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Several days pass by, finding Marie at the park with Eti. At first, they are the only ones there, taking advantage of the beautiful day. A bit later, as she's pushing him on a swing, a man shows up with his son. Eti watches the two interact curiously.

"Dat one wooks diffwent, Mama." Eti points toward the man as Marie and he walk toward an available bench.

"Don' point, sweetie. That's a man."

"What's a man?" He looks at her in confusion.

"Well, a man is someone who used ta be a little boy, like ya are, honey."

"Are you a man, Mama?"

Marie giggles. "No, Eti. I'm a woman. A woman is someone who used ta be a little girl, like I was."

"Oh. Dat one wooks wike me. Is dat a boy?"

"Yes, he's a little boy, jus' like ya are." Marie explains patiently.

"Den why is da man wif him? He should have a mama, wike me." Eti reasons.

Marie realizes that she has the perfect opening. The time has come.

"That man is tha boy's daddy, Etienne. An' he might have a mama at home." She states, all the while anticipating the boy's next question.

"Why don' I have a daddy, Mama?" He gazes at her in total bewilderment, with a slight bit of hurt in his eyes.

She takes a moment to gather her thoughts, her heart breaking at his expression.

"Ya do, sweetheart. Ya have a daddy." Marie pulls him onto her lap.

"Why isn' he here wif me?"

"Well a lotta bad things happened, before ya were born an'-an' I lef'. I'm so sorry I kept ya from knowin' ya daddy, baby." Marie starts to cry, thinking again of how she's robbed this precious boy of knowing his father from birth. She resolves anew to have Remy meet this precocious, smart boy of theirs.

"Don' cwy, Mama! I wuv ya." He reaches up and wraps his little arms around her neck.

"Ya a good boy, Eti. Mama loves ya so much. I don' know what I'd do without ya, kiddo." She returns his hug.

"What's my daddy wook wike?" Eti questions as she takes out a tissue to wipe her eyes.

Marie gives him a wobbly smile. "Ya look jus' like him, darlin'. Ya have his hair an' eye color, an' ya even act a lot like him, too. I named ya after him." Marie snuggles him close to her side.

"Is his name Eti, too?" He gazes at her with keen interest.

Marie laughs, making him giggle. "No, silly. Ya daddy's name is Rembrandt Etienne LeBeau, but he likes ta be called Remy. Ya's is Etienne Rembrandt LeBeau. I jus' switched ya firs' an' middle names."

"Can I meet him?" Eti inquires, excitement shining in his ruby on ebony depths.

Her heart clenches in her chest. "No, no, you're going to do this! Those two deserve to be in each others' lives." "I'll see what I can do, honey." She tells him softly as he throws his arms around her again, then jumps off the bench and runs to his favorite pastime, the sandbox.

They return home awhile later as Wanda is coming out of the bathroom.
"Oh hey! How was the park?" Wanda asks Eti.

"Fine. Mama says I can meet my daddy." He informs her enthusiastically.

"Wow. Bet that'll be special. You know what? I know your daddy, too." Wanda tells him.

"You do?" His eyes are as wide as dinner plates.

"I sure do, and you know what? He's a really nice man." Wanda smiles at him, shooting a look at Marie.

"When are ya gonna ask him, Mama?" Eti queries as he winds an arm around her leg.

She affectionately ruffles his hair. "Jus' as soon as I can. I promise, darlin'. Wanda, can I see ya for a minute?"


"Eti, why don' ya play in ya room for a bit while Auntie an' I talk for a minute." Marie gently requests.

"'Kay, Mama." Eti scampers off happily to his room as Marie and Wanda sit on the couch.

"I see you told him about Remy." Wanda observes with a sympathetic grin.

"Yeah. It was time an' tha opportunity presented itself in tha form of a father playin' with his son." Marie informs her with a rueful grin of her own.

"You gonna be okay?" Wanda asks.

"I don' know. I mean, Remy an' Eti have been kept apart long enough. I don' wan' Eti sufferin' for lack of havin' a father in his life. Remy doesn' deserve that punishment either. It was all a stupid mistake, Wanda. Nothin' happened with that tramp an they did try ta fin' me."

