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Quinn Fabray had never taken this way to McKinnley High before. Before her parents had kicked her out, she drove her own car. And before she left Finn's house (it had been her idea, Finn's mother would never have kicked her out, and Finn had still been giving her the silent treatment) she walked with Finn. And even now, as she lived with Brittany, she always either drove with Brittany when they were given the car, or they took a short bus ride.

But this was Quinn's first walk to school, coming from Brittany's house, all by herself. She should have been at Cheerios practice with the other Cheerios, but, she thought glumly, as she pushed her purse up higher on her shoulder, she was pregnant. That changed a lot of things.

Quinn could now see the school. She was a few minutes late already to Glee practice (happening after Cheerios practice to comply with some of the members), but she knew that no one would mind. She drew her sweater closer to her, as sun began to fall beneath the skyline. Just a quick walk through a small path through a gate in the fence, and she would be in the school's parkinglot - the faculty's side. She lost sight of the school for a few moments, as she pushed through a few small trees surrounding the path. A few cars were parked right beside the path, but just as Quinn was able to see them through the leaves, a rough hand spun her around by her elbow.

The smell of alcohol hit her like a brickwall, and her gag reflex kicked in. He was taller than her - bigger than her in every sense. She tried to wrench her elbow from his hand, but he held on with a strong grip. Quinn felt a pang of terror rip through her body as she locked eyes with him; they were dark brown and hazed over from the booze.

"I had a girlfriend like you once," he slurred. Quinn watched his other hand drop an empty bottle, and reach for her golden hair.

She flinched away from his hand, which did not please him. His hand quickly turned and backhanded her across her cheek. She let out a yelp, but before she could let out a proper scream, she heard something coming from the end of the path.


Quinn looked up, and for the first time, felt extremely grateful to see Miss Pilsbury.

"Oooh pretty teacher. Can I be your student?" The drunken man slurred, his hold on Quinn loosening, as he turned towards Emma.

"Quinn, get into my car," Emma said. She looked confident, with her hands at her sides, but Quinn could hear the quiver in her voice.

After ripping her arm quickly from his grip, Quinn dashed behind Miss Pilsbury. Her hands immediately rose from her sides in an attempt to block the man from getting to Quinn, but Quinn hesitated, and Emma could feel her behind her still. "Quinn. Get into the car."

"But -"


Quinn quickly turned and ran towards the car, which was just out of view from the path. She had never heard that tone and that much sternness coming from Miss Pilsbury before. She sat in the car, completely stunned. She was in shock, unable to anything besides stare at the bushes. She vaguely registered that Miss Pilsbury had saved her from something horrible, but she was completely numb to any emotion. Suddenly, her purse began to ring. Quinn jumped, staring at it for a few seconds before she remembered she still had a cellphone. She quickly found it and flipped it open.


"Finn!" All the emotions Quinn suddenly remembered she was feeling came bubbling to the surface.

"Mr. Shue wants to know where you are. You're a half hour late to practice, and we need to do some of the -" Finn stopped, and Quinn knew he could hear her sobbing finally. "Quinn, are you okay?"

"Miss Pilsbury - He suprised me - I don't know what to do - she needs help-" Quinn sobbed into the cellphone, trying her hardest to make sense.

"Miss Pilsbury? What's wrong? Quinn, where are you-" Quinn could hear the phone moving before a steadier voice came on.

"Quinn? What's wrong with Miss Pilsbury?"

"Mr. Shue! You need... you need to come, she told me to the stay in the car, and I -"

"Where are you?" He asked. She could hear him moving through the hallways of the school.

"P-Parking lot. Miss P's car."

Quinn stayed on the phone with Mr. Shue, only sobbing, shaking, until she could see him through the windshield of the car. Seeing her teacher, she felt it was okay to step outside of the car, and so she did. Leaning against the car door, she batted Will away from her. "Miss Pilsbury - I don't know what happened -"

Will followed her pointed hand towards the pathway. "Stay with Quinn," He orded the Glee club members, who had nosily followed him out there. And then he disappeared behind the trees, and into the pathway.

Emma could hear Quinn step away from her, and after the car door slammed, the loss of the pretty blonde student seemed to register with the drunk. He frowned angrily, as he stepped towards Emma. "You just lost me my lay for the night."

Emma swallowed, her fear of germs on overload. Her arms were still up, in her attempt at blocking him from getting to her student. The path was filled with dirt, and the man in front of her did not look any cleaner. She crept back slowly, hoping to get a clear run towards her car before he could reach her.

He jumped at her, but Emma wasn't quick enough in her heels. As she tried to turn to run, she caught the heel on a half-buried stone, and fell to her side. The panic of dirt covering her entire left side, was quickly overpowered by the panic of the man who was now on top of her. His large hand hastily covered her mouth.

Will pushed back the trees, as he made his way through the path. When his eyes settled on Emma, he dropped his careful pace, and ran towards her.

Her hair was splayed in the dirt, with her big doe eyes closed. Her cardigan was pushed up over her stomach, and her skirt hiked up much higher than Will was used to. He landed on his knees next to her, reaching for her arms. "Emma," he called, his eyes swelling with tears. He swallowed back the scratchy ball in his throat, as he gently shook her arm. "Em, please," he pleaded with her. "Wake up."

Emma's brown eyes fluttered open for a moment, and settled on Will. "Will?" she moaned, not remembering what happened. She took in her surroundings for a quick moment, before she fully remembered what had happened - and what she was in. She tried to sit right up, but Will held her down gently.

"Someone call 911!" Will yelled at the kids. "But stay out of the path!"

He turned back to Emma who was now freely crying. "Will, Will... I need to have a shower." She fought him to sit up straight. "Please, I'm not... this isn't..."

"Emma, you need a doctor," Will said, trying to stay calm for her.

Emma shook her head violently, trying to push him away from her. "No, no hospitals. They're dirty, I'm dirty, I need to go home." She sobbed, her voice becoming high.

Will followd her eyes, forcing her to look into his. "Emma, you have to go to the hospital. Just focus on me, okay? Focus on me."

Emma locked eyes with him. As they waited, her breathing began to slow, and her trembling began to settle down.