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Isn't it obvious that I love you?

Harry was at a loss.
How could he convey his feelings to his secret love?
He was too self-conscious to just step up to said person.
Although he had to admit his reluctance was partly due to being scared of the thought he might be rejected, was that very likely though?
"Killing Voldemort was a walk in the park, but telling him I love him damn near kills me?" the young man grumbled to himself.
So much for the ever highly praised Gryffindor bravery he thought chagrined.
He was deep in thought, while he walked slowly to the music room.
If he needed to figure something out, he always sat at his piano.
While his long, delicate fingers enticed the piano to bring forth the most enchanting melodies, his mind would wander and present him with a solution to his dilemma.

Three years prior

Harry had been in a music store in muggle London and there had been a man sitting at a piano, playing the instrument like a virtuoso.
After the man was finished Harry walked up to the man and asked if the man could teach him to play like that.
The man had looked him up and down a bit, a if to assess if the youth in front of him was serious about the request.
He nodded his head and had stated it was hard work and he demanded that the youth come by every day, without failure.
The man reminded Harry a bit of Severus Snape, his potions professor.
Somehow the youngster knew this man would be just as demanding, but Harry would do everything in his power to master the fine instrument.
They introduced themselves and a date was set for the following morning.
Mister Hunter said it was important to study at least three hours each day, if Harry ever wanted to truly master the art of playing the piano.
Harry nodded eagerly, he would study even harder if he could get away with it.
Harry seemed to be a natural talent, as he soaked up the knowledge and picked up every technique after it was shown to him only once or twice.
He never missed a day with mister Hunter and when he came home he ate and went into his music room to practice some more, often losing himself to the music.
As he was living in one of his own mansions, he had more than enough time to do so.

At the tender age of eighteen Harry had gone home for the holidays, only to be thrown out of the Dursley 's house for once and for all, with the message that he was old enough to look after himself and Harry was glad to leave, there was no love lost between them.
One of the Goblins at Gringotts had contacted Harry right after he had left Privet Drive and was about to hail the Knight bus.
"Mister Potter, my name is Groblan Uncanny and we have some matters to discuss. Are you free to accompany me to Gringotts? It will only take fifteen minutes of your time" the goblin had asked and Harry agreed to come along, although Harry was utterly surprised a goblin would even leave the bank.
After reaching their destination and both goblin and wizard had discussed matters in a private office it seemed that Harry (now free of his 'family') was seen as an adult. There were a few things that needed to be arranged in accordance with the testaments drawn up by his parents, godfather and a few other family members Harry didn't even know about.
After the wills were read, it had become very clear Harry was now one of the richest wizards around, even surpassing the Malfoys.
He was given several 'Heir rings' that he was supposed to wear at all times.
Luckily they could be spelled to become unnoticeable tattoos.
Groblan taught Harry the spell, so Harry could hide the rings if he so desired.
After all the documents had been signed, Harry had taken quite a big amount of money with him and went on a shopping spree.
He would be damned if he ever wore cast offs again.
After having seen Draco Malfoy a few times in a pair of grey slacks combined with a silk button down shirt and a pair of black shiny leather loafers, Harry had decided he liked the style of clothing the youngest Malfoy wore.
Therefore Harry went into an expensive looking store and started to rummage through the racks of clothing, trying to decide what he wanted to try on first.
A young man in impeccable clothing sauntered over to where Harry was standing and asked: "Do you see anything to your liking?"
Harry looked at the young man, noticing his sun kissed, chestnut hair, honey coloured eyes and well tailored clothing and stated simply "Sure, let's start with you, shall we?", making the young man blush.
Harry was confused, why would the guy blush, he only had said…oh…OOOHHH!
"Erm, I'm sorry…I meant your clothes, I want the same look" he hurriedly explained, blushing profusely himself.
Well, this was awkward Harry thought a bit amused by their respective reactions. Harry normally was very shy.
He had known he was gay after trying to kiss Cho Chang and failing miserably, only to find he was entertaining the idea of kissing a few of the good looking guys at school, but he felt at ease with the young man next to him.
"I am Divine" the well dressed guy said.
"Yes you are" Harry said, surprised by his own audacity.
The guy laughed, shook his head and said "It is my name, don't ask…"
Harry chuckled and said "I'm Harry, pleased to meet you", shaking Divine's hand.
Divine didn't act 'Hero stricken' as many others did, when Harry introduced himself and it pleased Harry to no end.
Finally he had encountered a normal person and he said as much, making Divine chuckle and answer that being a student at Durmstrang had taught him not to be big on the worshipping thing, as many had fallen, because of their worship of the Dark Lord.
Harry understood all too well and decided to change the subject.
"Now, as you can see I am in serious need of a new wardrobe, can you help me, as I have no fashion sense…at all" he said self-mockingly.
Divine laughed softly and nodded his head in acquiescence.
Both young men spent the better part of three hours in the shop, as Harry tried on many different outfits and cloaks, socks, briefs and t-shirts.
Finally satisfied with the results, Harry asked the shop owner if everything could be sent to his mansion and paid for the clothing.
He was now dressed in a silk green button down shirt, a pair of black slacks made of the finest wool and black soft leather loafers.
The look was completed with a cloak of the finest cashmere, dyed in a deep bottle green colour that looked almost black.
He was famished and asked Divine to accompany him to dinner, as it was closing time for the shop anyway and was startled to find out Divine didn't even work there.
He had been a customer himself and had thought Harry had been in over his head, when he saw the black haired teen go through the racks of clothing.
Harry laughed heartily at this and said Divine would do well in Slytherin house, explaining Hogwarts' school politics to the fine specimen of the male species.
Divine accepted the invitation and they spent a wonderful evening together, which was continued in Harry 's bedroom.
The following morning both young men said their farewells, never promising anything they knew neither one could uphold.