"You're kidding. You mean...?"

"Yeah. I thought tha worst an' I ran, stayin' away all this time. Turns out I was completely wrong."

"Oh, wow. Marie, I..."

"Don'." Marie holds up a hand. "There's nothin' ya can say ta make me feel better about this. I screwed up royally an' now I'm payin' for it. I'm gonna go out for awhile. I'm jus'..." Marie looks at Wanda morosely.

"I understand, Marie. Go. Take all the time you need. I got a raise today and I was going to take us out tonight, but I think I might just order-in instead. I'm pretty beat."

"Oh Wanda, I'm sorry! If ya wanna go out, I'll keep it short."

"Nuh-uh. You need to work through this. Besides, I think Eti would enjoy playing with John."

"Yeah, Eti isn' too good in grown-up restaurants yet an'...ohh, I see how it is." Marie gives Wanda a mischievous smirk. "I don' believe ya were thinkin' a Eti when it came ta 'playin'' with John."

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Wanda replies primly, but a light blush grazes her cheeks.

"Suure ya don'." Marie teases. "Jus' make sure my son doesn' have too much fun with Pyro." She chuckles wickedly as she leaves.

Remy stands on the spacious deck, gazing out toward the water. Days have passed and scorching fury has subsided into wounded anger. He knows that Rogue is a wonderful mother, remembering when they would talk about starting a family, once they were married. She was so excited about finally having control over her draining ability, since she had such a strong desire to have children. He smiles grimly at the memory. Little did he know that events would unfold the way they did. As he pushes himself off of the railing, he notices a solitary figure slowly moving along the edge of the water. "I'd know that figure anywhere." He muses, well-aware of every line and curve of the woman before him, her back turned and her hair windblown. Marie always did look incredible in shorts.

"C'mon homme, get a hold o' y'rself." He murmurs in frustration.

It almost seems magnetic, the way he is drawn to her. Indeed, he discovers that he is moving toward her, as if an invisible force is controlling him.

"Penny for y'r t'oughts." He murmurs, drawing a startled gasp from Marie.

"Swamp Rat, how many times have I tol' ya..." She yells, then suddenly stops and purses her lips. "Sorry, ol' habit." She says quietly.

"'S okay, Marie. Reminds me o' when t'ings were bon b'tween us, non?" Marie can hear the hurt in his voice as he gives her a sad smile.

"Yeah. We had a lot a great times." She states, looking away.

Remy's empathy is driving him crazy with all the emotions she is projecting. One takes him by surprise, however. He reaches out, tucking a stray bit of white hair behind her ear in a well-known gesture. She shyly ducks her head.

"We need t' talk, Marie." He replies, intently gazing at her.

"I think it's long past time for that." Her eyes lock with his. How she has always adored his eyes.

"Stay for dinner?" He looks at her questioningly.

"What're ya havin'?" She asks, a small smile playing on her lips.

"T'ought I'd fix some sole filets on de grill an' I could put some p'tatoes in t' bake."

"Okay, ya convinced me." She lightly jokes, causing him to grin.

"I didn' know ya had a house here." Marie looks around at the expansive acommodations.

"I don'. Dis is Stormy's place. She jus' let me borrow it while 'm here." He informs her, noticing when she looks away with a pained expression.

"How are they?" Marie questions softly.

"Everyone's bon. Dey all miss y'." He answers quietly, turning to put the potatoes in the oven.

"They do?"

"Oui. Marie, like I tol' y', we all looked for y'. Everyone wanted y' t' come back. De chaton nearly fell apart when we couldn' fin' y', not t' mention moi!" He angrily jams a hand in his hair, looking at her with raw anguish in his eyes.

"Remy...I'm so sorry." Marie tearfully replies. "I wish I could go back an' change tha way I reacted that day. I will always live, regrettin' not trustin' ya an' keepin' our son from ya. I don' blame ya if ya can' forgive me." She bursts into tears, burying her face in her arms on the table.

Remy stands and regards her thoughtfully for several moments. While he is still angry with her, he doesn't want things ending like this. He sighs and walks over to the table, pulls out a chair and sits by her. He can't help himself. Instinct takes over and he begins gently stroking her hair.

