A/N: Someone mentioned that a rape kit would be completely useless at this point... and for catching the rapist, then yes I completely agree – especially if they took as many showers as Emma did. But they also test for STDS, and it's very very useful to know if you have an STD. Anyway, hope you guys like this chapter :)

Sorry it's so short! The flashback thing was inspired by what happened on the season finale. Because Sue can be a nice person :)

"I don't think I can do this by myself," Quinn sobbed, dumping her books into the chair to Emma's right, while she dropped into the chair to the left. She hugged herself, as she choked on a sob. "Please come with me. I can't do it alone. Please." Quinn looked at her through her tear-filled and puffy eyes.

Emma froze. "Um... Quinn... I just... I'll be right back." Emma rose, and as she passed Quinn, she patted her hesitantly on the shoulder. She then darted out her office door and down the hall.

Will was in his third period class, when Emma knocked urgently on the door. He met her eyes, said something to the students – Emma couldn't quite hear through the door – and left the room to meet her in the empty hall.

"They found him – they want Quinn to do a line-up." Emma blurted out. "Will, she wants me to go with her."

Will placed his hands on her shoulders, and rubbed them affectionately. "It's okay Emma, you can do this."

"No Will! I don't think I can. I'm scared, and what if he sees me? What if he comes after us again? What if he comes after Quinn again?" Emma's face was slowly draining of colour as she rambled off the series of 'what ifs' that came into her mind.

"Emma," he said sternly. "You want to take care of Quinn right? You want her to come live with you – you told me that Friday."

Emma nodded slowly.

"This is what parenting is all about. She's looking to you for help; and you need to put aside your needs and wants for hers. Do you think she's going to get a very good message when you tell her that you don't want to do something because you're scared? I'm not saying you don't have a right to be scared – you definitely do. I'm saying you need to set an example for her. You're strong Emma, and you're capable of this. Because of you, Quinn will be able to look back on this whole experience and know that she was strong enough to face her – and your – attacker and put him away because of you." Will's eyes didn't move away from Emma's.

Emma nodded, much like an athlete after a pep-talk from her coach, and turned on her heel slowly. She gave one more nervous glance back at Will; he smiled back at her comfortingly and encouragingly, before she steadily walked down the hallway, and back to her office where Quinn was waiting for her.

Quinn looked up with tear stained cheeks and watery eyes, as Emma gently shut the door behind her. Leaning against the door, Emma took a deep breath, and met Quinn's eyes.

"How did they um... How did – How did they find him?" Emma asked quietly.

Quinn swallowed back the lump in her throat before she answered. "An officer called me at lunch... he said it was some sort of citizen's arrest from the sketch I gave on Saturday, or something." Quinn batted her hand as if it weren't really important to her how the man was caught.

Officer Terry Williams looked from the front desk of the police station, smiling at the woman standing before him.

"Hey there Sue. How are you?"

Sue Sylvester grinned back at him, holding up a foul smelling drunk by the collar of his shirt. One eye was black, and he was nursing his left arm with his right. Most of his weight was placed on his right leg as well.

"Well Terry, after I saw the sketch you gave me at the nursing home, I couldn't help but recognize this man as the man in your sketch." Sue looked over at the drunk, who was avoiding eye contact with her.

"Are you alright sir?" Terry asked, lazily. He didn't seem to concerned for the drunk.

The drunk nodded, and Sue answered for him. "He must have had a bit to drink... He kept falling on every pile of rocks we crossed." Sue gave a cocky grin.

Terry chuckled, but gave her a stern look. "That is unfortunate." He beckoned another officer over, and quickly asked him to cuff the drunk. Terry turned back to Sue once the drunk was out of her hands and on his way to the holding cell.

"How is my little pygmy co-worker? I was so sad to hear about it through the Cheerio grapevine."

"Ah, she hasn't really spoken to us yet; that's about all I can tell you without getting into too much trouble," He gave her a warning glance to not ask too many more questions. "Tell my sister I say hi. Is she still on nights now?"

"Believe so, buddy. Saw her when I went to see my sister last night." Sue winked, and left the precinct.

"I just..." Quinn choked on her sob, burying her face in her hands again.

Emma moved quickly over to Quinn, and gently patted her back. "It's okay Quinn... I'm going to go with you."

"Really? They want me to come in tonight." Quinn looked up at her, hopefully.

Emma hesitated. "Yes. I'm going to go with you." She repeated, more for herself than for Quinn.

Quinn buried her face into Emma's shoulder, and once again Emma found herself counting numbers, breathing deeply. Monday night was going to be very difficult.