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Chapter 4

The second the door had closed Draco's hands found my skin. I melted into him. Arching, pressing my body against his. He lifted me with practiced ease and laid me gently on the bed. Our lips meeting feverishly, pulling his bottom lip into my mouth with a light tug. I felt his resolve completely crumble. He kissed me with no restraint, like it was the first and last time he'd ever kiss me.

There was no stopping him, even if I had wanted to. He was kissing my skin. Touching me. Molding my body to his. Hip to hip. Chest to chest. My breast scraping against the light hair on this chest.

He tore his clothes off. Needing to feel his skin against mine. I held him back for a moment, admiring the hard lines of his body. I had never seen so much strength in a body. The way his muscles moved beneath his skin caused me to shiver. I put a hand behind his neck and pulled my body against his crushing his lips to mine.

Every time Draco looked at his little wife he felt blessed. She was beautiful. Not skinny, no pointy angles, but soft feminine curves. His eyes gorged on the feast before him admiring her creamy white skin. Loving every inch. Her slim waist, curved hips, the hollow of her delicate throat. God she was perfect.

His hands found my breast, my bottom. His lips trailed down my throat and drew my nipple into his mouth. He swirled his tongue over it until it was taught, and I was gasping. Kissing me again he slid his fingers inside of me. God I wanted him so bad. I urged him forward. I couldn't stand this, and he new it.

I slid my hand down between our bodies and wrapped it around the base of his member eliciting a growl from the god-like man a top of me.

Switching our position he pulled he to his chest, his back against the headboard. I position myself above him and he guided himself inside of me. After that I was unable to think. I couldn't feel anything other then the heat our body made. His length filled me so completely, so naturally, that I couldn't stop myself from moaning. God I never wanted this to end.

He switched our position again, taking control. He moved me beneath him. His fingers found the little nub inches from my entrance and he quickly brought me over the edge. He was unrelenting and soon I felt myself climbing once again. His thrusting picked up; I dug my fingers into his back urging him forward. His final thrust made me orgasm again. I couldn't stop the moan that escaped my throat.

He stayed on top of me after he came, his warm seed spilling inside of me. I traced his face with my fingers. Memorizing the plane of his nose, the curve of his lips, the shape of his eyebrow. I missed him. His eyes stayed locked on my face, content.

There were no need for words.