"C'mon now, chere. Calm down an' look at me." He tenderly commands her.

She gazes up at him sorrowfully. "I missed ya mos' a all. Every day I've been gone. Couldn' even so much as look at another guy without thinkin' a ya."

"I felt de same way. Y'r leavin' broke my heart. Dese years have been empty wit'out y'. Now I fin' out I have a fils. Why did y' keep him from me?" The torment in his expression is nearly her undoing.

"No reason I could give ya would be good enough, Remy. All I can say is that I wanted ta come back, but tha thought a seein' ya with someone else would change my min' every time. I couldn' bear that."

"Dere was never anyone else, Marie. Y' were de love o' my life. I could never fin' a femme dat could take y'r place." Remy cups her cheek in one hand, causing her to catch her breath in surprise.

"Were?" She questions in a whisper, her eyes mirroring his hurt.

"I need t' get dis off my chest." He tells her as he caresses her cheek with his thumb. "While 'm still upset wit' y', I wan' t' forgive y', not only because o' our fils, but because I wan' t' move on, t' get away from de past. Dat an' because I...I've never stopped lovin' y', Marie."

Her expression reflects the shock coursing through her body at his admission. After the span of a couple of minutes, she realizes that he's waiting for her response.

"Oh Remy, I still love ya too. An' I'm ready ta move on, myself. I was wonderin' how I could get a hol' a ya an' tell ya ta come over an' meet Eti. He really wants ta meet his daddy." She informs him with a fond smile.

"Eti? What's dat short for?" Remy inquires curiously.

"I named him after ya. Eti is short for Etienne Rembrandt LeBeau." Marie gazes at him lovingly.

"Y' named our fils after me?" He asks in amazement.

"I never stopped lovin' ya, either. Namin' him after ya was my way a always havin' a part a ya aroun'. He looks jus' like ya, Remy." Marie replies happily.

"Tell me all about him." He requests, as a man dying of thirst would a sip of water.

As they eat dinner, she fills him in on everything about their little boy. When they finish, she consults her watch.

"Remy, if ya wan', ya can come with me an' get ta know him. There's still time before he has ta go ta bed." Marie invites.

"I'd love t'." He passes her a brilliant smile, one that she hasn't seen in years. Grabbing her hand, he walks with her to her car. She looks down at their intertwined hands with something akin to astonished confusion. Remy just grins at her, giving her no explanation.

"So, y' still got y'r Harley?" He asks her out-of-the-blue as she drives back to her place.

"Yeah, couldn' seem ta give it up, so I've got it in storage." She tells him. "Haven' been out ridin' since I found out that Eti was comin', though."

"Y' might have t' get it out, soon. Sounds like dis car's 'bout to give out on y'." He replies, listening closely to the engine.

"Shoot. Jus' what I need." Marie mutters blackly as they pull into her designated space. "Been tryin' ta keep it runnin' but if it's tha tranny..."

"It is." Remy answers back.

"Crap. Seems like everythin' hits at once." She growls as Remy turns and looks at her.

"No, not ya." She responds, reaching out and laying a hand on his arm. "Was talkin' about expenses."

He nods in understanding and escorts her up to her door, waiting as she unlocks it. They are met with the sight of John on the floor with Eti, building a castle out of Duplo blocks. Marie puts a hand over her mouth to smother the laugh threatening to burst out at the sight of John holding a plastic horse and making neighing sounds.

"Is dis what y' do wit' y'r spare time, homme?" Remy questions in idle amusement, leaning against the door-frame.

"O' course not, mate! The lil' tyke needed a horse, so I gave him one." John sputters indignantly.

"I not a tyke, I a boy." Eti informs him, causing his parents and Wanda to laugh.

"What is it with these blokes not knowin' any good Aussie slang?" John mutters disgustedly, then amuses himself with a plastic knight on the floor. He places this on the horse and goes back to playing, losing himself in his own little world.

"Mama!" Eti jumps up and rushes to Marie as she leans down to pick him up. Eti gazes at Remy with open curiosity.

