Part Three


"Albus! Have you packed everything?" Harry called from the bottom of the stairs.

"Yes, Dad!" Albus called down in exasperation, "I was packed way before you!"

Harry chuckled. "Hurry and bring your bag down then. They'll be here soon. The Portkey leaves in fifteen minutes."


Harry returned to his study and sat behind his desk. He lifted his arms to lace fingers behind his head and twisted his chair around until he was staring out of the window. He was thinking about Draco and about how maddening the blond wizard was being. And it was driving Harry… well, it was driving him mad, in fact. Harry didn't think he'd ever wanted someone this badly before. Ginny hadn't even come close. Every time the blond was near him, Harry practically vibrated with want on all kinds of levels.

"You're thinking about him again."

Harry startled and dropped his arms. Albus was sitting on the other side of the desk, his chin resting on the edge and grinning. Harry fought to control a blush and was defeated.

"When did you become so sneaky?" he mumbled, amazed he hadn't noticed Albus enter the office, let alone sit down in front of him.

"Draco has taught me the importance of being stealthy. He says you never really got the hang of it," his son replied with a cheeky grin. "Besides, you always go far away when you're thinking about him."

"For your information I wasn't thinking about Draco."

"Lying is for losers, Dad. Instead of lying you should tell variations of the truth."

"Did Draco tell you that?" he snapped.

Albus giggled. "No, Scorpi did." Harry tipped his head back and groaned. "Dad, can I… can I say something?"

"Course, son. You know you can tell me anything."

"Okay… It's just… I'm getting tired of calling Draco Draco."

"What else are you going to call him?" Harry grinned. "The Great Prat?"

Albus wiggled around in his seat, blushing. "Actually, I want to call him something else… the same thing Scorpius wants to call you. He doesn't want to call you Harry anymore."

Harry watched his son and it didn't take long at all to understand what his son was saying. He just sat there speechless. It was Albus who broke the silence.

"Did you get into a row with Draco?"

"Why do you ask?"

"It just seems as if you've fought. Draco doesn't come over anymore. Not since Mum was here last."

"It's complicated, Albus."

"This is because of her, isn't it? She's messing everything up!"

Harry rubbed his eyes. He didn't know what to say right now. He didn't want to tell the truth. He in no way wanted Albus to resent his mother… even though she'd done enough (or lack thereof) for Albus to start resenting her on his own. However, Harry was not prepared to add to that. He wished Draco were here. The blond would probably know how to get out of this situation without making it plain to his son he was lying or evading the truth. He didn't particularly like keeping truths from Albus. But Harry was certain Albus was too young to understand.

"That means yes."

Harry blinked. "What?"

"When you stay quiet like that after I ask a question, that usually means you're trying to think of a way to get out of saying yes."

Harry stood, scowling slightly. Albus was too clever for his own good. "Draco and I have things to work out, Albus. You needn't be concerned. We didn't fight."

Since Ginny's untimely visit, he and the blond had only had one lunch date together and like Albus had pointed out, Draco hadn't been over since then. They still talked via Floo most nights, but Draco had become standoffish. His body language was all wrong, all controlled and hidden firmly behind a wall. Not having access to all of Draco was killing Harry. And it was because of this that he understood just how much he felt for the blond.

"Okay, Dad," Albus mumbled before leaving the office. Harry watched him go with a frown. Albus missed Draco too. Scorpius had been over more than his father had and Harry was glad for it. He adored Scorpius, loved him just as much as his own, and he was completely impossibly in love with Draco Malfoy. And he knew, was absolutely certain Draco felt the same for him. But the prat was being noble. And how long was that going to last? Draco could be just as stubborn as he when he wanted.

"Dad! Dad, they're here!" Albus cried excitedly from the hall where he probably had his nose pressed up against the glass window of the front door. Draco always arrived by the front door. He detested traveling by Floo and avoided it at all costs if he was able.

"Let them in," Harry called back, but he stayed where he was, staring at the floor and afraid to move. Afraid to see Draco right now when it seemed he was ready to shatter from the shear amount of want tearing through him. He heard Albus opening the door, calling out excited greetings. A moment later he could hear Scorpius' exited murmurs join in. Draco was silent. Harry couldn't hear him, but it was almost as if he could feel Draco, just out of sight, standing in the hallway, staring down to the open door of the office.

Harry made himself move. Plastered as smile on his face as he entered the hallway. Draco was there and had been staring at the office doorway. The moment he saw Harry's smile, the one Harry wore when there was absolutely nothing wrong with the world, the blond relaxed a bit, as if he'd been ready for a fight and suddenly found he wouldn't be attacked. Yes, Draco. I want you to have a false sense of security because I have no intention of backing off. But he knew if they didn't behave and act normal, their boys would notice, and the trip wouldn't be as fun for them if they were constantly worried about their fathers.


