I am Vincent Peterson!" He said with a determined voice. Merlin raised an eyebrow, okay that was a bit different from a challenge. He said nothing more, which caused Merlin to eye him carefully. Really now, what could this boy want from him? Maybe he wanted to try and unnerve him? Good luck with that happening, Merlin knew full well that he had already killed the one person who could match him!

Vincent's determined face was now gone. He was still in shock at being in front of the man who had become his idol. "So…" Merlin said addressing him now. "Are you or aren't you going to offer the Wizard's challenge?"

Vincent blinked at that question. "Challenge you?" He asked confused. "Why would I challenge you? You could strike me down before I could even blink!" Merlin merely nodded his head in silent thought. It was not a fact he was proud to admit, but it was in fact true.

It was becoming clear that this boy knew whom he was talking to. Arthur shook his head lightly. "It would seem Merlin, that you have a fan whom has come to idolize you." He said laughing lightly, which earned him a half-hearted glare from his Warlock. "Why don't you join us for lunch Vincent?"

The boy looked at Arthur. The young King really was a kind as everyone said. "Thank you your majesty…" He said barely able to contain his gratefulness. He was going to eat with Merlin! The Merlin of Camelot! He followed closely at Merlin's heels almost like a puppy that had found its owner.

They had been half way threw their meal of chicken and potatoes when Vincent remembered why he had come in the first place. "I want to be your apprentice!" He said suddenly to Merlin, who was drinking from his goblet at the time.

That had caused Merlin to choke a bit on his drink. He had not been expecting that at all. "You what?" He asked clearly dumbfounded by the request. Arthur was watching the scene with an amused look on his face. Gwen was watching and hiding her amusement at the situation better.

Vincent repeated himself. "I want to be your apprentice!" He said as if it was the clearest thing ever. "You're the greatest Wizard that will ever live! I have heard tales of your work, and the fact that you saved our King's life time and time again when he was just a Prince!" Both men tossed no argument out there. "Please sire! It would be the greatest honor to be your apprentice!"

Merlin just stared at the youth and sighed lightly. Such a request was not unheard of for him, however none of them were serious about learning Magic. "Alright, but first I want to make sure you are serious about this." He said firmly. "If you can remain here for one week doing whatever chores I give you in the time I give you, I will teach you." The boy nodded his head with excitement. "However! If I do so much as catch you casting even the simplest of spells, you will be put into the stocks and your task will begin again from the beginning."

"Agreed!" Vincent said cheerfully. He could live without magic for a week! This would be easy for him! His grin was in place as he continued to eat.

Arthur shot Merlin a questioning look only to catch the mischievous glint in the Warlock's eye. Arthur shook his head; whatever he had planned it was going to be interesting to watch.

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