"Were ya good for Auntie Wanda an' Uncle John?"

"Yeah. I always am." He announces proudly as Remy watches the interaction between mother and son. Marie is right, the boy looks just like him. Pain mixes with love and pride.

Marie glances over apologetically. "Eti, I have someone special I want ya ta meet, honey. Remember how ya tol' me ya wanted ta meet ya daddy?"

The boy nods enthusiastically. "Did ya tell him I wanna meet him?" He questions with shining eyes.

"Yeah, I did, sweetheart. This is ya daddy an' he wanted ta meet ya, too." Marie introduces the two.

"Are you weawy my daddy?" Eti asks inquisitively as Marie sets him back down on the floor. He walks over to Remy and looks up at him.

"Yeah, I am." Remy replies huskily, kneeling down and looking into his son's eyes that are the exact replica of his own.

"Where were ya?" Eti queries.

Remy does not know how to answer that. Not without placing blame, and he is reluctant to do so.

"'M sorry I wasn' here wit' y' an' I'll do m' bes' t' see t' it dat I am from now on. I love y' so much, Etienne. Do y' t'ink y' can put up wit' me bein' y'r daddy?" Remy questions hoarsely as his eyes fill with unshed tears.

"Yeah. You're never gonna weave me?" Eti peers at him uncertainly.

"Non, I promise. Y'r m' son an' I love y' an' y'r maman very much." Remy states seriously. Eti throws himself into Remy's arms.

"I wuv ya, Daddy." He tells him. Remy's eyes overflow as he holds his small son close. Marie watches the sweet exchange with wet cheeks, letting them have this time to themselves.

Wanda's eyes are suspiciously watery.

"Are ya cryin', luv?" John glances up at Wanda wonderingly. In all the time that he's known her, he's never seen her shed a tear.

"No, I'm not. It's just allergies and if you tell anyone about this, then you are dead." She growls threateningly and adds a glower for emphasis.

"Sure it is, Wands." He says agreeably as she raises an arm in warning. John jumps up off the floor and maniacally cackles as he runs into another room.

The remaining three look at her. "Let him be for awhile. He ran into the utility closet." She informs the group as she goes into the kitchen.

"Eti, it's ya bedtime." Marie gently tells the boy.

"But I don' wanna go!" He wails as he buries his head in his father's chest.

"Listen t' y'r maman, Etienne. Y'll see me again. I promised y', remember?" Remy gently pries the boy off, holds him at arms length and gazes tenderly at him.

Eti nods at his father. "Wiw ya come wif me?"

"C'mon, Eti. Daddy an' I will put ya ta bed, okay? We'll both stay til ya asleep." Marie entreats and holds her hand out to him.

"'Kay, Mama. C'mon, Daddy." Eti beckons.

After he is sleeping soundly, Remy and Marie head back into the living room.

"Wan' some coffee or somethin' ta drink?"

"Sure, I could do wit' some coffee, chere." Remy answers as he sits on the couch. "How y' been, Wanda?"

"Been good." She replies, casting a strange look at the closet where she hears murmuring.

"Glad y've been here t' help Marie wit' Eti. Y'r a bon amie."

"Thanks. Marie's my best friend and I would do anything for her. Besides, Eti's just amazing."

"Oui, I know. Marie's a fantastique mere."

"Thank ya, sugah." Marie replies, coming out of the kitchen and sitting by Remy. "Coffee's goin'."

"It's true. If I had a mere like y', I prob'ly would've been in a lot less trouble when I was a petit fils."

Marie genuinely smiles at him. "Ya sure about that Remy?" She questions with a trace of teasing.

He considers this for a moment. "Non, y'r right. Don' t'ink anyt'in woulda kep' me outta trouble." He answers with a smirk, making both Marie and Wanda laugh.

"Well, I'm gonna leave you two to catch up and find out what the heck John is up to in there."

"Y' sure y' wanna know?"

"No, but if Marie and I want to get any sleep, I have to get him out of there."

"Much as I don' wanna know, I haveta agree with Wanda. I've gotta work in tha mornin'." Marie regretfully informs them. More than anything, she wants to stay up and talk to Remy the entire night.