Draco steadied Albus and Scorpius the moment they arrived while Harry hurried to steady himself. Draco couldn't help but snicker at Harry's flailing. Still after all these years he was pants at Flooing and taking Portkeys. Harry muttered a "piss off," but he was grinning and Draco couldn't help but return that as well.

He worried constantly about Harry. Knowing the Gryffindor would notice how he'd drawn back. He'd worried how Harry would react, how forceful he might become because if Draco knew one thing about Harry, it was that when pushed, Harry was a force to be reckoned with and Draco had little restraint now days against the brunet. Well not now days, maybe it had been forever. But it was worse now that their relationship had taken a sharp and noticeable turn. And both parties had obviously welcomed the change. Draco couldn't deny it. He wanted Harry. Draco had actually stopped denying it after that meeting at Fortescue's nearly two years prior. But… he also couldn't stand the thought of Harry losing Albus. It would break him. So Draco thought he'd protect the wizard from as far as he could get without actually breaking away completely. Breaking away all together was out of the question.

Harry led the way out of the room made specifically for Portkey arrivals and waved over to the lounge were there were a plethora of seats, telling Draco and the boys to wait while he went to check in. Draco gave him an absent nod as he led the boys over. His eyes travelling all over the lavish lobby of the hotel. Harry hadn't been lying when he said Draco would be pleased with the accommodations. And he'd only seen the arrivals room and lobby so far. He wondered what their rooms would look like.

It turned out to be more than rooms. Harry booked one of the most lavish suites available, located on the topmost floor with an absolutely breathtaking view of the city below. The suite included three bedrooms, two with queen sized beds and the third containing two full sized beds for the boys who would no doubt want to room together. The living room was massive and full of soft leather and black marble and a massive balcony.

"Well?" Harry asked, coming to stand behind him. Far too close to keep a cool head in the blond's opinion. "Does it impress the high and mighty Draco Malfoy?"

Draco turned and sniffed. "It's passable."

Harry snorted and playfully shoved him. Draco stepped around him to go help the boys unpack. He froze when Harry's fingers wrapped around his and when he looked Draco was blasted with a wave made of nothing but staggering honesty shining from earnest green eyes. Harry's fingers tightened around his, his touch burning pleasantly. Draco felt like a coward when he broke eye contact, though he did squeeze Harry's fingers for half a second before pulling away. And then he cursed Harry for pulling that stunt when he'd been sure Harry wouldn't pull something like that here.

Soon the boys were asking if they could all go out and explore and Draco jumped on it. Less time spent in the suite would mean less time Harry had to orchestrate an attack. Less time for him to corner Draco alone in one of the rooms and turn his knees to pudding and make him forget about why he was keeping his distance, not letting this go too far. Harry agreed to the outing and he grinned at Draco as if he knew what the blond were thinking. His grin said Draco could run all he wanted, but it wasn't over.

The city down below was lovely and vibrant. Draco had never been to Rio de Janeiro before and he was instantly taken with it. It had a very romantic atmosphere. He had to clamp his teeth shut several time when he caught Harry eyeing him and he'd wanted to tell the man they should come back together, without the boys some time. He wanted to say so many things and he wanted to stop staring at Harry as if it were last time he would ever be able to do so.

He jumped when a hand was suddenly on the nape of his neck, massaging gently. "You look tense, Draco. You don't like it here?"

Merlin, Harry. Your hand feels divine. I want to melt into a puddle of goo at your feet. That's what he wanted to say. But he didn't. Instead he shrugged Harry's hand away and gave him a pained smile. "On the contrary." He struggled to ignore the flash of hurt taking hold of those brilliant green eyes. "We should probably find somewhere to dine."

"I made reservations at a restaurant weeks ago," Harry muttered, stepping away to where the boys were standing, looking into the windows of the store they stood beside.

"You've thought of everything, haven't you?" Draco asked, trying to sound far more cheerful than he felt.

"Dad wanted this trip to be perfect," Albus piped up. "He's had everything planned for a long time."

Draco looked back to Harry, finding the wizard staring at a map he'd pulled from his jacket. His eyes had yet to recover their earlier shine. He looked disappointed, his shoulders slumped minutely so that only Draco could tell and the blond felt like the worst sort of scum imaginable.


Last night things hadn't gone quite how Harry had planned, but that was only because he'd allowed Draco to affect him when he swore he wouldn't. He swore because he knew Draco would pull stunts like that. Act unaffected. And Harry had prepared for that. But… it still hurt sometimes. For the last two years there had been no walls between them; there had been light touches all the time; honesty in every look and word. And then for Draco to turn a one eighty… it hurt. It was as if Draco were under a glass dome and no matter how hard Harry battered at the thing, he couldn't get any closer.

