What they do not know, will not hurt them.

Severus' POV
It took me some time to 'persuade' the man, but he agreed to tell you about his reasons, if I was willing to use a dicta-quill, so he would not be misquoted.
This is his story, so I will let him tell it.
Sitting in his favourite Chesterfield chair, his hands laying relaxed on the arm rests, Severus begins his tale.

"It has come to my attention that some of you have expressed the desire to know why I have chosen to become involved in the affairs of my godson and Mr. Potter.
Let me start off by saying I am ordinarily not in the habit of explaining my actions, this is merely a favour towards Miss Heksy. You would be wise to listen carefully, for I will not repeat myself and I have neither the time, nor the inclination to answer inane questions from a bunch of dunderheads."


"Very well then. As you all know, celebrating the fifteenth birthday of my godson has not been a pleasant affair. As it is a tradition amongst the pureblood families, a child reaching his or her fifteenth birthday is required to have a special talent. Whether that talent extends to performing a series of spells invented by the youngster, or playing a most difficult musical arrangement is of no consequence.
The problem with this 'requirement' is, even if the child has no special talents, he or she still must perform in front of the gathered guests.
Draco has never been a boy to display such a talent, except for potion brewing. However, his parents were not impressed with that knowledge.
Especially Lucius was adamant that they 'find' a hidden talent.
When Draco was sitting at the piano, that had belonged to his grandfather Abraxas, Lucius took it as a sign of sorts that Draco might be an undiscovered musical prodigy.
The boy had merely been sitting there thinking, but it did not discourage his father in the least.
Draco was ordered to take piano lessons every day for six hours, it was to 'fine tune' his talent, as Lucius had said.
In my opinion the lessons served more as a punishment and it pained me to see my godson go through the lessons, applying himself with as much vigour as he did.
After a month the 'teacher' told Lucius that Draco was ready to move on to concerto nr.3 by Rachmaninov, although it was clear to see Draco was not ready at all.
Again Draco did as he was told, and he did very well considering the circumstances.
After one gruelling session he had floo-ed me to ask if I wanted to come through, to listen to him playing the arrangement."

"As I am a fervent listener of classical music and play the piano myself, maybe I could give him some pointers.
I was about to decline, when I heard Lucius in the background telling Draco to get back to studying, or he would take more severe measures to get my godson to study.
On that notion I made the decision to go through the floo and for the better it seemed, as Lucius had raised his cane to strike Draco.
After noticing my presence, Lucius sneered at the boy and plastered an artificial welcoming smile on his face, which faltered after meeting my own grim facial expression.
Draco must have noticed the tension, for he requested of me that I would sit near the piano to listen and determine if there could be improvements to be made.
In doing as my godson had requested, I made certain his father could not bring harm to the nervous fidgeting youth.
He looked positively horrified and I could only venture a guess as to why.
Draco attempted to play the demanding musical structure, but I could not help but notice his hands were far too small to play the third part of the concerto.
His attempts, valiant as they might have been, were fruitless.
You see, the third part demands that a pianist is able to play three quarters of the keys in prestissimo.
Meaning more than 200 touches to the keys in the time span of under a minute."

"I ventured to sit next to Draco and showed him how to play the tricky part, by smuggling a bit. It was not as if the guests would know the difference.
I told him, most of them could not even differentiate a thestral from a hippogriff.
My comment had it's desired result, for Draco relaxed a bit and laughed softly.
We played together some more and I was pleased to see my godson more lively for the first time in three months.
Three days later would be his recital and Draco actually looked forward to it, thinking he would be able to play it the way I had shown him.
Regrettably the celebration went rather sour.
The guests had arrived and it was time for Draco to perform.
I noticed the boy holding his arm a bit stiffly to his side, but as I tried to reach him to ask what had occurred, I was being detained by several people.
As a result I did not reach him, until he was ready to start.
Listening to the music, it became apparent that Draco had trouble with the parts that needed to be played in moderato or allegro, which were rather fast already.
If Draco was not able to play at those speeds, how was he to manage presto or prestissimo? Well, he wasn't, that much was evident.
After finishing, Draco stood next to the piano, bowed and left in a hurry to escape his father no doubt.
It was to no avail, for his father had gotten a hold of him and in front of all the guests started to flog the youth with his cane.
All the while saying what an utter disappointment his son was.
Draco did not cry out, nor did he flinch and it was at that exact moment I realized that my godson was accustomed to this kind of treatment.
I jumped up, grabbed a hold of Draco, told Lucius he would never see his son again for as long as I would live and disapparated to my own manor.
It took Draco 's body well over two weeks to heal, but I knew his soul would take even more time to mend.
From that moment on Draco lived with me and he became the son I had never had, in all the ways that mattered.
A custody battle ensued, which I won after Narcissa testified on Draco 's behalf, that Lucius had indeed been abusive to Draco on a regular basis and she was willingly seperating from her child."