Now three years, later Harry found himself sitting at the piano reminiscing the past and contemplating the future.
Harry had been offered many jobs, but none really appealed to had taken a year off to travel and after coming back he had decided to become a piano teacher, for both rich and poor kids.
Harry firmly believed that every child deserved a chance to learn how to play music.
Being a war hero and the 'saviour' had it's perks, for everyone knew his name and the list of pupils was very, very long.
Harry began with hiring three other music teachers, a handful of house elves, a personal assistant and Groblan Uncanny as his accountant.
He then set up appointments with parents and their children to find out if the children indeed had some talent or that the parents just wanted their child to be in the presence of 'The Saviour', which he had no time for.
This project was very important to him and he was not going to let others ruin it for him.
After sifting through the seemingly endless list with the other teachers, the four managed to discourage the attention seekers from coming and they had chosen well over eighty children that looked promising and a few less promising, but very eager to learn.
The biggest surprise had been Draco Malfoy.
The blonde had made an appointment and wanted to enrol too.
When Harry found out that the youngest Malfoy had made an appointment, he stated he would do the interview himself, although he did not quite understand why he was so adamant about it.
When the blonde had come in the next morning, Harry stuck out his hand to shake his. Harry welcomed him inside, took him to one of the music rooms and asked if Draco knew how to play the piano at all.
"I do a little, but I want to learn how to master it" Draco said softly.
Harry nodded and invited Draco to sit at the piano, to show what he knew.
Draco looked at the stool as if it was about to attack him.
"Mr. Malfoy, you can not play, if you don't sit first" Harry said encouraging.
"Draco" was the whispered reply.
"Excuse me?" Harry asked.
"My name…please call me Draco" the blonde spoke up a bit louder.
"Oh, erm, sure…okay. Well, call me Harry" the surprised wizard answered.
What was this all about, he wondered.
"Draco, will it be more comfortable if I sat with you at the piano?" he asked, addressing Draco's unease, after a bout of brilliance had hit him.
Draco was not only there to learn how to play, there was something else to be considered and Harry had an inkling as to what it was.
The blonde nodded his head enthusiastically and Harry chuckled, he had been right.
Draco did not have fond memories of playing, it seemed.
They sat next to each other and Draco's trembling fingers made contact with the keys, only to be withdrawn quickly.
"That bad huh?" Harry asked softly and was answered with a nod.
"What is your least favourite piece, Draco?" Harry inquired, he was going to squash Draco's insecurities and needed Draco to face the biggest problem first.
"P-piano C-concerto nr. 3 by Rachm-maninov" Draco stuttered.
Harry was flabbergasted… that piece? It was known around the world to be the most difficult concerto to play. Only people with exceptionally broad hands and long fingers were known to be able to play it with a bit less difficulty.
"I can understand why, as I don't like it myself very much either. Is there a reason, except for it's difficulty, that you dislike it so much?" he asked.
Big silvery blue eyes turned misty, as they looked at Harry with trepidation.
"I was supposed to master it when I turned fifteen, so I could perform for our guests at the manor" the blonde answered shakily.
"How much time did you get to rehearse?"
"Two months"
Harry couldn't believe his ears, two months? It took most people well over two years to get to an acceptable level.
"Will you show me?" Harry asked softly, making sure he didn't show how angry he was.
As Draco touched the keys again, so did Harry and they started simultaneously.
After five minutes of wrestling through the piece, Harry stopped and saw that Draco had tears flowing down his cheeks.
He touched Draco's hands, that were still on the keys.
"Let it go, Draco. There is no need to play it ever again" he stated.
The blonde sighed, dried his eyes and asked in a hopeful tone "Am I accepted?"
Harry nodded and told Draco to pick three days, making it clear that Draco needed to practice on a regular basis.
The blonde shrugged and told him he had nothing to do anyway, so he could come in every day, if need be.
"Don't you have a job or other responsibilities?" Harry asked surprised.
Draco shook his head and said that after his parents had died in the final battle, he was left with everything the Malfoys owned and all was taken care off by the accountants.
He never wanted to be like his father, so he steered clear of the ministry and not being a social butterfly like his mother, he didn't have any prior engagements either.
"Don't you get lonely? What about your friends?" Harry asked surprised.
Draco shook his head and told him he never had any real friends, like Harry had had, when they were in school.
Draco's 'buddies' only had wanted to befriend him, because of his name, fortune and/or parentage, so he was no stranger to loneliness.
It made Harry sad to think that a person had no friends to call his own, easily forgetting his own friends had abandoned him when the truth about his childhood had come to the surface and they didn't want to be seen in the presence of a 'pauper'.
He had been hurt by their actions, especially Ron Weasley's, because Ron had come from a poor family himself, although it had been a loving family.
"Come in every day then and we'll make a Chopin out of you yet" he said lightly.
Draco smiled gratefully, when Harry surprised him with his next question.
"Would you like to start today, Draco? Seeing as you have nothing else to do anyway…"
Draco's smile turned into a big goofy grin and he nodded vigorously.
That had been the start of their friendship.