But today was the World Cup, Draco had relaxed in all the excitement, and Harry had recovered. He promised he wouldn't take Draco's actions to heart today. He would keep at Draco until that bloody dome shattered. And he had plenty of time to both watch the game and play with Draco. The game lasted six hours. Six glorious hours that Harry used to his advantage. He sat beside Draco, cheered beside and along with Draco and the boys, touched the blond as often as he could and was pleased when Draco allowed these things with minimal fuss. In fact it seemed to Harry that the blond was asking for it in a demure way every time their eyes met. That could have been Harry's imagination though.

The game had been brilliant and exhausting in some ways, and by the time the four of them left the massive Quidditch arena, they were all in a happy tired stupor. Harry had hopes it would last for Scorpius and Albus, but sadly it was not to be. The fatigue Albus and Scorpius had been feeling suddenly seemed to vanish the moment they stepped into the suite. In fact their energy seemed to have spiked.

Harry groaned and dropped onto one of the beds, wincing when he heard loud boyish giggles and yelling. "Kill me now."

"And rid the world of your charms? Never," Draco laughed, having followed Harry in, no doubt to escape from being horsed around with.

"When did we get so old, Draco? When did that happen?"

"We are not old, Harry. We haven't even hit our prime yet. Don't talk nonsense."

"I feel a hundred years old right now," Harry groaned, stretching and feeling the hem of his shift rising to expose a patch of skin. He was actually very aware of the sudden stillness from the blond standing near the end of the bed. Harry's eyes opened slightly and he gazed up at the blond from under his eyelashes. Draco looked rooted to the spot, his eyes roaming all over Harry's body in a way that had the brunet instantly alert, instantly hot, and definitely back on track.

"Draco," he murmured lowly, "you look tired. Maybe you should lie down too. Right here." Harry patted his stomach. The stretch of skin that was visible.

Draco's gaze zeroed in and remained. His hands balled into fists at his side. "Why do you always make everything so exceedingly difficult," he hissed, striding away to take refuge on the balcony where all of lights of the city around them were blazing, the music of the locals filling his ears, the warm humid air filling his nostrils.

Harry dragged himself up and followed until he was standing in front of the blond with the wide blown pupils. "Why do you?" he hissed back. "Why are you holding back? I miss you."

Draco licked his lips and backed away. Harry followed him, waving his wand to shut the door leading to the living suite, knowing the boys would behave and keep themselves entertained for a little while.

"I don't know what you mean. We're as we usually are. How can you miss me?"

"We were going somewhere else. Somewhere better, Draco."


Harry took a deep breath and smiled. Honestly he didn't think he could love this man any less and he was sure he would come to love Draco more and more as time passed. Hopefully they would pass the future together. "Ginny was bluffing. And even if she wasn't, it doesn't matter. I've prepared in case it isn't. And… even if it isn't a bluff, I'm prepared to stand up in court and tell the world I'm in love with Draco Malfoy and the world will have to get over it. My son loves you. I love you."


"Yeah, so are you going to make me look like an idiot and deny you feel the same or are you going to knock me off my feet? Because honestly, I think we've waited long enough."

"This isn't the time or place!" Draco hissed.

"Slytherins trying to be noble really doesn't sit well with me. Weird, you know. Throws me off balance. That's not the kind of knock me off my feet I'm looking for."

"Harry," the blond growled.

Harry grinned lavishly and gripped Draco's hips, pulling until they were chest to chest and eye to eye. "Tell me you love me, Draco. Admit it."

"You're an overbearing arse!"

"And you're just mad you aren't in control right now."

Draco didn't admit it; instead he pushed Harry away and sought safety with the boys, leaving Harry alone in the room. Harry might have been heartbroken then and left to feel like an idiot for laying his heart bare to the blond prat. But he didn't feel that way. He saw his emotions mirrored in Draco's eyes and was placated by that, knowing it was only a matter of time. He could be patient… sort of. Harry grinned then. Maybe he'd be a little bit of a bastard about it as well.

Harry took one last look over the city before turning and going back into the main suite. Albus and Scorpius were on one couch, playing with the souvenirs they'd conned their fathers into buying- and there were many. Draco stood behind that couch, his eyes immediately going to Harry, who had purposely drawn a blank mask and avoided his gaze. Draco looked pained, fingers clutching the back of the couch tightly.

"Albus, you have an hour before bed. Have an early Portkey in the morning."

"But Dad," he whined.

"An hour," Harry ordered before disappearing into his room.


Draco snarled as he sat back on the Floo cushion. Yet another brush off. "Sorry, Draco. Can't. Have several reports left to finish. Not to mention the research on my new spells. Maybe some other time, yeah?" and then he ended the call. And this had been going on for the last week. Ever since they'd returned from South America.

Worse, Draco knew this was his fault. He'd hurt Harry by not giving in to the truth and now he was being punished. Harry was trying to protect himself and Albus and even the boys had been kept apart this time. Draco had had enough. He missed Albus and he most certainly missed the self-righteous prick. Which was why he'd been pushing to restart their lunch dates. The fact of the matter was, he missed Harry and he was certain he couldn't do this anymore. Being noble was for chumps. Why be noble when he could be mind-blowingly happy?