Severus takes a sip of his coffee and looks at me expectantly. I know what he is asking and I nod. I know you are still with him on this. Although it is apparent he is having a bit of trouble recounting the events. After he finishes his coffee, he steeples his fingers under his chin and Severus indicates he is ready to continue, so I start taking notes again.

"At this point I will skip a big part, for it is of no consequence how Draco and I spent our time. Suffice it to say, I taught the boy to defend himself and he matured greatly under my tutelage.
As the time passed, things in the Wizarding World were becoming more grim by the minute, as the war was upon us and we all had decisions to make.
Draco pledged his loyalty to the light and he was able to bequeath an impressive amount of knowledge of the Dark Lord's plans to the Order of the Phoenix, the kind of knowledge that made it possible for Mr. Potter to finally defeat his nemesis.
In the midst of battle Draco encountered his 'father' and was forced to choose; kill Lucius or be killed, there was no third option.
Never in my life have I been more grateful than at that moment, for Lucius had his wand trained on me and Draco took advantage of Lucius' momentary lack of vigilance and 'my son' cast the Killing Curse at him.
At the exact moment that Harry Potter defeated the Dark Lord, no less.
I had trained the boy well, but the act of killing his own blood took a toll on Draco and he fainted right on the spot.
Before I could rescue him, Potter saw Draco faint and he ran towards the unconscious boy, picked him up and apparated away.
It took me a few seconds to register that Potter had nodded towards me and I realized that the black haired youth had all but told me he would take Draco to our home.
I left the battlefield to the aurors, I had done my share and was finally free.
I apparated home to find the 'Saviour' standing outside of the gates of Snape Manor, still holding Draco in his arms.
He could have dismantled the wards, but his respect for my privacy had not allowed it.
It seemed Mr Potter had done his own part in maturing greatly.
I took Draco from his arms and after a nod from the wizard he apparated away, not to be seen for over a year."

Draco was not the same after the battle, well… we all had changed considerably.
It was to be expected, of course, but Draco had changed more dramatically.
He became withdrawn, uncommunicative and violent.
I would hear him scream and throw things while he was in his room, only to emerge later in the day and wearing a stoic expression on his face.
It was disconcerting and heartbreaking to see him like that.
After months of talking to him without him being responsive, one day Draco broke down started to cry and finally he was able to let himself mourn his losses.
Though he did not seem to grieve the loss of Lucius, his mother's death had hit him hard.
He cried for over a week and then it stopped just as sudden as it had started.
He started to speak to me again, hesitantly at first, but still.
Draco started to tell me about his feelings, how he felt he had betrayed his family and how utterly devastated he felt by not being able to save his mother.
My son never spoke of Lucius, but I understood his silence.
He felt betrayed by the man and Draco was not the kind of man to forgive people who betrayed his trust.
Draco started to eat properly again and started to enjoy little things like reading a book or helping me with my potions.
It was after Draco had been to Gringotts for the reading of the wills of his parents, he came in the sitting room excitedly, with a scrap of paper clutched in his hand.
He showed it to me and stated he wanted to enrol in some kind of music school.
I had not really paid attention for I was glad that Draco was finally showing an interest related to something outside the Manor.
I told him to pursue this course of action, if he felt it would make him happy.
His answer had been baffling, he told me that it might not make him happy necessarily, but it would definitely give him an insight of sorts.
Before I could question him, he had filled out the form and sent it to the institution."

Severus takes another sip of his coffee, before speaking again.

