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"Shane?" Melina questioned the handsome man "Are you my secret admirer."

"Yes Melina." He said and handed her the rose and kissed her cheek. She giggled in response. "If you will come this way my dear, I have a table set up for us."

She smiled and took Shane's arm as it was offered. She followed him into the hotel dinning room and bar. It appeared that he had rented out the whole place so they could have a romantic dinner alone.

The lights were dim, and barely glowing. There was a lonely small table draped with a silk table cloth sitting in the middle of the room. A vase with only a few just budded roses adorned the center of the table; it was flanked by two bright candles.

Shane pulled out one of the chairs for Melina to sit in, then he took the one across from her.

"Wow, Shane. I can't believe you would do this. It is so beautiful." Melina said looking around.

"It's not as beautiful as you." Shane said as he gazed charmingly at her. He snapped his fingers and a man in a black suit brought over a silver tray with their dinner on it. Lobster! Melina's favorite.

The champagne must have been expensive because it was very strong.

The next thing Melina knew, she was waking up in her bed. She felt great! Good meal sweet date, she felt exhilarated!

She opened her eyes and rolled out of bed. She felt sore, like she had a night of rough sex, but she was comfortably dressed in her night shirt and shorts. She chalked it up to a bad experience with the new workout she and Kelly had tried yesterday. She stood up and stretched, she couldn't believe the fun she had the night before.

In the room down the hall, Dave's phone vibrated on the bedside table. He picked up his iphone and opened the message from Shane.

'I promise not to drank and drive.' Said the text, there was also a picture of a smiling Shane with Melina smiling, laying on her back doing her famous splits with her legs in the air. She was completely naked and seemed to be enjoying herself.

Dave chuckled to himself he didn't really think he could get Melina to fall in love with him before Shane got the diva drunk off her ass? 'Oh well, no harm no fail, right?' He thought to himself as he shrugged. It was a harmless game, right? At least he would be able to call his Lamborghini his for a few more weeks before they were back in the states and Shane took it.

Dave rolled his neck, reminding himself way too much of Randy Orton, and went to bed. It had already been a late night.

In the morning before he hit the gym, he walked down to the dinning room for breakfast. While he was waiting for his omelet he was joined by Melina. She was smiling and practically glowing, he couldn't help but smile because he knew why.

"Good morning Mel. How was you night." He asked kindly.

She smiled innocently. "Great, Shane took me out." She replied as she stood next to him waiting for her own omelet.

Dave just smiled because he figured she wouldn't like that Shane had been sending around compromising pictures of her.

They were handed their plates and Dave turned to find his table.

"Do you care if I sit with you?" Melina asked before he was too far away.

He replied smiling. "I don't care if u sit with me"

He turned around and walked her to his table and pulled her out a chair while there omelets were just being to cool. They sat there silently before Dave spoke up, "Good pictures" He told Melina

"What are you talking about Dave" Melina said confused.

"The pictures of you last night you were with Shane" Dave told her.

She shook her head, "I didn't take any pictures with Shane last night" She said looking puzzled.

Dave pulled out his phone and went to the pictures Shane had sent him. Melina took the phone from him. She looked at the screen for a few seconds, her eyes started to mist over and she clasped her hand over her mouth.

She was starting to cry, and Dave was becoming concerned. "I don't remember taking these pictures David!" She said breathlessly.

"What?" Dave asked seeing the fear on her face.

"I didn't know I took these pictures." She wrinkled her brow, then seconds later burst out into tears. "I don't remember anything!" She was sobbing and really causing a scene.

"Leana, lets go back to my room and talk about this."

She allowed him to assist her from her seat and lead her back to the elevator as she started recalling random, seemingly insignificant events from the night before.

"Did Shane act weird last night" Dave asked.

"He did act a little weird, especially after I went to the bathroom" Melina said.

"It's not your fault, Shane is not a good guy, we will take care of this Melina. I swear!" Dave said and put a loving arm around her.

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