Unfortunately, it seemed now he'd dug himself into a deep hole far away and Harry didn't seem to be in the mind to go and look for him. Draco leaned forward with a pained groan, slipping fingers into his hair and pulling.

"What happened, son?"

Draco swiveled around to find his father standing there. "You don't really care. You've… You've made it clear what you think about my relationship with Harry or lack thereof."

"Draco, I asked you what happened."

So Draco told him. Told him about Weaslette's threat and about backing off for Harry and Albus' sake. About Harry confessing to him and how he ran away when he would have liked to do the opposite. "And now he won't see me! Makes excuses! It's like our positions have completely reversed..." He stopped then, remembering whom he was crying to.

"I'm very disappointed in you, Draco."

Draco scoffed and climbed to his feet. "O-of course you are." He winced when he heard how bad his voice wavered. How tortured he sounded. In front of his father no less.

"How could you allow the words of a Weasley to determine your actions?" the elder blond hissed. "To keep you from grasping what you want."


Lucius didn't react to his son's anger, but he sneered at his son's stupidity. "You love that boy like your own, do you not?" Draco pulled in a deep breath and nodded. "And do you love Potter?" again Draco nodded. "Then I suggest you start acting like a Malfoy and take care of yours. We protect our family. I may have forgotten that one little rule, and am now paying for it, but it's come back to me now…"

"How do I do that?" Draco interrupted with a sneer. "He won't see me."

"First… you should probably rid the world of the Weasley girl," Lucius replied very seriously.

"Father!" Draco snapped, eyeing his father incredulously. "Give me some helpful advice! Advice that will not send me to Azkaban!"

"Albus is going to Diagon Alley today," a small voice interrupted from behind Lucius.

"Scorpius, what have I told you about eavesdropping?"

The small blond boy clasped his hands behind his back and smiled innocently up at his grandfather. "That I'm not supposed to get caught or let it be known I was eavesdropping," he recited. "But I had to this time, Grandfather. I know where Albus and Da— erm... Harry will be."

Draco was shaking his head. "Harry says he's staying home all day."

Scorpius shook his head also. "He's meeting Albus' mother. She's trying to move back in. Albus told me his mother broke up with that lawyer fool and wants to meet Harry today to talk about 'them'. Albus didn't get caught eavesdropping," he added with a proud smirk.

Lucius turned away from Scorpius and raised a challenging brow at his son, who was now seething. "How do you know this?" Draco hissed.

Scorpius grinned and pulled a small palm sized mirror from his robes. "Da- Harry bought us two-way mirrors last week and sent me one. He didn't want Albus and me to miss each other so much. Aren't they great? But he doesn't know we've been spying on him and exchanging information."

"Scorpius. Get ready. We're going out." Scorpius brightened and scampered away to go get his travelling cloak. "If that red headed harlot thinks she's going to blackmail him back into a crap marriage, she's got another thing coming," Draco hissed. All of Ginny Weasley's actions suddenly becoming clear. "I bet that engagement was completely false."

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but did my grandson- not once, but twice- nearly call Potter his dad?"


Albus shifted in his seat, a pout on his face as he looked between his mum and dad. Ginny turned to him, a soft smile on her face.

"What's wrong, sweetie? Aren't you happy to see me?"

Why should he be? Harry thought with dark irritation, you're trying to press back into our lives and it's clear to even an eight year old you're using him to make me stay here and listen to this tripe. Harry was more than angry. Ginny had insisted Albus be here for this. So that when she started, hopefully her son would jump on to her hopes and persuade Harry. She was using Albus and it was a monumental mistake. She should have known better. She should have known him better. Draco would have. Draco would never have made such a grave error when trying to get his way. Albus was strictly off limits.

Unfortunately for Ginny she had made the error. And beyond that, she didn't know just how much Draco was a part of their lives. She didn't know Albus would rather have Draco living with them then his own mother. It was her fault, having practically disappeared right after leaving him. Albus was still bitter about that. Still hurting.

Draco hadn't done it on purpose, but Albus had taken a keen liking to him. Just as Harry had done with Scorpius. They were already more of a family then he, Ginny, and Albus had ever been. And both he and Albus were not up for this, sitting at a table with Ginny as if they were back to being a happy family. If they ever were. Harry had other more pressing issues to worry about. Like wondering when Draco was finally going to crack.

In answer to Ginny's question, Albus shrugged. Harry sighed. "Ginny, we are not getting back together and I don't understand why you would want to."

"I love you, Harry."

Harry ignored that. "What about that lawyer bloke?"

Ginny shrugged, batting her eyelashes at him. Harry barely managed to keep from curling his lips in disgust at such an action. "He wasn't right for me, Harry. Not like you. I know you still love me."