Marie moves to the kitchen to pour the coffee as Wanda steps over to the closet. She opens it to find John sitting on the floor.

"What are you doing?" She looks at John oddly.

"Well, the purple unicorns are wantin' me help in overthrowin' the fairies from their magical throne, but we have ta be wary o' the leprechauns, they've been smokin' the funny stuff again."

"I don't think they're the only ones." Wanda mutters, pinching the bridge of her nose as Remy snickers. "Too bad you're busy, cuz I was wanting to go for a romantic stroll." Wanda tells him as she begins to walk away.

"No, no. Sounds like a good idea ta me. I can plan with them later." John scrambles up from the floor and rushes to her side.

Marie comes out with two mugs and hands him one, returning to her seat.

"Dat's one fine boy in dere." Remy says with admiration

"Yeah, he sure is." Marie answers with a smile. They lapse into a comfortable silence for a time, each consumed with their own thoughts.

"So, y' work at a diner, huh?" He questions, initiating conversation.

"Yep. Tried ta fin' work as a mechanic, but nobody wanted ta hire a woman. Didn' think I knew anythin' about cars."

"Too bad dey didn' realize dat y' were trained by deux o' de bes'. Logan an' I taught y' everyt'in' we knew."

"I know. It's their loss. So...how is Logan?" She inquires hesitantly.

"He's missed y' 'bout as much as I did, but in a diff'rent way, o' course. T'anks t' y' gettin' dem t'gether, he fin'ly married Stormy a few mont's back."

"Really? Aww, that's wonderful. I always thought they should be tagether. Tell me more."

"Hmm...Petey's talkin' marriage."

"Ta Kitty? Ya mean they haven' already?"

"Y' know how shy dose deux are."

"I jus' might haveta go back up there an' beat some sense inta tha two a them. Ya know, get them movin' an' all."

Remy gazes at her seriously. "Y' wantin' t' go back up dere?" He questions, the intensity of his gaze causes her to look away self-consciously.

"Yeah. Now that I know they didn' abandon me, I wanna go back ta my family. This isn' my home, even though I've made some friends here. I wanna be an X-Man again."

"Y' got room in dose plans for me?" He waits for her answer with baited breath.

A blush crawls up from her neck. "Ya are Eti's daddy, Remy."

"Dat's not what I meant, Marie."

"Remy...I think we need ta take some time an' see what happens between us. I don' wanna rush inta anythin'. Yes, I love ya, but I wanna see if we can get pas' everythin' that's happened."

"Y' know, y'r one smart femme. I love y' so much, but I don' wan' y' t' feel rushed an' I definitely don' wan' it all t' fall apart down de road. I say we go out as much as we can, bot' wit' Eti an' alone. It be de bes' way t' tell if we still got what it takes, dough I believe we do."

"I agree. I wanna see ya as much as I can, Rems." He smiles at her familiar shortening of his name and leans over, planting a quick kiss on her lips.

"So, how do I get home?" He asks humorously.

"Oh no, I didn' think about that. I completely forgot!" Rogue presses the heel of her hand into her forehead, the sensation of that contact, albeit brief, at the forefront of her mind.

"If y' agree, den if y' have somewhere for me t' sleep, I can stay here an' in de mornin', I will drop y' off at work an' take de car back t' my place an' see if dere's any way t' fix it. I'll pick y' up from work an' den we can take Eti out."

"He'll love that. Yeah, that'll work out great, Remy. Tha couch turns inta a bed, so ya can sleep there."

"Bon. Dat'll work jus' fine."

Over the course of the next few weeks, they are together constantly. Eti has become incredibly close to his father, the two sometimes doing something as a 'guy's day'. Remy has gone out with Marie on many occasions, indeed finding every possible reason to be around her. He's even been to the diner several times. At first, Randy thought that he was just another guy causing Marie trouble, but when she explained who he was, the two men became friends, defending her when Jesse would come around, trying to harass her into going out with him.

On the morning of the fourth week, Remy takes out his cell to make a call.

"Hey, Stormy."

"Remy! You sound much happier than you have in years."