Now, almost two years had passed and Harry and Draco had gone from being just friends, to being very close friends and somewhere along the line Harry had fallen in love with the soft spoken, introvert wizard.
Draco was nothing like his former self, from the time they had been in school.
He only showed his real self to Harry, but refused to let others get close.
His razor sharp wit was like a breath of fresh air and Harry often doubled over in stitches, when Draco would dryly comment on the goings on in his life.
Especially when it involved one Severus Snape, a group of 'dunderheads', a few cauldrons and a volatile potion to be brewed in the class room.
The way Draco could impersonate Snape's voice and remarks often had Harry guffawing, until one day said professor arrived at the mansion in search of his godson, who had been in the middle of one of his famous 'Snape stories', as Harry now called them.
"Kindly refrain from trying to impersonate my persona, Draco. It is highly degrading" the dour man said, but his eyes held a tinge of mirth in them.
"Oh, come off it, Sev. You love it when I 'impersonate' you. Didn't you once say it is the highest sort of praise a person can get?" Draco teased.
"I have said no such thing, but never mind that now. Why are you here? I was under the impression we were to meet for lunch" Severus said looking around him and realizing they were in a rather spacious room.
There was a piano in the centre of the room and he looked at both younger men in front of him questioningly.
Harry answered him, saying "I give piano lessons, sir and Draco is one of my students"
The answer seemed to surprise the potions master, because he said he had been sure Draco would never again touch a piano after his fifteenth birthday.
"Well, Draco was a bit reluctant at first, but he has made such great progress since that day, it's as if he's done it all his life" Harry stated proudly.
"Why don't you play something, Draco? Please?" Harry asked in his most pleading tone.
"I-I don't know, Harry. It's different when someone is watching, you know?"
"I know you can do it, just believe in yourself, as I believe in you" Harry said softly.
Draco heaved a sigh and sat on the stool.
He wished he had Harry 's confidence, but laid his fingers on the keys anyway and started to play, without knowing why he picked 'Claire de Lune' by Debussy.
The music was soothing to his nerves and his hands became more steady, his movements more deliberate and precise.
After a few moments Draco 's soul broke free and went soaring through the beautiful music, making the masterpiece come to life.
Harry and Severus were mesmerized by the sight of the young wizard at the piano.
Harry had always known that Draco would find his 'own' piece eventually and it didn't surprise him one bit to learn it was this one.
It fitted Draco to a T, as it was romantic, soft and sometimes even introspective.
Severus, on the other hand, was very surprised when he saw his godson at the piano, playing as if his life depended on it.
He didn't know if Draco had told Harry what had happened, after the fiasco on his birthday, but he didn't think Draco would voluntarily tell anyone about the severe beating he received in front of the guests, who were present to 'celebrate' his birthday.
As the final note died out, both Harry and Severus gave Draco their version of a standing ovation, promptly being joined by the other teachers and several students.
They had heard the music and went into the 'big room' to see who was playing.
Draco bowed to the small crowd, with tears in his eyes.
He felt so good after playing, although he didn't know what exactly had happened.