Harry managed not to gape at her. Perhaps she'd been hit by one too many Bludgers. "You were right when you said there wasn't any passion. I don't have any for you," he replied, cruel with his honesty and didn't feel a sliver of guilt when she flinched. "And beyond that you threatened to take my son away. For no reason." Albus gasped and looked between them, wide eyed.

Ginny was looking uncomfortable now. Looking between her ex husband and her child. "Albus, maybe you should go and see Uncle George."

"No," Harry said. "You wanted him here. To what? Trap me into agreeing? It's not going to happen. Maybe you should go so we can end this farce of a lunch."

Ginny smiled sweetly, ignoring the warning in his tone, and leaned forward to grasp his hand. "Harry, be reasonable."

"I am being reasonable. There's nothing between us anymore." And I'm in love with someone else.

Ginny changed tactics and turned to her son. "What do you think, Albus? Wouldn't you like Mummy to come home?"

"No," Albus said bluntly. "Mum, I love you and you'll always be my mum, but I don't want you to live with us again. Scorpius and I have plans and you're ruining it!"

Harry barked out a laugh at his son's bluntness and then winced when Ginny's nails dug into his hand. He should have remembered she still had hold of him. Before Ginny could start spewing the anti Malfoy shite that he knew was about to come, Albus suddenly gasped and started waving.

"Scorpi! Draco!"

Albus was out of his seat and running to the blond boy across the way before either Harry or Ginny could say anything. Though Harry was too busy eyeing the man standing behind Scorpius. Merlin. He hadn't seen Draco, beyond the Floo calls, in seven days, and just the sight of him had his chest tightening. Draco bent down to talk to both boys, waving a hand across the road to where Weasleys Wizarding Wheezes was located. The boys nodded and took off and Draco straightened, headed towards their table. His face was cold blank mask and Harry was suddenly afraid. He knew exactly what this looked like, having lunch at a cozy table with Ginny, especially what it looked life after having brushed the blond man off earlier in the day.

Harry clambered out of his chair and headed the blond man off, coming to an abrupt halt in front of him. "It's not what it looks like."

"Really, Potter?" Harry winced at the use of his surname. "Because it looks to me like you brushed me off to have lunch with the woman who threatened to take Albus from you. Are you offering yourself up on a platter again for the sake of others?"

Harry frowned. "Like you've been doing? Backing off to make sure Albus stays with me?" he murmured, his eyes darkening in annoyance.

"It was a moment of insanity. I assure you, I've moved on," Draco replied, a smile tugging at his lips. "I'm through with being noble."

Harry's frown disappeared and he studied Draco's face intently, heart skipping beats and threatening to burst out of his chest. "Really?"

"Only if you tell the Weaslette to bugger off so we can spend the day together."

Harry flashed an excited smile. "Done."

Draco's eyes warmed considerably. "Or better yet, you can let me tell her to bugger off."

"Um… that's not a good idea, Draco. You certainly would not help matters. And Albus kind of did that earlier so she's already very pissed off."

"Good boy," Draco praised and leaned into Harry, smirking over the brunet's shoulder. He then laughed. "Her head looks ready to explode! I'd forgotten how fun it was to taunt the Weasleys."

At first Harry's voice caught in his throat, being too busy feeling Draco's lean body pressed against him. Too caught up in the blond's scent wafting over him. His warmth. Harry then inclined his head so that his nose and mouth were a whisper away from Draco's neck. "Technically Albus is a Weasley," he murmured, then smiled when Draco shivered against him, his breath catching.

Draco lifted a pale hand to grasp his shoulder in order to steady himself, and incidentally, pressed closer. "N-nonsense. In my mind, Albus is purely Potter."

"I think you're biased," Harry whispered, this time directly against Draco's throat. The gasp followed by a low moan leaving the blond's mouth was glorious.

"Harry! What are you doing?"

Draco scowled. "What does it look like, Weaslette?"

Harry sighed and let go of Draco to face Ginny, who stood right behind them. "Ginny, something important has come up. We will not continue the discussion we were having at a later time. I suggest you forget about it." He gave her a smile he didn't mean at all and turned to walk away with Draco.

"You walk away now and I swear I'll make you pay for it."

Harry ignored her. He could honestly say he wasn't bothered a bit. Even if she went through with filing a custody case. He wouldn't lose. He had Draco and Scorpius with him again, and he felt like the luckiest man on earth. Let her try. She would lose.

Draco seemed to think so too. "Who in their right mind would take the Savior's child away from him?"

Harry wondered why Draco hadn't thought that weeks ago when he'd decided to be noble.


Now that Draco had decided Ginny Weasley could kiss his and Harry's collective arses, the bloody Gryffindor was back to being skittish. As if he were nervous about what was inevitably going to occur, when it had been Harry who had done his bloody hardest to seduce him in South America with his bloody darkened bedroom eyes, soft light touches to his neck and hands, the low voice, the stretching… and now! Now Harry sat across from Draco, his head dipped so that all of his attention was on his meal or their sons and hardly did he meet Draco's eyes dead on. If it weren't so typically Harry as well as appealing, Draco would be annoyed by this drastic change.

