Azarathian Devil

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Summary: During the battle with Malchior, one of his attacks missed it's intended target. This one attack trigered a series of events that will change everything the Titans know, especially two Titans in particular.

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Translating to English

A currently white- cloaked Raven carefully observed the black and purple dragon in front off her, watching for any attacks. Malchior had fooled her into releasing him, making her think he was the wizard instead of the dragon. He now hovered in front of the tower, which now sported a whole where he crawled out from. She payed attention to every move he made, as he did the same to her. She prepared herself as she saw him taking a deep breathe. As his flames, which seemed more like a beam then a breathe, shot out of his mouth, she shot out her own attack to counter it. Malchior eventually had to take a breathe, the one disadvantage to breathing fire, and dodge to one side to avoid Raven's continuing attack. He had taught her a little too well, apparently. As he was about to attack again, she got a hit on his chest. This caused his attack to go astray from it's original path. As fate would have it, the flame 'beem' went right across the tower, further adding to the damage. While Malchior took a moment to recover, Raven used her powers to sense if her friends were injured. Starfire was still in the air, Robin and Cyborg had been on the other side of the roof when the attack hit, and Beastboy...

She then relized that the shape-shifter was not on the roof or sky. She look towards where the roof had collapse. The dust made it impossible to see, but her powers told her that he was there and to her horror he seemed to be getting weaker. She quickly turned back to the now smirking dragon. He saw the look on her face and noticed the others titans, he could guess what happened. Raven growled in rage, she had controlled her anger before as not to give the dragon a chance if she did anything reckless. The thought of letting Rage take over just this once was becoming all too tempting.

Beastboy groaned as he tried and failed to sit up. He was caught off guard by the attack and didn't have time to dodge. As he opened his eyes and checked himself for injuries, he was surprised to find that while he was exhausted right now, he didn't have any injuries outside a few cracked bones and scraps. He should have burned to a crisp! He had been lucky enough so that the bigger pieces of debris didn't land on him. He looked up as the dust started to settle and saw Raven in the sky, about to put the beat down on Malchior by the look on her face. He absently noticed the voices of the Titans as they slowly searched for him, probably keeping an eye on the dragon as they did.

'Hahahahaha!' A deep laugh sounded through his mind as his eyes went wide. It wasn't the Beast, it didn't laugh, not like this any way. This wasn't animal at all, it was dark, but it was also overly joyful laugh- like someone getting what they always wanted.

"Who...are you?" Beastboy asked aloud as time seemed to slow down. The laughing died down as a humanoid being materialized in front of him like a mirage. He couldn't make out much at first, but quickly took notice of the figures four glowing white eyes. Four glowing eyes he had seen, same with glowing white eyes, but never a combination of the two. He then noticed his attire: Green trench coat, red pants, and white T-shirt. Simple and a little odd maybe. What then got his attention was his face, a VERY familiar face...

The figure crouched down so his face was right in front of his, before speaking in a dark voice, "Someone that's waited a long time to stretch his legs." Beastboy felt...something inside of him that seemed to be growing-NO!-spreading throughout his body, mind, and soul. While the presence felt dark, it surprisingly didn't feel evil or threatening. As it seemed to reach all through his body, his mind went blank for a moment. Then, his eyes went wide as the presence flooded his mind, not taking over, but it felt like it wanted to help for some odd reason. So seeing little choice other then to let it or sit here and watch Raven win or lose against the scaly bastard, which wasn't really an option to him, allowed it to 'take the wheel' as it were.

Raven and Malchior were about to go at it again when they suddenly felt a great pressure fill the air. They both knew what it was, it was pure power filling the air, causing it and everything else to grow heavier. But their was so much, it was making hard to breathe for everyone. Robin was on the ground, struggling and failing to keep himself off the floor. Cyborg looked like he had to many pounds on his shoulders. Starfire was taking it the best of the three, she was standing on the roof, but she was shaking and holding herself with a frightened look on her face. Malchior had a shocked look and was beating his wings faster, trying to keep himself in the sky. Raven herself looked like she was doing good besides the fact she was clutching her throat. The water and earth below shook and some actually started lifting from the amount of energy sinking beneath it.

Who or what could possess such raw power? Raven's eyes went wide in shock, horror, and confusion. Shock because this ONE energy felt like TWO others she felt before, horror because one felt like HIS power, and confusion because the other felt like HER power. 'How could it be like bo-' Raven's thoughts were cut off by a dark and menacing chuckle that boomed through the bay.

Everyone looked in the direction of the chuckle, which at that moment was where the the roof was caved in. The others couldn't see it from their angles, but Raven and Malchior could. They looked as the last of the dust finally settled and there stood something they weren't expecting. It was Beastboy, completely unharmed and still chuckling. That wasn't what the surprising part. The surprising part was that there was white fire burning around him, and it seemed to give off a strange red glow as well. Then he stopped laughing and opened his eyes, his four glowing white eyes, and was staring right at Malchior, which made him very nervous.

The shape-shifter's body then dissolved into red lightening, which quickly reformed infront of Raven, his sight never leaving the dragon. Raven looked at the now floating Beastboy in shock and just barely whispered, "Beastboy?"

The green teen turned his head to look at the half-demon behind him. He just gave a toothy grin, showing off his now slightly sharper K9s. He then turned his gaze back to the dragon in front of him, as his gaze turned sadistic.