Harry sat down at his piano in the 'big room' and let his fingers glide over the ebony and ivory keys lovingly.
He needed answers and playing was a sure way of getting them.
His hands automatically started to push the right keys, while his mind went blank.
Harry played and all of a sudden some soul music mixed in with his own and Harry started to sing.

I've been really tryin', baby
Tryin' to hold back this feelin' for so long
And if you feel like I feel, baby
Then come on, oh come on whoo
Let's get it on, aaah baby
Let's get it on
Let's love, baby
Let's get it on
Sugar, let's get it on

Where had that come from? Did he really sound that sexy?
But as he played on, his voice seemed to have a life of it's own.

We're all sensitive people
With so much to give
Understand me, sugar
Since we got to being
Let's live
I love you

There's nothing wrong with me
Lovin' you, baby no no
And givin' yourself to me could never be wrong
If the love is true, oh baby

Well, it seemed this was his answer then.
Harry decided to go with it, because the answers he had gotten through this method had never been wrong before, so why would they be now?
He put all his emotions in his music and continued to play and sing.

Don't you know how sweet and wonderful
Life can be
I'm asking you baby
To get it on with me

I ain't gonna worry
I ain't gonna push
I won't push you baby
So come on, come on, come on, come on, come on baby
Stop beatin' 'round the bush

Let's get it on
Let's get it on
You know what I'm talkin' about
Come on baby, hey hey
Let your love come out
If you believe in love
Let's get it on ooohh
Let's get it on, baby
This minute, oh yeah
Let's get it on
Please get it on

Harry mind wandered to Draco, his secret love and Harry thought to himself he could never say this to the blonde, no matter how much he wanted to.