Draco could feel the wizard's nervousness. Could see it in the red tint to Harry's cheeks. Draco smiled wickedly. Harry didn't have a menu to hide behind this time. "Mother would like Albus to stay over tonight with Scorpius," he said after a moment. "You are, of course, very welcome to join," he tried not to make it sound like a purr, because the boys were listening even though they were trying to hide the fact. But Harry must have heard it. His cheeks darkened.

"Err… course he can go. But I should probably stay here. I wasn't lying when I said I had to finish some work." Harry cleared his throat and scooted back from the table. "Yeah, I'll just go and pack him a bag."

Albus and Scorpius paused in their talking and watched him walk away before turning to Draco. The blond smirked at them. They flashed relieved smiles and went back to discussing the latest item from WWW Uncle George had given them.

Draco soon returned to the manor with Albus and Scorpius in toll and left them in the parlor with his mother. He stayed long enough to watch the three converge and bend heads together, whispering quietly while Lucius sat back shaking his head with feigned distaste. Draco smiled as he left the room. His mother loved having a grandchild, she'd never been happier these last eight- nearly nine years, and now she would have two.

"You two behave," he ordered Scorpius and Albus when he returned to say goodbye before heading out.

"Where are you going, dear?" Narcissa asked, a knowing smile playing on her lips.

"Going to prey on the helpless," he returned and laughed wickedly for the boys' humor. They joined in his cackling and Draco left them rolling on the floor laughing.

Once standing on Harry's doorstep, Draco had to stamp down the nervous energy making his hands shake and it took a moment before he felt ready to knock on the door. More time passed before the door was finally opened, and since it hadn't been opened right away, those stamped down nerves had shot right back up.

"Hello, Malfoy."

Draco snapped his mouth shut on the greeting he'd prepared for Harry. Granger smiled and looked him up and down, eyes lingering on the bottle of wine he held within hand. "I take it three is one too many."

"I didn't know you were here."

"Just going," she said cheerfully, her eyes alight with humor. "Tell Harry I said goodbye. I'm sure he won't miss me," she said with another sweep of his body. "Very sure."

"Granger, you're staring."

She laughed. "Can't help it, Malfoy. You look… yummy."

The Slytherin smirked. "Always." Then he laughed as well. "When did you become such a flirt?"

"Not my fault. Harry's always going on about how fit you are… I can't help but agree, even if you are a prat."

"Aren't you married? To that unfortunate Weasel?"

"Can't help yourself either, can you?"

"Afraid not," Draco replied, smiling. He liked Granger. Her husband not so much. But he could joke with Granger and not feel sick to his stomach. And she was always ready to give Scorpius hugs and bright smiles. And frankly, she wasn't so bad at all. Not once had she tried to get Harry to stop his friendship with Draco. She'd even encouraged it after some months.

"Hermione, who is it?" Harry called from the living room. Hermione grinned, gave Draco a wave, and passed him out of the door. Harry came out into the hall just as Draco was shutting the door behind him. "Herm—Draco! What're you…" Harry trailed off while his eyes went on sweeping Draco from head to foot. Quite like Draco was doing to Harry.

Harry was back to his plain t-shirt and old worn jeans. Barefoot, as well. His hair was sticking up all over the place. Draco figured the idiot man had been pacing back and forth over the rug in the living room, hands constantly tugging his hair as he ranted or worried to Granger. It wasn't a guess.

"What are you worrying over now?" Draco asked as he moved forward, placing the bottle on the nearby hall table.

"What do you mean? Who says I'm worrying over anything?" Harry said a tad defensively. Draco grinned and as he was turning back to face Harry, he caught the brunet eyeing him. So hotly Draco swore he could see the fires of Hades in those green eyes.

He stalked towards the man whose eyes widened and then sparked. "Your hair speaks volumes, Harry."

His lips were on Harry's before the other man could stutter out a response but the sharp intake of breath was good enough. As was the moan from both of them when Harry immediately gave him access and slid hands over Draco's hips, squeezing possessively. That first tentative touch of his tongue to Harry's was what seemed to strip Harry's nerves away. He jerked Draco's hips against his, angled his head for a better kiss; a deeper one that caused Draco's toes to curl within his shoes.

Draco tried pulling back for air, but Harry's hand was firmly on the back of his head, holding their lips together, thrusting his tongue into Draco's mouth; caressing and exploring with a single-mindedness that was all Harry. At this moment Draco thought he would never resent that single-mindedness in any way ever again. The next time they quarreled, Draco would probably deny that thought, but that wasn't important at the moment.

"How presumptuous of you to come here looking like this," he was told when they both needed air to continue existence. Draco shivered at the rawness of Harry's voice; at the absolute need radiating from Harry's mouth into his ear.