Malchior stared at the creature in front of him in shock, he hadn't sense this power earlier, so where had it come from. He gave off a scent that was similar to Raven's, but it wasn't half-demon nor was it Azarathian. In fact, if he had to guess, he would say it was both. As in he was both at the same time instead of half and half. But that was impossible, unless...

"Who are you?" Malchior asked, trying to sound intimidating, but an amount of worry still leaked into his voice.

'That's the second time I've heard that and it hasn't even been two minutes. Time for some fun!' The four-eyed Beastboy thought to himself, his grin getting a little more evil. He vanished from his current spot and appeared in front of the dragon's head, with his right arm cocked back, as if to throw a punch. He spoke in an almost mocking voice, "Me? I ain't gotta name!" With that, he launched his arm forward and then the unexpected happened. A blast of red energy engulfed Malchior. As it faded, Malchior was visible once more and he looked like he went through hell and back. He had cuts and gashes of all sizes all over his body, blood running freely yet slowly. He was panting deep breaths, as if he had been deprived of oxygen for the longest time. All in all, he looked like he was on his last leg.

"Don't leave us yet, Malchior. I haven't had my fun yet!" Beastboy said with a mad chuckle.

" hell...bastard!" Malchior spat out between pants. His whole body ached and stung like a thousand bees with super enhanced stinger went at him for an hour.

"Sorry, I like it here at the moment, so I'll have to deny your request...for now. In the mean time, lets make your 'going away party' memorable before going there yourself," Beastboy said in a creepily cheerful tone. "Lucky for you, I need your body mostly intact for later. Since I doubt it could take much more without literally falling apart, I'll finish things up now."

'To hell with that!' Malchior roared in his head, preparing one final attack with everything he had left.

The flames came right at Beastboy. He sighed before stretching his left arm out towards Malchior. Right before the flames reached him, white energy shot through the incoming attack and straight towards the dragon. Instead of slamming into him, it actually rapped around his body, restraining him.

Raven, still in the sky not far from the two, and the titans looked on in shock at the scene before them.

" that our grass stain?" Cyborg asked as his face remained shocked.

"Friends? Do either of you notice something...'similar' about Friend Beastboy's 'change'?" Starfire asked as she squinted her eyes at Beastboy.

Robin paused before nodding, his face serious as usual after getting over his shock, "I see it too," He said simply.

Cyborg looked at the two with a confused stare, "Can either of you fill me in here?"

"Don't those eyes remind you of any one?" Robin asked, face never leaving the fly beings.

"And does that attack he just performed seem familiar to you in some way?" Starfire added.

Cyborg's eyes went wide after a moment, "Wait, are you saying Beastboy and Raven are...related?" Cyborg asked, the thought seemed weird to him.

"I do not believe that is the case. I think they have...'ancestral connection' I think describes it correctly." Starfire clarified, Robin nodding at her statement.

Cyborg had a worried look. He really, REALLY, hoped the 'ancestral connection' was on Raven's one ancestry and not the other, but something didn't add up. Robin and Starfire didn't know about Raven's father, so they didn't know her 'four-eyes' thing came from one side of her 'family' and most of the powers she used from the other. Beastboy had a weird mix of those features right now.

Raven just stood..floated there in shock at what she saw before eyes. She had next to no idea what was going on. The two energies coming off Beastboy weren't separated, they were joined and even mixed somewhat. Nothing made sense right now.

"Don't worry, it will later." Beastboy said out of the blue, looking at Raven while Malchior struggled to get free.

Raven's shock was renewed by this, 'He can read my mind?'

"Indeed I can," Beastboy responded to her mental question before turning his gaze back towards Malchior. Beastboy's left arm was still out stretched and now he raised his other arm. Red, lightening-like energy shot out of his hand straight at the dragon's head, causing him to scream/roar in ungodly agony. After a few minutes, his screams stopped and Beastboy dropped both his arms. Malchior body then fell into the sea with a great splash.

The four-eyed changeling 'zapped' himself down to the shor of Titan Tower, the others coming down as well. They merely stared at there friend unsure of what to think or say about what just happened. "Beastboy...what happen to you?" Raven as in a concerned voice, her her cloak starting to turn blue once again.

Beastboy merely turned around to the shore behind. As he did this though, something huge suddenly raised out of the water. To their surprise and horror it was a fully healed Malchior. They stopped themselves from attacking as they saw a change on the dragon's head as the water washed off. His eyes, while still red, were now four instead of two and on the center of his forehead was a glowing jagged red 'S'.

Raven knew that symbol any where, the mark of Scathe, the mark of her father. She also realized, with dread, that this wasn't Malchior any more. Trigon was now controlling the dead dragon. To her surprise, he didn't even look at her or the others, his gaze was fixed on the shape-shifter in front of him. Oddly, he wasn't glaring or smirking evilly. He was amusement?

"We need to talk," Beastboy said simply, crossing his arms, as if he wasn't talking to any one important.

The Trigon possessed dragon just chuckled a bit, "Indeed we do boy."

End of Chapter

Well, there's the first chapter. Not much to say, Beastboy awakened some power, killed Malchior,(I'm sure many of you enjoyed that) and Trigon possess the dead body and is acting odd. Any guesses on what's going on? AkumaKami64 signing out!