So come on, come on, come on, come on, come on darlin'
Stop beatin' 'round the bush oooh

Gonna get it on
I wanna get it on
You don't have to worry that it's wrong
If the spirit moves ya
Let me groove ya... good

Let your love come down aah
Get it on, come on baby

When his hands and the mystical soul music stopped playing and Harry stopped singing, he heard another piano and voice in the next room.
There was something familiar about the voice, but Harry couldn't put his finger on it.
He stood up from his stool and walked out of his room and entered the room next to his, where he saw none other than Draco sit at the piano.
Draco's back was turned towards the door, so he didn't know Harry was standing there.
As the blonde continued to play, something similar to what had happened to Harry, happened to Draco.
There was other music mixing in with Draco's own.

Cut to the chase, your pretty face
Search outer space, leaving no trace
Making love in the heavens above
Flying so high, you and I
You and I, You and I

Who was Draco singing about?
Was Draco seeing someone, had he fallen in love maybe?
Harry felt like crying, as Draco continued oblivious to Harry's thoughts and feelings.
He was too late then, it had taken him the better part of two years to finally admit to Draco how he felt, only to lose him when he had been so close.
He wanted to turn around and walk away, but found he couldn't move.
It was as if invisible hands held him in place.

Can't get my head around you
Can't bear to be without you
Can't stop from thinking 'bout you
You turn my life around
Can't get my head around you
Can't bear to be without you
Can't stop from thinking 'bout you
You turn my life around

It was as if Draco was voicing Harry's thoughts.
The black haired wizard felt his throat constrict with tears he was valiantly fighting back.

Time standing still, inch time to kill
Cheating the wheel, there are moments to steal
So another day gets brushed away
Pre-occupied, you and I
You and I, you and I.

Can't get my head around you
Can't bear to be without you
Can't stop from thinking 'bout you
You turn my life around
Can't get my head around you
Can't bear to be without you
Can't stop from thinking 'bout you
You turn my life around

Yeah, yeah. Oh-oh yeah

How could this be happening?
Draco had been in the mansion every day and eventually never left again.
Harry hadn't seen the blonde with anyone, except his godfather.
Feeling a glimmer of hope rising in his heart, he followed that train of thought.
He had never seen Draco with anyone else, at all.
Could it be…? Dared he think that…? Maybe Draco was singing about him?

Making love in the heavens above
Flying so high, you and I

Can't get my head around you
Can't bear to be without you
Can't stop from thinking 'bout you
You turn my life around
Can't get my head around you
Can't bear to be without you
Can't stop from thinking 'bout you
You turn my life around

I Can't get my head around you
I Can't bear to be without you
I Can't stop from thinking 'bout you
You turn my life around
I Can't get my head around you
Can't bear to be without you
Can't stop from thinking 'bout you

I Can't get my head around you
I Can't bear to be without you
I Can't stop from thinking 'bout you
Yeah yeah yeah

I Can't get my head around you
I Can't bear to be without you
I Can't stop from thinking 'bout you
Ooh ooh

The music stopped and without turning around Draco said "I know you are here"
"Draco? Were you si…"
"Yes Harry, I was singing about you" Draco intercepted quickly, knowing he would lose his nerve if he had more time to think.
What if Harry had been singing about someone else? He would look like a great fool then, wouldn't he?

Harry was standing behind Draco in mere seconds, turning the sitting man around.
"Why didn't you tell me?" he asked softly.
Draco looked at him and answered; "Isn't it obvious that I love you? I was afraid I would lose our friendship, if the feelings had not been mutual. After I heard you sing, I knew it had to be about me. You never go anywhere or have anyone over and it …well, I just felt you were singing about me, or more precisely to me"
He had been singing to Draco, hadn't he?
Well, as Draco had sang to him to he thought he'd better make use of this moment.
Grabbing the blonde by his arms, Harry pulled him up and circled his arms around him, kissing him with all his might.
He would be a fool not to and if Draco's reaction to the kiss was anything to go by, the gesture was more than welcome.
Breaking apart for some much needed air, they both sighed happily, never noticing a certain dark haired, hook nosed wizard standing by the door, nodding knowingly while putting his wand away after whispering 'Finite Incantatum'.

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