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Chapter one.

I stared. Hard.

He stared. Harder.

Unmoving we waited, our parents and our Lord discussing the terms of our arrangement. Even at twelve I understood the implications of what it all entailed: sex and money. Fate played no hand, Aphrodite looked away and Lady Luck had nothing to do with it. It came down to one thing and one thing only. Power.

I was the new Mrs. Malfoy before the morning.

-Five Years Later-

"Good morning Mrs. Malfoy." I smiled squirming as the roughness of jaw nuzzled my neck. The warmth of his body pressed next to mine a familiar comfort.

"Good morning Mr. Malfoy." His lips formed a small smiled against my throat.

"What's for breakfast?"


"My favorite."

This was Draco's last year at Hogwarts. I'll admit- I couldn't wait to get him to myself again.

We lived in America, New York. I went to a private wizarding school in New York, near enough that I could commute from home. I grew up in Philadelphia, about a 6-hour drive from where I lived now with Draco. When we first moved here it took some time getting used to, though he'll never admit it- it was harder on Draco. There was no war here. Draco, Lord Voldemort's successor, was a little more free here, an ocean away from the stress of it all. This doesn't mean he feels anymore favorably about mixed bloods or muggles he is just smart enough to appreciate muggle inventions and ideas.

Blood purity is just as important as paying bills here as well. The intermarriage of cousins, surprisingly, doesn't happen. This is because the Elders, a board of 108 wizards who govern our wizarding society, allow purebloods to marry "Mudbloods," rightly so. "Mudbloods" or magical children with non-magical parents are actually purebloods in that they, like Purebloods, have only a magical essence. Their parents, though lacking in magical abilities, like a squib, both were descendents of pureblood witches and wizards from one point or another. The magical gene was passed down until it found a match.

This was one of the hardest things Draco had to learn when he moved to America.

I headed down to the kitchen, the sunlight casting a dreamy glow in the unlit room. As I pulled out the ingredients to make waffles I heard the water turn on in the shower. An unstoppable smile moved its way across my lips.

I'll admit, I fell in love with him.

The first few years were hard and awkward; we had a guardian to look over us. But as the years went on, things just seemed to change. I felt happy with him, he was never unkind to me. He was a good man.

I know this sounds somewhat oxymoronic: Draco Malfoy a good man. I know that he isn't. I know that he's done horrible things; he was breed to be the ultimate weapon. He has killed and tortured. I force myself to remain ignorant. Our Lord and our parents also protect myself, and many of the other young brides, especially those with children, from it all.

Draco has never showed me that side of him though. He keeps that part of him separate from our relationship.

I felt the warmth from Draco's body as he came to stand behind me, having practically swallowed his waffles whole; his arms found their way around my waist and his face to the side of my neck. He inhaled deeply before turning me around to face him. His lips easily found mine.

This was bliss.

Just as his lips began a wicked decent down my throat the alarm I had set went off.

"Drake. We have to go."



"We've got time."

We both knew we didn't have time. I wanted him to stay. He wanted to stay even more. However we both knew he had to go. Worse yet we both knew that when he left there was a chance he wouldn't ever come back.

I didn't want him to go.

He seemed to read my mind and pulled back to look at me. Neither of us said anything, he hands tightened ever so slightly on my upper arms. His eyes were blank.

"Draco I-"

"Don't," He breathed pulling me towards him he wrapped his arms around me. Engulfing me in the strength and safety of his arms. His lips brushed my forehead before he rested his cheek onto the top of my head. "I know."

I wrapped my arms around him, fisting his shirt in my hands.

"I know." He repeated with a soft sigh, that, in itself, spoke volumes.

I buried my face in his chest, enjoying the last few moments I had with him before he had to go back to school.

Hands intertwined we walked through the barrier to platform 9 ¾. Many people gave him looks- some reproachful while many were fearful. I knew the look on his face- completely emotionally blank, cold, and fear invoking.

My hood was pulled up over my head to hide my face; I wasn't supposed to come but I had to say goodbye. Draco's parents were with mine in America, and I didn't want Draco to be alone on his send off for his last year.

I noticed a large group of red heads, anger welling up in my chest at the sight.

Harry Potter.

God he's disgusting.

Draco gave my hand a light squeeze, turning my attention back to him. I used my abilities and reached out with my mind to him. Since our actions were limited in public I showed him how much I loved him. I reached up with a hand gloved in white vintage lace to touch his face. His hand came up to cup mine.

There was no need to vocalize our thoughts; the simple gesture did if for us.

I love you.