"Serve today cuz tommarah ya may be dead. Actully, if ya don't serve today I KNOW yu'll be dead tomarrah cuz I'll crump ya tommarah when I'm dun fightin today!"

As expected, the Xeno were in retreat. And of course the 'guardsmen' followed them to their side of the planet. There, they encountered a staunch resistance by, unsurprisingly, the Tau. The natives had allied themselves with the Greater Good in hopes of taking back their beloved homeworld. It was here that the natives revealed how they have resisted Imperial incursions over the many years. A massive shield that only generated a minimal output but would focus instantly on any point of enemy intrusion. Which meant most of the time it was weak enough for the natives to fire through, but any Imperial retaliation would hit a solid wall. The 'guard' was unaware of this as they continued to barrage the shield with larger and larger shells. At first it seemed they would tire themselves out from banging their proverbial heads against the wall. But then came the more unconventional tactics the 68th were renowned for. They started chucking tanks at the shield. And these tanks would be laden with explosives, causing a massive explosion that would cause the shield to ripple and tear. The energy shield, while potwnt, was ancient, and was not designed for the massive vehicular attack against it. In a number of hours, the shields failed and he 68th charged in. The xeno presence was almost all but eliminated and the Tau were forced to flee from the onslaught.

The governor was informed of this great victory and nearly hurt Lady Arynth as he jumped up from his chiar, proclaiming a planetary holiday in honor of the great victory. And the 68th was invited to celebrate in the new Liberation Day. And he then proposed to submit the new battle tactic of 'firing tanks through artillery guns while the said tanks were firing' to the Administratum to potentially add this as a plausible combat tactic of all Imperial Guard. It sat on some scribe's desk for a week before someone picked it up. When they realized it was not a joke, it was promptly rejected.

The Tau, thoroughly beaten, retreated and swore to avenge the fallen race they were forced to leave behind. At least at first but then the Ethereal made a strange decision.

"You want us to return to T'au?" Cried Shas'o Ma'lea. The ethereal nodded.

He felt a sudden onset of rage, but restrained himself. "May I ask why we are forced to make this betrayal of trust?" He asked, instantly regretting his harsh tone. This was still the Ethereal after all. Their wisdom always guided the Tau to victory.

"Well ya see Greysk-err I mean commanda malluy-uh, I decieded dat da uvva boyz was too weeak fer da WAA-da Greata great-fing. So I figgured ta leev em there an' let em try ta get real fightin in wif da imperial boyz. An maybe afta a while we can come back again fer anuvva go."

Ma'lea was struck back by the Ethereal's bluntness, and his odd butchery of the Tau language. In fact many things about the Ethereal changed after the Galvana campaign. He was a lot more muscular, he had smatterings of green all over his once flawless skin, his clothes tearing in many places as it struggled to cover his form, and he seemed to eschew his staff for a very large looking blade. What was most disconcerting was the head wound the Ethereal sustained.

He had a large gash that tore its way all across his head, stretching even behind his pointed ears-wait pointed ears?

"Noble Ethereal, are you well?"

"Wot? I iz fine! Why da zog shud I feel anyfin less?"

"Well you seemed to have sustained some terrible injuries on Galvana. It was a miracle that you managed to survive when all the other ethereal were killed by that falling tank. Are you sure you should not have yourself examined?"

"I already dun went to da dok an' he gave me a kleen bill o helth!" the Ethereal sniffed. Or actually, snorted with his pig like nose. He inhaled a bit too deeply and sneezed, revealing his rows of pointed teeth. Now that was indeed odd Ma'lea thought. Perhaps the Ethereal was not as well as he claimed, if he was sneezing so badly.

"May I see this report Ethereal? I only care for your well being."

"Oh, yeah itz uh…ovah dere. " he pointed to a datapad that was placed on a desk overlooking the void of space. Ma'lea moved to the desk and picked up the pad and noticed it was locked. Now that was odd. Why lock a datapad with a simple medical report?

"Ethereal, it is locked."

"Oh yeah lemme give ya da password. U-R-A-D-U-M-G-I-T" he sounded out, and the Ethereal entered in the sequence without thinking of the deeper meaning. The datapad clicked as it unlocked and revealed its data. A single text program with four badly spelled words.

'Dis is a distrakshun'

"Perhaps there is some malady on Galvana. Perhaps that is what the Ethereal caught." One firewarrior said to his companion.

"Yes, and it must be contagious. Commander Ma'lea seems to have caught it as well. His temper has only worsened as the sickness took hold. I hope for his swift recovery."

"AN I 'OPE YOU WULD JUST SHADDUP! Zoggin Gork me ead urts…" shouted Ma'lea. The two firewarriors lowered their heads as the commander passed by, both noting how the commander's helmet barely covered the top half of the commander's swollen green head.

The administrator barged into the governor's office with a look of panic on his face. "Governor, governer I- what are you doing with that Eldar?"

The Governor looked at the woman who called herself Lady Arynth. She was currently bound with rope and he was poised to strike her bottom with a paddle. "Her? An Eldar? What gives you that idea?"

"That's what you care about? Not the fact I caught you doing-"

"Dramatic re-enactments. But anyway, why should this woman be an elder?"

"Oh I don't know, the pointed ears, the large pupils."
"I am not elder monkeigh!"

"The fact she keeps calling us monkeigh."

"I do not monkeigh!"

"Yes you do."
"No I don't."

"You do."

The administrator and Arynth bickered with each other for well over five minutes before the governor boomed "Enough! We will discuss these accusations later. What was so important that you interrupt my dramatic re-enactment and totally not anything else?"

The administrator sighed. "The Hive City Clorosus, it hase gone under siege. The defenders claim genestealers."


"Xenos sir. Kind of like Arynth there."

"I am not!"

"IN ANY CASE! If there is a xenos invasion of Clorosus then send the 68th!"

"Governor, we want the city intact."

"And that changes my order how?" the governor retorted menacingly.

The administrator sighed and left to carry out his orders. The Governor looked back at Lady Arynth. "So, you're Eldar."

"Erm…no? Does this mean we have to stop?" she asked.

"No, it means no2 I'm going to use this." The governor replied as he pulled out a riding crop.

The administrator grimaced as the loud voices managed to reach even down the hall.


The administrator buried his head in his hands.