"Oui, dat's for sure. Dis vacation's done me a worl' o' good."

"That's wonderful to hear. Are you still coming home tomorrow?"

"About dat...'M goin' t' be needin' some mo' time. 'M not quite ready t' come back, not yet."

"We don't have any pressing matters up here, so I think that can be arranged. Why? Have you finally met someone?" Ororo teases.

"Maybe." Remy answers evasively.

"Oh, so you have! Well, she has to be pretty special to put up with your antics."

"Oui, she's special, alright. Besides, y' gotta admit dat 'm fun t' be aroun'." He shoots back playfully.

"It's so good to hear you sounding like yourself, again. Then again, is that such a good thing?" The two friends share a laugh.

"Well, anyway y' look at it, I've got news for y', but y'll have t' wait til I get back."

"Don't bait me like that. You know I don't enjoy guessing games."

"T' bad, so sad."

"You rat."

"Y' know y' love me."

"Uh-huh. I'll be certain to tell Logan that you said that."

"Ah, tell Monsieur Claws dat I sen' my sentiments."

"I can just tell that things are going to be so much better upon your return." Storm replies drily as Remy chuckles wickedly. "I want a name, Remy."

"Non. Y' can' have one. B'sides, I t'ought y' already had a name."


"Bye, Stormy. See y' in a few mo' weeks."

Storm ends the call and turns to Logan. "I think we need to schedule a vacation for the kids."

"Why? What would Gumbo have ta do with takin'...Never mind. I know where you're mind is headin' 'Ro. You wanna take them to Savannah, don' ya, so you can meet Gumbo's new girlfriend?"

"And that's why I consented to marry you, dearest. You know me so well. You can't tell me that you're not the least bit curious about who this woman is that he's clearly enamored with. You know how deeply Rogue's leaving cut him."

"No, I just wonder what woman would be desperate enough ta be seen with him." Logan replies with a smirk as he turns the page of his paper.

"I'm going to speak to the Professor about this. The kids deserve a bit of a break to just sit on the beach and relax."

"Ya talkin' about the kids, or you?"

"Hmm...good point...Wolvie." She teases him with the nickname he hates, sauntering down the hall.

Three weeks later, Remy and Marie head out for the evening, Eti being left in the care of the neighbor lady, since Wanda has plans with John. After dinner, Remy takes her out to the beach to walk. He is well-aware of how he feels about her. He has always known, he just wanted to give her the time she requested. They make their way back to his place, staying out on the deck and star-gazing.

"I love y', Marie." He says suddenly, turning to her and taking her face in his hands.

"I love ya, too, Remy." She gazes up at him. Their lips meet in a tender kiss.

"M' feelin's have changed for y', cherie." Remy informs her sincerely.

Marie, fearing the worst, looks at him worriedly. "Yeah? How?"

"I've fallen mo' in love wit' y' dan I was befo'." His hand reaches up and strokes her hair.

"Ya have? Really?"

"Oui. I love everyt'in' 'bout y'. De way y' are wit' Eti, how y' are wit' y'r amis, how I can see jus' how much y' love me." He ends softly.

"I do. So very much. I didn' know if there was any hope lef', especially after tha way I treated ya."

"Non, dere's no need t' explain, chere. Monet was tres persuasive in her ways. I can see why y' t'oug't y' saw what y' did, but dat's all in de pas'. Tonight, I wanna talk 'bout de future."

"How so?"

"Firs' an' foremos', I wanna start by askin' y' if y'd marry me."

Marie gasps softly. "Are ya sure? I mean..." Remy leans over and gives her a searing kiss.

"Does dat answer y'r question?" He asks with a full-on smirk.

Her eyes shine joyfully. "Yes! This time I won' run away."

"Oh, I'll make sure o' dat. Y' can count on it."

"I suppose ya have a plan in that evil min' o' ya's?" She returns his smirk with one of her own.

"Maaayyybeeeee..." Remy drawls, chuckling at the look of intrigue, complete with raised brow. Oh, how he has missed this woman! "Okay, okay. I can see y'r not gonna let me have any peace til I tell y'. Let me ask y', do y' wanna wait long ta get married?"