"The following week Draco received an answer from the institution and he was invited to come for an interview.
My offer to accompany him was resolutely refused and Draco told me it was something he had to do of his own accord.
Though I understood his reasoning, it did hurt a little to accept he was an adult now, in less need of my 'fatherly guidance'.
As the hours ticked by, I began to grow worried.
I was about to go out and try to find him, when an owl swooped in and delivered a message from Draco, informing me he would come home the day after.
The following day Draco arrived home early and told me he had been accepted, but that he needed to practice playing often.
I answered that he was welcome to use my music room, but at the same time I wondered how Draco had come to the conclusion that he needed to play music again.
My 'son' seemed to ponder my offer and said he rather wanted to practice at the school.
I agreed, because I did not want him to feel restricted.
His broad smile and heartfelt "Thanks dad", did wonders for my ego.
Draco started at the school that same day and came by the Manor less frequently as time progressed, but when he did come he seemed to be more alive.
He laughed more and we discussed many topics, we both held an interest in.
I even told him some of the more horrifying experiences I had gone through and was still going through, while teaching at Hogwarts.
Draco often entertained me by copying my stance and my voice, saying the most idiotic words to make 'me' look imposing, having me guffawing at his dramatics.
I would often tell him it was the highest praise he could give me.
After some time his visits stopped altogether and I was left with only short messages, sent by owl.
A few months later I was missing my son so terribly, that I asked him to accompany me to lunch the following day.
The hour of our lunch date came and went, and I was well and truly upset with his disregard for my persona at that moment.
Deciding to go to the institution seemed to be a good idea.
I floo-ed to the address Draco had given me, not really giving thought to the name.
As I exited the fireplace I heard 'my voice' in another room and upon entering saw my son with none other than Harry Potter, having a great laugh at my expense.
I tried to admonish the imp, but could not withhold some of my own merriment. The boy was truly gifted with a wicked sense of humour."

Severus shakes his head to indicate that he needs a break.
I ask if he wants me to finish the story, but he declines my offer.
We share a lunch, prepared by the potions master himself and I must say he is quite a chef de cuisine.
His level of experience with herbs and spices is not limited to his classroom, as I enjoy his smoked salmon, freshly baked bread and a wonderful Caesar salad.
I compliment him on the food and he answers in a sad voice that it is not often he gets the chance to 'show off' his culinary masterpieces.
After washing up the dishes together, we make our way back to the sitting room, where we are served a cup of coffee by a house elf.
As I have never encountered one before, the creature fascinates me and Severus smiles at me readily.
I thank the elf for the coffee, but it looks at me startled.
I ask Severus if I have done something to offend the creature and Severus informs me that house elves are not accustomed to compliments, because they feel that serving in a manor like his is the highest praise they can get.
Working for a pure blood family is a very coveted place for all house elves and the ones in Snape Manor were the fourth generation to have worked there for over three centuries, keeping the manor 'in their family', so to speak.
We finish our coffee and Severus tells me he wants to continue the story again.

"Where was I? Ah yes…the music room.
I noticed a piano in the centre of the room and could not help showing my surprise.
I believe I said something like I had not thought Draco to ever play again.
Harry Potter was the one to abuse me of that notion.
He asked Draco to play something and though he was hesitant, Draco sat down and started to play.
I do not know what I had expected, but whatever it was, it was not this.
Draco, my Draco, had found his confidence to play once again and I was moved to tears when I heard my son play my most favourite arrangement."

Severus stops me and glares, but not at me.
He asks me to add something here in my own notes, but he wishes to address you.
"Yes, I am very much aware of the fact people tend to see me as a cold hearted, ill willed and temperamental person, but it does not mean I am void of feelings.
You do realize I am but a mere human being, do you not?
And you there in the back…yes you. If you ever attempt to laugh at my expense again or refer to me as a vampire, you would do well to remember I am still record holder of the title 'Fastest duellist and spell caster, First class', after 27 years. May I continue? Thank you."
I ask Severus why he made that statement and he grudgingly confides in me there is Seer blood in his family.