Draco looked into his eyes and smirked. "Honestly I hadn't planned to keep my clothes on all that long, Harry," he replied, saying Harry's name in the way he knew drove the Gryffindor insane with want. And it did.

Harry attacked him; attacked his shirt, trying desperately with shaking fingers to get it off and during he managed to pop most of the buttons right off the fabric. Draco didn't care. He was too busy running his palms up under Harry's shirt, against the hot skin of Harry's stomach and chest and loving what he was feeling and impatient to get his mouth there. But his mouth was currently engaged with Harry's and thinking became a thing of the past. Between them now was only the passion that had been held back, simmering and waiting to be released. The rest of the world could bugger off as far as Draco was concerned. He was going to take and be taken before this night ended.


"She's been moving around on tour too much if she actually thinks this is going to put us under any kind of pressure," Harry murmured as he stared at the Daily Prophet where Ginny had given another bloody interview, boldly outing Draco and Harry's relationship.

Two weeks had gone by since they'd officially become an item, and every day since something had come up in the paper. It did her no good. Draco, who was leaning against his lover's back, reading over his shoulder, smirked. It was true. Ginny thought announcing their obvious relationship to the Prophet would cause problems. Only she didn't realize Draco wasn't an enemy of society anymore. The knowledge that Harry was seeing him hadn't caused the negative stir that it might have a few years before. In fact Draco was almost sure the redhead was paying the paper to toss out these inconsequential little articles. They were a waste of time.

"But… she has drawn attention to Albus," Harry hissed. "She has no right to drag Albus into this."

Draco pressed lips against the bulging vein on Harry's neck. "Let me take care of it. I promise not to do something drastic."

Harry snorted. That meant no. Draco smiled and slid hands down Harry's chest. "Draco?"

"Hmmm," Draco murmured, refusing to drag his lips away from the heated flesh beneath.

"We've been leading up to this for almost three years. Maybe longer…"

Draco laughed lowly. "We only took a sabbatical from each other after Hogwarts," he agreed. "But this was inevitable."

Harry smiled. "Yeah, and um… Albus wants to call you Father," he blurted.

Draco, who felt as if his world had gotten just a little bit brighter- it was already exceedingly bright- smiled widely. "That's funny. Scorpius keeps slipping and calls you Dad. Annoys Father very much… is this your idea of a proposal, Harry?" the words were whispered hotly in Harry's ear before his tongue swiped along the shell. Harry shivered like a bird trying to dislodge drops of water from its wings.

Draco watched Harry's throat working to swallow thickly and didn't need to be telepathic to know what Harry was thinking. It kind of had been a proposal, but Harry was afraid to say it right out. Was it too soon? Would he scare Draco away? Would he lose the second best thing to ever happen to him? He'd just basically proposed to… Draco dug a hand into Harry's hair, massaging lightly. "Stop panicking. Suppose there's only one thing we can do about our sons' wishes. We're not getting any younger are we? And you do need a keeper, Potter. I've always thought so."

Harry was so obviously relieved he blurted out with the first thing that came to mind. As usual. "Piss off, Malfoy! And stop teaching Albus Slytherin things!"

"Can't promise anything," Draco murmured, his hand slipping under the waist band of Harry's boxers. "Why don't we see if we can make it beyond the stairs this time?"

Harry laughed as he jumped up, pushing the chair aside to immediately gather Draco in his arms and back him out of the kitchen. When the kids weren't in the house, they never made it into the bedroom the first time.


Harry took a deep breath, staring at himself in the mirror and then quickly checking the time. He couldn't be late. In ten minutes he was meeting Draco in the Great Hall of Hogwarts of all places. Hermione had left a few minutes ago, telling him not to dawdle. His hands shook as he straightened and pressed the silk tie for what was probably the hundredth time. It was another grand affair. This time being held at the school. He and Draco had attended a fundraiser for the Hogwarts educational funds last winter, but this gathering was much bigger and far more important in Harry's opinion.

"Daaad!" Albus whined. "You look fine! Let's go!"

Harry turned away from the full length mirror to look at his son of nine years, who sat on a stool a few feet away. "I don't want to look simply fine. I want to look fantastic."

"You do!"

"And besides, you're acting as if all this is for you, when it really isn't."

"Of course it is, Dad. Without me and Scorpi, this would not be happening," Albus said with a firm nod. His eyes shone smugly.

Harry laughed and turned back to the mirror, but he really wasn't seeing his reflection. He just stared. A bundle of unadulterated nerves. He wasn't sure how long he'd stood there silently and still, but then he heard someone knock on the door, and he was suddenly terrified he'd been standing there for the remaining ten minutes and was now late. Draco's head would explode if he were even one second late.

