Number 2!

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Drink filled hours pasted, Melina began to sway in her seat. Dave too was a little drunk. He reach across the table and laid his hand on Melina's. She looked questioningly at him. "You want to share a cab back to the hotel?" Dave asked slowly. She just nodded.

Shane glared at him, Dave smirked. Bre was pasted out on! Shane's shoulder.

Dave stood and walked around the table and offered his arm to the drunk diva. She took it and pulled herself to her feet. They weaved out of the club and luckily found a cab driver that spoke a tiny bit of English and were able to get back to there hotel. Dave walked Melina to her room and stopped out side her door.

"Thank you for the cab ride, and the help in the elevator." She said. She had hit the wrong button in the elevator twice.

He smiled charmingly at her. "No problem. Maybe we could have diner tomorrow night?" He asked.

She raised here eyebrows at him. "I am drunk, and you are too. Like the song says, you can call me when we are sober." She misquoted.

"Is that an invite for me to call you?" He asked. Melina was leaning against the wall, so as not to fall.

"Yea," She took his hand and pulled a pen from her pocket and jotted some numbers down. "This is my number." She said and looked at the number again. "…I think." She said.

"Goodnight Melina." Dave said and kissed her cheek. She giggled and went into her room.

The next morning when Dave woke, it was more like the afternoon. He noticed the number on his hand only had six numbers. He went to the store down the street and got aspirin, Pepto-Bismol, and Melina a breakfast of toast, eggs, and orange juice.

He went up to her room and knocked on her door. She came to the door, wearing the dress she had been wearing the night before. She had obviously went straight to bed when she got back to her room. Her make-up was smeared all down her face and her hair was a mess.

"Good morning gorgeous, how did you sleep?" He asked jokingly. She tried to smile but grabbed her head.

"Aspirin?" Dave asked reaching into the bag and pulling out the bottle of white pills. She greedily grabbed them out of his hand. "Orange juice?" He then asked pulling out the drink. She quickly popped the top to the pills and swallowed two of then with her juice. She closed her eyes for a moment and severed the peace.

"Thank you, I needed that." Melina said.

"I brought you some breakfast too." He said holding up the bag. She allowed him in, and they made small talk while she ate her breakfast.

"You know you only gave me six numbers last night." Dave pointed out, showing her his hand.

"Oh!" She said looking at the number. "That is not even my number, it's Eva's." She laughed. She went and got a pin and a post-it-note, and wrote down the correct number and gave it to Dave.

Dave announced that he was going to the gym and would call her later. She smiled at him and thanked him for the medicine and the breakfast, and he left her so she could take a shower and start her day. She had just got out of the shower when she noticed a big bouquet of red roses. There was a back note, and in red beautiful writing there were words.

Dear Melina,

You are the woman of my dreams. I beg of you to give me a chance. Meet me in the lobby a midnight.

Yours truly,

A secret admirer

Was she reading this right? She had a secret admirer? 'How romantic!' She thought to her self.

Maybe she had found her prince charming…

She when to the gym and had a late lunch with Kelly, and she told her about the note. Kelly giggled and encouraged Melina to meet the guy.

It was ten till twelve, Melina was in a tight fitting gray dress with impressively high hills. Her hair was pined up with a few curls falling down to frame her face. She went to the lobby, and waited for her prince…

She was standing there alone, looking around when she saw a handsome man in a dark suit and a red rose in his hand.

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