Marie considers his question for several minutes. "Actually, no I don'. It's already been years an' I don' wan' a long, drawn-out engagement, which I know is what will happen with Kitty an' company, complete with a big weddin'. I really don' wan' that. I think, tha quicker, tha better, so we can actually be a family."

Marie's heart flutters at the slow, seductive grin that makes its way onto Remy's face. "I like how y' t'ink, mon amour." He purrs, with a smoldering gaze.

That was two days ago. Tonight, they stand at the altar of a small chapel in a wooded area of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, Marie wearing a simple white silk wedding gown with spaghetti straps, purchased earlier in the day and Remy in a designer suit with a white silk shirt, sans the tie. Their witnesses are John and Wanda, of course, with Eti excitedly looking on as his parents recite their wedding vows.

It is decided that Eti will stay with Wanda, with John having his own room at the Omni, dire consequences being implied if he were to so much as flick a lighter.

The parents tuck Eti in for the night, while Wanda and John do a bit of celebrating on the newly-wedded couple's behalf.

"Why did ya an' Daddy get mawwied?" Eti asks his mama.

"Because we love each other. We always have an' always will." She tells him happily.

"So where will Daddy wive now?"

The couple shares a chuckle. "We will all live tagetha, Eti."

"Ya mean Daddy won' haveta weave anymore?" Eti's eyes begin to shine joyfully.

"Nope. We're all gonna move ta a big mansion an' we will all stay tagetha. Now it's time ta go ta sleep. We have a long trip home tamorra, where we will move inta tha house that Daddy's stayin' in til it's time ta go ta tha mansion."

"Yay!" Eti cheers, although it is quickly overtaken with a huge yawn.

Marie tells him a story and he is soon asleep, with Wanda and John returning not too long after the fact.

The next week brings a big surprise for our little family.

A knock on the door rouses Remy from his slumber. Marie turns as he groggily gets out of bed.

"Who in tha Sam-Hill comes visitin' at 8 am?" She questions sleepily as her husband leans over to kiss her head.

"Stay here. I'll go an' see who de idiot is."

"No problem." Marie mutters as she burrows under the covers. She quit working at the diner, since she no longer needs the work, so she sleeps-in at every opportunity.

The murmur of voices instantly alerts her.

"Storm? Logan?" Those voices she holds dear drift up to her. Flinging the covers off, she rushes into the shower. As she is drying her hair, Remy enters, chuckling evilly.

"I didn' tell dem 'bout y'. Didn' tell dem we're married, eit'er."

"Ya tryin' ta get yaself skewered?" She inquires as he gets dressed.

"Hey, I figure if dey can surprise us, den I'll jus'...return de favor."

Marie chortles as he comes up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist and nuzzling her neck.

"Did I ever tell y' dat I love dat dress on y'?" He inquires with a sexy undertone as she reaches up to stroke his jaw.

"Only about a thousand times, sugah." She drawls in response.

"Wait for me. I tol' dem dat I would bring y' down t' 'meet' dem."

"Ya an evil man, Remy." Rogue giggles.

"Den y' mus' like evil, cuz y' married me." He reasons, pulling on his jeans.

"Don' remin' me." Marie drily retorts.

"No, it can't be." Logan murmurs, shock coloring his features.

"What? What is it?" Ororo questions, concern showing clearly in her eyes.

"The scent...it's gotta be..." He is cut off as Remy descends the stairs with a slightly older Rogue on his arm.

"Oh my. Rogue! I-I can't...but...is it really you, child?" Storm is astounded, to say the least.

Marie rushes over, throwing her arms around Storm. "It's me." She states, her voice thick with tears as she is reunited with some of her loved ones.

"Stripes?" Logan looks like he's seeing a mirage, but the scent is unmistakable. Marie finally releases Ororo and gazes at Logan, her hand over her mouth as she leaps into his arms. He is a bit taken aback by her fervency, but awkwardly embraces the young woman he has most decidedly missed.

"What're ya doin' here? With Gumbo, no less?" He queries gruffly, his infamous over-protectiveness emerging.

"He's my husband." She looks over at Remy and grins.