He rushed to the door, prepared to find the blond there, ready to murder him. Only it wasn't Draco. It was Ron. He was about the last person on earth Harry expected to see here at this time. He and Ron hadn't really had a falling out per se, but Ron hadn't been happy to learn Harry was finally officially seeing Draco. He hadn't been happy to hear Ginny had wanted to reconcile and Harry turned her down for Malfoy. Their relationship had been severely strained, stretched out so tightly to the point that it would snap at any moment. Harry had thought the snapping point would be tonight.

"Ron?" he said weakly. Ron's gaze was cast down to the floor. Harry took a moment to notice Ron wasn't in street clothes. He was dressed up formally as well. Which meant he wasn't here to kick Harry's arse for his sister.

"I just wanted to let you know I'm okay with this," Ron finally said, looking up to meet Harry's gaze.

"Gee, thanks," Harry replied a bit sarcastically. Ron had it coming. Ron must have thought so too because he smiled a little instead of getting insulted. From behind him, Harry could hear Albus snickering.

"Okay. Guess we'll talk after, yeah? Good luck, mate." Ron smiled and grasped Harry's shoulder. "Try not to trip."

"Good one, Uncle Ron!"

Harry scowled. "You two are bloody hilarious."

Ron chortled as he turned away to walk down the corridor. Harry watched him go, the scowl on his face morphing into a wide grin.

Today was the day they met to be married. Harry met Draco in the center of the Great Hall. Scorpius and Albus stood beside them proudly as the best men. Harry suspected their sons were getting far more attention right now then he and Draco. The Great Hall had been cleared out and decorated. The two men and their sons were surrounded by friends and family, circles of chairs around them. Harry laughed softly when Draco reached over to try and press Albus' hair down, for the tenth time. It didn't work. Albus sent Draco an impish smirk.

Harry's hands were shaking horribly. But that was okay because Draco's hands were shaking too. During his wedding with Ginny, he'd been nervous too. Nervous and mentally questioning if this was what he really wanted. But he'd tacked that down to cold feet. The difference here was… yes he was nervous, but there wasn't any doubt. He was extremely excited, a bit scared, and very eager for now and the future. Draco's smile was brilliant; his eyes alight with the same excitement, the same overwhelming passion. There wasn't any doubt in his eyes either.

Draco leaned towards him, "you're thinking sappy thought again, aren't you?"

"How can I not? This was meant to be."

Draco liked that. He liked hearing Harry say it, because he really was a bloody romantic.

And then the time came when the Bonding Witch asked if anyone objected to this union. Harry refused to turn around to look at the only one he could think of who would actually have the nerve to object. Draco tensed against him, his eyes shooting over Harry's shoulder to where Ginny sat with Hermione, Ron, their two children and the rest of the Weasleys. Harry didn't know why she had decided to come, and for her sake, he sincerely hoped it wasn't to start something. Looking over Draco's shoulder, to the blond's side, Narcissa sat in the front row and her gaze was locked on his ex wife. A cold smile on her face. Threats in her eyes. Harry smiled. She was a fierce one. Lucius wasn't in attendance due to his house arrest. But he'd already given his surprising blessings.

It seemed like an eternity went by when it was actually only a minute before the ceremony moved on. No one actually saw the tip of Hermione's wand poking out of her sleeve, aimed at the woman sitting next to her. No one noticed Ginny never once blinked until the ceremony was over, and then by the time Hermione released the spell, Harry and Draco were already married; their souls and magic bound for life and beyond. Hermione had been prepared for Ginny to cause a scene then, but all her sister in law did was slump into her chair, staring at the ground, while the rest of the guests stood to applaud and congratulate the two who didn't seem to notice anything but themselves and their sons.

Hermione wanted to say it was Ginny's fault. She was the one who left Harry. But she didn't say because Ginny and Harry's divorce had been the right thing to do. Deep down Ginny knew this too, but she didn't want to admit it, and instead had wanted Harry back desperately. Hermione had no doubt she would have objected if Hermione hadn't cast a full body bind at her. But it was done now and Ginny had to accept it. Harry and Draco had purposely chosen a ceremony that would bond them forever, making it impossible for a divorce. Hermione once asked Harry why he and Ginny hadn't been married in the same way, and Harry, knowing she would never give his answer over to anyone else, had confessed that it hadn't felt right to chose such a bonding.

Hermione quickly stood and made her way over to Narcissa Malfoy. "Look at them, they look so smug," she laughed, watching Albus and Scorpius shake hands, beaming, and then toss arms around each other's shoulders.

Narcissa smiled. "Merlin help Harry and Draco. They will certainly be a hand full."

Hermione looked around, frowning. "And where did they go so fast?"

Narcissa turned to look and could see neither hide nor hair of her son and son-in-law. "Certainly they didn't leave for the honeymoon already."

George came up, grinning. "Heard Draco saying something about a broom closet, school days, and fantasy. I'll let you two ladies decide how the rest of that conversation went and where they might have gone."

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