"After Draco finished, both Harry and myself applauded him.
He had overcome so many obstacles and I was proud to be there to share this private moment off victory.
As we applauded we were joined by several other people and I knew how much it meant to Draco.
It wasn't until then that I noticed the young man next to me look at Draco in a rather peculiar fashion, he seemed enchanted, for lack of a better word.
I looked back at Draco to see that same look on his face and comprehension dawned.
The youngsters seemed to have developed feelings for each other, that ran deeper than just friendship.
I took my leave and went back home to think about the events that had taken place.
If my eyes did not deceive me, both young men had not confessed their feelings to one another judging by the looks of longing on their faces.
Maybe they needed a little push in the right direction?
It would be entertaining to plan and plot once again, as I had done when I was a youngster myself.
Hence I went into my study and fetched some books I felt could help me in my endeavour.
It took me the better part of a month to set all things in motion.
I had gone as far as to investigate muggle music and found a few things to my liking.
The spell I had worked on would do three things: it would bring out the hidden emotions from the person it was cast on, infuse muggle music to the music played by said person and draw the object of said person's desire close enough to hear the song.
Now it was tricky to cast, because both persons had to be together for the spell to be cast correctly and work accordingly.
There had to be an interval between the two castings, so one person could finish his, before the other would start.
I calculated that the interval had to be three minutes.
It all came down to precise timing, but I was confident I could pull it off."

"My chance came the next day.
Draco wrote a letter telling me he missed me and wanted to see me, he then had asked me to come by for lunch and to talk.
It was the chance I had been waiting for and I arrived five minutes earlier, than the intended time.
Draco and Harry were talking to each other in the small music room, next to Harry's.
I made sure they did not see me, cast the spell at Harry first and waited the full three minutes, hoping Draco would not leave before I finished.
It seemed the Deities were feeling generous that day, because Draco did not leave and I could cast the second spell without difficulties.
I walked a few paces back into the hallway and acted as if I had just arrived.
Draco smiled when he saw me and we went into the dining room to have lunch.
Harry did not join us, looking like he was deep in thought.
After an hour Draco and I finished and I 'took my leave', only to disappear in the shadows so I could find out if my plan was a success.
I heard a piano and then soul music and knew the first part of the spell was indeed working, as Harry started to sing.
I must admit the boy could sing. It was not part of the spell to give someone a good singing voice. The spell itself only compelled someone to sing.
What the person sounded like, was not included.
After he had finished, as if on cue, the piano in the other room started to play and was joined by some modern day music.
Draco voiced his own emotions and I was surprised to hear his voice.
It sounded almost innocent and still very mature.
I had to hide back in the shadows, as Harry left his music room to walk towards Draco's.
After all, what they do not know, does not hurt them, now does it?
However, I could not resist, I just had to know if all had worked out.
Peeking in the room I saw my son being kissed soundly by one Harry Potter and for the first time in my life all seemed to be well with the world.
I cast the counter spell, a simple Finite Incantatum, and nodded I believe.
That is all there is to the story."

"I know some of you would like to know what the spell was I had used.
I am not going to disclose that information, for it might incriminate me and I still have a strong sense of self preservation.
What I will elaborate upon is my attitude towards Harry Potter.
Surprising as it may be, I do not have feelings of ill will towards the Potter Heir.
On the contrary, I have grown rather fond of him.
As I was forced to work with him to teach him Occlumency, we began to develop a tentative friendship.
Potter is the kind of person that grows on you, without one noticing it.
His biting sarcasm, so much like my own, was often the reason that the boy could break through my emotional barriers, but he never disrespected me, nor has he ever taken me for granted in any way shape or form.
I once forgot to lock my storage room and had to leave him in my classroom for a few moments.
He had every opportunity to ransack the place, but chose to lock and ward it himself.
Upon my return he immediately told me of my error and till this day I am thankful to him for what he did, as some of my ingredients are rather valuable and hard to come by.
Why then would I choose to interfere, you ask?
My son fell in love with Harry and Harry with him.
As Draco thinks Harry is best for him and I only want what is best for my son, it should not come as a surprise to you, that I did what I did.
After all, what kind of father would I be, if I not wanted what is best for my child?
I would kindly ask you to keep this information to yourself.
It would do you no good to tell either Harry or Draco anyway, they will not believe you.
Now, if you are all satisfied with my explanation, I would like to bid you all a good night.
I have other things to do, but to sit here and chat, goodnight."

I thank Severus for his time and patience and promise to send the first copy of this story to him, for his final approval.
He nods and tells me he is looking forward to it.
Leaving his manor, I can't help but be thankful to the man.
He is quite a lovely person, once you get past his forbidding exterior.

I hope you all appreciate professor Snape, for taking time out of his busy schedule to tell his side of the story. I know I do.
Till we meet again, my dear readers, may your paths be green, the breeze be on your backs and your Lifetree stay golden.