Hey everyone!

Thank you for all the reviews! I have been trying to respond to all of them! I never expected anyone to want this to continue, so I'm going to need a little help! SO guys send me ideas!

Do you want it to continue right from where we left off? Or would you like the story form the beginning? Do you want someone to interrupt them? I was thinking about someone unexpected show up…what do you guys think?

I have been thinking about lemons and I am sure that everyone wants them, but I'm not sure that their relationship is ready for that yet…

Let me know as soon as possible and ill try to get a layout written! I may not be able to get anything going for a while. I've been working on my new multi chapter fic "Where's The Excitement". It's really good, and if you haven't looked at it yet, you better go check it out! Even before I start this story I still have to finish "Lost in Time", which is also quite interesting if you like an evil Bella and a ballsy Edward go check that one out too!

I have a few ideas for this story but it needs a lot of development, so please HELP!

Send me a message! Leave me a review!