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It was beautiful day on Wawanakwa Island. Well, a beautiful, but boring day. There were no challenges, no cameras; Chris and Chef had the day off, leaving the campers to do whatever. So, today was a lazy summer day, and all the campers were bored.

So to entertain herself, our resident dumb blonde, Lindsay went out to explore.

"La, la, la, la, la, di, doo, doo!" The blonde chirped as she skipped through the woodland. She was like an innocent child trapped in a not-so-innocent body.

She continued to skip merrily through the wooded glen; until, something caught her eye. Over in a patch of wild flowers and it can only be described in two words.

"Mini-Guitar!" Lindsay exclaimed before picking up the stringed instrument. Lindsay studied the small instrument. She rubbed her hand over the polished wood grain.

"It's so shiny I can see myself in it!" The blonde marveled at her own reflection. She sat in the patch of wild flowers.

Plucking at random strings, Lindsay started to create a surprisingly pleasant melody; which caught the attention of the musician, Trent.

So being as curious as our blonde, Trent went to find the source of the dazzling tune.

Mulling his way through the wooden glen, he found Lindsay.

"Lindsay, that's you playing?" He asked sitting down next to her.

Her face light up with glee," Yup, and I just found this baby guitar, and I started playing it. Am I good or something?"

"Linds, you are better than good you're great!" Trent said astounded by the blonde's modesty.

Lindsay giggled, and placed the "baby guitar" on the ground. "Well that means a whole lot coming from you Travis!"

Trent shrugged off being called the wrong name, and picked up the ukulele.

Softly at first, he began to play; the blonde was transfixed. She began to scoot closer to the dark-haired teen.

He began to quicken the tempo, and strum the small instrument a little harder. He didn't notice Lindsay mimicking every one of his moves on her own air "baby guitar".

Slowly, but surely, Trent finished his improvisation ukulele playing and handed the ukulele back to Lindsay.

"Let me show you how to play a song. " Trent offered in a friendly manner.

He wrapped his arms around hers, and placed his hands atop of hers, and right before he started to show her the right hand placement for the first chord; she stopped him.

"Let me show you something first." Lindsay said eagerly and innocently.
But, what she did wasn't so innocent.

The blonde, in a moment of spontaneity, turned and kissed the musician.

Trent was taken aback by Lindsay's actions, but he slowly but surely returned the smooch.

Lindsay pulled away out of embarrassment, and hid her face with her bandana.

Trent pulled the bandana from Lindsay's face and gingerly grabbed her chin.

"You're not only a great ukulele player, but a great kisser." Trent kissed her again. But, this time when they pulled away Lindsay had a confused expression plastered across her face.

"Trey, what's a ukulele?"

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