"Cajun. You an' I got some talkin' ta do." Logan growls, shooting a glare at him.

"Logan, we were gonna get married anyway. Need I point that out...again?" Marie reminds him, her hands on her hips.

"No, you don't. Logan, you will leave Remy alone. It is more than obvious that they are deeply in love and are clearly meant for each other. Therefore, you are not allowed to slice, dice, shish-kebob or torture Remy in any way, shape or form." Storm firmly rebukes him. "That is now Rogue's job." She adds on a lighter note with Rogue casting a wicked grin at her husband.

"Good luck, Cajun. You'll need it." Logan sardonically grins.

"Uh, before we get any further, there's somethin' else ya mus' know." Marie begins.

"What is it, Rogue?"

"I-that is, we...well, we have a child. Ya see, when I ran, I didn' know at tha time that I was pregnant. He'll probably be down soon, wantin' breakfast."

"You had a boy?" Storm gently queries.

"Yeah. His name's Etienne, but we call him Eti."

"He's a tres beau fils. Takes after his pere." Remy states proudly as he begins breakfast preparations.

"Poor kid." Logan jokes as Marie directs a glare his way.

As predicted, Eti makes his appearance at the top of the stairs. "Mama!" He calls out.

"Comin' honey." Marie responds, heading up to tend to Eti. Eventually, they return downstairs.

"Oh, he is so adorable." Storm smiles warmly. "Hello, Eti. My name is Ororo, but everyone calls me Storm. This is my husband, Logan, but he goes by Wolverine."

He simply asks: "Why?"

"Well, do you know of many people who can do this?" She inquires, stirring up the slightest of breezes.

"You weawwy did that?" He looks at her with typical little-boy astonishment.

"Yes, I did. Where you will be going to live, there are many people there who have special 'gifts', different things they can do, that other people cannot. When you get older, you will have a special gift, too."

"I will?" Now he's getting excited.

"Yes, you will. Oh, it looks like your father has breakfast ready." Storm takes Eti's hand, accompanying him to the table. Logan takes the plate of sausages and spears one with a claw. Eti looks on in wide-eyed fascination.

"Logan, did ya haveta do that?" Marie groans as Eti says: "Wow." Remy rolls his eyes.

"Jealous?" Logan asks facetiously, sparing a glance at Eti.

"O' y'? Hah!" Remy exclaims. "He hasn' seen what I can do yet." He states smugly.

"And thus the family is reunited." Storm replies drily, making Rogue laugh.

By the time the vacation comes to a close, Remy and Marie have all their things packed-up and ready to go to make the trek back to New York. John and Wanda will be returning also, going back to the Brotherhood house. They are staying a few more days to tie-up loose ends at the apartment. They have promised to meet up with Marie and Remy, once they have come back.

"Ya know, I'm gonna miss this place." Marie glances around fondly at the beach and her surroundings.

"Me t', but I got de bes' part o' de deal. I met up wit' y' here an' got t' know mon fils. Now I get t' take bot' o' y' back wit' me. We could always come back for vacations, when de X-Men get t' be t' much an' we jus' wanna be Remy an' Marie." He suggests, placing a kiss to her temple as Piotr and Roberto help load the last of the boxes.

"Or when Kitty reminds me for the umpteenth thousandth time that she didn' get ta help me plan my weddin', that I robbed her a that right?"

Remy laughs heartily. "Dat t'. maybe we'll move here when Eti reaches puberty." He jokes.

"Oh no, we'll haveta move further away than here. He'd know where ta fin' us." Marie returns merrily.

Kurt walks over to them, Eti in tow. The boy is completely enamored with his Uncle Kurt.

"Ve haf everyzing packed und ready to go. I am so happy to haf you back, schwester." Kurt embraces Marie. "Is everyone ready to go?"

"Yeah, we're ready." Marie casts one last glance at the sea and takes Eti's hand, securing him in his seat for the ride back.

"Let's get dis show on de road den. Right, cherie?" Remy climbs into the truck, starting it. Marie gets in. "Hello once again, Rogue." She smiles lovingly at Remy and they begin the return home.