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"I hate coming to places that… are not America." Dave Batista said to Shane as the drove down the brightly lit Asian street. Not a single word on a single sign was incomprehensible to them.

"Well it may not be English, but that my friend," Shane pointed to a brightly lit building "is a bar!"

Dave turned with very little warning in to the parking lot. The 'bar' turned out to be a very up-beat club, but it served alcohol and that's all Shane really cared about. It proved to be a difficulty to order their drinks. "I bet Kelly and Eva can speak it." Shane said pointing to a table in the back. What looked like every diva on the WWE roster, RAW and Smackdown combined were sitting or standing around the table. Eve and Kelly were shouting out orders in the foreign language, and there was a steady flow of drinks going to the giggling girls.

Dave and Shane made their way to the back. "Hey girls! Can we sit with you?" Shane asked.

"Only if I can sit in your lap!" Said a very drunk Bre. The other girls giggled again. The two men grabbed chairs from the next table and Bre really did come over to sit in Shane's lap.

"Will you girls get us some drinks?" Dave asked looking at Eve and Kelly who were standing side by side. They looked at each other and giggled. "What's in it for us?" Eve asked raising and eye brow. Dave chuckled. "I will buy the next round." He offered. She nodded the called out something the men didn't under stand, and a moment later the men were brought drinks like they had never seen.

It was a few minutes until the girls went to the ladies room… all the girls! Dave supposed that they thought they wouldn't get kidnapped if they were all together. It must have been a really big bathroom to hold all of them.

"What about that Melina, she is looking hot as hell." Shane said crudely, his speech was slow. They had been very strong drinks! Dave too was feeling their effects.

"You ant got a chance with Melina, now Bre…" Dave said and raised his glace to take another sip.

Shane huffed and waved his hand. "I don't want Bre, she's lost count of how many guys have been in that. It's Melina that I want." He said eyeing the seat the dark haired diva had just been sitting in.

Dave chuckled again. "Not going to happen!" He predicted.

"Yea?" Shane said sitting up to look at his companion. "I bet I can get in her bed before the weeks out."

"That's crazy! It's Wednesday."

"Okay, so maybe it will take a little time. But I know I can get in her pants before you do!" Shane challenged.

Dave took a moment to contemplate this. Sure it was immoral, and low, but no one told him who he could and couldn't have. Anyway, Melina was the woman of his dreams…

"You're on!"

Shane laughed evilly "What shall we put on it?"

Dave thought for a moment. "Well, you do have that bottle of Methuselah…" Dave smirked.

"Okay, but when I win, and I will! I want you Lamborghini!"

"Done!" Dave said, and he and Shane shook hands to finalize it.

The girls came back to the table and Bre settled her self back in Shane's lap. Dave smirked and looked at Melina who was sitting directly across from him. She looked like the drinks were getting to her too. Her eyes were red and her hair was disheveled, but she was still the most beautiful woman at the table, or in the world Dave thought.

Shane was eyeing her greedily, no doubt he was thinking up a method to scam the beautiful woman to sleeping with him. There also was no doubt that he wouldn't go about it in a gentlemanly fashion.

But Melina was smart! She wouldn't fall for that. Given that, Dave figured all he needed to do was be honest and tell her how he felt about her, that way he would win the girl and the champagne!

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